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Crazy the billionaire child 2 finale

💔(fights for love)💔
✍️Episode 9✍️
💋Semi finals💋
I stared at the two hefty men standing beside me. They were the people who rushed me to the hospital after the accident, why then did they abduct me?.
“Hmm” I cleared my throat trying to get their attention, “call my wife and she will give you whatever money you ask for” I said bodly.
“We aren’t interested in your money” one of them fired at me.
“Then what do you want from me?” I blinked my eyes twice.
“Someone s£nt us to do this job, we have no business with you” the other said.
“Who s£nt you” I asked
“I did” standing before me was Bianca.
“You sl….ut” I spat, “what do you want from me” Anger covered my face.
“My offer still stands, date me and I would set you free” She grinned like the idiot she has always been.
“I would not do such a thing, not even in my grave” I gave a deep frown.
“Then prepare to die” she kicked my legs, “you think I would let you go after all what you and your wife did to me. I lost my baby because of you and that stupid Ashley and you think I’ll let it slide” She paused and then hissed, “you will hear from me” she walked out of the room.
Tears trickled down my face as the thought of Ashley flashed through my mind. What if Bianca abducted her also.
No matter what, I would find a way to escape from here without Bianca’s knowledge.
I was almost close to achieving my plans. It two ways, either Zach accepts my offer or I kill Ashley.
I would have kidnap her that day her husband had accident, but I wasn’t smart enough.
Getting her now would be a problem. My plan was to make the couple regret ever meeting me.
I got to an empty room and brought out Zach’s phone. Since it had been turned off to avoid traces.
I removed his sim, put in my line and went back to the other room where Zach was kept.
“Zach, I’ve an offer to make” I kneeled to his height smiling brightly at him, “call Ashley, tell her I need money for your release. And on no account should you disclose my Identity”
Zach took the phone and dialed his wife’s number from his head.
“Superb!, so you even have her number stored in your dumb skull” I got up from kneeling position.
“Hello babe, hope your are fine?” Zach gave a faint smile.
“Put the phone on loudspeaker” I muttered faintly, grabbing the phone from him, I put it on loudspeaker.
“Zach!, how are you?, where are you?, I’m sorry for everything” Ashley sounded confused.
“Ashley, I need 25 dollars to get my self free from this place”
“What!!!, you were kidnapped!” She yelled.
“Yes, Bia…” He didn’t finish his statement when I gave one of the boys eye sign and immediately a punch was s£nt to his facee.
He was bleeding through his noise and mouth.
“Don’t try to play games with me” I left the room Zach was to the next empty room.
I took Zach deep into the bush because I didn’t want anyone to find us. The building we use was one of my inherited building.
After the treatment at the hospital, I relocated from my house to staying in a discreet environment. My dad gave me that and I decided to use it for crime.
Placing some stuff in my mouth, I called Ashley. I placed those stuff because I didn’t want her to detect my voice.
“If you want to drop the money, meet me at Freetown reserve or else consider your husband dead in the next 24 hours”.
“Please, don’t kill him, I’ll give you the money” She pleaded
“Don’t try to play smart” I warned sternly.
💕Authoress p.o.v💕
Ashley ended the call and decided to involve the police. She called them and gave the description.
She left h@rdin with Mrs Price. She got a cab and stopped at Freetown reserve.
Taking her phone, she called Bianca and Bianca gave her another description, insisting she walks down.
“Boys” Bianca yelled and the two hefty men walked to her, “I need you two to bring her here” She ordered and the men walked away.
It was getting tougher.
Bianca walked into the room Zach was kept and she smiled at Zach. Since you don’t want to accept my offer, your wife will pay with her life for all the troubles she has caused”
“Don’t even dare to hurt to my wife” Zach yelled trying to free himself.
Bianca walked into the bush to wait for Ashley and her boys. She hated the fact that Zach didn’t accept her suggestion.
Ashley who was following the boys suddenly realized that they were up to something fishy.
“Why didn’t they collect the money instead of asking me to follow them” she thought within herself.
Making a U turn, Ashley took to her heels. The boys chase after but smart enough she was able to hide herself.
Zach, noticing where he was empty, he struggled to free himself. Luckily, for him, he was able to free the ropes used in wrapping his hands.
“What do you mean, you can’t find her” Bianca screamed slapping the boys on their face, “Two big Idiot like you couldn’t get a small ¢0¢kroach”
“We’re sorry ma” They quickly apologised, “she suddenly disappeared”
“Idiot, fool!” Bianca cursed, “go and get that girl” she commanded.
Bianca went back into the abandoned building to discover Zach had escaped.
She opened a small bag, brought out a gun and hid it underneath her shirt.
Zach kept running, screaming Ashley’s name.
“Zach” he heard Ashley’s voice meaning they were close.
They found each other finally and in a bid to hug, they both fell into a ditch.
“Ashley, I lo,,ve you so mu,,,ch” Zach stuttered in pains.
“I’m sorry for all the troubles I caused” Ashley pleaded, “I promise to be a better wife after now” She hugged him and they both klzzed.
Freeing herself from the hug, Ashley discovered blood on her palms.
“Zach, you are bleeding” she bend his body to see a thorn stocked to his back, “Zach, let me get help” She tried to scream.
“No, don’t call anyone. The only persons in this forest is Bianca and her wicked @ssociate. Please help me take off the thorn”
“Okk Zach” Ashley cried, “at the count of three, I’ll pull it out”
“3!” She pulled out the wood from his back with force.
Now the bleeding was more.
“Zach, we can’t stay here. You are loosing more blood”Ashley kept on crying.
“Ashley, you will climb on my back to get out of this ditch. Once you leave this ditch, please help me take care of our son because I don’t think I would be able to survive this” Tears glushed down his cheeks.
After minutes of contemplating, Ashley finally climbed on his back and with all his strength, he pulled her up and she came out of the ditch.
“Zach, I promise I’ll get you out of here” She hurried to get a rope not out of Zach sight tho. Luckily, she found one, “hold on the rope, while I pull” Ashley sniffed.
She tried to get Zach off the ditch but it was not working. She sat besides the ditch and began to cry.
“Ashley, If Bianca comes here, she would kill the both of us. Please go home and stay strong for h@rdin” Zach said slowly.
“No, I’ll rather die than to live you here”.
“Oh, you deserve to die darling Ashley” Bianca brought out the gun.
“I’ve said it before, if you think killing me would make my husband fall for you, then you are fool”
“I’m not interested in your husband anymore” She pointed the gun at Ashley.
She was about to pull the trigger, when the police shot her. The bullet was straight to her head
💔(fights for love, love conquers all)❤
✍️Episode 10✍️
“Mom, please come help me bring Zach out” I screamed waving my hands the minute I saw Aunty Ophelia.
The cops and Aunty Ophelia helped me pull Zach out of the ditch.
Zach came out, klzzed me and p@ssed out immediately.
The cops arrested the boys working for Bianca. I quickly took my phone and called the hospital line.
🏥At the hospital 🏥
Zach opened his eyes, tho still connected to a drip. Aunty Ophelia went home to prepare food and then returned with h@rdin.
“Ashley, what would I’ve done without you” Zach caressed my face with his left hands.
“I love you daddy” h@rdin leaned to klzz his cheeks.
“I love you more” Zach gave a board smile and I chuckled lightly.
Soon the doctor came in and felt Zach’s pulse. Checking his temperature, he jolts down few things.
“Mrs Zach, your husband is fine now and would be discharged anytime soon” He said and suddenly gave a sad face, “the other lady the cops brought p@ssed away few minutes ago”
Just like that, Bianca died out of greed!. Serves her right.
Zach was discharged from the hospital and we all returned home.
I thought of things I could do to bring out my husband out from the shades of poverty.
I decided to meet my mom and Zach followed me.
I got to the house to meet mom in the living room watching Tv.
“Goodmorning ma” Zach and I greeted politely.
“Goodmorning” Mom grunted an answer
“Mom, I was wondering if you could give my husband and I something to start a business” I stuttered.
Mom turned her face from the television to face me, “How many times have I warned you to stay away from this man” Mrs Bell yelled.
“Mom, I can’t stay away, He’s my husband” Ashley challenged.
“If you can’t stay away from him, then get ready to lose me like you lost your father” Mrs Bell caused.
“Babe, please don’t ignite your mother’s wrath, go to her” Tears dropped from Zach’s cheeks.
“My love, no matter what, I would not leave you nor our son for anyone or anything” She smiled, facing her mom, “mom, you know what, you can have dad’s remaining @sset to yourself, but mark my word this day, that you will regret this decision you have taken” I said with a teary voice.
“I’ll regret nothing” Mom shot at us, “Now get out of my house”.
Zach and I left and I sworn never to return to that house. If Dad was alive, he wouldn’t leave his daughter to be in poverty.
Few weeks later, I got a job as a sales repres£ntative. From the little income I got, I paid h@rdin’s school fees, took care of Zach.
I came back from work on evening to meet mom’s car parked in my house.
I moved slightly away from the car to see mom and a middle-aged man seated outside
“What’s going on?” I questioned no one in particular.
Then Zach returned with h@rdin from school.
“Please, take a seat. I want to talk to you and Zach” mom said sadly.
I pulled out a seat and sat beside mom while Zach sat beside me.
“I’m sorry for everything I did of a recent” Mom apologized, “please forgive me”
“Ma, we bear no grudge against you” Zach said and bowed my face to the ground.
“Ashley” The middle aged man called, “in my hands, is your father’s will” He stated.
“A will” I muttered slowly.
“Yes, Bell’s oil and g@s including the current family house belongs to Mrs Bell. Bell’s transport companies and the other houses in Jacksonville belongs to Mrs Ashley Zach. Bell’s Electronic services and the two landed properties in Florida belongs to Mr h@rdin Zach. In addition, Ashley I bought your beauty industry back and hence it belongs to you now. Mr Zach Price, thank you for been the best husband to my daughter thus far, I’m appointing you as the new C.E.O of my company” The lawyer read out and I tried to breath out.
“Dad had a property in Florida and I knew mothing about it” I thought within myself.
It was a happy scene. I got up still in tears and hug mom. Zach also went to hug her before returning to hug me.
Aunty Ophelia just stood by the door, watching us with a smiling face.
“If in case you need anything, let me know” Mom got up from the chair and walked to the car.
We left the small house and went to the one dad willed to me. Mr Price got a bring factory work and everything returned to normal.
Mr Price, his wife and Aunty Ophelia relocated to a new house few weeks after staying with us.
The billionaire’s returned to how they used to live initially. Zach bought a new car and £r£¢ted a new building all with his money.
💕2 years later💕
“Nikki, come here?” I yelled at two years old Nikki who was struggling to walk.
She had held my reading chair to stand, after moving two steps she fell to the ground.
“Nikki, don’t hurt yourself. I don’t have anything to tell your father” I said lazily from the bed.
Nikki was about to move again, placing her hands on the reading desk this time, she pushed my phone to the ground.
“Nikki….” I screamed as I jumped out of the bed and hurried to where the phone was lying.
I picked it up to discover the screen has gone beyond repair.
The door knob opened and h@rdin strolled into the room.
“h@rdin, your sister just destroyed my phone”
h@rdin carried Nikki from where I was, “stop destroying mom’s thing”
“Don’t mind her because for as many things she destroys her father will replace them” I laughed.
Zach came in later in the evening and seeing my phone he ordered for a new one instantly.
At one point, life could be tough and at some other point, it could be the sweetest thing ever.
Just like that the ever wealthy Zach Price and Ashley Price had returned to normal.
It was Zach birthday. Even though I had my industries, Zach insisted I stay home to take care of the kids and he paid me monthly, in addition to what I got from my beauty industries.
Well, Zach’s birthday!. h@rdin and I had organised a surprise birthday from him, designing his room with balloons filled with sweet.
Zach came back from work and we all hugged except Nikki who was busy walking, looking for what to destroy.
I covered his eyes while h@rdin led him to his room. Getting to the room, I used a light stick to burst the balloon and the sweets started falling to the ground, some on his head.
Nikki walked into the room and after hugging her father, she started picking the sweet from the floor and arranging them on the bed.
“Ashley, saying I love you has become a usual thing” He klzzed me, “just imagine if I had said No, the day I found out you were my betrothed”
I gave a smile.
He freed himself from me and carried Nikki, placing his other hand on h@rdin’s shoulders, “you and this two damsels” pointing to me and giving Nikki a klzz, “are the best things that has ever happened to me”
“I love you till eternity, Zach” I hugged him.
Just imagine if one of them had died😩………Here, I’m drawing the curtains😋


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