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Crazy p.a episode 20 to 22

👩‍💼CRAZY P.A👩‍💼
I was still cuddling with double when my phone rang
‘Mom’ was boldly written on the screen…What does my evil sister want now??
“Evil step sister” I said after answering it “Rose what is this shit I am seeing on my t.v.!”she shouted and I sighed.should have expected that from her
“Mom why shout on this cool day”i said calmly and she clicked her tongue
“Make sure you quit your job young lady cause I don’t want you near that cursed family” she said and I chuckled
“I am not a teenager mom so stop threatening me cause your threats sounds like music to my ears”i said and she kept quiet… Probably wondering what to say next
“Come home right now so we can discuss this and don’t dare say no to me cause I will disown you”she said and dropped the call
I will actually have to go there if I don’t want to be in hot soup
I am scared of my mom than anyone or anything else in this world
Actually you could say I abide by her rules because she is more of like a sister to me than a mother or is she like a best friend anyways..eitherways I respect mom more than anyone in this world and all I want for her is happiness and I know she will find it once she forgives Mrs Johnson
“Double J could you please lend me your phone”i said turning to him to find him looking at me
He took it from the small gl@ssy table and gave it to me without saying a thing to
“Thanks but what’s the p@ssword ” I said and he shrugged
“Rose” he said with a smile and I blushed
I unlocked the phone and started scrolling the numbers
Emily caught my eyes but I just sighed and p@ssed it and clicked Mommy while I chuckled… he still calls his mom mommy
“What’s funny?” He asked while I just rolled my eyes “Ask no questions and you will be told no lies” I sighed and he scoffed with a smile
Why is he so cute by the way
I dialed the number and she picked it up “Cotton Candy” She said making me laugh
“It’s actually Rose”i said “Oh… how’s you my daughter in-law?” she beamed while I chuckled
“I am fine and how’s you?” I asked and I could here her giggle…I can’t believe this is the same person who left here in tears
“I am fantastic” she said in an Italian accent making me laugh
“Anyways mother in-law I called because I wanted us to go see my mom” I said and she didn’t respond…I was about to ask of she still there when she squeaked
“You will arrange that for me?” she asked and I sighed
“Yes mother in-law” I said and she giggled
“I am definitely coming like right now…don’t leave without me daughter inlaw ” she shouted before hanging up making me laugh as I went upstairs with double J trailing behind me asking questions which I literally ignored
After 10 minutes I had already changed my clothes when the door bell rang
I quickly ran to the door to find Mrs Johnson dressed in all black
We hugged each other like we haven’t seen each other in years
“I am coming along” double J said making me frown
“No we will be back before you even notice it so stay behind” I said making puppy eyes for him but he looked away from my face
“What if something happens to you…I can’t stay behind so I am coming along” he said making me blush
“Aww…love is in the air and don’t you just love love” Mrs Johnson said making us laugh
She Is definitely crazy
We drove to my mom’s mansion singing Ariana Grande songs while double J kept on complaining about our horrible voices
And every minute he did we would remind him that I told him to stay behind
We got to the mansion and Mrs Johnson was sweating and looking all nervous
I patted her and she let out a fake smile
The door opened to reveal mom…both parents looked at each other making me very nervous
I watched nervously as both woman stared into each other’s eyes
I suddenly wish I didn’t come with them cause I have no idea what will happen and the anxiety is killing me
They suddenly hugged each other and me and Rose exchanged glances while smiling to each other
“I am sorry” they said at them same time and we all chuckled
They walked inside the house explaining to each other how they lived horribly without each other forgetting us at the doorstep
We both sighed as I wrapped my hand around her waist
“So we are going on a house tour?” I asked and she laughed “You are crazy” she said and I chuckled
“But I am being thoughtful here cause you can see that our parents are pretty busy” I said and she laughed making me glare at her cause i am sure i didn’t say say something funny
“Why are you laughing”i asked and she smiled seductively
“Guess it’s my first time seeing you stating a fact” She said and I hit her shoulder playfully
“I always state facts” I said and she laughed sarcastically
“You wish”she said dragging my cheeks “hey” I shouted and started chasing around the house
“I wish it was dark with stars shining up there on the sky” she said as we laid on the gr@ss
“Aww i didn’t know you like romantic things but we should probably try that and end the moment with a hot s*x ” I said and she g@sped
“You are so naughty”she said hitting me playfully
“But you still love me that way”i said and she smiled while hitting me playfully
“You bet I do”she said as she rested her head on my shoulders making me smile
“I love you so much Rose Turner ” I said and she blushed but quickly hid her face on my chest making me chuckle
“I love you too double J “she said and we laughed into nothing
“Love is in the air” two voices said behind and we quickly looked back to find our parents holding gl@sses of wine
“Awwn you still say that” my mom said “never get’s old”Mrs Turner said and they both laughed making me smile
I am so happy they resolved their issues
“Anyways sorry for disturbing you two lovebirds” mom said making us all chuckle
“But we have great news for you two” Mrs Turner said leaving me and Rose to share awkward glances
“We are going to Los Angeles ” Mom said and we all screamed in happiness
I don’t know why I screamed though…but I guess it is because Rose screamed
I smiled as we got out from our private jet…it’s nice to sniff new fresh
Both of our parents were already out including our fathers
Paparazzi rushed us asking a lot of questions which we ignored
Thanks to the securities that covered us…we got to our car and drove to the restaurant
We all agreed that we were going to eat first before we go to the mansion
Rose wasn’t even noticing me cause she was sitting between mom and her mom as they all made jokes and laughed throughout the ride…I missed her so badly..I just wanted her to be in my arms but I ignored my feelings by listening to music through my headsets
“You are totally going to buy me the hugest hotdog ” I said to Michael who rolled his eyes
“Am I your bank now?” He asked rudely as we got out from his Lamborghini
“No but you are my doctor ” I pouted while he chuckled
“You need some serious flogging for begging me with that cute pout of yours” he said and I poked him playfully as we laughed into nothing
We were about to get Inside the restaurant when some random guy dragged me back looking at me like he is seeing a ghost
“Wendy” he said and I screamed my lungs out cause I was seeing all this weird images and my head hurts like hell
Wendy screamed making me freak out… I glared at the guy she stood beside
“Who are you” I growled angrily and he rolled his eyes
He looked really rich so I should have expected that
He took out his pure diamond laid cellphone
“Bring an ambulance quickly”he said calmly when the person answered…his accent alone was out of this world…
After that he dropped the call
“Michael it hurts” she shouted more as she dragged his clothes making them to be really close
“Shh…I am so sorry” he said a multiple times making me more impatient
Who is this guy and why does he act like he owns the world
I just realised that he is Korean..Wendy p@ssed out in his arms making him glare at me
“See what you caused” he said making me roll my eyes
“That’s my sister in your arms…the only thing keeping me back from punching you is that you might be the one who saved her life”i said and he chuckled but didn’t say anything
“Wendy” I heard mom’s voice shout behind…I left them in the car to meet the shock of my life
“Michael Yu”mom mumbled looking at the Korean guy infront of me
“Mrs Johnson “he said with a smile making me roll my eyes…so he can be polite
“Thank you for whatever you did for my daughter” mom said as she rushed to Wendy
“It’s okay mom” he said and I clicked my tongue. This proud jerk can really act nice
“But what happened and did you call an ambulance” mom said as she caressed Wendy’s skin softly
She still touches her like she is an egg. “She p@ssed out after seeing this frog here and an ambulance is on the way”he said making my mouth drop
Who is he calling a frog “Hey who is a frog?”I asked making both of them laugh
“You will never change Jordan” he said as he patted my shoulder
Thank God this is a quite street or else there would have been paparazzi all over us
“So you know me but you still acted rude to me” I said with an eye roll and he smirked
“So you still don’t remember me…I mean I expected you to shout with happiness when you saw me but you acted all rude making me act cold to you” he said making me more confused..I looked at his face
“Namjoon”i shouted with a huge smile and he giggled like a girl
Mom took Wendy while we hugged like our lives depended on it
Michael or as I used to call him by his native name Namjoon is my childhood bestfriend
When me and Wendy were young mom decided to s£nd us to Korea for safety reasons
We became really close like brothers and everything changed when he had to pursue his music career and I had to pursue my business one
So I came to New York while he stayed in Seoul
“Man why didn’t you bring her back as soon as you got her”i said with a frown
“Hey don’t jump into conclusions cause I just came to Los Angeles last week to finish my backet list of doing a surgery and luckly it was successful…after that I found that it was Wendy who I saved but I couldn’t take her back to you cause if she saw you early after waking up…It could have ruined her memory completely ” he said and I smiled
An ambulance arrived at that moment and that’s when they all came out off the car
“Wendy” dad said as tears flowed from his eyes…well isn’t this the best day of my life
I found my best friend and my dead sister…and I saw my dad who vowed to never cry,cry
“Well where is the man who doesn’t cry”i asked and he hastily wiped his tears
“Shut up”he sneered making the paramedics who where taking Wendy and all of us laugh
“Wake up” Wendy patted me while I gr0@ned
“What?”i whined as I opened my eyes “don’t you wanna prank cotton candy”she said making me chuckle as I sat up
“What time is it?”i asked as I yawned
“4 am”she said and my eyes widened “what!”I shouted but she was quick to cover my mouth
“Come on and stop whining like a baby” she and I rolled my eyes
It’s been a day that she came back from the hospital.. Luckly she regained all her memory and after she found out that I was double J’s girlfriend…
She has been really close to me…she even cried saying that she is scared of ghosts and she wants me by her side
When double J disagreed about me sleeping with her she reminded him who was the sick patient
She is really fun and crazy and she is really making this trip amazing for me but for double J I would say the opposite cause he hasn’t even touched me one bit
Whenever he tries Wendy would complain that she wants to have sister time with me and double J’s hands will infect me
We got to his room to find him peacefully sleeping
“Do you have make up” she asked and I mumbled a no
“I bet mom has one” she said and we sneaked to her parent’s room to find them asleep while cuddling
That is so cute… wish it was me and double J but the distracting kid is here
We took the make up from her cosmetic bag …
We made our way to his room to find him awake
Oh…oh we just got bursted
“Witches”he shouted and the whole family members came running in
The laughed as we stood really close to each other with the comestic bag


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