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Crazy p.a Episode 18 & 19

👩‍💼CRAZY P.A👩‍💼
Mr and Mrs Johnson left about 2 hours ago and now I am left with Jordan who Is looking at me like I am some interesting movie
“What?” I asked and he chuckled…is there something funny I said or did? Or is he going nuts
“Can I ask one question?”He said and I shrugged
“You already did”i said tiredly looking away from his eyes
“Okay two? ” He said and I chuckled “You just asked” I said and he gr0@ned
“Four?”He asked and I chuckled again making him look at me like he was going to kill me
“You already did” I said and he furrowed his brows
“When?”he asked and I smirked “Now”i said and we bursted
“You really made me look stupid”he said and i chuckled
“And I liked it” I said with a wink and he rolled his eyes as he bit his bottom l!p seductively
“After a break up how many months do you prefer to stay single?” He asked and I looked at him and put my hand on my head pretending like I was thinking
“Two years”i said and he started to fake a cough while I laughed
“Just joking…anytime is the right for me like as long as I have feelings for another person why should I wait and stay sour when there is no time to waste like they always say time waits for no men” I said and he smiled out dimples
I giggled “You look like a baby when you smile”i said and he smiled more
“Your baby” he said and I rolled my eyes “There comes the flirtatious boss “I said and he laughed while I joined him
“Do you wanna do Karoke” he asked and I jumped on him
“Please let’s do that “I said and he laughed “there was no need to jump on me” he said and I rolled my eyes as his wrapped his arms around my waist
“I just wanted to be in your arms” I said and he chuckled
But what about his mom…she looked so hurt when she left
And even though I know nothing about Mr Johnson I can only swear that Mr Will Jackson is in for for deep shit
“What is my annoying p.a thinking about”Jordan asked and I smiled as I poked his chest playfully
“I am not annoying”i said and he laughed sarcastically
“Have you met you?”he asked and I laughed resting my head on his chest
“Karoke time” I said clapping my hands while he rolled his eyes
“Maturity is yet to come on this side” he said “hope you are talking about your self minster “i said with an eye roll
He chuckled as he carried me in a bridal style. Why does it feel normal to be in his arms
I mean he is not my boyfriend but we talk,klzz and cuddle like couples and it doesn’t even seem weird to me
I sighed as he took me to a room i never knew existed
He gently dropped me down and started plugging cables on the huge plasma on the wall
I looked around the room…it was really huge decorated differently from others
It was more of black with gold where it was needed
Where did I get double J cause he is so stylish
“Have you ever worked as designer?” I asked and he sighed and looked at me then slowly turned to what he was doing
“No…and if you are thinking about how I decorated the whole was all my sister’s work before…” he said and sniffed
“I understand” I said and quickly back hugged him
“It’s okay”he said but I knew he wasn’t feeling right
I have never seen Wendy but I once saw it on t.v.
Something about Mrs Johnson’s daughter who’s name is Wendy being killed brutally by her boyfriend
I sighed as I let go of him and he continued
After one hour of singing with double J We sat on the golden couch tiredly
I took off my t-shirt leaving myself with my bra
Double J looked at the area and a huge grin displayed on his face
“Pervert” I said and he laughed but still didn’t take his eyes off while I rested my head
I was really sweating cause we were dancing but seems like I am the only one sweating
He suddenly came closer and I couldn’t move…maybe because I didn’t want to
His hot breath started hitting my face as he looked at me nervously
We were breathing the same air and it was starting to make me nervous “What are you doing?” I asked nervously
“Errm…Can you be my girlfriend?”he asked
👩‍💼CRAZY P.A👩‍💼
She laughed really h@rd making me feel stupid…as soon as she realised that I was not joking she cleared her throat and shifted uncomfortably
“Why cause I thought you had a girlfriend?”she said while I rolled my eyes
“I got no girlfriend Rose and you know it too that Emily is my ex so stop hiding around the bushes and tell me your answer” I said and she smirked
“No…I can never be your girlfriend “she said avoiding my gaze and I chuckled
“Does your answer really matter cause I know that no matter what you say my mom will stop at nothing until she get us married”i said and she chuckled
“So why ask when you already know I am yours?” She asked and it got me blushing cause I never thought she would say something like that
I bit my bottom l!p seductively making her smile “Well I guess I just wanted you to know that you mean a lot to me and what I have for you is more than love…You are the first woman to make me feel complete and I won’t trade you for anything else like I would even kill for you”i said and she shed tears and klzzed me catching me off guard
I klzzed her like my life depended on it and those butterflies came back again
This time it was more like we were expressing our feelings to each other…it felt different and more £r0ti¢ from others like it was my first klzz…we broke off the klzz and started p@nting for breath
“I love you” she whispered making me smile…it really felt more than good hearing it from her mouth
“I love you more sweetheart” I said and she blushed as we laughed into nothing
“Who are you?” The doctor asked for the fifth or tenth time
“I am me or am i you…i guess i am we”i said and he shrugged hitting his forehead playfully
I guess I am really annoying him and I like it
“Not again okay so do you remember anything?”he asked and I smiled sweetly
“I only see your gorilla face whenever I try to get my memory back”i said and he hissed while I chuckled
“I am more handsome than any guy in the world…You are even drooling” he said while I rolled my eyes
“Why would I drool on a wasted sperm”i said and he g@sped while I chuckled
“I am sure ghosts run away before they could even scare you cause you look like a 1 million years old skeleton” I said and he scoffed
“That’s it” he said and took out the syringe…he was about to inject me but I turned it and it pierced on his butt
“Jesus!” He shouted like he was shot while I laughed
Nurses came running with doctors..they saw me laughing and they joined me forgetting that gorilla was in pain
Guess my laugh is irresistible


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