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Crazy orphan episode 9 & 10

Crazy Orphan 🌺🙆
( His weakness)
Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)
Episode 9
Authoress p.o.v
“Jesus how did you get this” Sandra asked pointing to Alora phone.
” why are you calling Jesus name in vain, did Jesus followed you to the room” Alora asked.
“you guys should stop talking am the boss here, you what’s your name” Alora asked Sandra.
“Sandra” Sandra replied with an eyeroll.
“wow beautiful name for an ugly girl like you, you don’t even have respect, you can’t said Sandra ma, look here am with your nude, I can ruin your reputations with this Alora said rolling her phone in the Air.
“am sorry ma” Sandra replied.
“now you’re talking, I don’t have any business with you, just go in and put on, some cloth” Alora said.
“thank you, but you have to delete my pictures” Sandra said.
“are you commanding me? Alora asked.
“no ma am just telling you to delete it” Sandra said.
“you’re not in the right place to tell me to delete this picture, go inside the room before I change my mind” Alora said and Sandra ran inside the room.
“Mr” Alora called. “yes ugly” Xander replied.
“let start from this ugly, I don’t want you to call me ugly again. I am not ugly”
“but you’re not beautiful either” Xander replied.
“you still have the gut to talk when am talking. am not ugly, my beauty is what people called average beauty okay” Alora said.
“ok what did you want now” xander asked.
“good question, I want you to employ me to one of your companies. you will pay me a year salary and you will pay my brother school fees for a year right now” Alora said.
“is that all” Xander asked.
“is that all Alora mimicked, you’re so arrongant.
anyway am in a good mood today. I will forgive you for what you just said. you will be my maid for two months” Alora said showing Xander two of her f!ng£rs.
“what how did you expect me to do that” Xander shouted.
“hey stop shouting, if you continue shouting like this the ghost will hear you and they will come for your chewing stick” Alora said pointing to Xander d*ck.
“are you for real” Xander asked and cover his d!¢k with his palm.
“my joystick is still more useful for me Xander said.
“are you in or not, talk now, so I can know if am posting this nude or not” Alora asked.
“I have a request” Xander said.
“add ma’am. am not your mates, you might be older than me, but you nude is with me,you need to give me some respect ” Alora said.
“am sorry ma” Xander replied.
“you can speak up am listening” Alora said.
“am thinking if I should buy you a house so you and your brother can move in there” Xander said.
“did I asked you to buy me a house, I don’t need your fv¢king house. if you don’t know let me tell you I live in a very big and beautiful house with my brother. that’s is the only thing our parent left for us.
the only difference between you and I, is because you’re rich and I am not so I don’t need your f*cking house. and don’t think I don’t know what you’re trying to do, you’re trying to s£nd me out, but I go no where. so are you in or not ” Alora asked.
“am in as far as you won’t post my nude” Xander said scratching the back of his head.
“your will run around this living room n@k£d two times. that’s your first task” Alora said.
“you mean I should run n@k£d Xander asked.
“yeah can’t you do that” Alora asked him.
“I can, running is my hobby Xander said running around the sitting room.
“wow this is wonderful, it has been long I saw your d!¢k Mrs Cole said coming to the sitting room.
“mom!”Xander called feeling ashamed.
“you don’t have to be ashamed your chewing stick or what did Alora called it is somehow big” Mrs Cole said.
“haaa, this is embarr@ssing”
“no is not embarr@ssing it fun” Mrs Cole said.
“Alora baby” Mrs Cole called.
“yes ma’am” Alora replied.
“let him put on some clothes he looks like a zombie when he’s n@k£d” Mrs Cole said and Alora burst into laughter.
” you can go” Alora said.
“thank you” Xander replied.
“did you just say thank you” Mrs Cole asked.
“what’s wrong with him saying thank you” Alora asked.
“I was surprised, it has been long I heard that from him” Mrs Cole said.
“hey come back here, I gave you five minutes to come back here” Alora said.
“yes ma” he replied and ran off.
“get me warm water in the kitchen” Alora said and Xander ran off.
what have I put myself into, this is trouble. this girl is more crazy than I thought, but she’s fun to be with” Xander thought.
“Xander what are you still doing there” Alora shouted.
“am sorry ma, am on my way” Xander said.
The next morning.
Alora dressed in a corporate wear ready to go resume work at Xander office.
she’s his new pa.
“hey you what are you still doing here” Alora asked Sandra.
“what sort of question is that? this is my boyfriend house” Sandra replied.
“oh am sorry pardon my manners. am sure you don’t want your nude flying all over the internet” Alora said.
” if I come back from work and I meet you in this house you’re in trouble” Alora said and gave her bag to Xander.
“Xander say something, can’t you see how your maid is blackmailing me with the pictures she took yesterday” Sandra said.
“and who told you she’s a maid, my dear you better do as she say” Mrs Cole said.
“and who called you here? Sandra asked Mrs Cole. miss Cole smile and replied.
“I don’t need anyone to call me cause this is my son house” Mrs Cole said.
“am sorry ma I never knew you are my mother inlaw to be” Sandra said and Xander scoff.
“young woman am not your mother inlaw” Mrs Cole replied her.
“your time count now Alora said to Sandra and turn to leave, and you have you greeted everybody in the house,
I asked you to greet all your workers and regards them as ma or sir Alora said.
“am sorry I have forgotten” Xander replied.
Episode 10
Authoress p.o.v
“Am sorry I have forgotten” Xander said. “how could you forget a thing like that, anyway is not too late.
go inside the kitchen and greet every workers you see there” Alora said.
“yes ma’am” Xander replied and ran off. Mrs Cole burst out laughing. “bullshit” Sandra said and ran inside.
“sisi, good morning” Bryan greet” “morning my darling, but you haven’t greet aunty” Alora said.
“pardon my manners aunty I was so excited to see my sisi dressed like this, good morning ma” Bryan greet.
“morning my darling how was your night” Mrs Cole asked. “it was very nice with my superstar by my side” Byran replied.
” really you mean Andrew slept with you last night” Mrs Cole asked.
“yes I did I only safe your dear brother from embarr@ssment last night” Andrew said.
“you mean you saw everything” Alora asked.
“yeah” Andrew replied.
“I have greeted everybody ma, we are running
late” Xander said.
“ok Bryan let go” Alora said.
“you guys won’t be going with us” Alora said to the guards and driver. “but why” they replied.
“Xander will be the one to drive and we don’t need any guards, or did you need any” Alora face Xander said asked.
“no ma” he replied. the guards and driver open there mouth in shocked.
“give me the car key” Xander said and the driver handover the car key to him.
“wow lovely place your company is very big and beautiful” Alora said. “thank you” Xander replied.
“hey come back here don’t you think you are forgotten something?” “Alora asked.
“what’s it ma” Xander replied. “my bag, did you expect me to Carry it myself” Alora replied.
“am sorry ma” Xander apologize and ran to collect the bag from her.
“it good to be in charge, oh so this is all you enjoy being a billionaire” Alora said.
good morning everyone” Alora greet as she enter the company. am Mr Xander new p.a nice to meet you guys” alora said.
” good morning ma and nice to meet you too” they chorused. Alora whisper to Xander. “won’t you greet them” “good morning everyone” Xander greet and they were all speechless.
“can’t you guys replied me or you’re deaf” Xander asked. “we’re sorry sir” they chorused.
“you don’t have to shout at them, it obvious they’re surprised by your new change” Alora said.
“am sorry ma” Xander replied. “to your office” Alora order.
“wow so beautiful” Alora said and sat on xander chair. get me a cup of coffee” Alora order and Xander ran out.
“hey get me a cup of coffee”Xander order one of his workers.
“what’s wrong with your boss this morning” Xander secretary asked the other workers.
“I don’t know I am also surprised as you are” one of the workers said. “I think I like this new Xander the secretary said.
“Wow there’s many works on your table” Alora said after drinking the coffee.
“yes ma I think you should come and seat here so I can attend to them” Xander said.
“you don’t need to bother yourself, this is what you pay me for, just seat and watch me” Alora said.
“are you sure you can handle it” Xander asked.
“you talk too much, just watch me” Alora said and Xander nod his head.
Sandra p.o.v😞
“that ugly b*tch just spoilt my plan” I said to my friend.
“really what happen, what did she did to you” my friend asked and i explain everything to my friends.
“oh that’s bad, you shouldn’t let that girl run your plans” my friends said. “I know what to do, to her, she will surely hear from me” I said.
“did you know your nudes is with her” Flora my best friend asked. “yeah I knew but I have a perfect plan. I need to deal with her for humiliating me I replied her.


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