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Crazy orphan episode 21 & 22

Crazy Orphan 🙆🌺
( His weakness)
Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)
Don’t copy or repost ❎❎❎❎
Episode 21
Authoress p.o.v
“there’s no need to asked, it’s obvious he is a cheat I don’t even know why I believe him” Alora said.
“Alora I never knew you are so dumb” Sandra said.
“why did you say that, whose side are you on?” Alora asked.
“your side of course” Sandra replied.
“no you’re not on my side if you’re on my side you will see reason with me, aren’t you supposed to hate him now” Alora said and Sandra shake her head.
“Gosh!!! God why did you give me a dumb sister at least asked him first” Sandra said.
“I don’t know why I have people that can’t support me around me, first it was pepsy, now is my sister” Sandra Alora said dramatically still sitting down on the floor.
“talking of pepsy it has been long I heard from her I will go and visit her after work” Alora said and get up from the floor.
“what are you waiting for, won’t you go back to work?” Alora asked.
“am the boss I can go back anytime I want” Sandra replied.
“suit yourself am going back to work” Alora said.
“bye” Sandra said and Alora roll her eyes. “funny girl” Sandra said and get into her car.
“Am thinking if you can follow me out this night” Xander asked.
“am not available” Alora replied firmly.
“what happen you have been giving me attitude since you came back from lunch break did Sandra told me anything about me” Xander asked.
” hmm” Alora signed. “you no what, you talk too much I don’t have your strength this evening, let me be” Alora said.
“Did I do something wrong?” Xander asked again.
“thank goodness is closing hour I will be free from you” Alora said.
“you can talk to me if something is bothering you” Xander said.
“you have a very big problem, did I tell you something is bothering me” Alora said.
“thank goodness is 6pm already am free from you Alora said and carry her bag”
“where are you going to won’t you wait for me?” Xander asked.
“thank you very much sir I am not going your way” Alora replied.
“see who we have here my best friend that forgot me” pepsy said.
“am very sorry for that” “you no I can get Angry at you cause you’re my best friend and am happy you’re fine” pepsy said.
“where’s your sweetheart?” Alora asked.
“he went out” “you have a faithful boyfriend unlike me that haven’t even started dating and my so called boyfriend to be, is already cheating on me” Alora said.
pepsy burst into laughter. “this crazy friend of mine will never seize to amaze me who’s the boyfriend to be you are talking about?” pepsy asked.
“who else if not Xander Cole the Heartbreaker” Alora said.
“you mean you and your boss are dating” pepsy asked.
“I don’t know why I have a dummy as a best friend” Alora said and explain everything to her.
“I thought you are smart I never knew you are a fool. why Dont you asked him who the girl is, a whole Xander Cole told you he likes you, from what I heard he have never tell any girl he likes them, he is a playboy”Pepsy said.
“yeah he’s a playboy that’s why I felt am a fool to believe he really likes me” Alora said.
“keep quiet and let me talk, the guy really loves you. you should have asked him who the girl is before jumping into conclusion” pepsy said.
“I don’t think I can asked him it’s very obvious he is a cheat” Alora replied her.
“suit yourself” pepsy said.
Andrew was busy memorizing how he will asked Sandra out. when Xander came in angrily and slam the door h@rd.
“did you want to break my ear?” Andrew shouted and Xander scoffed.
“where’s Alora” Andrew asked.
“I don’t know what I did to her she doesn’t want to talk to me” Xander said.
“oh I see” Andrew said.
“you see what?” Xander asked.
“why you wanna break the door” Andrew replied.
“where’s she I really need her to give me her cousin number she can even help me talk to her” Andrew said.
“welcome brother” Xander cousin jenny said.
“oh jenny I have forgotten you’re home” Xander replied.
“why won’t you forget, I thought you have changed I never knew you are now worst” Jenny said.
“he have changed, his boss will soon be back” Andrew said.
“you mean Xander has a boss gist me, you know I love gist alot” Jenny said.
“I Know that” Andrew replied. Xander hiss and marched inside his room Angrily.
Andrew explain everything to Jenny and she can’t stop laughing.
“I wish to meet her” Jenny said.
“she will soon be back her brother is inside his room” Andrew replied her.
Alora walked into the house and was surprised to see Jenny inside the house.
“Xander brought his girlfriend home after he told me he likes me” she thought.
“is she the one” Jenny asked.
“yeah she’s, welcome boss lady, I have been waiting for you” Andrew said.
“aww my brother girlfriend is beautiful” Jenny said.
“she’s not yet his girlfriend” Andrew whisper but Alora heard him.
“Hi am jenny Xander and Andrew sister” Jenny said.
“sister?” Alora asked surprised.
“oh sorry cousin sister, didn’t they tell you about me” Jenny asked.
“No they didn’t” Alora replied with a smile. “nice to meet you” Jenny said and hug Alora.
“Jenny pull away from the hug and bounce on Andrew why didn’t you tell her about me”
“I am sorry” Andrew said.
“where’s Xander, is he not back?” Alora asked.
“inside, he walked angrily inside his room not too long, you can go and check on him” Jenny said.
“thank you” Alora replied and walked towards Xander room.
Alora knock and knock but Xander didn’t open the door. Alora knocked the door h@rd and Xander shouted Angrily from his room.
“Jenny go away I don’t want to see anybody” “it me Alora” Alora replied.
Xander rushed to the door and pull Alora Inside his room.
Episode 22
Authoress p.o.v
Xander rushed to the door and pull Alora Inside his room.
“but you said but you said you doesn’t wanna see anyone. have I suddenly become an animal” Alora asked.
Xander ignore Alora words. he move closer to her and place his hand on her l!ps. he look into her eyes, her eyes is glued to him too. he gulped down nothing, his hand still on her l!ps.
Alora heartbeat can be heard. “what’s he waiting for he should klzz me already” Alora thought.
Xander wanted to take his hand away but he really can’t, he started leaning in, he took his hand off her l!ps so he will have access to it. Alora closed her eyes waiting for the klzz. he lean in fully and gentle slam his l!ps to hers.
“Hi everyone” Mrs Cole greeted.
“hi mum you didn’t tell us you’re coming” Andrew said.
“and is that necessary, this is my son house I can come here anytime I like” Mrs Cole said.
“where’s Jenny she came back without coming to visit me first” Mrs Cole said. ”
sorry mum” jenny said coming out from the kitchen.
“aww my baby is now a grow up lady” Mrs Cole said and hug jenny.
‘i can’t breathe mum” Jenny said. “oh am sorry am very happy to see you” Mrs Cole said.
“where’s Xander, Bryan and Alora?” Mrs Cole asked.
“Byran is in his room he loves staying indoor” Andrew replied.
“am here ma good evening” Bryan greet coming down from his room.
“how are you doing my darling?” Mrs Cole asked.
“am doing great ma” Bryan replied.
“I can see it, where’s Xander and Alora” Mrs Cole asked.
“check Xander room” Andrew said.
“Xander room?” Mrs Cole asked.
“yeah oh mum doesn’t know her son have Fallen in love with Mrs crazy” Andrew said.
“you mean Xander and Alora are dating” Mrs Cole asked happily.
“I never said that, go and check them in Xander room” Andrew said.
Mrs Cole ran to xander room she met the door open age peep and was surprised to see Alora and Xander klzzing.
she brought out her phone and video them.
Alora pushed Xander when she got back her s£nses. “why did you klzzed me?” she asked.
“am sorry” Xander muttered.
“you have stolen my first klzz, just because you told me you like me this morning doesn’t mean we are dating you don’t have the right to klzz me, gosh I hate you” Alora said and went out.
“shit I thought she loves me” Xander said. Mrs Cole walked into his room and Pat his back.
“it’s okay my dear give her time, am sure she also loves you, she’s just afraid” Mrs cole said.
“she said she hate me, I shouldn’t have klzzed her” Xander said.
“don’t worry I will talked to her” Mrs Cole said. Alora ran into her room and burst into tears.
“why did I tell him I hate him” she said. she picked her phone and call pepsy but pepsy is not picking.
she called Sandra and she picked on the first ring. “hi sis how are you doing” Sandra said from the other end.
“am good I want to ask you a question?” Alora said.
“go ahead am all hears” Sandra said. “how do you know you’re in love?” Alora asked.
“you can’t stop staring at the person, you don’t mind when they do something unattractive. you felt happy when you are with them.
you felt jealous when you see another woman with them” Sandra said.
“oh” Alora replied. “what’s up why are you asking this type of question?” Sandra asked.
Alora want to replied her when Mrs Cole enter her room. “I will talk to you later” Alora said and hang the call.
“Alora darling” Mrs Cole called. “good evening ma” Alora greet playing with the tip of her cloth.
“Did you mean what you said earlier” Mrs Cole asked. Alora shake her head negatively.
“did he do anything wrong to you?” Mrs Cole asked. “no” Alora replied. “why did you tell him you hate him” Mrs Cole asked.
“I felt he only wants to used me, am feeling insecure” Alora said.
“Alora did you want to hear the truth, Xander loves you, I have never seen him this way before, believe me when I said he loves you he really do, am not saying this because he’s my son.
am telling you because even a blind man can see how much he loves you, you’re the only one that isn’t seeing it” Mrs Houston said.
“if you really love him go in there and stop him before he injured hiself” Mrs Houston said. “thank you ma where’s he” Alora asked. “are you asking me that, common he is in his room” Mrs Houston replied.
Mr Houston mansion
“Hi my darling wife how are you doing?” Mr Houston asked his wife.
“my doing fine” Mrs Houston replied smiling. “I have a surprise for you” Mr Houston said.
“really what’s the surprised all about?” Mrs Houston asked. come out and see for yourself” Mr Houston replied.


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