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June 18, 2021


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Crazy dancer Episode 33 & 34

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(She’s too Perfect)

Episode 33

By: Faith Lucky.



Maxine’s Pov:
I looked at him in shock. Is he joking or what?

F**k me to death?

He clicked the gun and I shivered.

“Don’t play dumb with me, Maxine and start talking” he said icily.

Oh my God!
What do I say?

“I…I don’t know what you’re talking about” I stammered and unexpectedly, he landed a heavy slap on my cheek which made me fall to the bed.


I gasped and held my cheek in shock. Thank goodness my towel was still on.

“You really wanna take this the hard way, huh?” He asked as he came closer to me and I crawled backwards into the bed.

“You really wanna mess with me?”

“No, please” I shook my head.
“Don’t hurt me, please”.

He chuckled and pointed the gun at me again.

“If you want me to stop, all you have to do is tell me what I want. What’s your relationship with Noah and the bar man?”

“Nothing – I swear” I whimpered and he brought down the gun and slapped me again.

Oh my God!

A cut appeared on my lips.
What’s he doing?

“Does it look like I’m here for jokes, Maxine? Huh? Does it??” He half-yelled and I shook my head tearfully.

“I’m sorry, please” I whimpered and he pulled me by the legs, almost making the towel

lose from my body.

“Please, stop it”
I yelped and held it firmly to my chest and immediately, ran under the duvet cover.

That way, I felt more protected from it than the towel.

He chuckled and climbed the bed.

“Do you really think you can escape this?” He asked teasingly.
“Your precious Noah isn’t here to save you – I’ve made sure of that”.

My eyes dimmed immediately. What does he mean by that?

He came closer and tried taking the duvet down, but I didn’t let him.

“Please don’t”,I winced, a tear strolling down my cheek.

“I’ll…I’ll tell you the truth”.

He paused and looked at me and a smile touched his lips.

“Go on…” He stated calmly.

Oh God!

Please, save me.

“I…Noah…there’s nothing going on between us – I swear! He just took pity on me because of how bad my family treated me and decided to help me.

“That…that night, during dinner, he over heard them discussing your proposal of making me your personal maid and as a result, he got really angry. And…and that’s the reason he decided to help me and brought me in here to stay with him.

“Please, believe me. I’m telling the truth” I said pathetically.

He stayed muted for a while, just staring into my

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face like he was cogitating.

“And the bartender?” He asked.

“There’s…there’s nothing going on between us, please. He’s just an old friend and has been assisting me in his little ways. He…He only got to know from the bar – and that’s the only connection they have.

“When Noah had seen me dancing

in the bar, he admired me and asked Pablo some questions about me. That’s the only connection they have – I swear” I replied nervously, unavoidably shaking.

“Maxine” he called after a while and touched my legs.
“Do you know the consequences of lying to me?”

I twitched at that.

“Do you know what I’ll do to you if I ever get to know you lied to me? huh?”

I shook my head tearfully.

“I’ll kill you, Maxine. I’ll make sure you regret it bitterly. So, if you know you’re lying to me, I’d suggest you make amends before its too late”.

His words sent shivers down my spine and I panicked.

Oh God! Please, just make him believe.

“Do you have anything else to say?” He asked and I shook my head negatively.

Then he smiled and moved his hand on my legs.

“You know…I can actually have my way with you right now if I want to, right?” He smirked.

“You’re so vulnerable to me. I can just f**k you and go with no one coming to your aid”.

More tears dripped from my eyes as conniption gripped me. His words alone made me cry.

“What’s so special about it anyway? Has Noah been down there?’ He asked and I shook my head slowly.
How can he ask such gross question?

“So…should I?” He asked and tried pulling the duvet down but I held it tight.

“No! Please” I cried and he laughed.

He laughed dryly and finally got off the bed.

“This is a taste of what it means to disobey me, Maxine. So, I hope you chose your next step wisely.
“And if Noah gets to know about this…”

He chuckled and didn’t complete the statement.

Then, he muttered a *bye* and finally left the room.

Oh, my God! He left!

I left the bed immediately and ran to lock the door. And as soon as it was locked, I sat on the bed and busted into tears.
Noah’s Pov:
I opened my eyes and found myself on the floor beside my car.

Damn it! I can’t believe I passed out.

I groaned in pains and struggled to stand up. My entire joints were hurting like hell. I can’t believe those hoodlums ganged up on me.
Who’re they anyway? And what were their reasons for attacking me?

I tried to stand but had great difficulties doing so. Everywhere was burning hot. And the road was so dry and deserted.

Finally, I gathered up enough strength and stood on my feet.

“Urgh” I released a light groan as the pains niggled at me…

Damn…it was painful.

I opened the car and went in. Thank goodness they didn’t take my ride.

I tried turning it on but suddenly recalled.

Oh! F**k! I was having a flat tyre!!

I leaned my head on the sterling and held my ribs. What do I do? What do I do?

They took my phone away!

Suddenly, a cab pulled over and the driver came out.

“Is everything alright?” The short man asked and I lifted my head from the sterling to look at him.

He gasped immediately.

‘Mr…Mr Noah?” He called in shock, his eyes dilating.

“Are you alright?”

Thank goodness!

“No. I was attacked. Take me home” I replied feebly and he quickly assisted me out of the car into his.

“B…But sir, you look really bad. I’ll just take you to a hospital instead” he said as he got into the driver’s seat and started the car and I couldn’t argue with him.
Maxine’s Pov:
I walked restlessly in the sitting room, peeping at the windows the entire time. I was so worried.

Where the hell is Noah? Why’s he yet to return? He told me he wasn’t gonna take long. And he also promised to take me shopping.

This is evening already, and he was yet to return.


I couldn’t tell why, but I felt cranky towards him.

How did he know the exact time Noah wasn’t at home? And what did he mean by “Noah won’t be around to save you. I made sure of that?”

Gosh! What’s happening? Why’s everything so complicated?

God! Please.

I placed my hands at akimbo and continued pacing around and finally, I heard the gates opening.

I quickly rushed to the window to have a look and…I saw a strange coming in

That wasn’t the car Noah left with.

I stood and watched as it parked and Noah stepped out, being assisted by someone.



He…he had covered bruises all over.

I rushed out of the house immediately to meet them, my whole nervous systems at alert.

‘N…Noah?” I called in surprise when I got to where he was.

“Hey”, he chuckled softly bur obviously, he was in pains.

“Wh…What happened to him?” I asked, referring to the man beside him.

“He was found by a cab-driver the roadside – attacked and beaten up. But he’s fine now. A doctor’s worked on him already” the man replied and took him into the house while I followed.

Oh my God! What the hell happened to him?

He was taken to his room and made to lie on the bed.

“Thank you, Rollins” Noah said to the strange man.
“You can leave now. I’ll take care of myself”.

“Um…okay boss. Just remember what the doctor said. Enough rest” the Rollins-guy said and Noah just nodded.

Damn! He looked weak.

“Okay; then. Bye” he added and left the room.

I turned and looked at Noah.

“Are…Are you okay? Do you need something? I’m so sorry”,I fumbled, not knowing exactly what to say.

He didn’t say a word immediately and I figured I should get him something.

But just when I made to leave, he held me back by the wrist.

“Maxine” he called feebly.
“Can you spend the night with me, please?”

My eyes widened in shock.


(She’s too Perfect)

Episode 34

By: Faith Lucky.

Maxine’s Pov:
I looked at him surprised.

Is he serious? I should spend the night with him?

B…But why?

I stared at him for a short time and withdrew my hand from his.

“Um…I’ll just get you something to drink” I told him and hurried out of the room.


I got into the kitchen and took out a bottle of water from the fridge and with an addition of a glass cup, I left and returned to the room.
He was still on the bed and I poured in the water from the bottle into the glass and proffered it to him.

“Please sir, you should take some water” I said a bit nervous as I held it out to him.

He sluggishly sat up and collected it from me, gulping it down afterwards.

I wonder what really happened to him. Who attacked him and for what reason?

Gosh! It was unbelievable.

“Thanks”, he mumbled as he handed the glass back to me.

“You’re welcome…um…is there something you need?” I replied and asked.

“Yes. You can help with some fruits” he replied and I nodded and left the room.

I rushed into the kitchen and opened the second fridge which was stuck with assorted fruits.

Hm. I took a tray and selected some apples, oranges and bananas. Then, returned to the room afterwards.

He was still sitting up and I gladly helped him with the fruits.

“I’m…I’m really sorry for what happened, Noah” I told him as he squeezed the orange into his mouth.

“But…why did they attack you?” I asked and he shrugged.

“Got no idea. Suddenly had a flat tyre on my way home and they just showed up from a car and attacked me” he replied and I bent my head to think for a while.

Hold on; flat tyre…

On his way back.

And Rex arrived as soon as he left.

His words:

“I’ve made sure of that”.

Could it be possible…


Rex would never do such a thing. He’d never go to the extent of sending hoodlums to beat up his own brother. He wouldn’t, right?

Oh God! I’m just confused.

I looked at Noah and he was done licking the oranges and reached for the apples.

He just took a few bites from the first one and dumped it.

“Thanks. I think I’m okay for now” he said as he pushed the tray away and made to lie on the bed.

I nodded and took the tray, returning it to the kitchen and afterwards, I became a bit confused.

Was I to return to his room and keep him company through the night like he requested?

Or should I just go to my room instead?

I stood, muddled for a a long time and after a while, I decided to check up on him.

I returned to his room and met him already fast asleep.

Hm. Thank goodness. I just hope he’s a whole lot better by that time he wakes up.

I counted my steps to the bed and went to sit beside him – close to where his head laid.

I lifted my hand, not knowing exactly what to do – if I should touch him, cuddle him or something.

Geez! Maybe, I should just go to my room.

But…on a second thought, I think I see his reasons for asking me to spend the night with him.

Probably…it’s because something happen and he might need some help later in the night.

Yes! That should be his reason.

So, I need to stay with him.

I took in a deep breath and relaxed my back on the wall.

Well, I couldn’t think of laying on the bed beside him. So, I just decided to sit up. Just that… I wonder how I’ll be able to cope through the night.
Rex’s Pov:
☎Yes, that was a great job” I smiled into the phone as I stood at the balcony.

☎It was awesome. I’ll send the balance to you shortly.

☎Okay. Stay tuned and I’ll alert you for the next course of action”

And I dropped the phone.

I took in a deep breath and smiled into thin air.

Gradually, I’m having my payback.

I just needed Noah to feel a little pain for all he’s caused me and its working out pretty fine.

Now, getting that crazy dancer is gonna be my next course of action.


“Rex?” I heard my name and turned to see mum.

Huh? For how long has she been standing there?

“M…Mum?” I called, feeling a bit surprised.

“Um…good evening”, I added.

“Yeah – evening. Is there a problem? I overheard you on phone talking about a job and action. Is there something wrong?” She asked and I itched my nape.
Damn it!

Why the hell was she eaves dropping?

“Uh…it’s nothing, mum. Really. Its just…forget it; it’s nothing” I tried waving it aside, but she didn’t seem convinced.

“Mum!” I called and rolled my eyes.

“I’ve told you, right? Its nothing, really. Just forget about it. Please”.

She placed her hand at akimbo and sighed

“Anyway, just came to check up on you” she stated and walked back in and I exhaled deeply.

I just hope she doesn’t suspect a thing.
Maxine’s Pov:
I woke up hours later due to the uneasiness i felt and found myself still sitting beside Noah who was still fast asleep.

Gosh! The room was damn hot and my entire body was sweaty.

I guess its because the AC was turned off as a result of Noah’s condition.

Holy Molly! I was sweating all through and didn’t think I’d be able to sleep comfortably.

‘Maybe I should take a shower’, I thought.
‘Yes, a quick one’.

I stood up and decided to make use of Noah’s bathroom since it was just a brief shower and besides, he was still fast asleep.

I got in and was amazed at the beauty.


It was far prettier than mine.

The walls were tied in blue color. And the floors were HD wallpaper of a waterfall.

Wow! Incredible.

I looked around like an alien.

Then after a while, I took off my clothes and turned on the shower.
Noah’s Pov:
I woke up to the sound of running water from the bathroom and flinched at it.

I itched my eyes and sat up.

Who could it be? I didn’t leave the shower on, did I? Or could it be damaged or something?

Sh*t! What if it floods the room?

I struggled to leave the bed.

Hold on; where’s Maxine? If only she were here, she’d have helped me out instead.

Well, I guess she wasn’t comfortable spending the night with me and decided to sleep in her room.


I finally left the bed and approached the bathroom to check it out.


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