Crazy couple episode 60 & 61

{She’s stubborn 🎊He’s arrogant}
Episode 60 & 61
“What?…How did that happen?? Was he sick?”
I asked in dismay.
“No…He’s a very strong and gallant man. Not even a heart attack can kill the n*gga…” He paused and ruffled his hair ruefully.
He stood up and took a de-ep sigh.
“Am going there right now” He said wryly and I found myself standing up from the couch.
“Do I nee-d to change?” I asked and he sh0t me a stare.
“You don’t have to come with me babe. The last thing I want to do is to stress you and the baby” He retorted gently and I blu-shed.
I know am persistent on going but the tone of his voice was very sweet and I couldn’t st©p myself from smiling.
“plea-se babe. I want to come with you”.
His eyes twi-nkled briefly and he sighed.
“Alright…let’s go” He mumbled and took my hand. He pu-ll-ed me along out of the house and we strolled to his car.
Words couldn’t describe the happiness I felt when she broke the news to me.
That old fool is dead…
So after all the wealth and luxury he acquired, he still couldn’t defeat death.
I scoffed and took my eyes back to her.
“So, how far have you gone in bribing the judge?” I asked drumming my f!ngerson the table.
She rolled her eyes.
“That’s not going to be possible Tristan. The judge is not someone that is seeking for wealth. He’s ti-ghtly guarded and is un-der special protec-tion” She replied and I went ballistic.
“You’re so useless!!!” I chided and she flin-ched.
“So, you’re trying to tell me you have no escape plan for me?”.
She nodded and stood up from her seat.
“I’m doing everything I can Tristan.. And if my best is not enough, then am afraid you’ll have roll with what comes your way tomorrow” She stated and walked out of the room.
You got to be kidding me.
I couldn’t st©p grizzling as the whole family settled down at the living room.
The Sanchez family lawyer was on a different couch facing us and he had with him large files in his hands.
I know where they were heading at – the sharing of wealth.
But for heaven sake, the man just died few hours ago!
I was leaning on Jeremy’s che-st as I sobbe-d quietly. His countenance hasn’t changed and he wore a facial expression as the whole thing went on.
🚘Hours later🚘
I spent almost an hour in the bathroom afraid to return to the be-droom.
I thought his worst angers were gone but I had no idea it was still in him and he has been holding it all in all this while.
He created a scene back at the house. I’ve never seen a family fight before but it happened right before my eyes;
Jeremy yelled at everyone including his own mother.
They were all on his n£¢k and he couldn’t st©p barking at them.
In a matter of seconds, he stormed out of the mansion and I had to run after him.
We got home and he went into the house without saying a single word to me.
By the time I arrived at the be-droom, everything was turned upside down…again.
I had to pick up the broken pieces in silence cause he wouldn’t talk to me.
It’s annoying and agitating…
Do I look like his meddling mother or his stupid cousins??
Jeremy’s so h0t tempered.
I sighed and took the towel from it’s rank and tied it around my che-st. I pas-sed my legs into my bathroom foot wears and walked to the door.
Here goes nothing.
I grasped the China handle, slowly turned it and eased open the door.
I gulped as I looked into the room.
He was standing close to the window with a glas-s of wine in his hand and some papers on the other hand.
I ti-p toed into the room and he lifted his face immediately.
Our eyes locked but I succeeded in looking away quic-kly and moving to the wardrobe.
I flung it open and took out my night wears.
Oh mama!
I can’t wait to get some sleep.
Today have been a very long day and I bet its almost midnight.
I put my dress on and moved the makeup table. I applied some lotions on my skin and walked to the be-d – nervously.
Jeremy c@m£ to me and dropped the papers on the be-d very close to me.
He left the room jamming the door that it almost defeaned my ears.
I took the papers and re-ad throu-gh them.
Blood of Jesus Christ!!!
Oh my world….!
All this for Jeremy – for us????!!!!
There was so fu-king much…
Why’s Jeremy so upset, huh??…
Beverage companies*
All this on Jeremy Sanchez’s name!!
I must be dreaming…
Now I know why Tristan was so greedy.
Am sure Jeremy might have shared the wealth between them…if only he’d be patient and less devious minded.
The list was so ¢v-mbersome and varied according to locations and I couldn’t go on to re-ad.
The door opened but I was too engrossed to look back.
He was just in his towels and he seemed we-t as water droplets was all over his b©dy – even his beautiful hair.
Hold on, he went to the guest room to wash up…Seriously? Right now, I feel like beating the hell out of him!
He put on his clothes and I took my time to check him out again.
His abs were damn appealing and I was draw to feel and k!ssthem. He li-cked hisl-ips and I went wild with de-sires.
Oh Jeremy…I don’t know why I feel so h0t and h*rny now.
What are you doing to me??!…
I was expecting him to leave the room but he walked to where I was and took the papers from me.
He toss them aside and before I could say ‘jack’, he claimed myl-ips and made me l@yback on the be-d.
He got ont©p of me and he went on with the k!ssleaving me breathless and on fire.
“…the court has found you guilty and you’ve bee s£ntenced to 17 years imprisonment with first 3 years of ha-rd labor for the attem-pted murder of CEO Jeremy Sanchez” The judge chimed in and the whole place was turned upside down.
What the…
Seventeen years???!!!
I bent my head in betrayal, anger and pain.
I’ll be back for you both – Stella and Jeremy.
This is not the end of the road for me.
I’ll be back!!😈
“plea-se babe…Am really sorry. plea-se eat for me” Jeremy pleaded on his knees.
I shook my head and looked away. My face twisted in a grimace and I fold my arms.
“Am not going to eat Jeremy. I kept calling you but you snubbe-d me” I retorted though I was starving and craved for food.
“I was on a call Stella.
I would never ignore the love of my life and my everything” He said and I chuckled.
“Should I feed you?” He asked and I shook my head negatively.
“I’m starving” I cut in and gr@bb£d the fork.
I twisted the fork around the spaghetti sticks and put it into my mouth.
His phone began ringing and he took it from the other side of the be-d.
He placed it on his ear and moved away from me.
📲 Like, right now???
📲 We’re on our way then.
📲 Give us five minutes!
He rasped into the phone before turning it off.
“Who’s that?…what’s going on??” I asked quizically and he sighed.
“Nina’s in labour” He replied and my jaw dropped.