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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Crazy couple episode 27 & 28

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{She’s Stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}

Episode 27




I woke up happy that Jeremy wasn’t going to work today.
Jeffrey said his coming over but he said he’ll only help me if am truly innocent.

I wish I could fast forward this hurting moment. Jeremy is hurting me for peace sake!

I was in my room when I heard the sound of a car drive in.
It must be Jeffrey!

I went out to the hallway and hid close to the stairs railings watching Jeremy open the door for him.


“What the fu-k are you doing here?” He asked and returned to sit on the couch.

“I came to say hi to Stella. I can’t stop thinking about her” Jeffery replied and licked his lips.

What’s he doing?
He’s adding more fuel to the fire!

Jeremy didn’t say anything as he dropped his legs on the table before taking his laptop and keeping it on his thighs.

Jeffrey walked to him and sat on the seat next to him.

“What’s up?” He asked and Jeremy sighed.

They began talking – whispering to be precise.

I drew my ear closer but I couldn’t hear a thing just voices of men talking.

I bit my lower lip.
What are they talking about?
Jeffrey is always lousy and loud. Why’s he whispering now??

“I said NO!!” I heard

Jeremy yell and I flinched.

Good lord.

I held my weak chest.


“Stop being such a di-k! We all make mistakes as*h*le. Stop playing such a card on her!” Jeffrey yelled and Jeremy seemed to calm down.

“I will think about it” he mumbled like he was forcing himself to speak.

“You better…And that dork Kelvin shouldn’t be a problem, should he?” Jeffrey asked and Jeremy scoffed.


Jeffery walked to the wine counter and took a bottle.

“Okay, bye di*khead” he grouse before leaving.

I walked to the bedroom feeling low spirited.
Jeremy doesn’t want to forgive me.
I sniffed as my phone began ringing.

It was Jeffrey calling.

“Stella…” He called.

I took deep breaths.

“Jeffrey. What did he say?” I asked fondling with the tip of my shirt.

He sighed.

“I know that guy. He’s still mad. So I suggest you give him time to come to you. Like his ex girlfriend back in highschool…” He said and I twitched at the mention of ‘ex girlfriend’.

“He came back to his ex girlfriend?” I asked.

“Nope, he later dumped her”.

I rolled my eyes.
“Oh…thanks for your help” I said.

“No problem. And here’s a tip – Jeremy is a s3x freak so I suggest you seduce him. He will definitely forgive you after tasting some pu*s*” he jibed and I squeezed my face.

“Ew Jeffrey!” I winced and turned off the phone.

I sat on the bed.
Jeremy doesn’t want to forgive me…

It’s obvious.
He thinks I did something ungodly with Kelvin.

It’s best if I just let him be and continue living like strangers.

Yea…that’s what I’ll


And as for the pregnancy result.
I’m not telling that rude jerk!

I’ll hide the pregnancy from him forever.
I’ll go to the mall later and buy huge clothes I would wear when the baby bump arrives.

He’ll never know and when I would give birth, I’ll go to dad’s house and he’ll take me to the hospital.

I yawned.

All the thoughts were making me sleepy.
I closed my eyes before lying on the bed. I drifted to dreamland Immediately.


I know Stella called Jeffrey here well she’s letting her hopes up for nothing.
Not even my best friend will change my mind.

I got up the couch and headed upstairs.
Am starving.
Stella has been upstairs since morning.

How do I get her to come down and make something.
Am tired of taking tea.

I got to her room and peeped.
She was on the bed sleeping.
I rolled my eyes.
Heavy sleeper😒

She still have the guts to sleep when am mad at her.

She should be awake thinking of how to gain my forgiveness.
I tip toed to the couch where her hand bag was.

I searched it looking for her phone.
She must be getting midnight love texts from Kelvin, that sonofab••tch.

I’ll deal with him for sure…the hard way.

I saw an envelope.
What could be inside?

I opened it and brought out a white paper.

I unfolded it in a jiffy and read the stupid words.

I froze.


I glanced at the date…
My baby.
Stella is pregnant with my baby

Episode 28


I scoffed.
Stella is pregnant.

First, she went to Kelvin’s house without my permission. Second, she kept her pregnancy result from me.

I couldn’t help but feel angry.
Who does she think she is?, What did she have in mind? She thinks am not worthy to know she’s pregnant with my baby?

I squashed the paper and forced it into her bag.
I left the room. I racked my hands in to my hair.

Am just hungry!
I glanced at the door. Am so not calling her to come cook for me.
I brought out my phone and called a resturant nearby. I ordered for pizza and yoghurt.
I’ll just have to manage it.



I opened my eyes and sat up on the bed. My tummy couldn’t stop grumbling.

Am so hungry. I walked down stairs and headed for the kitchen. I cooked noodles. My mind wasn’t so focused on my cooking so I just mixed up some ingredients.

I ate the noodles as it was hot and spicy cause I added lots of pepper.
I felt so hot and my tongue began to burn. I took a cup of water to quench the fire but it didn’t walk.

What do I do?

I walked into the living room and looked around.

Jeremy had his hands in his pockets. He was on his way up the stairs. As he walked past me, I felt my stomach tighten and I longed for his touch but I just controlled myself.
I waited for him to be out of sight.

I walked to the bar counter and took a bottle of alcohol. I really don’t know if it’s whiskey or vodka but I just opened the bottle.

I need to stop the damn fire on my tongue.
I looked around before taking a sip.

So bitter and strong!
But it seemed to be working.
I took another gulp.



I hid close to a wall staring at Stella drink alcohol.

Good lord!.
She’s pregnant for Christ sake.
Why’s she taking alcohol?
I felt like running over to her and snatching the bottle from her hands.
But… Am still mad at her.

What do I do?
I don’t want her to think I care about her.
I stepped one the first block of the stairs and acted like I fell.

“Aargh!!!” I yelled waiting for Stella to come over and help me up.

I waited.
Where is she?
Didn’t she hear me fall???

I got up and walked to the living room. She was about to finish the whole bottle.

I rushed to her and took the bottle from her.
She’s already drunk. I know that face..

“What are you doing? Give me my toy!” She whined trying to collect the bottle from me.

I dropped the bottle on the counter not reachable for her.

“You bully!” She yelped and hit me on my arm.


It hurts.

I turned her and carried her in my arms in a bridal style. She quickly wrapped her arms around my neck.

“A-E-S-Y-Z-O is for Jeremy” she sang as we went up the stairs.
Crazy woman.

We got to her room – yes, am no longer going to share this room with her.

I dropped her on the bed and turned to leave but she held my wrist stopping me.

“Jeremy please…Don’t go. Am sorry for everything. Please” she said with a pained voice.

I scoffed and removed her hand from mine.


“Jeremy! What do I do to gain your forgiveness? How can you be so mean and heartless?! You want to leave me again. You’re older than me Jeremy. I can’t stay alone” I yelled almost breaking down.

But I won’t cry…

“If you leave, I’ll kill myself.Don’t leave this room Jeremy Sanchez” I said with damn seriousness.

He didn’t say anything.
I got off the bed and just as I was about to run past him, he grabbed me by my wrist and held me back. I stared into his face like a lost puppy, he crashed his lips on mine.


He threw me off guard.

I wrapped my hands around his neck as he kissed my alcoholic lips hungrily.
He lifted me and dropped me on the bed gently.

He kissed me passionately and trailed kisses around my neck.

I felt his hand rub around my thighs. He succeeded in pulling off the bum short I wore. I can’t believe Jeffery’s crazy advice worked.
He rubbed his fingers on my clit and I moaned against his lips.

He got rid of my pantie and slid in his fingers.
Three fingers at a go.

“Jeremy!” I gasped in slight pain.
He kissed me making me breathless.
Is he punishing me or what!

He fingered me for a while and believe me it was painful.
He plunged into me and spread my legs apart. He starts to drill so violently and I couldn’t stop screaming.

I won’t be able to walk again.
He was so rough like he just had intentions of destroying my pu*s*.

I gasped as he released inside of me before pulling out.
He laid beside me.
I sat up unable to feel my legs. I shifted from Jeremy but surprisingly, he pulled me close.

“So, you’re pregnant” he said rubbing my thigh and I froze.


He knows…
Time to pull someone’s legs.

“It’s not your baby” I said and he flinched.

“What? But… I saw the date. That day you were at that di*k’s house”.

“Whatever, it’s not your baby. Am the mother I know who got me pregnant” I said looking away.

“If you don’t stop lying, I’ll screw you again and it’ll be worst than the first” he said and I shuddered.
“You’re wicked Jeremy. So you were hard on me on purpose” I said and winced.

“I was just mad so I wanted to hurt you down there” he said.

I hit him and he chuckled.

always a jerk.

“Am serious Stella, one more ride…please” he said and I scoffed.
“Have you heard of doggy?” he whispered pouting. I jumped off the bed running for my life.

He can’t possibly be serious




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