Crazy couple episode 23 & 24

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{She’s Stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Episode 23
I rolled on the be-d endlessly before opening my eyes. I ru-bbe-d my eyes as I sat up on the be-d.
I looked around the be-droom.
*wheres Jeremy?*
I glanced at his side of the be-d and I couldn’t help but smile.
We cu-mddled till I sle-pt off.
Why do I feel this way?
Right from teenagehood, I hated him so much.
He’s always the talk of the day and is damn arrogant cause of his good looks.
All the girls at my clas-s keeps doing everything they can to plea-se him which made me despise him more.
But now…
I don’t know what’s happening to me.
I went to the bathroom and stepped out after I was at ease.
I sl!pmy feet into Jeremy’s fl!pflops and left the room.
I walked down the stairs feeling sluggish and worn out.
The whole place was dead quiet enough for me to hear a pin drop.
I arrived at the kitchen and headed for the cooker. I decided to make pancakes.
The whole thought of preparing a meal weakened me.
I nee-d to get a maid.
Maybe two maids.
*Hey* I heard and turned to see Jeremy by the door.
He wore a mix of black and red jumpsuit and a black sneaker.
His f!ngerswere occu-pied with gold rings and a glittering earring was on his left ear.
Oh my God!
Jeremy is one h0t guy.
He’s always in his best rich look.
I refused to drool at him as I f0rç£fully took my eyes to back to the cooker.
“Good morning” I muttered as my eyeba-lls drifted to the corner.
I was almost done with my cooking when I felt two hands wra-p around my tummy.
Jeremy k!$$£d me on my shoulder and I shuddered the more.
Oh heavens!
I felt weak at the knees.
“I can’t have breakfast today. I got a meeting to catch up and I’ll be back late too. Just have enough pancake you want, alright?”
He stated and I felt a tingling s-en-sation in my tummy.
I could no longer find my voice to respond.
“Oh…okay. You won’t even have one pancake?” I asked and turned slightly to face him.
He shook his head negatively as he lowered his hands to my w@!st.
He drew close, his eyes piercing into mine.
My whole b©dy vibr@ted in acceptance to his t©uçh.
I looked away from his face cause I was starting to feel so h0t inside and uncomfortable.
Those weird feelings that surge throu-gh someone at the sight of her crush.
“You’re going to eat at the office?” I asked feeling uneasy.
He nodded.
“Should I pack the pancake in a lunch box so you can have it later?” I stuttered and he cracked.
“I have to go Stella” he jibe-d and k!$$£d me.
I haven’t even brushed
I tried to escape from his grip but he wasn’t done yet.
He afterwards unlocked from the k!ssand placed a k!sson my cheek.
“You still taste great without brushing” he whispered and I couldn’t help but blus-h.
He let go off me and walked out of the kitchen.
I leaped up in the air like a baby.
What just happened?
I drove throu-gh the busy streets on my way to the hospital.
I’m nervous and a bit perturbe-d about this but am just anxious.
I drove into the hospital compound and parked at the parking lot before going in.
I had a VIP reservation alre-ady so I was just taken to the doctor’s office.
The doctor took some blood samples and after few hours, he returned with the result of the pregnancy test.
“Mrs Sanchez, I have the result with me here” He said and I nodded ru-bbing my we-t hands together.
“What does it say?” I asked with a cracked voice.
This would mean so much to me if am pregnant.
Not for the wealth purposes but for what Jeremy and I shared and a big p@rt of me don’t want to disappoint him.
I cl@psed my hands feeling extremely scared and nervous.
Two times…
We’ve done it two times…
Lord plea-se…
Don’t fail me.
The doctor brou-ght out the paper from the envelope and looked into it after adjusting his glas-ses.
“Would you want to re-ad it yourself?” He asked politely.
I stuttered.
“No, plea-se…um…tell me yourself” I mumbled.
“Well…According to the result, The test is…”
Episode 24
“…the test is positive. Congratulations ma’am, you’re five days pregnant” he said cheerfully.
I stared at him gob sma-cked.
Oh my God!
Am pregnant just like I hoped for!
A hvge smile appeared on my face.
The doctor handed me the paper and glanced at it.
I put the paper in my bag and Zi-pped up.
“Thank you doctor, I’ll be on my way now” I said as I stood to my feet.
“Congratulations” he said again and I nodded before leaving.
I was excessively happy about the news.
And I was worried for nothing. I walked throu-gh the hallway at the hospital with my arms folded.
How do I tell him about it?
I think I shouldn’t just yet…
Since Jeremy will be returning late, I’ll go shopping and have a great time all by myself
I left the hospital and got into my car. I drove to the mall pla-ying one of my favorite songs.
I took some money from my purse before going into the mall. I took a shopping cart and went straight to the vegetable section.
Since am pregnant, I think I nee-d to watch what I eat from now on.
I took three big cabbages and dropped them in the cart.
I gathered other veggies before going to get yoghurts and more milk.
I took some ice cream too.
“Tristan…can…can I talk to you?” I asked walking into his be-droom.
He glanced at me and looked away.
“Am busy” he muttered.
“I just wanted to ask you about the 2 million dollars in my bank account…it’s…it’s gone” I said feeling scared that he’ll get angry.
“I took it.. So?” He asked and I flin-ched.
“But that’s my money. All of it is not even mine. Some belongs to my friend, Alex. You should have told me before withdrawing my money!” I ra-psed.
He flared up.
“Are you saying!? That I shouldn’t have t©uçhed your money! Since when did I become someone else!?” He yelled.
“Tristan!” I ra-psed.
“Fu×k off!” He yelled and left the room.
I stared at him so shocked.
I was on my way home when my phone rang.
I answered his call.
“What’s up bestie?” I asked remembering the good times we shared.
“S…Stella” he muttered.
“Kelvin, are you alright?. Your voice sounds shallow. What’s wrong with you?” I asked concerned.
He really doesn’t sound fine.
“It..hurts..but don’t worry” he mumbled and that’s when I realized he’s really sick.
“Kelvin, hold on. Am coming over!” I ra-psed and turned the car around.
The weather was cloudy but i really want to know Kelvin’s wellbeing.
He was my best friend.
What if he’s terribly Ill and there’s nob©dy to help him.
I sped up the car.
the meeting was over but another one would be taking place tonight. I was watching the news and the caster said there’s a storm. coming.
A heavy rain!
I have to tell Stella to wear something cozy before she catches a cold.
I can’t believe I care for her so much.
I dialed her number.
She’s not picking up.
By the time I arrived at Kelvin’s street, it was raining so much.
I parked infront of his house and rushed into the house.
I g@sped on seeing Kelvin on the floor.
He looked pale…sick!
I rushed to him and knelt beside him. I felt his temperature. So h0t.
“Have you taken drugs?” I asked him curiously.
He nodded weakly.
“It hurts. The drug won’t st©p…the pain” he muttered and I felt so much pity for him.
I went to the kitchen and boiled water for him.
“Have you eaten?” I asked him.
He shook his head.
“I can’t stand” he muttered.
I nodded and went to the kitchen. I checked the cu-pboards and shelf taking ingredients for a simple macoroni and cheese.
It’s getting dark outside.
I was done Cooking and dished the meal for him. I dropped the plate beside him.
I guess I’ll have to feed him too.
I turned on the television and tuned to a news channel.
They were talking about the rain.
The newscaster emphasized.
I g@sped.
The roads have been blocked
I’ll…I’ll have to spend the night here??
He’s not going to like this one bit.
Am so dead