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Crazy billionaire child episode 7 & 8

❣(psycho’s falls in love)❣
✍️ Episode 7✍️
Ashley, I told the truth” I said sincerely.
“What silly truth?” She fired at me, take back every damn word you said there” she ordered.
“Ashley, I’ll do no such thing” I grinned.
“Let me quickly remind you that, there is nothing like love between us” She gave a loud whispher, “you are doing this for your Dad’s sake while I am doing this for what I stand to gain, the money” She hissed loudly walking out of my room.
“Can I at least drop you off” I yelled
“No” She screamed back.
I fell on my bed with the thought of Ashley and was consumed by a deep slumber.
I wasn’t so sure if I wanted this or not. Zach had fixed a date for the wedding and surely, he did that without my cons£nt. Zach was too rude and arrogant for my liking. In fact, we had less than a month to prepare for the wedding and the thought of that kept draining me.
I grabbed my diary and began to jolt some things I needed for the wedding.
“I would go through this wedding, since everyone wants it”
“Ashley!, Ashley!” Mom kept screaming my name until she walked into my room, “what are you doing here”
“Mom, I’m trying to think” I gave a frown.
“Think about what?” Mom asked shaky.
“Mom, this whole thing” I said calmly trying to hide my tears, “how am I sure I’m making the right decision?”
“But you said yes to him, didn’t you?”
“Mom, I don’t even know what am doing” I sobbed.
“Ashley darling, allow your heart lead” Mom caressed my hair and klzzed me lightly.
“All right mom” I chuckled, “I love you” I wiped the tears from my face and sat back to jot down some of the things I needed for the wedding, Picking my purse and car keys, I hurried to the car park.
“Mom, I’m going to see Zach” I screamed from outside
“Just be careful” Mom shouted from inside the house, “don’t make troubles”.
“I hope so mom” I muttered faintly as I plunged into the car.
With a top speed, I drove out of the compound.
I drove into the compound and parked close to Zach’s car. I got down from the car to see Zach beside his car.
“Are you stalking me” I coughed closing the car door.
“No” He gave a hot smile, “I was coming from the balcony when I saw your car parked” He shrugged.
“Well, you should stop following me” I scoffed.
“I wasn’t following you” He said sternly and was about leaving.
“Zach!” I screamed his name even when he was close to me, “do you want to leave me here?”
“I thought you came to see Mr and Mrs. Price” He chuckled tucking his hands in his pocket.
“I came to see you” I said and Zach smiled.
He brought out his hands from his pocket and stretched his left hand towards my hand. I took his hands, and we both walked hand in hand to his room.
We got his room and Zach closed his door. I sat on the couch and he sat on the bed staring at me.
“Zach, this are the things I need for the wedding” I said stretching a piece of paper to him.
Zach went through the list with a frown.
“What are you doing with a bracelet of 50 dollars?, what do you need an anklet for?, what’s miscellaneous?” Zach kept asking randomly.
“Zach, those are the things I need and everything there cost seven hundred dollars” I said almost yelling.
“Ashley, let me remind you that this whole wedding thing is fake” He mocked, “so you are asking me to spend such amount on a girl, I don’t even know, I’m sorry, I won’t”
“Anyways Zach, I didn’t come for trouble” I took my purse, “but God help you, you don’t transfer that money within a week” She threatened.
“You can’t do any f*cking” I revolted.
In a twinkle, she walked to my closet, brought out my shoes, walked to the washroom and came out without the shoes.
“Where are my shoes?” I watch her grin, “those shoes are my most expensive shoes”
I pushed her out of my way and walked to the washroom, my shoes were lying in the bathtub full of water. I came out in anger but then Ashley was gone. I sighed as I went back to bring out the shoes. Only If I had seen her.
I was about closing my eyes when a call came in.
“Zach, you are daring me” She roared.
“Ashley, I don’t have any money” I said with anger.
“Zach, I’m giving you till on Thursday else I would call of this wedding and tell everyone that we are pretending”.
“Ashley, I can only s£nd five hundred…..”
“Why” She didn’t allow me complete my statement
“You sploit the shoes I was supposed to use for the wedding, now I have to buy a new one.
“s£nd the five hundred dollars then” She commanded and ended the call.
(💒👰🤵Wedding Day👰🤵💒)
I woke up and didn’t feel like something special was going to happen today. I strolled into the washroom and spent what seems like hours in the bathroom.
“Ashley!” Mom called opening my door, “be fast, your husband would soon arrive”.
“Okk mom” I yelled from the bathroom.
Mom had @ssigned a special person to be in charge of my dressing and makeups.
I wore a figure- flowing white gown.
Mom had fashion talent and so bringing out dress and styles were no big deal.
Since I woke up, there had actually been complains ranging from the hall decorations, to the cakes , flowers and even food. My parents wanted this wedding at all cost.
I gave a frustrated sighed after checking myself with a mirror.
The continuous blaring horns made me slide my curtain to see what was happening. The Price’s!!! had arrived. Mom hurriedly hugged Mrs Price while Dad exchanged pleasantries with Mr Price. I stared briefly at Zach before sliding my curtain to it’s initial position.
Once I was done dressing, I trudged down the stairs.
“Ashley, you forgot the wimple” Mom rushed to cover my face.
I got into the car and we all drove to the church.
I crossed my arms round dad’s own as we walked to the altar with pride. Dad walked with pride while I was trying my best not to cry.
“Smile Ashley” Dad whispered in my ears and I forced a smile.
“Can the groom stepped forward” The Vicar announced and my breathing seized.
My wish right now was for the ground to open up and swallow me.
“Do you Ashley Bell take Zach Price as your lovely husband??” The Vicar said and the congregation was dead silent.
✍️Episode 8✍️
My wish right now was for the ground to open up and swallow me.
“Do you Ashley Bell take Zach Price as your lovely husband??” The Vicar said and the congregation was dead silent.
I leaned forward to whisper into Zach’s ears, “I hate you”
“Ashley, please don’t try to create a scene here” I replied her calmly still in a whisper.
“Zach, I’m not sure I want to do this” She said sadly.
“Ashley, please am begging you” I pleaded in a teary voice, “if not for anything but for the sake of our parents”
As at now, All eyes were focused on us. I glanced at Dad and I could feel his heart beating so fast. Again, Ashley and I became silent.
“Do you Ashley Bell take Zach Price as your lovely husband” The Vicar announced again and Ashley gave a smile.
“Yes, I do” She said boldly and everyone started clapping.
I took a deep breath before staring at her, “finally” I muttered.
“Now that you have taken your vows, done the giving and receiving of rings, I now, therefore pronounce you husband and wife” The Vicar paused, “you may proceed to klzz the bride” He stared at me.
I moved closer to Ashley. What if she rejected the klzz?. I removed the wimple and klzzed her slowly. I was glad, she did allow me. She returned the klzz briefly before pulling her l!ps out of mine.
“Zach, is something wrong with you” Her tone was sardonic.
“What wrong Ashley?” I asked concerned.
“Zach, why did you klzz me for such a long time” She eyed me.
“Because, I was instructed to do so by the Vicar” I shrugged.
“Don’t you attend weddings?, don’t you see the way other groom’s klzz?. you were supposed to give a french klzz and not what you were doing” She scolded.
“What’s the big deal Ashley, didn’t you return the klzz?”
“Ohhh, so it because I allowed you klzz me, right?” She let out a frown.
“Ash…..ley” I was about saying something when Aunty Ophelia walked toward us with a gift, I suspect.
“Congrats sweetie” Aunty Ophelia gave Ashley the wrapped gift.
“Thank you so much” Ashley smiled hugging her.
Ashley and I walked arm – in – arm as we both received our gifts from all and sundry.
I was tired of hearing it. If only they knew what Ashley and I was going to face afterward.
“Thanks Zach for making me proud” Dad walked towards us and patted my shoulders.
“Ashley, your dad has made preparations for you and your husband to leave for Florida” Mrs Bell giggled.
“Flo…..rida!” She screamed, “why are we leaving the city?”
“Ashley, your husband wants you two to have some privacy” Aunty Ophelia snickered.
“Please, excuse my husband and I” Ashley let out after giving me a long stare.
Ashley dragged my hands out of the sight of everyone
“Wait!” Ashley took a deep breath, “are you behind these?” She gave me an angry look.
“Ashley, if I had told you to go with me to Florida, I know you will decline” I said plainly.
“Zach, we are married now” she sounded sarcastic, “please try to keep our issues out of our parents” She hissed loudly before dragging me back to the party.
The wedding came to an end. Finally, I was able to give Dad the contract. Ashley and I came home in the same car. I entered my room and turned on the light, checking the time, it was past 8.p.m.
“Ashley, thanks for today” I tried to hug her but she pushed me away.
“Know your limit” She removed her rings,”don’t take advantage of me” Her reply was curt.
“Sorry” I muttered, “we are leaving for Florida first thing tomorrow”
“Whatever Zach” She strolled to my closet and brought out a blanket.
“What are you doing with that?”
“You think I’ll sleep on that useless bed of your’s?” She rolled her eyes, “Hell no”
She laid on the couch and covered her self with the blanket.
“Won’t you at least take off the things you wore from the wedding” I said pulling my trousers.
“That none of your business” She sat up and removed her shoes.
I moved into the bathroom thinking she was going to change her dress. By the time I came out, she was fast asleep yet on her wedding dress, she only took off her shoes and the make ups.
I raised her from the couch and placed her gently on the bed. I couldn’t take off the dress because I know what Ashley would do if I undressed her. I removed the bracelet and packed her hair neatly. I klzzed her lightly and covered her with the blanket while I slept on the couch.
🌤The next morning⛅
I opened my eyes and ogled at the ceiling. Will I ever get Ashley to love me?, I got up from the couch and walked towards the bed, my wife was very much asleep.
I walked to the washroom and washed my face. I came out of the washroom and went down stairs.
I opened my eyes to see myself lying on Zach’s bed. Zach was fond of getting on my nerves, why on earth will he disobey my orders. I got up from the bed, but Zach was no where in his room. I opened the washroom and he wasn’t there.
“Zach” I muttered in fear.
“Looking for me?” He asked standing by his door entrance.
“No” I said quickly, “why did you put me on your bed” I grinned.
“Because, I wanted to sleep beside you” He smirked.
I gave a frown, Did he truly sleep beside me?.
I packed my luggage and Zach did same. Mr Price had @ssigned someone who would take us to Florida.
Zach and I sat in the back seat. It was a quiet drive except that Zach and I stole glances at each other.
“Why don’t you want to talk to me” He asked.
I kept mute.
“Ashley!” He called me, “is this about me sleeping by your side last night” He questioned.
“Yes, why would you disobey me” I yelled
“I was only kidding, I slept on the couch not beside you” He shrugged.
“Better be”.
To a great extent, I was worried because I didn’t know what the next few weeks with Zach would be like and not necessarily because he slept on the bed with me.
Soon we got to Florida. We were still on our way to book an inn when someone approached Zach.
“Zach Price” She giggled.
Zach stopped and gave her a confusing look.
“Sorry, I don’t know you” Zach said.
“Zach, you don’t know me but I know you, I have heard so much about your insurance company and I want us to be business partner” She gave a smile.
“That’s not bad” Zach stared at her as she brought out a business card.
“I’m Bianca Lambert” She introduced stretching the business card to Zach.
Faster than Zach, I grabbed the card and tore it into pieces immediately.
“So you think you can flirt with my husband in my pres£nce” I hissed loudly dragging Zach away from her in anger.
🔥 TBC🔥
Hope Ashley isn’t getting jealous?…..😅 Bianca please don’t destroy their union oh


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