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Crazy billionaire child episode 7 & 8

💔(fights for love)💔
✍️Episode 7✍️
“h@rdin!, h@rdin!” I yelled his name, “where could he have gone to?” I muttered to myself.
“I’m over here, mom” Three years old h@rdin chuckled from the lawn.
“h@rdin, you just came back from school, you should be sleeping not playing” I pulled his hands, dragging him into the house.
I managed to put h@rdin on the bed so he could sleep.
I went to the kitchen to prepare dinner for Zach. He might arrive in an hour or probably two hours time.
I had barley turned on the g@s when a car drove into the compound.
“Why did Zach return so early?” I sighed drying my w€t hands with the kitchen towel.
I got out of the kitchen to meet h@rdin chatting and laughing with his father.
“I thought I asked you to sleep, don’t let me slap you” I threatened h@rdin who in turn gave me a frown.
“Stop threatening me, mom, else I’ll tell my Dad not to buy you Ice cream” He smiled.
“h@rdin, you know me” I pushed him aside helping Zach carry his brief case.
Zach opened his car and brought out a plate of ice cream, giving it to his son.
“What about mine?” I gave a puppy face.
“I told dad not to give you” He brought out his tongue running to his room.
I carried the brief case to our room while Zach followed me slowly. After dropping the brief case, I turned to face Zach.
“You don’t look happy, what is the problem?” I questioned.
“Love, my father found some foreign investors online, the profit gotten from this business is high, what he lacks now is enough capital” Zach gave a deep breath.
“So like how much how are we talking about?” I sat on the couch.
“If we can get a million dollars” Zach yawned.
“A million what!” I got up from the couch, “where on earth are you going to see such money?” I glared at Zach.
“That why I need your help, help me talk to your father” He pleaded
“But my dad has done enough, recently things has been h@rd, and dad has been the one taking care of most of our expenses” I frowned.
“That why we need this money” Zach moved closed to me and held my hands, “Babe, my dad has promised me 70% of the profit. Believe me, if it works out as planned, I’ll pay your dad his money” Zach rushed his words with tears almost coming from his eyes.
“So what type of business is this” I asked
“It deals with the importation of cars and other electronic devices such as refrigerator, standing fans……..” Zach said trying to remember others.
“But why did you choose to buy from online foreign investors instead of our normal people”
“Ashley, you ask too much questions!” Zach screamed, “firstly, I’m not the one into the business deal, my father asked me to lend him money” He yelled.
“Zach, bring down your voice, I just want to be sure that no one swindles my dad off his h@rd earned money” I yelled back at Zach.
“Seriously Ashley, I can’t believe you’re saying this to me after everything I’ve done for you” Zach said sadly.
“What have you done, ehn Zach, what have you done?” I hissed loudly, “who gave us this house, we are living, was it not my father!. In fact, my family is a trillion times richer than yours”
“Meaning what, Ashley” Zach shot a death glare at me.
“Meaning that, your parents are too poor, they are not the regular type of Billionaire. Before I married you, I had a house of my own given to me by my father but ask yourself what you had, that frustrated small room in your father’s mansion. You claim to be a billionaire son and you can’t even build a house, what are you!” I clapped my hands.
“I was not poor, I was never poor. I lost majority of my @ssets to gambling. When I realized I was losing a fortune because of the game, I went back to my father. Mr Price didn’t give me anything, he just asked me to live with him. I sold my house because of the gambling, a mistake I’m forever regretting” Zach said pitifully as he took his car keys from the center table.
I felt sorry for everything I had said to him. Before I could apologize, Zach left the room, banging the door h@rd.
Recently, Zach’s company had been running at a loss. After paying the workers from the little profit he made, he had little or nothing to take home.
I knew all these and I still went ahead to call him names.
I quickly made dinner thinking that Zach would return early. It was past 7pm and Zach was still not yet back.
“Mom, where is daddy?” h@rdin asked with a sad expression, staring at his food.
Except at school, h@rdin doesn’t eat without his father.
“He told me he was going to get a surprise from you” I lied trying to convince him to eat.
“A surprise!” h@rdin eyes brightened, “but why then is he not taking his phone” h@rdin complained.
“Maybe, he doesn’t want you to know of the surprise. Come and eat!” I managed to feed him even when I felt like crying.
I shouldn’t have talked to Zach the way I did.
h@rdin didn’t eat much. I took him to his bed and sang for him till he fell asleep.
10pm and Zach wasn’t back still. I turned off the living room light waiting for Zach when the door bell rang.
I got up and opened the door, only to see a drunk Zach.
“Zach, are you back to drinking?” I helped him sit on the couch
“Take yo,,ur hands off me,,” Zach stuttered, “you don’t care about me”.
No doubt, my words had effects on him. The only way to calm him was to get Dad to give us the money.
⚡The next morning⚡
It was Saturday.
I woke up late only to discover that Zach had left the house with h@rdin. Perhaps, he was still angry and didn’t want to talk to me.
I took a shower, wore my dress and went to meet my dad.
“Daddy, please my husband and I needs a loan from you” I pleaded
“What for” Dad adjusted his gl@sses.
“For business, dad, trust me, the gain is huge” I said confidently.
“Like how much are we talking about?”
“Dad, a million dollars” I stated and dad frowned, “daddy we promise to pay back even with interest” I blunted.
“I can only give you half of that money but you must pay back because I’m going to lend the money from my company” Dad coughed bringing out his check book.
“Sure we’ll”
I collected the money and sold my company, AshleyBell industry, for the remaining money.
I got home to meet Zach watching TV with his son.
“Zach, I want to talk to you” I stated.
“Say whatever it is here, as you can see I’m busy” his reply was curt.
“Zach, are you still angry over yesterday?” I caressed his hairs.
“Not really” Zach took my hands off his hair.
I shrugged and sniffed twice, “I got you the million dollars”
“You did what!” Zach jumped on me giving me a tight hug.
“Dad gave me this” I gave him the check, and I sold my company for the other”
“Ashley, you’re such a darling” He klzzed me
“I’m sorry about yesterday” I apologize again
“It nothing” He shrugged hugging me for a second time.
“But babe, I think we will split this money into two” I suggested
“Meaning what!”
💔(fights for love)💔
✍️Episode 8✍️
It been three months since I gave dad, the money he asked for and there has been no positive news.
I prayed silently as I sat on my office desk. I opened the drawer attached to the desk in search of a do¢vment, when my phone rang.
☎”Good afternoon dad” I muttered expecting a good new.
☎”Zach, your father is sick and he wants you to come home” That was Aunty Ophelia using Dad’s line.
What could have gone wrong?.
☎”Mom, what wrong with Dad?, did he have an attack?” I asked series of question.
☎”come home Zach” I heard Mrs Price’s voice.
I wasn’t even thinking. I turned off my system which I was unable to use, grabbed my car keys and drove out of the office.
I got down from the car and entered the house without knocking, heading straight to Dad’s room.
Dad was lying on the bed, looking so pale. I couldn’t help but to cry.
“Mom, why didn’t you take him to the hospital” I sniffed
“Your father refused to go to the hospital” Mom cried.
“Z,,a,,c,,h” Dad called, “I lost the money you gave me to fraudsters” Dad coughed.
“Dad!, you said what” I fell to the ground.
I sat on the floor, too man enough to collapse.
“Zach, sell our company to pay Mr Bell the money you owe him” Dad said pitifully.
“Dad, even if I sell our company, it won’t still be enough” I scoffed, “don’t forget that that company is running at a loss”
“You can add this house, my wife a,,nd I wi,,ll look for wh,,ere to stay” Dad stuttered and he started breathing fast.
I got up from the floor where I sat frustrated and rushed towards Dad. Placing my hands on his chest, I screamed.
“Mom, call the doctor” Tears tricked down my face.
Time was tickling, Dad was still trying to breath normally.
The ambulance arrived and Dad was placed on a stretcher as he was taken into the ambulance.
What do I tell Ashley now?. Will she ever believe Dad was scammed.
I got up from the bed and walked to h@rdin’s room. h@rdin was sleeping but Zach wasn’t with him and he wasn’t with me either.
Could it be Zach didn’t come home last night?. I hurried to the living room and there was still no sign of Zach.
I peeped through the curtain and his car spot was empty. No sign of his car within the compound.
“Hope, he isn’t cheating on me” I sighed sitting on the couch in the living room.
Zach came in hours later.
“Zach, since when did you start keeping late night” I yelled getting up from the couch.
“Ashley, my dad was rushed to the hospital yesterday and I’ve been there” He sounded tired.
“So, you didn’t see my calls. To even at least pick and tell me what happened”.
“Babe, I saw those calls late. I left my phone in the car throughout yesterday, I saw the missed calls this morning” He blurted.
“What the doctor say is wrong with your father” I questioned.
“Dad had an attack” Zach cried and I felt pity for him.
“What could have gone wrong” I muttered loudly helping Zach to sit on the couch.
“Ash,,,ley” Zach took a quick glance at me, “we lost the million dollars to fraudsters” He stated.
“Hahaha” I laughed loudly before giving a serious face, “you are joking right, you want to tell me you guys made huge profit”
“Babe, I’m serious. That’s the reason for Dad’s sudden attack” Zach said and it was dawn on me that we were in a big mess.
“How do we pay Mr Bell his loan” I sighed frustrated.
“Dad has asked me to sell our company and family house”
“I doubt if that’s going to be enough” I blinked my eyes to prevent tears from falling, “don’t worry Zach, everything will be fine”.
I helped Zach to the room. After taking his shower, he slept off.
We sold Mr Price company, his house and the current house Zach and I were living. Even though it still didn’t cover the million dollars, we were able to pay Dad his loan.
I loved Zach so much and as his wife, it was my duty to protect him.
Zach’s father was discharged a week later and we moved to a small rented house. The place was looking so abandoned but that was what our money could afford for now.
It was a three bedroom flat with a sitting room and the kitchen. Mr and Mrs Price stayed in one room, Aunty Ophelia stayed in another with h@rdin while Zach and I stayed in the last room.
Sincerely, it was not easy living a non billionaire lifestyle. I woke up every morning to cook, prepare h@rdin for school and wash. No more cars, no washing machine. It was really frustrating.
All these while, I didn’t let Dad know the state of things because I knew he would be mad at Zach.
h@rdin had come back from school one afternoon with his father. Recently, Zach has been walking round the streets of Jacksonville in search of a job.
I welcomed them and we were about to enter the house when a car horn blare.
I stopped and Zach did same. I turned to discover it was Dad’s car.
“So it true Ashley” Mom jumped out of the car, “daughter of a billionaire now a pauper” Mom hissed.
“Mom, I like it here” I said boldly.
Mom slapped me immediately and tears rolled down my cheeks, “when I was told you live here, I didn’t believe, not until I came to see things for myself”
“Ashley, you are a shame to the Bell’s. How could you stoop so low” Dad eyed me.
“Dad, Zach and I lost all our properties” I said, “besides we are starting a life without our parents”.
“Ashley, you will go in, bring out your bags and your son. We are leaving here this minute” Mom klzzed her teeth in disgust.
“Please Mom, bear with me, I’m working on giving your daughter the good life she deserves” Zach went on his knees.
“Who’s your mother” mom fired at him, “if you like yourself, advice your ex wife to follow me now” mom commanded.
“Ex wife” I repeated, “mom with all due respect, I’m still his wife. I’m not leaving my husband not for anything” I said boldly.
“Ash,,,ley, after all I have gone through to give you a better life, you still choose to bring disgrace on me” Dad coughed as he held his chest, “you hurt me Ash,,,,ley” Dad fell to the ground.
“Dad!, dad!” I rushed towards him.
Dad suddenly went unconscious. I took the car keys from the floor, helped Dad into the car.
Mom sat beside me in the front, while Dad and Zach stayed at the back.
I drove to the hospital. Dad was taken into the ward.
“We are sorry, Mrs Bell, we tried our best but he couldn’t make it” The doctor said sadly
“Meaning what!” I screamed
“We lost him” The doctor said and I gripped his shirt.
I gripped him tightly still crying while Zach tried to free him by removing my hands.
“Leave me Zach, you caused all this” I cried
“Ashley, I’m sorry but I didn’t wish for any of this” Zach said.
“I hate you Zach, I hate you because you have caused me more sorrow than happiness” I blurted and ran out of the hospital.
“Wait Ashley” I heard Zach scream, running after me.
I kept running and just when I decided to take a quick glance at Zach.
I saw a vehicle coming with an unconscious Zach still running.
“Watch it, Zach!” I screamed


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