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Crazy billionaire child episode 5 & 6

❣(psycho’s falls in love)❣
✍️Episode 5
I got up from the couch in anger and strolled to my room. This whole thing was getting really tensed. I sat on my bed, took my phone and s£nt Ashley a mail.
Wondering how I got that?, I had copied it from the business card I saw earlier.
Please Ashley, I need to talk to you as soon as possible. It’s urgent.
Thanks, Zach💋
I took a deep breath as I pressed the s£nd button. I closer my eyes and was anxious for her response.
Please be more civilised and call me……
Her response was extremely Weird, which was even better, the text message or call?.
I glanced at the text and hissed loudly. Why was this woman fond of getting on my nerves?. All my life, I never imagined that I, Zach Price, the son of a Billionaire would beg anyone for anything, not to think of begging a woman.
I was doing this for Dad and the 70 million dollars contract. I went through the text again and copied her number.
📲 “Zach Price on the line, may I please speak to Miss Ashley Bell?” I composed myself.
📲”Zach, what do you want?” She responded almost immediately
📲 “Ashley, please, all I beg is to see you, I need to talk to you” I said pleading.
📲 “So Billionaire Zach can plead” She said in a mocking tone, “I’m s£nding an address soon.
The text came in few minutes after I ended the call.
Darwin’s Restaurant, old city Rd. DON’T KEEP ME WAITING.
I glanced at the address, grabbing my car key which was on the couch. I got to Darwin’s restaurant and met Ashley already waiting for me.
“Sorry for keeping you waiting” I pulled out a chair and sat opposite her, “the traffic was hectic”
“Down to business Zach Price” she frowned, “I’m not here to exchange courtesies” She said rudely with her eyes glued to her phone.
“Ash…..ley, hmm” I sputtered
“Go straight to the point” she eyed me.
“I want us to get married, I mean to save our parent’s reputation” I finally let out.
“You said what!” She rolled her eyes, “is it that easy to you?”
“Ashley, I don’t love you any bit and you know it. I’m doing this for my parent’s sake” I said proudly.
“I don’t love you either” She shouted, “can’t believe I’m such a fool to sit here and listen to your trash” She hit her palm on her forehead as she got up from where she sat.
I stood up also and blocked her from taking any step, “you know what you are, you are a slut, A b*tch who ends up on the bed of every man ……..
I didn’t complete my s£ntence when she s£nt a slap across my face.
“I’ll see to it, that this wedding doesn’t hold” She pushed me out of the way and walked out of the restaurant.
I held my face, that slap was damn hot.
“Do you wish for a gl@ss of water” The waiter approached me.
“Get out!” I yelled in frustration.
“Sorry sir” The waiter apologise and left.
How did I ruin this whole thing?. I was suppose to plead with her to accept the wedding offer. Saturday came and since it was a work free day, I stayed at home. I left my room and decided to watch TV in the living room.
“Who’s there?” I answered after hearing someone knock on the door twice.
I got up barefooted and strolled to the door, I opened the door and saw Ashley.
“Look who we have here” I said with so much excitement as she made her way into the living room.
“Ohh, Ashley darling, let me inform the Price’s of your coming” Aunty Ophelia who was just walking in said and left immediately.
“Ashley, have you considered my offer?” I sat beside her on the couch.
“Zach, don’t force me to slap you again” She hissed loudly, “I came to see your parents not you”
“Why are you so adamant?” I questioned.
“Zach, please mind your business” she shot back at me concentrating on the TV.
Soon, Dad and mom came and Ashley greeted them. Aunty Ophelia was asked to serve Lunch making everyone move to the Dining Room except me. Everyone sat and was eating, while I kept watching TV not really interested in the TV show tho.
“Ashley, won’t you invite your husband to join you” Mom teased and from my eye corner, I could see Ashley smiling.
“Zach Darling, please come join us” Ashley giggled and I could feel butterflies in my stomach.
I got up with a pretended frown and sat beside Ashley. She mumbled few things, but then I ignored.
“Ashley, the last time I saw you was when you were six” Dad laughed.
“That why it was difficult for Zach to recognise you” Mom added.
“Mom, I don’t know her before now” I sighed.
“Yes, before she left for the city, you saw her only once and that time you two were very young, you refused to play with her”. Mom laughed.
That explains it, my hatred for Ashley didn’t start the day we had a one night stand, I hated her long before now.
“Ashley, what do you do for a living now?” Mom asked.
“I’m a beautician, CEO AshleyBell Beauty industry” She chuckled.
“Wow!” I exclaimed, “I didn’t know”
“Don’t worry Zach, with time you’ll get use to me” She leaned forward and pecked me lightly on my cheeks.
After dinner, Ashley followed me to my room.
“Ashley, I’m sorry about what happened at the restaurant, the other day” I went on my knees, “is just that if I can’t get you to marry me, I would lose access to my dad’s @ssets” I explained.
“@ssest” She repeated, “I’ll marry you but you will give me 70% of the @ssets” She gleamed.
“Ashley, 70% is on the high side” I protested, “let share it equally.
“Then you aren’t ready” she frowned.
“All right, 60% to you and 40% to me” I concluded.
“It’s fine by me” She smirked, “Deal?”
“Yes deal, but 40% won’t be enough for me to pay my debt” I mumbled.
“Are you complaining”
“No, it’s fine by me” I said sadly.
“You still owe me thirty dollars” She grinned.
“Ashley, that money isn’t yours” I protested.
“Zach, give me my money or I’ll re design this room” She smirked.
“I dare you, Ashley”
She moved towards the refrigerator, she was about opening the fridge
“Wait!!” I yelled.
I strolled to my closet, brought out the thirty dollars and threw it at her.
“It has caused more harm than good” I eyed her.
✍️Episode 6✍️
“Zach, give me my money or I’ll re design this room” She smirked.
“I dare you, Ashley”
She moved towards the refrigerator, she was about opening the fridge
“Wait!!” I yelled.
I strolled to my closet, brought out the thirty dollars and threw it at her.
“It has caused more harm than good” I eyed her.
“You should learn not to stress issues” She hissed collecting the money, “Let me be on my way now, before you find a way to take my money” She eyed me.
I stared at her as she walked seductively out of my room. How I wished, I would never set my eyes on her ever again.
🌕Later that Day🌕
It was past 9pm and everyone had gone to bed. I laid awake tossing and turning with uncertainty. I couldn’t tell if the reason was Ashley or if it had to do with our forced marriage. C’ommon, who does that?, get married to someone he doesn’t love. Whatever it was, my mind was made up, I can’t afford to let Dad lose his contract and I have also made up my mind to make the marriage so unbearable for her.
I took my phone and dialed Ashley’s number. She picked the phone on the fourth ring.
“Huh, what did,,,,,, you pre,,pare for lu,,nch? She said with a breaking voice.
“Ashley, please be serious” I pleaded, “I need to talk to you”
“Hope you didn’t kill my butterflies” I was getting frustrated now by her irritating questions.
Was that some kind of sleep talking or she was just pretending, so as to get back at me.
“Ashley!!!” I screamed and there was no response.
I dropped the phone slowly from my ears and checked the screen, Ashley ended my call. I dialed her number again and there was no response.
Second!, third!, fourth…….Twentieth!, still no response. I kept calling until she finally picked.
“Z..a..c…h, what do you want?” She screamed my name placing emphasis on each letter.
“Ashley, I called to check on you” I said softly.
“By this time” She reprimanded, “and why are you checking on me?”
“Because, the first time I called, you sounded abnormal” I chuckled silently.
“Zach, you are the one that is abnormal” She fired back, “so you called to insult me, right”.
“Ashley, I’m sorry, I just wanted to ask if you could have lunch with me tomorrow at my parent’s house”
“What time?” She asked responsibly.
“3pm is okay by me” I prayed silently.
“Zach, you are so unreasonable” She said sarcastically and ended the call.
Everyday, Ashley behaviours were getting worse. How on earth would be girl be weird to that extent. I decided to s£nd her a text.
I would be expecting to see you.
Good night from Zach💓.
I pressed the s£nd button and turned off my phone.
🌞The next morning 🌞
I opened my eyes and yawned loudly. The scorching sun peeped through my curtains and I closed my eyes a bit.
“Phew!, I must have slept off” I glanced at my wrist watch and it was past 11am. I got up from the bed reluctantly and went to the washroom.
I washed my face and brushed my teeth. After that, I strolled to Dad’s room.
“Good morning Dad, Good morning mom” I greeted.
“Good morning Zach” They both responded.
“Mom, Dad, Ashley and I are inviting you for our dinner bash” I smiled.
“Dinner bash?” Mom rolled her eyes, “what that?”
“Wait till you see it, Mrs Price” I cackled and left the room.
I went to Aunty Ophelia’s room and the room was empty. I was about going to the sitting room when I met Aunty Ophelia on the stair case.
“Good morning, Aunty Ophelia” I greeted with a smile.
“Morning, lovely son” Aunty Ophelia smiled.
“Aunty Ophelia, Ashley and I are organising a dinner bash” I paused, “you are invited”
“Are you two finally getting married?” She asked.
“I’m not sure about that yet” I let out a frown.
“Zach, I’m so happy for you” Aunty Ophelia caressed my hairs, “finally you are going to have your family”
“Aunty Ophelia, I didn’t say I’m getting married” I shouted.
“Sorry” She chuckled before excusing herself.
Time was tickling. Hastily, it was 12 noon. I brought out, all my most expensive outfit and began to make choices. Was I doing all these to impress Ashley?, Hell No!, I was just trying to make Dad believe that I didn’t have anything planned.
1pm!!!!…….At this point, I kept glancing at the time, never-ending. Few minutes to two, I scurried to the bathroom. I didn’t spend much time. After wearing my dress, I combed my hairs thoroughly. I checked the time again and it was 2:25pm. Why was Ashley not here yet?, I grabbed my phone and dialled her number but her line wasn’t connecting. I kept trying repeatedly.
Trudging down the stairs dejected, the door bell rang. Aunty Ophelia who was closed opened the door.
“Good afternoon, Aunty Ophelia” I recognised Ashley’s voice.
Thank goodness!, she came. A small smile crossed my face and I dashed to the dinner table.
On getting there, Mom and Dad were already sitted while Aunty Ophelia was leading Ashley to the table.
“I’m sorry I delayed, Zach, traffic was much” She apologised immediately pulling out a chair to sit.
Today, I was extremely comfortable with Ashley unlike before. I pulled out my own chair and sat beside Ashley.
“Ashley, when I gave Zach to you, at your birth, I knew I wasn’t making a mistake” Mom broke the awkward silence.
“It’s a good thing Mrs. Price” Ashley smiled, “Zach is actually the best thing that has happened to me”.
I glared at Ashley, but she glued her eyes to her food ignoring any eye contact. Her last statement was so real and it didn’t feel like she was faking it.
“Mom, Dad, Ashley and I, have decided to let you know that our wedding is a month from now” I gathered courage to say and Ashley took a quick glance at me.
“A month!, that’s quite close” Mom complained.
“No!, No!” Dad grumbled, “Even if you two had fixed tomorrow, It doesn’t matter”.
“Ah, tomorrow” I laughed so h@rd and Ashley gave a light smile.
“Finally!, I’m happy for the both of you” Aunty Ophelia got up to hug Ashley.
“Ashley, I couldn’t have asked for a better partner than you” I took her hands, “Your smile, the way you talk and even your craziness, all I have fallen in love with” I leaned forward to klzz her.
Ashley was dumbfounded. She tightened my hands and dragged me out of the dining room. I could feel her body shiver as we both walked to my room.
“What did you do back there?” She yelled.
“Ashley, I told the truth” I said sincerely.
“What silly truth?” She fired at me, take back every damn word you said there” she ordered.
Zach has fallen in love oh……..wanna know what’s next, oya drop your comment.
Do you think Ashley will call off the wedding?


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