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Crazy billionaire child episode 1 & 2

❣(Psycho’s falls in love)❣
✍️Episode 1✍️
She took a deep breath entering into the pub. I glanced at her briefly as she scurried towards my direction. She was wearing a tight fitted cream gown which was slightly above her knees, the gown revealing an appropriate amount of her cl£@v@g£ and a red heels.
“Go..good…evening… Hey!” I stuttered as I gazed at her.
“what kind of man doesn’t even know how to greet without stuttering” she muttered dryly as she lit her cigarette.
I looked at her and her black eye ball was boring into my skin, She had a gorgeous eye liner, okay, let’s be very truthful, She was hot!.
“concentrate!” I scolded by self and snapped out of my thoughts.
“Are you okay?” She popped out smoke from her nostrils.
“Yes, I’m fine” I gulped a gl@ss of alcohol.
“You don’t seem okay” She arranged herself seductively.
“I lost a huge sum to a trust fund agent” I gulped another gl@ss of alcohol.
“Well” She chuckled, if I get that correctly, you lost your money to a bet”
I nodded.
“You should go home then, instead of drinking yourself to stupor” She muttered.
“My problem exactly” I belched loudly, “my parents wouldn’t want to hear of it”.
“It isn’t safe here” She stated softly, “I’ll take you home”
“You know my house?” I asked ignorantly.
“If you direct me properly, I will take you there” She grinned gulping from my gl@ss of alcohol.
I staggered out of the pub with her support. We got outside and I pointed my Toyota Tundra to her.
“It’s….over….there” I wobbled belching loudly.
“The car key!” She ordered extending her left hand.
I searched my pocket and brought out a bunch of keys. She turned the engine and we drove out of the pub.
“Turn left” I commanded, “By your right”
Oops, finally we arrived, after so many silly directions. We parked in front of the gate and she blared the car horn.
“Stop that, silly” I hit her hands off the steering, “my parents must not know I’m coming home this time, it’s late”
“All right, you quietly go tell the gate man to open the gate” She said with her eyes glued to the steering.
I wobbled out of the car and knocked lightly on the gate.
“Open the gate” I yelled faintly as soon as the gate man replied
She drove in calmly and parked in front of Dad’s car. I got down from the car this time and without her walked to the back of the house.
“Mr, this is the doorway” She laughed pointing to the front door.
“I know, I want to take the back door” I mocked boldly and she followed me.
“Where are you going?” I shot a stern look at her.
“Going with you of course” She replied almost yelling.
“Sorry, you can’t move more than this extent” I rubbed my inching eyes.
“I have the keys to this door and even your room” She waved the keys at my face.
“Hey, how did you get that” I attempted to grab the keys but she hid them in her b©©bs.
“Fine!!!, you won!” I eyed her sceptically as she struggled to open the kitchen door.
“That’s not the key, dummy” I muttered showing her the key.
We got into the house and I led her to my room. She sat on the couch and I leaned forward to klzz her.
“klzz me again” She said.
I klzzed her slowly and p@ssionately this time savoring every single moments..
We pulled apart for a while and our breaths came heavily.
“You’re such a good klzzer.” She glimmered.
“That’s because your l!ps taste so good and sweet” I said carrying her the bridal style as I placed her on my bed.
🌞Next morning 🌞
I woke up to find myself n@k£d on the bed, so was the slut I brought home last night.
“I can’t believe you took advantage of me” She faked pity.
“B*tch, get your lousy self out of my bed” I yelled with so much irritation
“You must be very stupid to think you can make a fool of me” She said boldly but was a bit shy.
“Hey, whatever you are called, get yourself out of this room before I get back” I got up from the bed and headed to the washroom.
“I’m Ashley” She said and I paused, “not whatever” She hissed loudly
“Who cares?” I shrugged proceeding to the bathroom.
I came out of the bathroom after brushing and rinsing my face.
“B*tch, you still here?” I walked to my closet in anger pulling out a belt.
She stood on the bed, “Dare me and see if I won’t set this entire house including us on fire” She brought out a lighter.
“Please, don’t do this” I pleaded dropping the belt on the couch.
“I’m gonna scream for your entire house to hear my voice” She threatened.
I was about making a move to close her damn mouth when someone knocked on the door.
That was Aunty Ophelia, the room was dead silent.
“Please Ashley, save me this one last time” I pulled her wrist dragging her to the back of the door.
I stood in front of Ashley, and opened the door.
“Zach, how are you” She cackled.
“I’m fine” I returned a smile blocking Aunty Ophelia’s entrance.
“Zach, I heard noise, is there any one in the room?” Aunty Ophelia peeped through the door.
“No one” I blocked her from getting a clear view because Ashley’s purse was on the couch.
“Dad instructed, I tell you that your visitors are coming by noon, 2:00pm to be precise”.
She smiled before leaving, I closed the door and sighed deeply when Ashley’s phone rang.
“Hello mom” She paused, “I’m home” She lied. “Okay…” She stuttered before ending the call.
“Anything, the problem?” I asked noticing her pale face.
“My parents wants to see me before 1:00pm, she said we have to visit an important family by 2:00pm”.
❣(Psycho’s falls in love)❣
💓By Enogieru💓
We both grinned foolishly at each other. I considered it as a mere coincidence since, meeting her at the pub was the first time I was seeing her in my entire life.
“Slut, you have to get going before my parents meets you here” I took her purse and shoes, throwing them at her rudely.
“I’m not leaving, infact, I’m going to show myself to your parents” she wore her shoes, “you will have to explain how I got into this house”.
The reason, I was so concerned about her not showing herself to my parents was because Dad had practically warned me not to sleep with any Lady, if I wanted my share of his inheritance.
“Ashley, we can talk this out” I sat on the bed and pulled her to sit on my thighs, “Ashley how about I give you 20 dollars and we will forget that all this incident never happened” I caressed her hairs klzzing her lightly on the forehead.
“I’m doing this not because of the money oh” She got up from my thighs and walked alluring to the door.
I opened my closet, searched my brief case and brought out the 20 dollar. She snatched the money from me even before I could give it to her.
“You know, this can’t even get me a good bra” She klzzed her teeth with disgust giving a pall face.
“B*tches don’t complain” I said within me.
She kept the money in her purse and opened the door. Before, I could come out of the room, she was half a distance.
“Ashley!!!” I yelled faintly.
She pretended not to hear her name and unfortunately for me she was almost close to Dad’s room, what if Dad opens his door.
“Gadddddd!!” I screamed, “Ashley” I muttered with anger.
“What is it?” She turned to face me with a smile
“That not the way, we are supposed to take the back door” I moved closer to her and pulled her with force.
We got out of the house and she dragged her hand out of mine. I took a quick glance at everywhere before asking her to jump the fence.
“You said what?” She eyed me sitting on the balcony.
This girl was just too troublesome.
“But, I have given you money” I said with so much frustration.
“When you gave me the money, did you specify that I was going to jump a fence” She shot a stern look.
“Okay, I have 10 dollars in my pocket” I brought out the money from my pocket, Take and use it to jump the fence” I gave the money to her.
She took the money and kept it in her purse, “10 dollars won’t be enough, add another 10 dollars” She said desirously.
“Ashley, I can’t go upstairs again” I pleaded.
“Are you sure that all you have” She searched my pocket caressing my body.
“Zach!!, Zach!!!” We could hear Aunty Ophelia scream my name, “Zach are you there?” Aunty Ophelia asked from where she was.
“Help me get over the fence” She whispered giving me her purse as she climbed the fence.
It wasn’t easy because she was wearing heels. She jumped over to the next compound. About p@ssing her purse, when Aunty Ophelia opened the kitchen door.
“Ohh, Handsome Zach, where have you been?” Aunty Ophelia hugged me.
Aunty Ophelia was fond of bugging me, “Aunty Ophelia, you have seen me this morning” I reminded her.
“Zach, have prepared breakfast for you” She tugged my left hand, “is that not a feminine purse on your hand?”
I rolled my eyes, “Aunty Ophelia while I was doing my routine jogging, I found this close to the lawn, I’m sure it belongs to mom” I lied.
“Buh, Mrs Price don’t use purses, she uses bags” Aunty Ophelia persisted.
“Aunty Ophelia, if these doesn’t belong to mom, it should be for the neighbours” I ended the topic of discussion and followed Aunty Ophelia to the dining table.
After eating, I went to my room and opened the purse. My 30 dollar, a lighter, a red l!pstick, cigarettes, and a small knife were the content of the purse.
What was she doing with a knife?. I took the 30 dollars and threw it under my pillows, I was about arranging the content of the purse when I saw a business card, ASHLEY BELL’S INDUSTRIES.
I opened my eyes in awe, there was more to her just been a slut. If she could own an enterprise, why then was she interested in my money. Taking a quick glance at the wall clock, it was 11:00am, I closed my eyes and was consumed by a deep slumber.
I dashed into the house and went directly into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and took a quick shower. Opening my closet, I brought out a flowing black gown. There was no need debating what to wear. I applied a purple l!pstick on my l!ps. Looking at myself on the mirror, I grabbed my car keys and left the house.
I got to Dad’s house exactly 1:00pm. Mom was prepared, so was Dad.
“Ashley, you should apply some make over” Mom suggested giving me her makeups.
“Thanks” I grabbed them and applied little.
Dad called the driver and we all hopped into the car. Soon, the car came to an halt in a familiar mansion, the driver blared the horn and the gate man opened.
I was the first to get down sweating profusely.
“You are welcome to our house, the Bell’s” The other family welcomed us.
“Mr. Price, it been a while” Dad hugged him
We got into the house and I sat beside mom. This whole thing was getting intense.
“Calm down” Mom whispered into my ears.
“All right, lemme get her husband” Mrs Price excused herself.
Who was the her that needed a husband?, I thought within myself.
Mrs Price returned immediately with her son, Zach, and my heart missed a beat.
“Zach, this is your betrothed I have always told you about” Mr Price smiled pointing me .
“Betrothed” Zach and I screamed together.
Will these psycho’s find a way to save their parent’s reputation? Or will they just have to keep acting crazy.


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