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Crazy billionaire child 2 episode 5 & 6

💔(fights for love)💔
✍️Episode 5✍️
I bend to carry Ashley the bridal style when I noticed blood over the floor.
“Bianca, please get me my car keys from my bed stand” I said staring at Ashley who was almost going unconscious.
“You should do that your self, Zach” Bianca grinned as she got up from her seat.
I left Ashley and rushed towards her in anger, “don’t let it be what I’m thinking” I gripped her shirt by the neck.
“Zach, you’re hurting me” She struggled to free herself from my grip.
“Pray nothing happens to my Ashley” I pushed her violently to the floor making her butt hit the floor so h@rd.
Tears trickled down her face as she got up from the floor, “I hate you Zach, you’re heartless”
I watched her walk out of the house. There was no way I was going to leave Ashley for even a second. Instead going to take my car keys, I grabbed my phone from the dinner table and called the hospital line.
Soon, the Ambulance and Ashley was placed on a stretcher. I @ssisted the nurses in moving her into the Ambulance.
Ashley had lost lot of blood.
We got to the hospital and I was asked to wait in the reception while Ashley was taken into the EU(emergency unit).
Time was tickling!. One hour!, Two hours and neither the doctors nor the nurses were out of EU.
Could it be Ashley didn’t survive?, Or they were still battling to save her life.
One of the nurses came out and I rushed towards her.
“Please, how’s my wife doing” I said frustrated.
“Sir, we are still trying our best to aid her regain consciousness” The nurse said briefly as she went into the doctor office.
I stood by the door and waited for her to come out.
“I want to see my wife” I protested following the nurse desperately.
“Sorry sir, you can’t see her now” The nurse resisted and I forced myself into the ward.
I got into the ward to see Ashley connected to a OC (oxygen concentrator). She was looking so pale.
Kneeling beside her bed, I took her f!ng£rs and caressed them softly.
“Please Ashley, stay strong for me” I cried, “if you can survive, I promise never to involve you in any of my problems. Ashley, I caused this and I would never forgive myself if anything happens to you”.
I heard a sudden noise coming from the OC.
“Doctor, I think she’s responding now” one of the nurses said.
“Well Mr, you have to excuse us now” The doctor said and I left the ward quietly.
An hour later, the doctor came out beaming with smiles.
“Congrats, Mr Zach, both your wife and your baby are in good health now” The doctor shook hands with me.
“Huh” I screamed in excitement, “how did you say my wife was doing” I asked again.
What matters most was Ashley and with her alive, we could make more babies.
“She’s fine” The doctor nodded and I smiled.
“What happened doctor, what was the cause of the sudden bleeding?” I stated
“She was drugged and according to the test conducted, the substance found in her system were sleeping pills but then, the pills were toxic to her system which almost resulted to a forced abortion” The doctor concluded.
“Forced abortion” I muttered, “but I served those drinks myself,”
“I suggest you involve the cops so you could know who’s behind this. Because this is a case of attempted murder” The doctor said.
“Thank you Doctor, can I go see my wife now?” I questioned
“Yes, the nurse would direct you to her new ward” The doctor excused himself.
I entered the ward to see Ashley sleeping, though still connected to a drip.
I swiped the hair on her forehead and klzzed her lightly, “for as long as I live, I would protect you” I klzzed her on the l!ps this time.
Ashley coughed and opened her eyes, “Zach, what did the doctor say?”
“You are fine and your baby is doing well” I smiled and she chuckled lightly.
“But what was the sudden cause of the bleeding” She inquired.
“He didn’t state” I gave a quick frown before smiling.
“When am I leaving this place?” She adjusted herself on the bed.
“Until the doctor says so, but in the meantime, hold on, let me go prepare lunch for you”.
I left the hospital and went home to prepare lunch. I intended using the back door because I didn’t want to see Bianca, I stopped suddenly, when I heard loud noise coming from Bianca’s room.
“Chris, what are you doing here. You aren’t supposed to be here now” She yelled.
“You haven’t paid me for this month” The person replied, “I’m suppose to get my money on the 24th and today is 30th. Hope you don’t want to play those silly games with me again”
“Chris, you need to get your silly a*s out of this estate, I don’t want Zach and his wife suspecting” Bianca muttered loudly.
Whatever they were up to, I would definitely get to the root of it. I left the house unannounced as I went to get food for Ashley from a small restaurant.
I went back to the hospital to tell Ashley all that transpired in the house and she gave me the idea of fixing camera everywhere. I bought the idea quickly.
My wife was not just beautiful, she was extremely intelligent.
I fixed the camera secretly around everywhere in the house.
Chris didn’t come again after that day I heard his voice. I wanted him to come so as to get an opportunity of talking with him.
Ashley and I had come back from a small outing when we heard Bianca raising her voice.
“What are you doing here again?” Bianca asked.
“He probably just came” Ashley muttered to me.
Ashley and I stood by the door entrance as we eavesdrop on them.
“You didn’t pay me my money complete” Chris yelled back.
“Are you this greedy” Bianca hissed loudly.
“I should be asking you that, you are more greedy, because you are imposing another man’s child on someone” Chris retorted.
“Chris, so you now what to tell everyone that Zach isn’t responsible for my pregnancy”.
“I’m responsible for that pregnancy, pay me my money else I would tell everyone who cares to listen starting with Zach that the child you are carrying is mine” He walked away.
Before he could get to the door, Ashley and I took to our heels.
“Love, you owe me $500, 000” I laughed loudly wrapping my hands round Ashley’s waist.
“500, 000 what?” Ashley rolled her eyes.
“Didn’t I tell you that the child was not mine” I said confidently.
“You’re still a jerk by sleeping with that woman” She teased as she walked back into the house.
“Bianca, your silly games are up, now pack your things and get out of this place” Ashley commanded.
“What for?” Bianca retorted.
“The child, you are carrying belongs to Chris” Ashley grinned.
“Don’t even try to play smart because we have this whole thing recorded” I pulled out the camera from where it was hung.
Ashley and I laughed loudly, while Bianca went into her room and came out with her luggage.
“I’m not done yet, I would make sure I frustrate the both of you” She threatened.
“We will see to that” Ashley challenged.
Bianca bend to her luggage and brought out a gun.
“I think it’s better we end this here”
✍️ Episode 6✍️
Bianca bend to her luggage and brought out a gun.
“I think it’s better we end this here” She pointed the gun towards Ashley.
Ashley took a step close to Bianca, “so you think killing me would make my husband fall for you”
“I don’t care, I hate you so much, Ashley” Bianca scoffed.
Swiftly, I pulled Ashley behind me, standing face to face with Bianca, “what do you think you’re doing” I grinned at Bianca.
“Doing what am supposed to do a long time ago” She chuckled and took a step back, “get the fu*k out of my way, let me deal with this bitch of a wife” Bianca yelled sternly.
“Bianca, you would have to kill me first” I stood firmly holding Ashley behind me.
“If you insist” Bianca took a step back and was about to pull the trigger.
“Don’t even dare it” Chris roared and I breathed a sign of relief, “my instinct doesn’t lie, I knew you were up to something mischievous”
“What your business here, huh?” Bianca pointed the gun at him, “I should have started with you” She gave a dead glare.
“I dare you to pull those triggers, Bianca” Chris rushed towards her and tried to collect the gun.
The both kept struggling for the gun until one of them pulled the trigger.
Who was shot?. I stared at both of them dropping to the floor, hoping Bianca was the one shot.
Chris stood up with his hands covered with blood, Lying on the floor was Bianca.
I kept wondering, Chris just shot Bianca!.
“Bianca!, Bianca!” Chris called her name repeatedly but there was no response from her.
He turned to kneel beside her, “I’m sorry Bianca, it was never intentional” Tears dropped down from his face.
Was this one expressing his act of love or what?. How could anyone develop feelings for such a cruel and mannerless girl?.
“Hey man, please help me, let use your car to take her to the hospital” Chris turned to face me.
“What car?” I hissed, “please, look for another means” I rolled my eyes.
“Zach, don’t be heartless” Ashley tapped my wrist.
“What heartless about this whole thing, someone who nearly killed me few minutes ago. Please she deserves to die” I blurted.
“Call the hospital line because I’m not giving my car to anyone”I stated and walked away.
There was nothing I could do about it. I felt pity for Bianca. Even though she was heartless, she deserves a better way of death.
Zach walked into the room and I followed him from a distance.
“Zach, sincerely, I don’t like what you did” I protested.
“What did I do?” Zach asked angrily, “few minutes ago, that girl nearly killed us and you’re expecting me to help her, No Ashley, I won’t do that” He stormed out of me.
I went into my room, laid on my bed and was consumed by a deep slumber.
I woke up the next morning to discover Zach sleeping and smiling beside me.
“Good morning Babe” I greeted.
“Good morning love” He responded sweetly, “now that we’ve gotten the truth of Bianca’s pregnancy, we can return home” He said smiling.
“I just hope you will be wise enough not to make any mistake” I retorted.
I got up from the bed and hurried to the washroom. Taking a quick shower( which basically meant hoping in and hoping out), I opened my luggage and brought out a short red gown.
I wore the gown which was slightly above my knees. I sat on the bed as I wore my wig.
“Babe, you look stunning” Zach complimented and my cheeks turned red.
“Could you please get my make up kit” I smiled at Zach.
Zach took off his shirt and strolled into the washroom.
Zach came out after and after applying his body lotion, wore a grey skinny jeans and a green hoodie.
After arranging our luggage, Zach pulled the luggage while I walked behind him.
We stopped a cab and drove back to the Price’s Mansion.
“Oh, Ashley darling, I thought you two were going to spend six months there” Aunty Ophelia rushed to hug me.
“Ashley is complaining of the baby always kicking, so I brought her , so Mom can take care of her” Zach lied with a smile.
“Ashley, how is my grand child fairing” Mrs Price caressed her hair.
“She’s fine” I laughed loudly
“No, he’s fine” Zach grinned wrapping his hands around my waist as he led me to his room.
We got to the room and I sat on the couch.
“Just a week away from here and I already missed this place” I sighed.
Zach pulled me up and klzzed my l!ps, “I promise not to let anything happen to you ever again”, He klzzed me again, this time s√¢king my l!ps with p@ssion.
I broke out of the klzz, “I love you so much, my heart”
“Ashley, my heart belongs to you and you alone” We continued klzzing.
“calm down Zach, your wife would be fine” Mom pacified me.
I kept pacing around the reception. It being three hours since Ashley was brought here.
“Mom, don’t tell me to calm down” I removed mom’s hands from my shoulders, “It been three hours since my wife was brought here”
“It’s not always easy” Mom sat on the chair.
The doctor came out and gave Mom and I a sad face.
“I’m sorry Mr Zach, your wife needs to go through a caesarean section ” The doctor said.
“Caesarean what!” I screamed
“At this point, Mr Zach, time is precious, are you ready to sign the cons£nt form”
“Yes sir” I followed the doctor to his office and soon Ashley was taken into the operating theater.
An hour later, the doctor came out beaming with smiles.
“Congrats, Mr Zach Price, your wife just delivered a baby boy” The doctor laughed.
“Hahahaha” I laughed loudly hugging the doctor.
“Can I go see her now” I asked
“Sure you can” The doctor directed me to the ward.
I got into the ward to see little Zach Lying besides his mother.
“Why did you him take out of his cot?” I teased
“Because, I like seeing Zach beside me” she smiled.
“What should we call him” I smiled at Ashley.
“h@rdin” Ashley smiled and I laughed.
I giggled at the baby as I made funny sound.
“Have you heard from Bianca recently?” Ashley questioned.
“Chris called and said she lost her baby but I’m not sure she’s alive” I said
“Did Chris Ignore her just because she’s no longer pregnant”Ashley stated
“I’ve no idea” I shrugged, “in the first place, I didn’t get her pregnant. What matters to me most is my son and you, Ashley” I smiled.
Ashley was discharged two days later. I hosted a small party to announce the arrival of my son.
Mr Bell gave us a new home as a gift to the baby so we didn’t have to stay with the Price anymore.
I loved everything that was happening. It was as if Ashley and I were starting afresh.
“For as long as I live Ashley, I would love you and my son” I stated
“Promise never to leave me Zach” Ashley said.
“I promised” I klzzed her, I love you till eternity.
Awwn💕💕……I’m so happy for Ashley…….how I wished things will continue this way but love isn’t always sweet
Find out if these couples will ever survive their true love tests.
I’m really sorry this chapter came like this, I just needed to write something. Please pardon all grammatical errors. Promise , tomorrow chapter would be better.


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