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Crazy billionaire child 2 episode 3 & 4

💔(fights for love)💔
✍️Episode 3✍️
It was past 10pm and Zach hasn’t arrived home.
I was worried sick about his whereabouts because my husband doesn’t keep late night and if it was business, he would have called me.
Earlier this evening, I struggled to take dinner because I didn’t like the fact that Zach hasn’t come home.
Zach came home with a frown ignoring everyone greetings.
I gazed at him briefly from the couch I was sitting, before finding my way to our room.
“What’s wrong with you?” I yelled the minute I stepped into the room.
Zach gave me a cold stare
“Since when did you start keeping late night?” I squealed, “what that attitude you put downstairs” I continued talking.
“Ashley, please don’t compound my problems for me, I had an hectic day at work” He frowned taking off his coat.
“So I’m now a problem, that you came home late and I complained about it, is now a problem for you” Tears ac¢vmulated in my eyes.
“Ashley, that’s not what I’m saying” He moved closer to me and touched my chin.
“My Secretary made my company loose a huge amount of money from a business deal, I’m trying my best to think of a solution and that all” He soothed me with a smile.
“Don’t worry love, Everything would be fine” I re@ssured him with a klzz.
For the first time since Zach and I got back together, Zach didn’t return my klzz.
I ignored his attitude and help him to the washroom. Zach came out minutes later and crawled to the bed, obviously tired.
“Won’t you eat something?” I questioned, eyeing him sceptically.
“No, I had something before coming home” He muttered.
We were still discussing when a call came into Zach’s phone. So unusual, Zach ended the call and turned the phone off.
Could it be he was hiding something from me?.
His behaviours today, were extremely weird. I climbed the bed silently, pondering on what must have happened to my Zach.
I woke up to find Zach’s spot empty. Where could he have gone this early?.
It was Saturday and Zach doesn’t go to work on Saturday. I glanced at the clock and it was past 7am.
Nonchalantly, I got up to check the washroom but he wasn’t there. I hurried down stairs but there was still no sign of Zach.
I went back to the room, picked my phone and called him. His lines were ringing but he didn’t take the call.
Was he now avoiding me? Or did I do anything wrong.
I walked out of the room on my tip toe to meet Bianca. She had s£nt a text stating that, if I didn’t come see her, she will let Ashley know of her pregnancy.
I didn’t drive so no one would notice. I got out of the Price’s mansion discreetly, taking a cab to Bianca’s house.
“Look who we have here” Bianca laughed as she walked towards me with her arms apart for an embrace.
“Say what you have to say fast, I don’t have time for all these nons£nse” I pushed her.
“Zach” She called my name giving a smirk, “my baby can’t live outside the home of his father.
Expect me soon in your home, Zach” She walked back into her house leaving me stunned on the corridor.
How do I get to tell Ashley this, that another woman is carrying my baby?.
I got home to see Ashley crying in the comfort of Aunty Ophelia. It broke me to see the only woman I love, cry because of me.
I stood fixed, focusing my gaze on her blue hazel eyes.
“She will definitely cry more if I tell her the truth” I muttered faintly to myself.
“Zach, what’s your problem?” Aunty Ophelia scolded.
“I’m sorry mom, I went for gyming” I lied with so much guilt.
“But we normally go together, why then did you go without me?” Ashley sniffed.
“Huh,,I,,,,huh,,,you were still sleeping” I sputtered.
“Zach, since when did you start lying to me?” Ashley stood up from the couch.
“How do you mean, I don’t understand?” I faked a frown.
“These aren’t your gym outfit” She walked out on me.
I stood and watch her walk away while Aunty Ophelia gave an eye roll.
“Is there something, you aren’t telling me?” Aunty Ophelia held my wrist, pulling me to sit beside her.
“Nothing” I tried to compose myself.
“Zach, I have known you since you were three and now you are twenty eight.
So you know, how many years I have lived with you” Aunty Ophelia paused, “I can tell all is not well, what is the problem Zach?.”
“Mom, someone else is carrying my child” Tears trickled down my face.
“You said what?” Aunty Ophelia covered her mouth in shock.
“I just can’t tell how it happened, but I sincerely don’t remember sleeping with…” I didn’t complete my statement before Aunty Ophelia s£nt a resounding slap across my face.
“You got nerves to cheat on your wife, what were you thinking before you landed on bed with her”.
“Mom, she drugged me” I said confidently.
“Zach, there are no two ways about this, tell Ashley the truth before she finds out herself.
It is better she hears it from you than to hear it else where” Aunty Ophelia got up.
“Mom, but you have to help me beg her” I insisted.
“I can only do that, after you tell her the truth” I got up and gave Aunty Ophelia a hug.
“I’m sorry for slapping you” Aunty Ophelia hugged me tightly.
I freed myself from the hug and hurried to my room to tell Ashley the truth. I got to the room to see Ashley’s face buried in my pillow.
“Can I talk to you, Ashley?” I knelt beside the bed playing with her f!ng£rs.
Ashley raised her heads, her eyes had turned red from crying, “Zach”
She called my name still in tears, telling her now would rip my soul apart.
“I just want to tell you I’m sorry for yesterday and this morning, I love you so much” I got up and klzzed her.
“I love you more” She klzzed me back.
Three days p@ssed and I didn’t get any text or call from Bianca. Maybe she decided to take care of her baby alone.
I don’t care!. I tried my best to act normal with Ashley. My wife was such a damsel.
I whistled as I arranged our room. Since Ashley became pregnant, I was practically in charge of the washing and cleaning. I was still doing my chores when I got a text.
@Zachprice: I need 50$ to take care of my baby.
No doubt, it was coming from Bianca. I hissed loudly, deleting the text, I blocked the number.
Ashley walked into the room.
“Babe, I want us to go outing, there’s something I want to tell?” I was bold now.
“Any problem?” Ashley stated frightened.
I ignored.
We got dress and I drove Ashley’s to Camille restaurant. Camille restaurant was Ashley best restaurant. I prayed silently as I led her to a sit. I sat opposite her.
“So, Zach what is it you wanted to tell me?”
“Ashley, I remember those times we fought and how it was so easy for us to forgive ourselves” I said with a teary voice.
“What’s the problem?” Ashley was now curious.
“Ashley, please forgive me, I promise to be a better husband after now” I sniffed as tears gushed down my cheeks.
“Zach, you haven’t said anything” She was becoming impatient.
“Ashley, I,, g,,ot ano,,,ther,,,,wo,,,,” I stammered.
“Zach!!!” Ashley’s eyes brightened, “can you please talk clearly?”
“I……..” I was about saying something when Ashley turned her face from me shooting a death glare at someone.
“Hello people, what a coincidence!!!” Someone screamed from behind me.
I turned to see Bianca, what was she doing here?. Bianca, please don’t ruin my plans.
“Zach, I can see you guys are getting along well, or is it that she doesn’t know the truth yet” Bianca chuckled lightly.
“What truth?” Ashley raised her brows.
✍️Episode 4✍️
“What truth?” Ashley raised her brows.
My heart skipped a beat. Damn!, I should I have done this earlier before now, right?.
“Ash,,,,ley” I hesitated still fidgeting.
“Well, I can see someone’s nervous” Bianca chuckled lightly, “Ashley, don’t over stress yourself, Zach will definitely tell you the truth” She grinned like the idiot she has always been.
“Bianca, please excuse us” I said sternly trying to fighten her.
“As you can see, I’m about leaving” She placed her hands on my shoulders, “congrats, soon to be father” She laughed and walked away.
“Soon to be father!” Ashley muttered to herself, “Zach, did you tell her that I’m pregnant” Ashley yelled giving me a death glare.
“No, I didn’t” I got up from where I sat, “Ashley, Bianca is carrying my child, believe…”
Ashley didn’t allow me complete my s£ntence before s£nding a slap across my left cheeks.
“How dare you?” Ashley gave me another slap, “how dare you say such an abominable thing before me” Tears gushed down her cheeks and I pitied her as she took to her heels.
“Ashley, please I’m sorry” I ran after her p@nting and pleading.
Ashley stopped a cab and entered the p@ss£nger driver’s seat without listening to my pleads.
I stopped watching the cab drove off. I touched my cheeks, they must have turned red now.
I swiped the hairs blinding my face as I sniffed continuously. How could Zach let that happen?, Bianca of all persons, on this earth?.
“Stop” I yelled at the driver, getting to the Price’s mansion.
I got down from the cab and paid the driver. I composed myself, knocking quietly on the gate.
If the Price’s must know of Zach’s stupidity, it shouldn’t be from me. Zach should be the one to tell them.
“Ashley” Mrs Price called and I jolt in shock, “where is your husband?”
“Mom, Zach had an urgent meeting with some members of his company” I lied trying to prevent tears from flowing down my face.
“Ashley, is everything okay” Aunty Ophelia stared at me suspiciously.
“Yes, I’m fine” I excused myself and went into Zach’s room.
I gathered my luggage and moved into the guest room. Hell no!, I was not going to share the same room anymore with a cheat and a pretender.
I laid on the bed as I scrolled through my phone gallery. I was done crying for a man who didn’t deserve my tears. I heard Zach’s car horn blare and I got up from the bed.
I peeped through the curtain, watching Zach parked. My husband was looking so pale and sick.
I closed back the curtain as I went to sit on the couch this time around.
I felt sorry for him, maybe, I should have listened to his own side of the story and not walk away like I did.
“Ashley” Zach called my name, “Ashley, I know you are in there, please let talk”.
“We have nothing to talk about Zach” I hesitated, “I hate you, just so you know”.
“Ashley, please open the door” Zach kept banging the door.
I got up from the couch and opened the door.
Zach came in and knelt in front of me.
“Ashley, please I’m sorry” Zach sobbed, “Bianca said she’s pregnant and she claims the child belongs to me” He said pathetically.
“Will she say the child belongs to you when you didn’t sleep with her?” I screamed angrily.
“Please, bring down your voice, my parents are around” He said calmly.
“Oh, now I should bring down my voice. When you were busy enjoying yourself in the comfort of another woman, you didn’t think of your parents”
“Ashley, you and I know what my father will do to me if he finds out what I did, please help me keep this a secret, once Bianca puts to bed, I promise to carry out a secret DNA test” He got up from his kneeling position.
“And what if the child belongs to you” I brightened my eyes.
“Ashley, I’m so sure that child doesn’t belong to me” Zach coughed, “my father will withdrawal all the @ssets he has given to me if he finds out about this ugly incident”
“So, you mean no other person knows about this” I stared at Zach.
“I told Aunty Ophelia” Zach said weakly, “I know she can’t possibly tell Dad now”
“what should we do now?” I questioned
“We need to leave this city till Bianca gives birth, I don’t want her coming here” Zach said and I boiled with so much rage.
“Hope, you aren’t asking me to live with that good for nothing girl” I hissed, giving Zach a frown.
“That’s the only way, I can get to monitor, Bianca” Zach was now sweating profusely.
“Then, you will live with her alone” I blurted, “it either I stay here or I go to my parent’s house”.
“My love, please save me from this shame and disgrace and I’ll forever own you my life”, He pulled my hands and squeezed them in his, “Ashley, we will definitely pull through this, be with me always and let our love conquer all battles”.
Tears flowed down my face as I pulled my hands away from his, “Until the DNA says otherwise, “I’m sorry we have to live our initial way”
“You mean going back to our pyscho’s way?” Zach rolled his eyes.
“Yes, and if the child belongs to you, then I will have no other choice than to go in for a divorce”
She dropped the bomb and my heart missed a beat. What if the child truly belongs to me?, does it mean I would live my life without Ashley.
“All right, if that’s what will make you happy, we can return to our old ways and if the child belongs to me, we will have a divorce but if the child doesn’t belong to me, you’ll pay me $500, 000” I smirked
“Whatever” she hissed, eyeing me.
🌙The next day🌙
We got dressed and I helped Ashley carry her luggage. The previous night, Ashley and I had told the Price’s of our long term vacation. We bid them goodbye and got out of the family living room.
“Don’t you want to go with the car?” Ashley asked bossy.
“No, let’s go with a cab” I persisted
“Zach, let’s go with the car, should in case Bianca needs to be rushed to the hospital because she’s definitely gonna get it hot from me” Ashley went into the house and returned almost immediately with my car keys.
“Ashley, we aren’t going there to make troubles” I said as I arranged our luggage in the car’s boot
“Then, you will have to tell your mistress to avoid me” She grinned turning the car engine.
We got to the small house I rented. It was a three bedroom flat. I thought of how the next one year here would be?. I got down from the car to see Bianca giggling with a gl@ss of wine as she stood at the door entrance.
“Mr and Mrs Zach” Bianca smiled at me while I frowned at her.
Ashley took a quick glance at the both of us before hissing. She went into the house and I went back to the car to bring out our luggage.
I arranged the luggage neatly in my room as I went to Ashley’s room.
“Please, I want to have a word with you and Bianca” I said politely.
“About what” Ashley sighed as she got up from the bed.
“I’m at the dinner table” I walked away.
Bianca and I sat calmly while we waited for Ashley. I arranged three gl@ss of drink.
“Ashley, take” I handed over her gl@ss to her.
I gave Bianca a gl@ss also before opening the bottle of wine. I turned some content into each gl@ss.
“I called this, because I want peace here. Bianca, respect my wife……” I continued.
Ashley kept mute as she took a sl!p from her drink.
“Tell your wife not to look for my trouble” Bianca smiled.
“Bianca……..” Ashley paused, when she suddenly winced in pain holding her stomach.
“Ashley, are you okay” I got up from my seat.
“Za,,,,,,,,ch” Ashley dropped from the chair and fell to the ground as she cried in pain.
I bend to carry her the bridal style when I noticed blood over the floor
Ashley, please don’t loose our baby oh😢……….I’m beginning to suspect Zach oh…….
Find out who’s responsible for Ashley’s bleeding in the next chapter.


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