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Crazy beauty batch 5

(Will he still loves her if he knows her flaws)
Episode 21
Angelica P.O.V
My breath hooked as I looked at him .what !!!!! I said then it Dawn on me that he never loved me he’s just using me for the bet. I felt it gear tear apart and all I felt was pain. Pain of deceive and Anger.
So he never loved me. Am a fool for believing he loves me. Angelica I don’t mean to hurt you cause i,. I don’t let him to finish his statement before I ran off.
I call my driver to come and pick me up
Fast forward
I cried all the way from school can’t believe he just play with my feelings. My angel how are you Mommy asked, she look into my eyes and see that am crying, have you been crying what happen to you, who makes you cry you know you can confined in me she said nothing I just want to be alone I walk into my room and lock the door. I have scattered almost everything in my room before mum enter have been knocking on your door since you don’t answer she said.
Mom he used me he don’t love me. Calm down and talk to me baby she said putting my head on her thinn. Malica told me he only date me because of a bet. Who told you she asked he tell me hiself.
Oh my love did he breakup with you. I don’t allow him to finish his statement before I ran off. Sorry my love you should have waited for his explanation. Mom said I was about to reply her before we heard a knock I will go and check who is there mom said. And left
Malica P.O.V
After she left I was very angry at myself. I only told her because I don’t want to keep anything from her not because I want to hurt her. Am useless for accepting the bet. I need to talk to her. I pick my car and drove to her house.
I knock on her room door. What are you doing here Mrs Adams ask me. I guess she has told her. Hmm maybe I came to see Angelica. For what to Break up with her. No ma I really love Angelica. I only told her. Because I don’t want to keep anything from her. Not to hurt her. Okay how did the bet Happen she ask and I explain to her. Ooh. You shouldn’t have accepted the bet. I don’t regret accepting it ma cause it makes me understand how much I love her. Ok let go to her room you need to explain to her. She said. But she hate me now. Don’t say that cause she loves you.
Angelica P.O.V
The door to my room open mum came in with malica what’s he doing here I ask my mum. Relax my Angel, he mean no harm, he came to explain something to you she said. Let me leave two she said and left
What are you doing here I ask malica. Calm down babe. I love aswear I only tell you that because I don’t want to keep anything from you. Cause I am no longer doing the game. Please give me a chance to explain. I think he’s right, ok am listening I said. When he was done narrating then I knew instantly they force him. Thank God they force you cause. If not you will still be that arrongant jerk I said and he laugh. So have you forgiven me now he asked. You have to earn it I said and we but laugh. I love you he said, I love you more I reply.
✍️✍️Writer p.o.v ✍️✍️
It lunch break Angelica walk out of the cl@ss with her friends. She saw a car that flashed light directly on her face . Then she saw joy and a man step out from the car. Who is he she ask no one in particular. As if Natasha heard. Her that’s malica father Natasha said. I wonder what he is doing in our school. Angelica said. Mr Aloi was approaching her and his face didn’t look nice at all immediately he got to were she was, he dragged her by the collar of her shirt and gave her a resounding slap on her face making her g@sp.
Good afternoon sir. What’s my offence I don’t even know you Angelica said crying.
Stay the fv¢k away from my son bitch who is your parent in this school he said and drag her, by her hair. She yelled in pain. Let go of her right now Malica said Angrily and if I don’t. Mr Aloi said you won’t like what I will do to you malica said. Mr Aloi Leave her hair instantly cause he knew what his son can do. Mr Aloi to hell with your property cause I don’t even need it cause I have my own money and stop interfering in my business but am your father. You lost that since you started forcing me to do things I don’t like just because of your property. You don’t care about my feelings you love and trust joy more than your own child.
Malica said. It seems malica word really tough Mr Aloi cause he enter his car without saying anything and drove off cause he’s not the type that give up easily.
Angelica on the other ran away from the crowd to a private place students h@rdly go there Maxwell ran after her. Then she starts to misbehave. It seems her sickness have come again. Maxwell was surprised to see Angelica like that what it wrong with her he ask hisself until he saw Angelica tearing her cloth.
Malica also ran after her joy ran after malica to play the good girl track. Malica stop on his track on seeing what Angelica what doing to herself Maxwell move closer to her. Angelica is chasing him with stone but he don’t run he hug her instead. Joy was happy to see this kind of thing. She smirk and brought at her phone and started videoing Angelica this is nice she. Infact today is the best day of my life. So she’s phycho she said happily
Episode 22
✍️✍️ Writer p.o.v✍️✍️
So she’s a physcho joy said and brought her phone to video her. Maxwell walk towards Angelica he shake his head pitifully and started stroking her back.
A friend in need is a friend indeed he thought. After some minutes,
Angelica regain her s£nses. She quickly looks everywhere to be sure anyone didn’t see her apart from Maxwell.
You saw me. She asked Maxwell crying. He nod his head positively and you are not afraid of me. She asked.
I will never be afraid of you he said. And she started sobbing again. How long have you been suffering from this Maxwell asked.
Since I was a kid. She replied still crying. Maxwell felt sorry for her
Joy felt she has video enough and turn back and leave happily.
Malica in the other hand felt sorry for her he can’t bring hiself to hate. Dispert seeing her like that he then make a promise to hiself to always stand by her.
he wanted to go and meet her cause he thought he should be the one consoling her not Maxwell.
But I later turn back am the lease person she will want to see. He said and go back. He don’t want her to see him.
Maxwell succeeded in making her laugh. Did you love him Maxwell said. Who Angelica asked malica of course. Yes I do she replied.
You know what happens earlier is not his fault. He even insult his father because you, so you don’t need to leave him.
Hmm my friend is now a relationship counselor. Angelica tease him. A relationship counselor that’s afraid to ask his crush out is that one a counselor she said.
What are you talking about? Maxwell asked. Don’t give me that look I knew you are in love with Natasha.
She said and Maxwell cover her mouth with his palm. When are you planning to tell her Angelica said.
I don’t know how to tell her. Natasha that has been watching them since said am here.
When are you planning to tell me I knew you love me but have been dying to hear it from you she said.
Natasha I love am just afraid of rejection that’s why I don’t tell you. Come and give mummy a hug Natasha said and they hug each other.
Hmm Natasha how long have you been here Angelica ask Natasha. I followed you here.
Ha that means you saw me. She asked yes I do. And you don’t hate me. She asked.
Common I will never hate you everyone have there own challenge she said laughing at her.
She was happy because she has never experienced this kind of love from friends before.
Fast forward
Angelica enter her car with her driver in the driver seat.
They drove her after 20 minutes of driving she discover a car is following them before she was about to tell her driver before the car block there car.
Three hefty men came out of the car and drag Angelica out of the car.
Episode 23
Angelica P.o.v
They double cross our car. And three hefty men came out of the car. Beat are mercilessly, the one who looks like there leader said. What’s my offence pls don’t beat me. Will you keep quiet there Leader said. Get to work he told them and brought out a packet of cigarette and started smoking.
When I can’t take the beating anymore I p@ssed out.
Malica p.o.v
Angelica driver called me sir some men attach us and they are beating Small madam right now. Have told madam and oga but there number is not going. s£nd me the location right now I said. I got into my car and drove to the location. I didn’t forget to inform the corps.
I got there no any traces of the tug. I saw Angelica driver trying to Carry her to the car. There’s blood coming out of her head. She’s bleeding. I ripped a big portion out of my shirt. Then used it to wrapped her head.
The driver help me to open the back seat of the car. I put her in the back, i enter the driver seat, and the driver seat in the back with her. I start the car and drove like a mad person. If anything happens to her my father is dead.
Fast forward
I paced around the waiting room worriedly. My inner mind Is not at peace. I put a call across to her parents and inform them about Angelica. And s£nd them the hospital address.
After 3hours of waiting the doctor came out . We all rushed to him. Who brought her hi. I said how’s she I asked at the same time. She’s fine thanks to who wrapped cloth around her head if not we would have lost her. But she’s perfectly fine now. Can we see her we both asked yes you can but she need some rest, make sure you don’t disturb her, he said and we rushed into her ward. We walked into the room, there she’s lying on the bed with a drip connected to her head.
She hasn’t open her eyes and I don’t want to disturb her, I need to see my dad right now. I placed a klzz on her forehead.
Sir/ma I will be right back I said. Alright thanks for bringing her in time. They chorused wearing a sad face. I left the hospital instantly.
I walked into the house and met him in the living room drinking wine. Wow it good to enjoy oneself after a hell of work.
I most recommend you. You really did a nice job earlier today. I never knew you are this heartless. What did you mean he pretend as if he don’t know what am talking about. Just shut up and Quit the pretence Mr Aloi cause I can’t call a criminal like this my father. I said and he was shocked. You are suffering an innocent girl because of a bitch you want me to get married to. Sorry to tell you I cut all ties with you, you aren’t my father anymore. Since you want joy as your daughter in law you can adopt another son. And one more thing before I go,
I don’t want to see you near Angelica. You don’t want to dare me, cause I will kill you and give your dead body to a dog. Am sorry he said. I don’t want to hear anything from him so I storm out of the house and head to the hospital.
Episode 24
Malica P.o.v
I went straight to the hospital. Angelica have not wake up. Am worried as hell. What if she doesn’t wake up again all those thoughts full my head.
Malica Angelica called. My heart beat widely against my ridcage. She’s awake. Am very happy right now. You are awake I asked and hug her tightly I can’t breathe she said. Then I realized I hug her tightly am sorry am just overwhelmed.
Were are they help me beg them not to beat me again . She said with fear written on her face. Baby calm down. they aren’t here. Are you sure she asked. Yes I replied. Malica she called again. Yes your father s£nd don’t thug and they warn me not to get close to you again. Am afraid now she might leave me.
So are you going to stay away from me I asked. Never am not going to leave you. Why don’t you want to leave me cause I love you. She replied and I blush. But don’t let my parents know is your dad that did this to me she said. Why don’t you want them to know. He is your father and my parents won’t take it easy with him.
You know I love you I don’t want you to be sad. She said. I love you too I replied. Were are my parents she asked. Your mum went home to cook for you. And your dad is discussing with the doctor I replied. Let me call your mom to inform her that you are awake I brought out my phone and dial her number.
I will be right back I want to inform the doctor that you are awake. I said and went out.
I went into the doctor office to inform him so he can come and check on her
She’s improving. I will have to watch are closely for a day. So she can get discharged tommorow. He said and went out.
Mr Aloi P.O.V
Immediately malica left, my wife came in. Johnson is it true you s£nt some thug to beat the innocent girl. She asked. This is the first time she called me by my name since we got married. I haven’t not seen her this way before her eyes are red with anger written all over her face what have I done. Answer me. So you can’t talk you suddenly turn to deaf and dumb. Right, she said am sorry was all I could say, what have I done. Keep your sorry to your self cause it won’t solve anything. She said. I don’t remember when I got married to an heartless man like you. I want to asked you a question and I want you to answer me, why did you do that’s it because of money. Common darling you and I know we are richer than them.
I only do it for friendship sake wow bravo you cared about your friend and happiness than your son. Let me tell you something if anything happen to that girl am going to file a divorce read my l!ps I mean it cause I can never stay with a murderer. Did anyone force you before you get married to me, she asked.
Joy P.O.V
I dressed up, ready to go and see my father in-law to be.i heard what happen to Angelica and I knew is his handwork I need to thank him. I pray I don’t see Mrs Aloi cause that woman didn’t like me. But who care. I have her husband support.
I got into there sitting and saw Mrs Aloi fuming in Anger. What’s wrong with her, that’s none of my business. I need to greet them. Good afternoon Mr and Mrs Aloi I greet. Keep your greeting to yourself. Mrs Aloi said. What’s my offence am just trying to be nice I said, keep quiet before I shut your mouth up for you she said. Did you heard what my husband do because of you she asked with a smile. Yes and am here to thank him. She gave me a resounding slap. You are here to thank him right? You aren’t welcome. Look into this compound very well I don’t want to see you here again. Because you don’t belong here.
Or did you still need her here she asked her husband. He nod his head negatively. This man really love and fear his wife. Get out she said. And I went out.
No one wants to help me to get malica again Even my parents were against my decision since. No one wants to help me. I will have to do my own way am sure Mrs Aloi won’t want her only son to get marry to a mad woman. Angelica watch your back am coming for you.
Episode 25
Angelica P.O.V
I laid on the hospital bed, staring at the ceiling blankly. I will be discharged today.
Angelica, Natasha and Maxwell utters loudly rushing into the hospital room. How are you. Are you alright, we came yesterday and you haven’t wake up we are Dawn worried. Don’t try to scare us again, they both chorused. Natasha hug me tightly. I can’t breathe or are you planning to s£nd me back to coma I gr0@ned and she realized me immediately smiling am sorry am just happy to see you again I thought am not going to see you again she said. Tears dropping out of her eyes. Drama queen. Hope you are getting better Maxwell asked. Yeah and we’re is your boyfriend is he not supposed to be here? Maxwell ask.
Talking of malica he as never leave my side since yesterday. He went and take his bath in his house talking of the devil and he came in Natasha said, don’t you dare call my sweetheart a devil I said playfully. Hi Natasha malica greet and shake hands with Maxwell. Babe you are getting discharged today. Let me go and sign the discharged paper he said and place a klzz on my forehead then went out.
I can’t wait to get discharged, and I said hate hospital it makes me sick I said. Natasha laugh.
My parents walk in immediately malica went out how are you feeling my angel dad asked. As you can see am okay now I replied with a smile.
Two days later
Malica P.O.V
I was in the cafeteria with Angelica eating. When joy come in. Malica I want to see you joy said seductively. Didn’t I warn you not to get close to me again I said. chillax am sure you will like to see what am about to show you she. Said stay away from me. Am sure you don’t want anyone else to see it before you she said, what’s she talking about.
Baby go and hear her out Angelica said. Okay babe I said and peck her before going out with joy. Immediately we went out of sight, what did you want to see me for bitch I ask. Chillax babe why so worried she said.
She brought out her phone and show me a video of Angelica. What were did you get this from I ask. I followed you guys and saw everything. Why are you disturbing yourself because of a mad woman. She ask enough of that talk, infact that mad woman is better than you cause my heart is with her, her face fell down and she quickly cover it off with an evil smirk. Delete this video now I said not so fast lover boy. Don’t think is only this video that I have. I have many copies of it in my house she said.
What did you want from me I asked brilliant question she said with a smile I want you, I need you to break up with that bitch she said. She’s not a bitch but you are, aren’t you ashamed of yourself you are going after a guy that doesn’t like you.
If you can’t do it you will left me with no choice than to post the picture online. She said. No way am letting her do that, Ok fine. I will take that as yes she said.
You will have to delete her contact from your phone she said. What I can’t do that I said then I remember I will have to behave like a fool to fool the fool that think she’s fooling me. Alright I will delete it I said. She move closer to me trying to peck me on the l!ps I shift my l!ps and she klzz my cheek and laugh.
She hold my hand as we walk out of the place am praying in my mind not to Meet Angelica in the cafeteria but who am I fooling am sure she will be waiting for me. Angelica was shocked and angry to see me walk hand in hand with joy. While joy was busy smiling like a fool she’s. Attention everyone she said, everyone pay attention to is cause they want to know what is going on between me and this bitch. I want to tell everyone that me and malica is back together again she said smiling. She whisper to me don’t make it obvious darling I scoff and fake a smile. Angelica walk out angrily while joy has a satisfactory smile on her face I want to go after her before joy hold me back. Don’t you dare go after her you knew the consequences she said I nod my head like a kid how I wish to tell her that am doing this for her I am not myself anymore.


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