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Crazy beauty batch 4

( Will he still love her if he knows her flaws)
Episode 16
Angelica 😍 p.o.v
I woke up this morning feeling mind going back through the whole week have been friend with malica it was amazing.
he is not that rude he is only rude when it comes to women. He hasn’t tell me the reason.
can I tell you a secret, promise me you won’t tell anyone pinky promise. I think am falling for the rude jerk. Can you believe he wanna take me on a date.
I told Mr and Mrs Adams about the date and they give me the permission. Mrs Adams is talking me out for shopping today.let me get ready I don’t want to keep her waiting.
Mrs Adams P.o.v
Am very happy Angelica is going on a date. She has been a lovely and obedient child one could ask for the past few months she’s with us.
Though she never regards us as her parents. but she’s free with us she told me this is her first date.
I need to make my Angel look good I want to cross to the other side which is the mall cause they don’t allow car to park there.
Angelica word Joint me out of my thought. Mum mum mum car is about to hit you. Am very happy right now did she just call me mum.
I don’t mind to die now cause if I do o will rest in peace cause my only child now regards to me as her mum. Madam did you have a death wish the driver ask. Am very sorry I replied him then cross to Meet my angel. Angel did you just call me mum I asked. What I called you mum she ask shocked.
Yes my dear I reply you deserve to be called me. Cause u have show me you are the best mum the few months I spent with don’t mean it I ask her I mean it I will start calling you mum as from today.
Angelica 😍 P o.v
I stared at the cloth mum laid on the bed for me. thoughtfully, wondering if I should wear something more girly. I will have to wear this mum select them for me.
I sighed putting them on. Good evening mom and dad I greet. Dad was shocked and Happy at the same time. Honey did you hear that angel called me dad.
I was about to explain to you before she come in she said grinning. What you mean she has been calling you mum.
he said frowning his face so funny. nope she called me on our way to the mall this morning.
that’s lovely come and give daddy a hug he said.
I hug him and mum join us we did family hug. Dad, mum malica is waiting for me outside I don’t want to keep him waiting I said.
Alright honey enjoy your self and don’t come back late tell malica to come and see us they said and b!0w me klzz
( Will he still love her if he knows her flaws)
Episode 17
Angelica 😍p.o.v
We drove for an hour without stopping. We are just stealing glances from each other.
I wonder were he is taking me to. Hope he’s not one of his revenge plan.
Cause if he’s trying to fool me am going to cut his ball and give it to the dogs.
i really need to know were he is taking me to so I broke the silent. Hmm malica were are we going to.
Somewhere you will like. he reply with a smile.
Pervert. Only for you baby he said
After another 20 minutes of driving he finally stopped. And open the car door for me.
thanks I said immediately I come down girls were drooling including married women, a girl even faint what’s all this drama for I ask him.
you know am a celebrity and I don’t come out with mask they are surprised to see me.
Oh I said but I feel irritated or should I say jealous never we aren’t even a thing. He took my hand and we head to the restaurant.
Welcome to M and D restaurant what’s your order sir a waitress said seductively. Without giving me a glance.
Ask my girlfriend first malica said. I was surprised girl what?
Before the waitress look my way. What’s your order ma she ask with fake smile.
Give me Chicken and chips with lemon juice. She face malica with that seductive smile again your order sir.
Give me whatever she ask for he said without giving her a glance. There’s total silent between us immediately the waitress left.
30minute later she came with our orders. After eating he took me to a hill and park I really enjoy myself.
It’s fun being with me this is my best date ever as if I have been to one before.
Malica call me before we enter the car hmm Angelica what, I want to tell you something he said scratching the back of his head am sure it will be red by now due to the way he’s scratching it.
why is he feeling nervous. I wonder what he wanna tell me. He hold my hand Angelica can you please do me a favour of being my girlfriend.
What I ask please don’t turn me down you can accept me for 2weeks if I don’t do well in the relationship you can breakup with me please I love you he said.
I wasn’t expecting this so am speechless. I will think about it I said. There’s nothing to think about Angelica I love you.
Are you sure I swear give me 3days i said.
I will kidnap you right now he said. I Know you don’t want me to kidnap you. Please ok fine I will be your girlfriend I said thanks he said happily and hug me
Malica P. O. V
I was so happy when she said yes I don’t want her to turn me down cause I want more than a friendship with her. I have never fell this way before. I don’t even know what is call but I think is because of the bet.
What advise did you have for Angelica did you think malica truely loves Angelica
( Will he still love her if he knows her flaws)
Episode 18
Malica P.o.v
Am very nervous to see Angelica parents. I promise her that am coming today I don’t want to disappoint her.
Am at there doorstep now. I called Angelica on phone so she can lead me in.
hey babe, hello darling were are you she at your doorstep right now. come and open the door for me. I will be right there she said.
Angelica came and open the door looking beautiful in white Dinner gown. Hey babe she hug me.
How long have you been here she asked. Like forever I said and she chuckle and pinch my nose we enter inside there sitting room.
I must say her parents were vey rich. But she doesn’t behave like a rich kid .Good evening Mr and Mrs Adams I greet the couple as I see them coming from the stairs.
Malica right Mr Adams ask yes sir have your sit he said. You are very handsome my daughter is very lucky to have you Mrs Adams said.
Mr Adams look at his wife and said what did you mean is my daughter not beautiful.
My daughter is very beautiful and I most say this dude here is very lucky Mr Adams said and Angelica blush.
They are fun to be with. Shortly after Angelica went to the kitchen. She came back 10minute later to inform us that dinner is ready.
We all move to the dinning room. Thanks for The meal Mr and Mrs Adams I said you can call me Catherine Mrs Adams said.
Hmm Angelica have you told him about your si.
He hasn’t finished the statement before Angelica start to cough. Sorry my dear Mrs Adams rush to give her water.
Babe are you okay I asked. Yes she said and smile.
So sir you can continue I said. Nevermind Mrs Adams said ok. But Angelica isn’t comfortable.
babe hope you are okay I asked her yes she replied with a smile.
let excuse you guys Mrs Adams said and left with her husband. She took me round there house. And we have alot of fun together it time for me to go home cause is getting late this is 10pm I said. Okay babe goodnight call me when you get home she said.
Angelica 🤩🤩
Why will dad want to tell malica a thing like that am not happy I just have to pretend am happy in the pres£nce of malica.
Am very scared when he brought the topic up again. Thank God mum help me out that is a narrow escape.
I enter inside the house and met mum and dad in the sitting room I guess they are waiting for me.
Angelica dad called I don’t answer him I went straight to my room mum ran after me.
Baby we are sorry your father don’t mean to hurt you.
She said. he doesn’t mean to hurt me what was that for why will your husband wants to say a thing like that.
Angelica am very sorry dad said I thought you have told him before. But Angel you have to tell him now that’s still early.
You know any relationship without trust is nothing. If you tell him and he accepts you like that fine.
Am very sorry my angel. He said. I hug him and cry he his arm sorry my angel. Okay Dad am sorry for getting angry at you.
I will tell him but am scared. I don’t want him to leave him. But anyway I will tell him but not now I need to summon courage. Okay darling it late goodnight we love you I love you too.
What advise did you have for Angelica
( Will he still love her if he knows her flaws)
Episode 19
Angelica p.o.v
I woke up early this morning and prepared for school.
I went out of my room to the dinning mom and dad were already there. Good morning Mom and Dad i greet and peck them on the cheek morning my angel they chorus.
I see you are ready for school mom asked. Yes ma. Sit down and eat breakfast before you go.
After breakfast I went out I was about opening my car Door before I saw malica car drive in. why is he here this morning I asked no one in particular.
Hi baby good morning he greet. Why did you come to my house this early I asked. I will take that as a greeting he reply.
Is it a crime for me to come and pick my girlfriend to school he asked and fake hurt.
Nope is not a crime am just surprised good morning babe how was your night I asked.
As you can see my night is fine he replied. Let get going before we get to school late he said. Okay let go.
I was about to enter his car before my driver call, ma should I follow you with the car he asked.
nevermind relax, I will call you when I closed from school I replied. Malica open the car door for me and enter the driver sit pheww we drove off.
In the school
Is that not malica car? Malica is here he even come to school early today they keep murmuring.
Who is that girl sitting in his car is she his girlfriend, nope she can’t be his girlfriend maybe she’s his sister.
Joy is his girlfriend they keep murmuring. Malica open the car door for me and I come down. Wow she’s so beautiful wow is that not Angelica are they a thing now they keep murmuring she’s beautiful more than that arrongant joy.
Just then I saw joy with her crew. Giving me a dangerous stare. If look can kill I will be 6ft by now but am not scared of her.
She then catwalk to our side. Good morning baby what are you doing with this bitch, remember next month is our engagement you should be with me not some whore she said.
Keep quiet malica said. How dare you call my girlfriend a bitch if there’s any bitch here it should be you cause you are shameless. Am not shameless am your fiance remember. you don’t talk to me like that she said.
What am shocked fiance I face malica and gave him the look of what did she mean. He then gave me the look to calm down.
Joy he called yes dear she answered. Have I ever ask you out before. nope but we’re bethroned she said. Fine my dad and your dad make that plan not me so you can go ahead and marry that old man I call my father.
He said joy was embarr@ssed, she ran as fast as her leg could carry her. I felt pity for her. You don’t have to embarr@ss her like that I said.
She make me to. Let go to the cl@ss he said and hold my hands.
Episode 20
By three star
✍️✍️Writer p.o.v ✍️✍️
Joy run as fast as her leg could carry her she can’t imagine malica disgrace her in the pres£nce of the people that respect her she made up her mind to report and frame some lie against them to Mr aloi which is malica father. Malica and Angelica walk hand in hand to there cl@ss all eyes on them. Angelica is feeling shy even if she’s not the type that get shy.
But she’s not use to be the center of attention, she’s feeling uneasy cause all eyes were on her. Malica notice she’s shy and he make it worse by klzzing her in the pres£nce of everyone. Natasha came to Angelica, hi Bess it has been long I saw you. Natasha travel to her parents side because her parents reside in Korean. She is not around since Angelica went on a date and Angelican in the other hand was planning to make it a surprise for her best friend. She has pledge with Maxwell not to inform her. Surprised went wrong cause, Natasha heard from the students this morning. Hey Bess start downloading Natasha said. What did you want me to download. Angelica did as if she doesn’t know what are best friend is asking her.
Malica, David called, the guys want to see you. malica knew instantly what they are about to ask him. cause it more than a month and he is not ready to Break up with Angelica. He excuse hiself from Angelica to go meet his friends. Let me leave you guys to discuss malica said to Angelica and leave.
Am still waiting Natasha said. You won’t be the end of me Angelica said. And start telling Natasha from the A to Z
Basketball court
Hi guys malica greet. They replied malica, let go straight to the point. Which point malica ask pretending as if he don’t know what they are about to ask him. It his more than one month malica when are you planning to breakup with her. Am not ready to Break up with her. Are you in love with her they ask. Love am not in love that shit is not for me I just like her company. He said or am I in love, could this be love he ask hisself. You know the rules Collins. Said and am ready to give you guys, you mean you are giving us your favorite baby because of that bitch Collins said. Malica is now angry say that again and see what I will do to you, you mean you will fight your friends just because of a girl. She’s not ordinary a girl. She always make me happy. Although I have not firgure out what I feel for her yet but I don’t want her to leave me he said.
You said you aren’t in love with her right, then permit me to ask her out don’t worry I will tell her you place a bet on her. Hearing that from a womanizer make me more angry don’t you dare near her if you don’t want to die. They all laugh our friend is in love. Don’t worry about the car we are happy that you are finally in love. And we are happy for you. But we are afraid that girl might kill you one day cause she’s crazy. I love crazy people David said and lick his l!ps that irritate malica. If you’re haven’t firgure your feelings yet, I can go for her David smirk and ran away. Cause he knew what malica can do to him. congrats bro they greet him but you must take us out to makes us forgive you.
Joy dressed elegantly. He wants to impressed her soon to be father in-law she enters Aloi communication office. The secretary is already aware she’s coming, they let her in immediately. Hi Dad she greet mr Aloi. How are you darling. She started faking tears who makes you cry baby. It malica he disgrace me because of a commoner. The commoner insult me and my family. I told her I will report to my father in-law but she said there’s nothing you can do and malica is even siding her because they are dating.
What you mean it a commoner that makes my princess cry. How dare her I will come to your school tommorow don’t cry again babe. Mr Aloi said.
Malica went back into his car and meet Angelica discussing with her friend. Angelica please I want to see you, he said .ok babe. Bess I will be right back she told Natasha.
Hmm Angelica I have a confession to make he said nervously. I actually play a bet on you with my friends.
What!!!? Tell me you are joking Angelica said am not joking, malica said.
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