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Crazy beauty batch 3

( Will he still love her if he knows her flaws)
Episode 11
Angelica p.o.v
It has been two months Natasha Micah and I have been friends. I can say they are the best friends one can wish for.
As for joy she never seize to annoy me with her friends. about that rude jerk he has always been a pain in my neck.
There’s a particular day he put needle on my seat I sat on it without knowing there’s needle on the chair I jump up immediately cause it hurt.
The students started laughing at me I was ashamed. Then I plan to revenge. I went the next day with my chilling powder.
I acted nice to him but he was looking at me with a suspicious look.i told my friends about my plan but they didn’t support me and warn me not to.
I don’t blame them cause they aren’t as crazy as I am. Then I promise them I won’t .but I and myself knew that the promise is fake I waited till closing hour before I carry out my plan he was about entering his car before I called him and empty the stuff on him. People started laughing at him cause he was scratching his body. If look can kill I will be 6ft by now due to the way joy was looking at me. Enough of flashback.
Malica p.o.v
This past 2months have been the happiest moment of my life. That crazy beauty have succeeded in making school a hell for me. But I love it she’s the reason I always come to school. I don’t go to school regular before.
(Will he still love her if he knows her flaws)
Episode 12
Angelica P.o.v
What happen to you, why are you crying my boyfriend breakup with me. Is that why you are crying she nod her head negatively then why are you crying.
He said he was just using me cause he doesn’t love me and I gave him my v!rg!nity. What how dare that son of a bitch. Let go. I don’t even know the guy but I knew he is one of malica friends.
Malica P.o.v
I was in the basketball court with my friends. Before I sight crazy beauty with her friend coming she was fuming in anger and I knew what happen.
Because luwis just breakup with her friend that guy it really a manwhore. Am scared for him cause I have never seen Angelica this angry this.
Were is your boyfriend she ask her friend,her friend was just crying then she faced us. who break your heart she asked.
We started laughing cause that question is funny.
Though am afraid cause I don’t know her next action but I can’t help it the question is too funny. Then she grab shortman you are the fool that Break my friend heart.
before her friend could stop her, she gave him 3thuderous slap we all hold our cheek we can feel how hot it’s luwis started shaking I should have laugh at him if not for the situation I found myself a whole malica afraid of a girl. Her friend hold her hand and tell her he is not the one before she point to luwis.
Angelica 😍😍
He is not the one Natasha said is luwis who’s luwis then she point at the guy I grab him by his collar, and tie him up with a rope his friends ran away fools I said to them.
Angelica ready for work I bought out my favorite blade and started cutting his cloth with it I gave it another design I sat on his stomach and I gave him the beating of His life. Then pour my chilling powder on him. I bend to his level repeat after me I will never treat a lady like trash again.
Then he do as I said the available students there. started laughing at me then I stand up look at my hand work and smirk.
Malica P.o.v
That girl is a witch how could she beat a guy like that to even say we run for her is the worst. My friends are planning to revenge. Our slogans is don’t mess with us cause you will have all of us to face.
✍️✍️ Writer p.o.v✍️✍️
Malica and his friends were seen in there usual place planning on the best revenge malica us not happy with the revenge of a thing but he don’t why but he can’t tell his friends to back off I think I know the best revenge shortman said. One of us will make her fall in love.
( Will he still love her if he knows her flaws)
Episode 13
✍️✍️ Writer cont✍️✍️
What’s the reverge malica ask cause he can’t take it if they hurt her, he don’t even no why he don’t want them to hurt her.
I think one of us will make her fall in love then jilted her, since malica and Angelica were course mate he will do the job others smiles yes.
Since you haven’t dated any girl before, and if you want us to believe you’re not a g@y you will have to do it. If not we will tell the whole Americans that there popular model is a g@y and we knew you won’t want your career to die.
They said. And one more thing you must not fall in love with her cause if you do you will have to give us your favorite car. what!!! my baby malica exclaims.
Malica p.o.v😏
Have been searching on how to ask a girl out online. But I haven’t seen the one I like. I decided to go with my private investigator Advise
Angelica P.o.v
I stood at the cafeteria door. waiting patiently for Natasha she forget something in the cl@ss. She ask me to wait for her.
Here comes the lady have been waiting for. Joy said, am not ready for any fight why are you waiting for me? I asked.
why won’t I look for you, you want to take my place as the queen of the school. I don’t want any trouble today okay, I said she then drag me with my hair how dare you I asked.
If I start with you am very sure you can’t stand me I said. Wow you have gotten some nerves boyfriend snatcher, you think you can snatch malica from me by being crazy, he is mine and mine alone.
You know you are a fool.if you know he’s yours why stressing your self get out of my way you won’t be lucky next time you try this thing with me I bet you.
Wow just wow I know what to do she said. She collected her friend food and drinks and empty them on me. This is embarr@ssing how will I get another cloth now. Why did you do that joy a voice growled that is malica voice what’s he doing here.
I heard you talk about me being your boyfriend I never dated you bitch and I can’t date you. I don’t even love you. Angelica let go he said and hold my hand malica were are you going with that bitch, you insult me because of her.
remember am your friend, Joy said. and I regret Being your friend I cut all ties of our friendship today fool malica reply.
Malica p.o.v 😏
How could joy stoop so low to Start bullying Angelica. I can’t just watch her humiliate her that’s why I have to rescue her.
And what’s wrong with Angelica today why didn’t she react. I took her to the restroom and order some cloth for her online.
(Will he still love her if he knew her flaws)
Episode 14
Malica p.o.v
Thanks you’re a life saver. But why did you help me back there.
cause you and I know we don’t like each other. She said, I never hate you Angelica infant i love your company.
But what baffles me is why don’t you react back there, is just that am not in the mood. Today makes it 5month my grandma died so I need to honour her and I missed her that’s why.
Am sorry for your lost you don’t have to be sorry it fine. Can we be Friends I asked. Are you sure. She ask I nod my head positively. Okay friends, she said am very happy cause she accept my request I don’t know if is because of the bet or another thing
Angelica p.o.v
I sat down happily with joy and Maxwell. In the cl@ss I don’t know why am feeling happy since when malica ask me to be his friend.
I narrated everything that happen between me and malica to them. You have to be careful Maxwell said. Why I ask. Don’t you think there’s more to it, the malica I knew doesn’t like ladies, why is he being nice to you all of a sudden.
My mind is telling me he’s up to no good Maxwell said. i think he’s planning something with his friends he said.
Don’t mind him he’s being jealous that he won’t be your only male friend. Follow your heart. Why are you both walked up he only said friends and nothing more.
( Will he still love her if he knows her flaws)
Episode 15
Were are you coming from malica you haven’t come to the house for the past 2days now father ask.
It none of your business I replied him.stop it right there malica and don’t you dare reply me in that manner again.
I am your father you should talk to me with respect. Even though am not looking at him I could tell his eyes will be red with anger now. I will start respecting you the day you stop forcing me to do your wish.
He raised his hand to slap me but someone stop him that’s mum.
Calm down darling, you shouldn’t be reacting this way he is just a child she said.
No I heard he’s been going out with a girl in his school this idiot have forgotten he has a fiance wow he made me remember Angelica and I smile but I quickly return the smile with a frown.
I can’t marry that slut you can go ahead and marry her if you need her as a wife in this family. Mom talk to your husband, and I will be going to my room now.
Honey why are you behaving like this, me and your dad were Dawn worried about you, you don’t even pick your calls, she said. you don’t need to be worried am not a kid. Did you want to kill me she ask no mom am sorry I was in my penthouse with that I went to my room malica will you come here father shouted.
Oh please I told you I had a busy day so I don’t have time for chit chat I grinned at him. Then took a slight mocking bow and storm out of the sitting room.
JOY P.o.v😠😠
ahh told that pretty witch to stay away from my husband but she won’t listen. I need to report malica to my parents because there bond is getting stronger am Dawn angry now just because of her malica cut the little hope I have that’s our friendship.
He treated me like nobody I need s£× to call me down. Hi shortman I greet him seductively sitting on his bed. He is not surprised cause this is not the first time he is seeing me in his room. I drawled seductively walking towards him , I pulled off my gown leaving myself in just bra and p@nt. What are you doing joy he asked is it not obvious I need you don’t you love what you are seeing he nod.
I need you I said then took off my bra my b©©bs fell out, and he took it in his hand immediately. Did I tell you he’s Malica friend and a s£× freak. I climbed the bed stroking the wall of my pvzzy slowly he came closer then lower his d!¢k into my pvzzy ohh my god I mourn as shortman thick shaft giving me pleasure.


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