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Crazy beauty batch 1

(Will he still love her if he no her flaw’s)
Meet Angelina Adams 22years old beauty. She got the killer look and perfect shape her parents left her in the care of her grandmother because of her sickness,the sickness is her only challenge yeah let stop here u will get to know her well in the story.
Meet Malice Aloi The heir to the Aloi property he is a model and Handsome every lady crush including Agelican What happen when Malice and his friend play a bet on her.
What’s the bet all about
What’s Type of sickness did Angelica have.
Episode 1😍😍😍😍
Agelican POV
Will u leave the road young lady. I was on my way coming from one of the coffee shop I work, to the house listening to middle by Zedd, Grey ft marren be sincere have forgotten am in the road.
But the guy is Dawn rude.i need to show him who am I and what if I don’t leave I ask.i fold my hands waiting for his reply, I will spray u water the rude jerk said.
before I could say anything I saw dirty water of my cloth what the heck?
I don’t no what came over me cause am Dawn angry I took stone and hit is car pardon my Mannners am Anglican Adams granny said am the only daughter of my parent I don’t think so cause if am their only child they won’t freaking abandon me so I hate them grandma said they are lovely and love me I knew she is just saying that to make me happy I don’t give a Dawn grandma is the only family I have and I love her alot
Malica POV
How could they, I don’t know why mummy and dad wanna dictate my life for me. Am malica alio 23years model, my father is stinky rich, am so handsome not that am bragging am ladies crush including the ladies reading this. But
ladies is not my stuff, I don’t like them am also rude so they don’t Cross their limit unless u want to be huminate.
Episode 2
By three star
Angelica POV 😍😍😍😍
The alarm rang aloud and I jerked up from the bed, hmmmm I yawned tiredlessly as I headed to the bathroom with my eyes closed. After doing by morning stuff I walked out from the bathroom to wear my cloth. Agelican Angelica your food is ready that’s my granny for u she’s too caring .
Good morning grandma morning my love how was ur night I thought u don’t wanna come down to eat.
Hope u haven’t forgotten tommorow, geez no mom I replied. tommorow is my birthday don’t forget the preparation so don’t come back late.
yes granny I answered as I step out of the house.
Malica POV
I walked into father office with my head bow I hate to see dad workers they disgust me, he invite me over I knew what he wanna say I don’t want to come but after more persuasion from Mom I have no choice. i place a knock on the door come in he replied good morning Dad , morning son.
hope u haven’t forgotten our discussion. He asked. which of them i ask as if I don’t no. Don’t tell me you forget about you being bethroned to mr Reuben daughter joy,
look malica I don’t wanna see u with any woman like I care about woman.
Dad am not gonna sit here and watch u dictate my life the last time I checked am 23years am old enough to decide on my own I don’t love joy and am not gonna get married to her.
with that I step out of his office angrily,though Mr Reuben is our family friend and his daughter joy is my childhood friend am not romantically attract with her, she’s just a friend their house is opposite ours. I don’t need to get married to her just to seal their friendship.
Mr Reuben and my dad are business partners,who still dictate for their child in this modern Life.
Angelica POV
Next day ( Angelica birthday)
Today is the D day grandma as invite all my school mateand colleague at the coffee shop I work. it gonna be a blast but I don’t know why am feeling nervous, Am 22 today so happy and sad as the Same time.
Now we will love the birthday girl to give us a little speech before the refreshments.The master of ceremony gave me the mic I took it nerveously can I do this, I don’t no want happen I just see
everywhere calm no one except granny what happen I ask but she was giving me that pity eyes again don’t tell me it happen again grandma nod positive geez.
Episode 3
Three Stars Library’s
Angelica POV
It has Been 2 weeks since the iccident happen, granny told me the sickness came again, it saddened me cause I have mental problem.
That’s the maim reason my parent dumb me, granny said they love me so they have there reason for dropping me but no reason can justify there action I hate them though I never see them before.
everyone neglect me after the party, though I don’t have a friend before but everyone started running from me parents warn there children to avoid me cause I will harm them.
I heard aloud bang like something fell down I rushed to granny room to check what happen, I didn’t see her in her room, I checked the bathroom I saw her lying lifelessly on the floor.
I bent to her level granny want happen get up but I got no reply, I place my head on her chest but she is not breathing I started crying no one to call.
Cause nobody will answer me I drag my hair angrily am crying profusely right now, then I have an idea I took grandma phone check the call log then one number caught my attention it was save as my son I quickly dial the number
Hello is this grandma Adam son I asked on the phone.
He said yes, grandma just slumped to the floor I said crying what!! I heard him say before I end the call.
I found a way to take grandma to the hospital immediately I reach the hospital I s£nt grandma son the hospital address an hour later I went out to wait for the so called grandma son. A car enter the hospital in a high speed a man and a woman step out of the car, if am not mistakenly they will be in there late 40, something took my attention the woman look exactly like me. that’s not my problem now my problem is how grandma will be okay.
am still deep in thought before I felt a hand touch me u are agelican right, the man ask me I nod positively, what happen to my mother he ask, I explained everything to them. we sat at the reception waiting patiently for the doctor. I stood up immediately I saw the doctor.Sir how’s my grandma. are you are only family the doctor ask , the man who I don’t no his name said no we are here.
the doctor ask us to meet him in his office. We are sorry Mr Adams we try our best it quite unfortunate we.
( Will he still love her if he knows her flaws)
Episode 4
Three star library
We try our best but unfortunately we lost her. I faint instantly.i was so shattered when I woke up why will grandma die like that how could you.
maybe the doctor is joking. I saw Mr and Mrs Adams crying then it Dawn on me that it’s not a joke grandma is gone. My pillar, hope, friend and only family is dead.
A week later
After grandma burial Mr and Mrs Adams said they are my parents are they for real now or they are insane. They said I have to move in with them in their city. I don’t have any parents and I don’t know you guys.
U guys have to leave me and go back to where u came from. Mrs Adams started crying my daughter it wasn’t our fault we left u for a reason we can’t be so heartless to leave our only child alone.
When we gave birth to you the priest told us that u have mental. For you to be okay we have to go Faraway from you until you are 22. And only true love they help u from this sickness that’s why we left Mrs Adams narrate while crying I was move by her tears.
Mr Adams is also crying. Then the next thing I see is they are on their knees. I pity them I decide to go with them.
But they don’t deserve to be called my parents. I started packing my luggage I don’t know how my life will be after grandma death.
I also have one person important to me. Actually it a picture, I haven’t seen him before.
After my birthday I followed grandma to the market people started avoiding me. I don’t know I was crying until grandma tap me and ask me the reason I started sobbing.
Everyone hate me I said grandma said no one hate you, I love you your parents love you then she point to a handsome guy picture I don’t know if she mistakenly point it or not the picture caught my attention.
Then I ask grandma u mean this guy also like me she said yes am very happy I bought the newspaper and cut the picture side. I think he is a model.
Back to pres£nt
The picture is the first thing I pack before my clothes we arrive in their house. This is my first time on air I have never travel on air before not to talk of private jet. They must be very rich cause their dressing smelt of wealth.
( Will he still love her if he no her flams)
Episode 5
Angelica P.O.V
I followed behind as they led me into the house, no their mansion. with my bags, I kept staring round the sitting room.
because it’s my first time here. dont blame me, I am not used to this type of life. I so got lost in my thought and amazement that I have forgotten all about Mr and Mrs Adams and my things as l unconsciously stood and marveled around.
Angelica please come along “Mrs Adams called out with a small smile. And that was actually when I realized myself. You are very beautiful.she said as she pushed the door open.
This is your room she announced placing my things in the wardrobe, my mouth dropped as I stared round the flashy beautiful decorated room.
Holly Molly. You mean this is my room ?
I threw her a surprised and doubting look, pointing at the entire room.
Yes you don’t like it? What!!! don’t like what, like seriously there should not be a question here cause I definitely love it. I love it I reply wow I got to have a pillow and comfy bed am glad u like it she said. Freshing up and come down for lunch sweetie. She said and went out phew.
Mrs Adams POV
Am so happy seeing my child since this year’s. I really missed her. Did u know the pain of being without your only child. So sad cause she don’t wanna accept us as her parents.
I don’t blame her. And Know one to blame for what happen that’s how destiny want it, I was left with no choice than to leave my seven months old child with my mother in-law because the priest made it clear to us that the more we move close to her the more the sickness will keep affecting her.
I never agree with that but after so much persuasion from my mother inlaw and husband I give up they said is for her own well being I have no choice than to Leave her with her and she promised to take care of her she really did a good job.
Honey I have been calling you since but you aren’t replying that’s my husband.


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