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Copper John – final episode

Copper John
episode 11
John held the pearl in his hands, he remembered the words the
mermaid told him to say, Pearl of the river bring Joy back to life,
John said slowly, as he said so, the pearl began to glow like a
bulb, when he saw this, his hopes were raised, the Police men
and soldiers watched in anticipation as they saw all that was
going on, he looked at Joy, her cloth was stained with blood, God
please let this work! John prayed in his mind, he opened Joy’s
mouth which was already becoming stiff and put the pearl in her
mouth and made sure it went down her throat, before John could
say Luis Suarez, Joy woke up and coughed, she vomited
something identical to the pearl in size and shape, but this one
was made of pure gold, John was the happiest man on earth, he
hugged the still coughing Joy, Joy looked at him in surprise, she
looked at her chest and the bullet wound was gone, ‘the bullet
wound, it’s gone’ Joy said laughing, she looked at John’s teary
eyes, don’t tell me I died and came back to life, Joy asked John,
shh say no more, John said while putting his hands on her lips,
the both of them kissed passionately as the police men and
soldiers clapped and cheered, Peter didn’t understand what just
happened or who the girl was, but he felt happy for his son, he
liked what he just saw………………………………….
Kemi sat in her office happily when an Idea suddenly occurred to
her, she could use the balm on her boss who had been troubling
her for S£x ever since she started working there, she would just
control him and ask him for a promotion and a salary of one
million per month, she stood up and made way to her bosses
office, she knocked the door of her bosses office, a man voice
said come in, Kemi entered the office and shut the door behind
her, her boss was happy to see her, so Kemi what brings you to
my office? Her boss asked, Kemi didn’t say a word, she moved to
her where her boss was and sat on his laps, her boss could not
believe it, she had finally agreed to his advances, he began to
handle her b0s0ms, Kemi was not concerned about romance
today, if not for the balm that she wanted to use on him she
wouldn’t even think of having S£x with him, she stood up and
pulled his trousers down, she pulled down her
[email protected] and rode
him on the chair for 5 minutes, she reached c—-x point and
stood up from her boss, it was quick and precise, she didn’t do it
for pleasure but for power, she put her [email protected] back on and went
out of her bosses office, her boss just sat on the chair looking
surprised, he was not even satisfied, and when he thought he had
had his way with this woman she had walked out on him half
satisfied…………………………………………… Nelson went to the soldiers
and thanked them for coming to their rescue, they might not have
been alive if the soldiers had not come to their rescue, the
drivers corpse was removed from the front seat Nelson’s car and
placed at the back of one of the police pickup’s, Nelson took a
towel from the trunk of his car, he cleaned the blood from the
front seat and dashboard, Peter, John, Joy, TJ and Promise
entered the car, Peter sat in the front seat with his friend, John
sat at the backseat beside Joy, he put his arms around her neck
and she put her head on his chest, John was still in shock,
minutes ago he thought he had lost her, Nelson reversed the
windshieldless car and drove after his men who led the way,
Peter had tried to start his car but the petrol had been drained
from it, maybe Nelson’s men would bring it for him later, as for
him, he would never step foot in that place again, he might never
even come to Enugu state again…………………………………………. Chief
Dotmann sat the sitting room of his Lagos apartment sipping on
his red wine, all he could think of was how to spend his money
that would come a few hours soon, after two hour passed he
went into his room and brought out a calabash from his
wardrobe, he went to the drawer beside his bed and brought out
the half eaten green and red kolanut and put it inside the
calabash, he covered the calabash and opened it after a minute,
behold! Different bonds of Pounds were inside the calabash, he
smiled, it worked, but the lady he slept with would die soon, he
heard a knock on his door, he wasn’t expecting anybody, he
quickly put the calabash full of money inside his wardrobe and
locked it, he went to the sitting room and opened the door, he
was shocked as if he had just seen a ghost, it was the woman
who he slept with yesterday, Kemi spoke up, go and will your
properties to me Kemi Adeboye of 11, Henderson street, Agege
Lagos and after that go and hang yourself, Dotmann stood
transfixed like a dummy, yes mistress, he
Nelson made a call to the palace, he told them that the culprit
had been apprehended and that they were free to go where they
want to, Chinelo, still weeping, went with her parents back to
their home, the only thing she had gained was a new wrapper
and some of the royal beeds, she was back to square one, right
from where she started………………………………… John and Joy sat in
the sitting room of Nelson’s house, playing with each other, John
looked at his father who was now dressed in a decent cloth, John
sensing what his father was thinking said Dad this is Joy, my
fiancée, Joy’s and Peter’s eyebrows were raised, Joy was
surprised, they had never talked about getting engaged, talk less
of marriage, and there he was introducing her as his fiancée, he
didn’t even say girlfriend, Peter was also surprised, his son had
just finished his youth service, he hasn’t even gotten a job and he
already has a fiancée?! Well, what could he do about it? John
was already an adult, at his age he was already engaged with
John’s mum, he wondered why John decided to study law like
his mother, Peter felt bad at the thought of John’s mum, he knew
he had treated her badly and he wish he knew where she was so
that he could just apologize to her, he was fed up with Kemi, she
is rude, saucy and to worsen her case she is a bad cook, John
stood up and pulled Joy with him, he took her to the balcony of
Nelson’s house, he knelt down in front of Joy and brought out
the golden pearl, Joy parker, will you marry me? John asked, Joy
didn’t know what to say, the man she loved proposed to her with
a pearl instead of a ring, it was awkward, when she made up her
mind she said yes John, yes!
Kemi was driving, her daughter Lisa was with her, she was
taking her to LC’s, one of the best night clubs in Lagos, Kemi
looked at Lisa who was excited, she sighed, if Peter finds out
that Lisa is not his daughter he would kill her, but she will kill
him first, she looked at her watch, it was 9pm, Lisa looked at her
mum, right now her mum was the best mum in the world, none of
her friends mum ever take them clubbing, instead they tell them
not to ever go out at night, suddenly her mother lost control of
the steering and their car smashed into pole and tumbled, Lisa
struggled to get out of the car after it came to a stop, the car was
upside down, she pushed the car’s door open and crawled out to
the other side where her mum was, Mum! Mum! Are you alright?
Lisa asked but she got no reply, she managed to pull the door
open, lo and behold, a splinter of glass had cut her mother’s
throat, blood was gushing from her throat like a tap, noooo! Lisa
shouted, she quickly stood up and ran to get help, she continued
running in exactly no direction, she saw a group of men standing
and ran towards them, when she got to their place, it smelled of
cigarette smoke, please help me, my mother is bleeding to death,
the men, seven in number, who didn’t even understand what she
said were excited to see such a beautiful girl dressed in skimpy
clothes in their zone at that time of the night, you no dey fear?
one of then asked, Sniper, JJ carry this girl go base, their boss
said, they didn’t even say a word, they carried her like a cotton
wool and took her into an uncompleted building, she tried to
scream but they held her mouth, they entered the building, pulled
off her skimpy cloth and tied her to a table, Lisa was scared,
were they going To Molest her? She asked herself, please don’t
molest me, she pleaded, but her pleas fell on deaf ears as the
master of the hoodlums took her virginity, she felt a pain she had
never experienced as her Molested her, when he was done, a
second person took her, when he was also done, another man
came, no not another one she said, the hard looking man gave
her a back hand slap across her cheek, you dey craze, he said,
na me you dey call ‘another one’? I be your papa mate? He asked
with authority, he entered her and Molested her mercilessly, the
last thing Lisa saw before she fainted was another man trying to
get between her legs……………………………………………………………..
Nelson was in his office in the morning, Peter, John and Joy were
on their way to Lagos in the police van, he took the news paper
on his table and read it, he was shocked when he saw one of the
headlines, one man identified as Doherty Anthony Lemeta was
found hanged in his residence in Lagos, Nelson sighed, Chief
Dotmann had committed suicide, well it made his Job easier, no
need for them chasing a dead man, the lady who was responsible
for the King’s death would be charged to court immediately, he
sipped his coffee, he was having his best morning of the year, he
had caught the kidnappers who were threatening his job, his
friend and his son were safe and on his way to Lagos, what else
could he ask for?……………………………..
The police van carrying Peter, John and Joy came to stop in
front of a big mansion where Joy resides, Joy had called her
lawyer to meet her in the house, she had to sign the papers to
inherit her parents property, her lawyer sat in front of the house
wearing a white shirt and black skirt, John down from the back
of the van and walked with Joy into her compound, now he knew
where she lived, he saw a woman waiting in front of Joy’s
mansion, they reached where the woman was, meet my lawyer
Mrs Adebayo, Joy said, John looked at the woman, he had seen
her before in the photo’s at home, Mum?! John said, she
recognized him even though it had been 22 years, John?! The
woman said, John went to hug his mother, he had hoped to see
her, Joy immediately got the memo, her lawyer was John’s Mum,
John had told her about his mother, Peter got down from the car
to see what was going on, he saw his wife Mary, his heart sank
and he was ashamed, he slowly walked towards where Mary was
with his head hung in shame, he looked at Mary and started to
talk Mary said shh! And she went to hug her
Peter and John reached home, as they entered their home phone
rang Peter went to pick it, the expression on his face was sad
when he dropped the phone, he told John that Kemi had died in a
car accident the previous night, John felt sorry for her even
though she was always mean to him, the phone rang again, Peter
picked it up and showed a sad worried face again he dropped the
phone, Lisa was found beside the road yesterday, she is in the
hospital now, Peter said, Peter took the car keys to his Toyota
Corolla and went outside, he entered the car and John joined him,
they drove to the hospital, on getting to the hospital the doctor
told Peter that Lisa had lost a lot of blood and needed blood,
Peter offered to donate blood as he and Kemi were in the same
blood group so Lisa should also be, the doctor suggested they do
a test before anything else, when the results came out Lisa’s
blood group was different from Peter’s, he wondered how that
was possible, John immediately interfered, he offered to donate
blood as he belonged to blood group ‘O’ , which he definitely
inherited from his mother, they tested him and he was in O group,
they collected blood from him and transferred it to Lisa, Peter
was still surprised, how was it possible? He asked the doctor to
do a DNA test on Lisa, the test was carried out and they
discovered that his DNA and Lisa’s did not match, Peter felt
betrayed, he didn’t even feel pity for Kemi again, she had done a
really bad thing…………………..
Few days later John went to Joy’s house, he knelt in front of her
and said ‘for the second time, Joy parker, would you marry me?’
he brought out a gold ring from his pocket, for the second time,
yes! Joy answered, they kissed each other as John inserted the
ring which was molded from the gold pearl into Joy’s finger, he
carried her into a bedroom in her mansion, he kissed her on the
neck, and he entered her and they made love for an hour, they
had finally made love after all these while of wanting themselves,
it was the first of many to come……………………………………………………….
John went home and saw his mother seated in the sitting room,
he greeted her, so you are coming back to us? He asked, yes, she
said, John went into Lisa’s room, she was asleep, her father had
decided to still take her as his daughter, she had nowhere to go,
he closed the door and went to meet his father in the balcony,
Nelson told me you had quite an adventure in Enugu, can you
gist me? Peter asked, you wont believe if I told you John
answered, John brought out his phone to browse and check
where he posted to study law in a law school, not again, he said
when he saw where he was posted to, he was posted to
******** THE END********
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