Copper John – episode 1

Copper John
Episode 1
It was around 6 am when John woke up, he tried to get up and
say his morning prayers when he noticed that TJ, his childhood
friend had sle-pt with his leg over his che-st, he pushed his leg
aside and cursed TJ ” when you go dey drink too much “,
Adebayo John was a 23 year old corper who hailed from Ogun
state , he and his friend Timmy Johnson 23 whom also hailed
from Ogun state have been together since childhood, they both
attended the same primary school, secondary school and
university, and surprisingly they were both posted to Enugu state
for their NYSC. They had finished their NYSC and were going
back home that morning, John was not really excited that
morning because he was returning home to his busy father who
never had time for him and his mean step mother who hated him
because he was the only male child in the family, John’s mother
had left him with his father because he was a drun!kard and beat
her up every time he drank, he had met John’s step mother at a
club where he usually drank. John quic-kly said his prayers and
went to have his bath, when he c@m£ back TJ was still slee-ping,
John kicked him and said mumu you no go go bath, TJ then said
‘weray’ and went out to have his bath. John had finished
dressing up when TJ c@m£ in, John was dressed in his Corper
outfit, while waiting for TJ to finish dressing up he took his time
to cross check his luggage, he then remembered that he had not
picked up his novel, at least that would entertain him throu-ghout
the long journey to Lagos. John and TJ went to have their
breakfast of moin – moin and pap at mama Nkechi’s buka, they
then set out to the main road to look for a taxi to take them to the
motor park, they waited for about 7 minutes before they saw a
taxi, after a minute of negotiating the taxi driver then agreed to
take them there for 200 naira, they then set off on the 15 minutes
journey to the motor park, John looked sideways at TJ, TJ was
the last born of a rich family of 3 girls and he was the only male
child, his 3 sisters were based in the U.S with their mother, while
his father was a busy business man who rarely spent a week
without traveling, TJ was handsome, he was the ladies guy but
he was not brilliant in terms of academics, he graduated with a
second clas-s lower, TJ also had a knack for getting into trouble..
They got to the park and alighted then settled their taxi driver, it
was then TJ tried hiding his face when he sighted someb©dy in
the garage , John noticed TJ’s action and asked oh boy we-tin
happen? TJ said padi mi na one of those girls I see o, make we
do quic-k go enter bus, they hurriedly entered a bus with a Lagos
sign on it, while in the bus TJ put his head on the seat to hide his
John, still a little bit surprised asked, which girl be that? TJ with
his head still on the chair, it’s one of those girls who claimed I
impregnated them, Job bur-st into an uncontrolled laughter which
attra-cted some pas-sangers in the bus, so you dey run from your
responsibility abi? Which kind responsibility? Na only me they
dey follow sleep? If she see me for here she go hook me down
come embaras-s me for this park. Luckily for TJ the last
pas-sanger entered and they set off, but TJ still had his head on
the chair, John with a smile on his face tapped TJ on his head
and said Baba Junior carry your head up, TJ grinned and said
you don dey craze. John checked his wrist watch, they had set
off around 8 am, John then took a moment to survey the faces of
those in the bus, they were six corpers in the bus including them,
4 guys and 2 girls, one of the girls of which he knew, her name
was Joy and she was one the few girls he admired. Joy Parker
was epitome of beauty, she was an half-caste, her father was
from England and her mother was from Nigeria, John had seen a
lot of girls in his lifetime but he could swear she was the most
beautiful girl he had ever seen, after a while John picked up his
novel and got busy, he was re-ading the broker by John Grisham,
he was in the 5th chapter when something happened.
Suddenly the woman beside him had an asthma attack, as she
tried to use her inhaler it fell outside the bus throu-gh the
window, John immediately shouted at the driver to st©p, when
the bus finally c@m£ to a halt, John got down and sprinted back
in search of the inhaler, he ran for about 50 metres before
sighting the inhaler, when he picked it up he ran back to the bus
like a mad man and handed the inhaler back to the woman, she
then used it and it st©pped the attack in a matter of seconds,
John looked sideways only for him to see that Joy was staring at
him, John was immediately taken aback by her captivating
beauty, she had a light skin and beautiful brown eyes, they had
eye contact for about 5 seconds before Joy finally looked away
smiling , after the woman had calmed down she thanked John for
his help and prayed for him. Joy knew a trustworthy guy when
she saw one and to her John would be trustworthy, she had only
seen him a few times around camp but there was something
about him that interested her, after being cheated on by her ex
b©yfri£nd, Joy decided that she was done with Nigerian men but
maybe John was an exception. TJ was glad he was returning
home, home for him meant he could go out with his father’s cars,
go clubbing, bring home girls and move at his own free will, he
remembered his ordeal with different girls with different sizes,
shapes and skin colour, he was a pla-yer unlike his friend John,
he felt sorry for John who didn’t really know what fun was like,
his attention was drawn back by the screams of the people in the
bus, when he looked to see what was happening TJ said “oh
d–n ” because trouble was ahead of them
Right in front of them stood six men armed men, the driver
thought about ma-king a run for it but thought again when he saw
a plank full of nails right In front of him, he had no option but to
st©p the bus, the armed men ordered them all out of the bus, and
asked them to drop all their valuables and money, the
pas-s£ngers immediately began to comply, the only thing John
could think of at that moment was the safety of Joy, he hoped the
men would do nothing more than collect their money and leave
them alone but he was wrong, the woman who had an asthma
attack earlier suddenly fainted, no one dared go to her aid, the
leader of the armed men ordered the corpers and four other
pas-s£ngers into the bus where they were blindfolded, the next
thing John heard was gunsh0ts as the remaining pas-s£ngers
were killed in cold blood, the driver of the bus tried to escape but
got six bullets into his back as a result of his action, the men
then got into the bus and drove off, John’s heart started to beat
fast he was half glad that Joy and TJ were in the bus with him,
though he didn’t know this men but he knew one thing about
them “don’t mess with them “, TJ had his heart in his mouth, he
had never had  a gun pointed at him before, he didn’t know where
these men were taking them to but he knew it could not be good.

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