Contract game final episode

(Final episode)
“You what”?Letisha asked
“I love you”.Fred held her hands and continued “I dont know where to start from Letisha but i know since the day you c@m£ into my life,things changed.Letisha you changed me…….”.Fred said calmly while Letisha remained silent with tears dropping out of her eyes.When Sandra saw that she was not noticed any longer,she decided to leave both of them,she quietly moved outside to avoid distracting them
“Letisha……i can’t afford to loose you for any reason,you’ve become a p@rt of me.To the extent that if i dont see you for a whole day,my world is shattered.You are the perfect one for me,without you am lost… are the joy in my heart………
“Wait…..wait…..wait……are you just telling me all this simply because i want to go with the kids?Or you’re just telling me so as i will give up on the case or what”?.Letisha cut in
“No Letty……….am not just saying it.And besides there’s no court order”.Fred managed to say
“What do you mean by that” Letisha asked
“I didn’t summon the court,they know nothing about us having a misun-derstanding”.Fred said
“So you lied to me”?Letisha asked
“Letty……i had to do so,am sorry i lied.You have to un-derstand me pls”.Fred pleaded
“Okay………..ok……Fred you took advantage of me,you insulted me,both at home and everywhere”.Letisha cried the more
“Am sorry……..pls forgive me i can’t st©p loving you”.
“But why??what did i do to you that made you hate me so much”?Letisha asked
“Letty i didn’t hate you.What happened in the past made me loose hope,that i was never going to find true love again.I suffered from heart break three consecutive times”.
“What”?how?from who”?Letisha asked and Fred took his time to tell her all what transpired between him and his three ex.As he finished the long boring story,Letisha hvgged him ti-ght and said
“Am so sorry…… should have told me earlier.Am sorry ok,i promise am not gonna break your heart”.Letisha as-sured him and he nodded with a sad face.
Finally they were able to settle things.Just as if Sandra was calculating it,she walked in when they were still in each other arms
“Wow….wow….wow…what am i seeing?Thank God…..”.Sandra said and Letisha turned to her and gave her a beautiful smile and faced Fred again
“I love you Letty”.Fred said
“I love you too Fred”.Letisha replied and they k!$$£d pas-sionately while Sandra stood there staring at them(Sandra close your eyes,this is confidential).
Because of happiness Fred was unable to go back to his house,he spent the night at Letisha’s [email protected] Sandra went back to her house,Fred had a wonderful time with his kids as that was the first time he was spending time with them.He later called Letisha’s mum to let her know they’ve settled things.
As usual the maids woke up early to keep the house tidy.As others where busy working,Jessica rushed to the corner and started vomiting.Unfortunately, Juliet saw her
“Jessica…….are you okay”?Juliet asked and Jessica bec@m£ shocked cuz she didn’t expect anyone to see her
“Am………am….am fine”.She managed to reply
“Hmmm I hope so”.Juliet said and left to tell Uju.(Why are maids always behaving like that)
“Uju………what is wrong with Jessica self?I just saw her vomiting”.Juliet said
“Ehhhh………what could be her problem”?Uju asked too
“Am asking you and you’re asking me in return”?Juliet asked
“Ehen na its because i don’t have the answer”.Uju replied
“Why won’t you guys mind your business for ones.At least we all have work to do this morning,its not as if we’re jobless”.Nkechi said as she c@m£ closer to them.
“Nkechi…..something is wrong somewhere oooo,i mean how can someone be vomiting this early morning without a reason,its not that she is sick”.Juliet said
“And who are you talking about”?Nkechi asked.
“Jessica”.Both Juliet and uju chorused.
Nkechi was speechless,so she just looked for a way to wave off the discussion
“Get back to work pls”.Nkechi said and left with a confused mind.She knew for sure that it wasn’t ordinary,a girl cannot just vomit like that in the morning for no reason.There are two things involved,either she is sick or she’s pregnant.But who could get her pregnant?it can’t be Fred,definitely not him but who knows?Nkechi was confused.
Fred later returned home with Letisha and the kids,the nanny was carrying the kids,while her maid carried her luggage.Finally she was back to her real mansion,Nkechi was happy
“Ma…………….welcome back ma”.Nkechi shouted as she ran to hvg her
“Take it easy babe”.Letisha said to her
“I missed you ma”.Nkechi said as they hvgged each other
“I missed you more…..where’s my mum”?Letisha asked.Just then her mum c@m£ out smiling
“Oh my……look at my daughter……….”.Mrs Michael said as she embr@ced daughter.
“How is everything”?Mrs Michael asked
“Fine mum”.
“Thank God you’re back”.Mrs Michael said and smiled again.
Mr Clark was notified that Letisha was back home,so he didn’t waste time in coming to see her.
They all had a wonderful time,except Jessica who was moody.
Sandra has alre-ady told Richa-rd to come.It was really wonderful cuz Letisha’s family were back together.They were enough food,as they were busy celebr@ting,Richa-rd and his dad c@m£ in
“Auntie….am sorry”?Richa-rd said to Letisha
“Sshhhhh……..its okay Richie,i over reacted.And am sorry,i shouldn’t have asked you out”.Letisha said and pe-cked him.She also hvgged her father as a sign of reconciliation.
They were still in the mood of celebr@tion when someone rushed outside to vomit.Everywhere was calm like a grave yard.She finished throwing up and c@m£ back inside,Letisha called her.She c@m£ closer to Letisha but was scared to look into her eyes
“Jessica…….look at me”.Letisha ordered and she did according to what she was told.They next thing they heard was a h0t sl@p from Letisha
“You took advantage of this home Jessica… who is responsible”?Letisha asked angrily while Jessica bust into tears.It was then that they un-derstood why she gave her the sl@p…..yes……she was pregnant.
“Am talking to you……i said who is responsible”?Letisha asked again and Jessica stammered
“Em…….its……..its…….”.Before she could finish the last two letter she received another sl@p
“I will talk…..i will talk”.
“Oya start talking na”.Fred was alre-ady loosing his patience
“It’s sir Fred”.Jessica confessed and everyone shouted
Letisha almost fainted.Fred could not hold his anger,he rushed to her,and gave her the most h0ttest sl@p ever.It didn’t end there,he pounced on her,gave her the beating of her life but his father told the gateman and the driver to hold him
“Calm down Fred…….”Mr Clark said
“Dad how can i calm down when this slut is saying nons-en-se”.Fred shouted angrily
“Calm down……..Fred did you do it”?Mr Clark asked gently
“Dad how can you ask me that?Dont you trust me….i didn’t do anything like that”.Fred tried to defend himself.
“Its ok……..young lady,we give you five minutes to say the truth else………you’ll spend the rest of your life in jail………now speak up”.Mr Clark ordered.
At this point Letisha was confused,she sat down and faced the ground waiting for the truth
“I will say the truth oo,its not sir Fred oo”.Jessica replied in tears
“Then who”?Nkechi said from the corner
“Its…..its Nkem the driver”.
“Ehhhhhhh…….”Everyone shouted.
“But why did you lie the first time”.Mr Michael asked
“Nkem said if i ever tell anyone that he was responsible,that he was going to deal with me.It was his idea that whenever they asked me,i should say its Sir Fred”.She confessed and bust into tears
(Enemy of progress,if na me i go just cut her head from your n£¢k)
Before anyone could say jack,Fred stood up,re-moved his belt and faced Nkem.It was really a tough one,Jessica ran as fast as her legs could carry her.While Fred gave Nkem the beating of his life and sacked him immediately.
“Are you ok”?Fred asked Letisha
“Sure am fine,thank God you’re not responsible.I could have killed myself”.Letisha admitted
“Its okay”.Fred said and hvgged her.
Fred was back from work.Letisha was……..oh my!!!!I forgot to tell you.She was now staying in the same room with Fred.So like i was saying she was slee-ping when Fred c@m£ in
“Look at this girl ooo,how can you be slee-ping at this time of the day?Wake up jare…..”.Fred said
“Oooooo you disturb too much and besides why are you back so soon?Go back to the office”.Letisha said still lieing down
“Is she still in be-d?its like you’re trying me.I’ll pour cold water on you,just wait for me”.Fred said and made a move as if he was going to get the water whereas he was standing
“Ok fine…….am up”.Letisha stood up and Fred bust into laughter
“Lazy Letisha”.Fred said and smiled
“Funny Fred”.She smiled too
“Now get up,you’re esc-rting me to somewhere and that’s why i c@m£ home early”.
“I knew it……a dog cannot bark without a reason”.She said and stood up to dress up
“Dont wear old clothes,put this on”.Fred handed over a bag to her
“Wow……thank you,am gonna look good”.Letisha shouted.
30 minutes later,she was throu-gh with both dressing and ma-king up.She was putting on a short pink go-wn with a high heel,if you want to know the color of her hand bag,ask me her address.
“Where is everyb©dy?Nkechi…..”.Letisha asked as they walked to the sitting room
“Lets go”.Fred said
“No….my kids,i nee-d to be sure they are fine”.Letisha said.
“Dont worry they are fine,lets go”.Fred held her hands and dragged her to the car and zoomed off.Not long they arrived at Clas-sy eatery.It was an eatery but inside it there was an hall meant for marriage reception,birthdays and the rest
“What are we doing here husby”?Letisha asked
“c@m£ to sign a business contract and shhhhhhh no more questions wify”.Fred said and smiled while they went in.
Letisha noticed how people were smiling at her but she didn’t care and she couldn’t still ask why cuz her husband has alre-ady said no questions.They finally went into the hall but it dark
“We’re here”.Fred said
“Are you kidding me?What kind of contract are you here to sign?is it with a ghost”?Letisha asked
“Not with a ghost but with you.We’re going to sign another contract and this time around,it involves your whole lifetime with me”.Fred said
“You’re ma-king me scared,is it that you wanna sell me or you want to kill me for money?Oh my God!!!You wanna r@p£ me!!”Letisha said and she heard the sound of people giggling.
“You talk too much…..light on”.Fred said and suddenly there was light everywhere.
“Tada…..happy birthday to you….happy birthday to you….happy birthday happy birthday,happy birthday to you”.They all sang.
The hall was filled with people,both the ones she knew and the ones she didn’t know.All the maids were alre-ady there,including her twin
“Wow……… dumbfounded……who told you today is my birthday”?.She asked Fred with her face beaming with smiles.And Fred pointed to Sandra who was standing hand in hand with David.
“Now ma,we’re gonna spell JESUS,and as soon as you hear the last S,then you cut your cake.Are we good to go”?Nkechi said
“Yea”.The people choruses
“J…..E……S……..U……..S…………”.Then she cut her cake and a car key was handed over to her by Fred.As if that was not enough Fred took the microphone and announced that she was now the owner of Best collection,and that the name is no longer Best collection but LETTY’S CLas-sIC BOUTIQUE.
A loud shout was heard from the audience.
“In addition to that”.Mr Clark continued “Am giving you another car”.Mr Clark announced and handed over the key to her.
Letisha could not st©p shouting,she wanted to jump but remembered the shoe she was wearing was a high heel,so she pu-ll-ed it and started jumping.
“Wify……do you have any other wish”?Fred asked
“No…………this is enough…..i don’t have another”.She managed to say.
“Nkechi will no longer be treated as a maid but as a member of this great family.I and my wife will sponsor her in school,and she will attend the best university”.Fred announced and Nkechi who was not expecting it lost consciousness.When she woke up she couldn’t believe that an orphan like her would receive such love(Someb©dy say divine favour).
They celebr@ted the birthday,food was surplus.The house Letisha bought was handed over to Mr and Mrs Michael.David made his intentions known to them and the d@t£ of their marriage was fixed.Nob©dy heard from Jessica and Nkem again maybe in the future.The last words of Letisha at her birthday was
“Is this a dream or what”?
“No wify…this is reality”.Fred replied
“Thank you husby”.Letisha said
“You deserve more than this,and i promise you we’re going to have a honeymoon”.Fred said
“Shhhh no but,we’re gonna have a real honeymoon……….i love you lovely Letisha”.Fred said and smiled
“I love you too funny Fred”.She smiled and they k!$$£d………………………..(Close your eyes)
love you all😍😍😍😘😘😘💝💝💝💝❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💓💓💓💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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