Contract game episode 8


Episode 8
Three days later,Fred was still on live.His father st©pped by to say hi,they ate together and the two men started discussion while Letisha went back to her room to shower.
“Dad,is this how hectic it is to be married?”.Fred asked sounding a little serious
“How son”?.Mr Clark asked.
“I mean….do women act so strange when they are pregnant?”.fred asked.
“Hmmm son……don’t worry you will get used to it.Women become very funny when they are pregnant.Oh….son,your mother gave me a ha-rd time when she was pregnant with u.She was ever re-ady to eat every minute,and at that time she loves eating meat as well.And the more she eats the more she complains.We were slee-ping one day at night when she suddenly spat on me,though it was irritating but I won’t say it was her fault.”Mr Clark smiled and continued “Women are very important vessels….do you think she will purposely exhibit such a character……the answer is no son”.Mr Clark said and was about to continue when Letisha walked in with a go-wn in her hands.
“Father…….see….look at this”.Letisha said as she stretched the dress to Mr Clark
“Fred doesn’t want to take me out for shopping.I nee-d to change my wardrobe,looks like am getting fatter,my clothes no longer size me.Each time I tell Fred to take me out for shopping,he refuses.Its either he will tell me he’s very busy or he is very tired.Father is it fair”Letisha asked.
“Hmmm Fred is that true”?Mr Clark asked and adjusted his glas-ses.
“Is it true”?.Mr Clark cut in
“Yes dad”.fred replied
‘And why????is that how its supposed to be?.Daughter……
“Yes father….”Letisha answered
“Dont worry he’ll take you for shopping tomorrow ok”.Mr Clark as-sured her
“Ok father”.Letisha replied and went back to her room.
“You see!!!!”Fred said while his father smiled.
Sandra spent the night at Davids place.The next day after breakfast,David sat Sandra down and asked her some things
“Baby………you know,I love you with the whole of my heart and am re-ady to do anything just to have you in my life.Nob©dy is above mistakes,we are bent on ma-king one mistake or the other.I made my own mistake in the past and since then I decided to buckle up and wait for the right woman.I hope you know nothing kills a man easily than changing women the way clothes are changed”?.David asked.
“I’ve heard about that saying”.Sandra replied
“Good,its true.Back then,I use to d@t£ two sisters at the same time but that’s not the main reason why we’re sitting here…….i apologize for the inconveniences you had during the time we had a misun-derstanding,I was confused.But i later c@m£ to realize that a dog doesn’t bark without a reason and plea-se i want to know the reason why you went into prostitution”.
David concluded and waited for her reply
“It all started when i was in the village.My parents fight almost all the time,any little money our dad had he used it on drinks.And our mother was not re-ady to work.Each time we ran to them for help,or maybe we were told to buy something at school,they will be complaining.Our mother will say go to your father while father will say go to your mother.It was so annoying and am the eldest,so i left the village and decided to check what life had in stock for me in the city.Getting here,it was difficult for me,it was during the period that i had no place to sleep that i got R@p£d.It was my worst night ever,not that i was a v!rg!nbut girls who has been R@p£d before will un-derstand what i mean.I continued to struggle in the street for five months until one day when i met a girl about my age.She said so many things to me of which i remember she said i was too beautiful to be suffering in the streets that she had a job for me.I was very happy that finally things were going to be smooth for me.To cut the long story short,i started living with her,and gradually she introduced me into prostitution.She later travelled out of the country and other girls joined me in the house.That’s why i couldn’t accommod@t£ my sister,and besides the money i get from the work doesn’t last long,just for clothes,makeups,foodstuffs and the rest.And that is how i started prostitution”.Sandra finished the story and tears ran down her cheeks.
“Its okay baby….dont cry……..i un-derstand”.David tried it pacify her.
“I feel so wayward Dave,i spent three years satisfying men.And i couldn’t even give account of what i used the money for.I hate myself……”.Sandra cried out.
“Hey….st©p this.I only wanted to hear your own side of the story and besides i didn’t say you’re a wayward girlfriend or did i?Relax……am supposed to be the one complaining but look here am i?Its all in the past now all you nee-d to do is focus on the future and ask God for mercies.St©p crying baby……”.David said
“Are you sure you won’t leave me?are you sure you won’t judge me with my past in the future?”Sandra asked
“Over my dead b©dy baby”.David replied
“Promise you’ll never leave me no matter what?Promise you will not break my heart”?Sandra pleaded
“Sandra….i promise i will never leave you,i will never neglect you,i will be with you till the end”.David promised her.
“Thank you…..i love you”.Sandra exclaimed and they hvgged each other.
At night Letisha c@m£ out to get cold water.To her surprised,Fred was still up,he was focused on the t.v
“So this is how you will spend the one week off right?”Letisha asked.
“Ehhh what are you doing here.Dont tell me you’ve been spying on me”?Fred asked
“Why on earth will i spy on you Fred.You aren’t that important to me”.Letisha replied
“Whatever…..why are you still up”?Fred asked
“I c@m£ to get cold water”.Letisha replied
“What?do you want to hurt my baby?Why will you take cold water at this time of the night”?Fred yelled at her.
“Hello……….am the one taking the water not you ok”.
“And it was affect my baby if you don’t do it with care”Fred replied
“I see……dont worry about the baby.She’ll be fine ok”.Letisha said
“He will be fine not she ok?”.Fred corrected her while Letisha smiled
“And by the way what are you still doing here at this time of the night”?Letisha asked.
“I was waiting for you.I wanted to say goodnight to my baby before going to be-d”.Fred stood up and switched off the t.v and walked closer to Letisha and t©uçhed her stomach
“Hi baby,do you know that daddy loves you so much?Oh yes i do baby….and I’ll do anything for you ok.Just be a good boy and dont stress mummy ok”.Fred concluded and left.It was then it dawned on him that he just said something”Mummy??Letisha?.Interesting.
He left without even saying goodnight to Letisha
“Funny man…….”Letisha said and went to get her water.
The next day Fred took Letisha out for shopping as promised.It was really an hectic day
“You’ve been staring at the mirror for more than 30seconds Letisha;dont you like that one too?”Fred asked
“This boutique is a quake one Fred,they have no good clothes.And you know i nee-d to select carefully cuz in the next five months,my Tommy won’t be like this anymore.So i nee-d to choose bigger ones”.Letisha said and stared at the mirror again
“Christ Lord…….” Fred exclaimed and added”plea-se madam get me a seat,am tired of standing”.
“You know what madam?Let your husband choose for you”.The owner of the boutique suggested
“Or why don’t we just go home with the ones you’ve selected alre-ady”.Fred suggested
“Oooooo no those ones are not enough”.Letisha replied
“Fine then let your husband do the selecting.It will be so ro-mantic”.The owner of the boutique said again
“ro-mantic indeed!!!!Letisha replied and sat down while Fred started the search.Five minutes later he c@m£ back with five go-wns.
“Check this out wify”.Fred said and handed it over to Letisha
“Wow……….i love this…..i’ll take all.They are beautiful Fred……..wait let me try them on”.Letisha said
“All of that?there’s no time Letisha.I nee-d to rest,remember this is the fifth boutique we’ve entered today”.Fred said
“And so?l’ll still try them on,dont worry I won’t spend up to 1hour.Chill Fred…..”Letisha encouraged him and went to the other room to try them.Thirty minutes later,she was throu-gh with everything.
At the end of the day,they went home after spending one hundred and thirty five thousand naira for only clothes.God abeg o
My Ladies know na…………..😃😃😃😃