Contract game episode 7

Okpaka village was still the same,it seems the government didn’t know about the bad road.Birds were busy singing their love songs,children were seen pla-ying and running around.Girls were seen carrying buckets of water on their head while some were seen carrying firewood.Mr and mrs Michael were busy quarrelling
“Useless man….if you don’t change you will die a wretched man.”Mrs Michael yelled at her husband
“And what are you?a useless woman as well,just look at yourself,instead of you to go and look for work to support the family… are sitting at home everyday,going into corridor gossip.Stay there and depend on me…..stupid thing”.Mr Michael abused his wife.
“I dont blame you,are you not a man?Who is supposed to work for money?you disgust me”.Mrs Adams said
“You disgust me more, a mother who cannot take care of her children”.
“Ha!!!me???it was your silly attitude that made all our children run away.Any little money you have,you lavish it on drinks.Just to s£nd Richa-rd to school,you couldn’t.Then why are you a man for Christ sake?Now Letisha is married,her address you don’t know,and you say you’re a father,father-my-foot”.Mrs Adams said and stamped her foot on the ground.
“Get lost woman,I regret the day I married you.Illiterate…….”Mr Adams concluded and went out.
“Chei…….me??illiterate………ok na we shall see”.Mrs. Adams said and started crying.
Letisha was so lonely at home when her phone rang
“Hello sister”.Letisha greeted.
“Letisha am finished ooo,he found out.He knows that I was a prostitute,Letisha what will I do?He ended the relationsh!p,I will die if I don’t marry Dave”.Sandra cried on phone.
“Take it easy sister;we nee-d to see.Are you at home?”.Letisha asked
“yes……”Sandra replied.
“Am on my way,text me the address and plea-se dont do anything stupid,I beg you”.Letisha pleaded.
“Ok Letisha…….”.Sandra relied and hung up.
“How on earth did he find out if she didn’t tell him”.Letisha asked herself and got re-ady to leave.
Thirty minutes later,Letisha was at sandra’s house
“Letisha what will I do?he’s the only man who knows how to make me happy.I will die if I don’t spend the rest of my life with him”Sandra cried out
“Calm down Sandra,if he is truly meant for you he will come back.Nob©dy is above mistake.Just hold yourself together ok”.Letisha advised her.
“Its easy to say but difficult to do.Will I be able to love again?”Sandra cried
“Of course you will that’s if he doesn’t come back.But for now pls hold yourself,calm down” Letisha begged.
“Ok oooooo,ehh God……..God….”Sandra was still crying.
*********** ********* ************ ************
About two months later,Letisha’s pregnancy was now three months.Trust me she was becoming lazy,she can eat for Africa,she complains alot a as well.Fred was on live for a week,this time around Letisha was the one giving him a ha-rd time
“Fred……”Letisha called but didn’t get an answer “Fred……”.She called again and when she didn’t get an answer,she marched to the plasma t.v and switched it off
“Why did you do that?Dont you know i was watching something very interesting”?.Fred inquired.
“And so fv¢kin’ what?Whatever it is you were watching is not important and it cannot be compared to me.It is either you attend to me first or no watching of whatever it is….”Letisha ordered.
“Uhhhh i see!!!fine what is it?”Fred asked
“I want a plate of ice-cream,pepper soup and barbecue”.Letisha said in a baby-like manner
“Are you kidding me young lady?Who wants to eat all that?”
“Who else if not me'”Letisha replied
“But you just finished eating about 15minutes ago”.Fred said in surprised
“And so what?Does that st©p me from eating again.Look am hungry….”Letisha said
“You’re not serious”.Fred replied and adjusted himself in the chair
“Oooooo……… hungry oooo…………”Letisha cried this time around and sat down on the floor
“Ok ok fine,stand up…..let me go in and then we’ll go get it ok?”Fred said but she refused.
“No…..lets go like this.Besides who’s gonna complain”.Letisha said
“I can’t go like this Letisha,let me change”.Fred said almost shouting.
“Lets go”.Letisha ordered and picked his car keys and dragged him outside.Fred was putting on a three quarter jean(Knicker),it was designers but Fred hated to go out like that,except its within.But here he was been f0rç£d to go like that.
They’ve gone to three different eateries but Letisha was always finding fault,its either the food was not going to be sweet,or the place looks dirty to her.Fred was tired so he packed the car
“Listen,i dont have time for all this.If you know you’re no longer hungry then tell me lets go back home and stressing me”.Fred yelled at her.
“Fine lets go back home,am.always stressing you.Of its other people,you won’t complain.I’ll just eat what we have at home”.Letisha said gently
“Christ…….”Fred exclaimed and started the engine and they drove back home.When they got back home,Letisha just opened the door and went in without uttering a word to fred.
“Letisha”.Fred called
“Don’t talk to me”.Letisha replies and rushed into the house.In the process she bu-mped into uju who was also coming out
“Sorry ma”.Uju apologized
“Its ok”.Letisha replied
“Ma….your sister is here to see you.I actually told her to wait cuz i believed you will come back soon”.Uju explained
“No probs,where is she?”Letisha asked while walking in then she saw Sandra beautifully dressed in a black leggings and white t©p.
“Hello baby sister”.Sandra greeted.
“Hi Sandra,how is everything?i hope you’re okay?”.Letisha asked as she hvgged her sister.
“Letisha…..i…….”Fred st©pped immediately he saw Sandra.
“Oh my God!!!!!Letisha is this your husband?he looks so handsome.There’s no doubt because your baby will be handsome just like his father.Good afternoon Mr Fred Williams”.Sandra greeted
“Afternoon….you are
“Letisha’s elder sister”.Sandra replied
“Sandra right?”Fred asked
“Yes……”Sandra replied
“Its nice meeting you finally,I’ve so much about you.You two look alike,you’re highly welcomed”.Fred said
“Thank you”.Sandra replied while Fred went to his room
“Sandra you look happy;is there something you’re not telling me”?Letisha asked.
“Sure….a lot of them:actually I and Dave are back together”Sandra broke the news
“oh my!!!!!!!!that’s good news”.Letisha exclaimed
“Of course it is and that’s why I c@m£ to share it to you”.Sandra said and smiled
“yrs oo,am happy for you” Letisha replied .
“plea-se ehhh,I am hungry.That food I ate the other time I c@m£ here,is it still available?”Sandra asked and the two ladies bust into laughter
“Funny you”.Letisha said.
Fred later c@m£ out and they all ate together
Trust me if its me……i’ll stress you more😃😃😃😃