Contract game episode 6

A story written by #Akpan loveth#
The next day which was Thursday,all the maids were on live.Fred returned home late 8:30pm with three girls and two guys.As if that was not enough,they turned the house to a club.They were shouting and dancing,drinking alcohol as if it was a [email protected] the noise suddenly bec@m£ too much,Letisha c@m£ out.She saw two girls half n-ked,they were dancing uncontrollably,shaking their b00bs as if there was no tomorrow.While the other two guys were smoking,
“What is going on here”?Letisha asked but nob©dy responded.Since she was alre-ady vexed,she paused the music and asked again
“I said what is going on here”?Letisha asked again
“Why will it bother you”?one of the girls asked
“And what is that supposed to mean?Where is Fred”?Letisha asked again
“Ask him when you get to his room”.The other girl replied while the two guys just kept quiet.
Letisha left in anger and for the first time since she married fred,she badged into his room only to find a girl on t©p of Fred.They were busy enjoying the plea-sures of r0m@nç£.The way she opened the door made the girl scared
“Letisha what is the meaning of this?Why will you badge into my room just like that.Weren’t you thought how to knock”?Fred asked angrily.
“Fred,am supposed to be asking you the meaning of this nons-en-se.Why will you bring your friends to the house at this time of the night?are you having a p@rty?even if its a p@rty,must it be at this time”?Letisha asked
“What???in my own house?Do i nee-d to remind you why you’re here.It shouldn’t be bothering you;Letisha this is my house and i choose to do whatever plea-ses me so don’t complain cuz you don’t have any right to”.Fred barked at her angrily.
“Really”?Letisha asked coldly.
“Yes……now get out of my room”.Fred ordered.
Letisha could not say a word,she just turned and headed back to her room.While Fred and the girl continued from where they st©pped.Letisha cried all throu-gh the night.The maids resumes work the next day which was Friday and that was the day Mr Clark was coming over.When Letisha woke up ,it was alre-ady few minutes to 9.She stood up and stared at the mirror,seeing her eyes swollen up like that reminded her that she cried the previous night.After bathing,she l@yon the be-d and began to ponder on what life had in stock for her.Only for her to wake up again at 12:15pm,time flies so fast
“So I sle-pt off again?funny me….”.She said and stood up
“Yes ma”.Jessica answers from the kitchen”Good morning ma”
“Well done”.Letisha replied with her hands on her w@!st”Have you seen my husband since morning”?Letisha asked.
“He went to work very early with his friends”.Jessica replied
“So they even sle-pt over”?Letisha asked without directing the question to her.”ok no problem,is breakfast re-ady?”
“Yes ma”
“Bring it to my room;where is Juliet and the rest”?Letisha asked referring to the maids.
“Nkechi went to the market,while Juliet is as-sisting me in the kitchen,Uju and Cynthia should be in the garden”.Jessica replied.
“Ok…tell them to tidy up this house because we’re having a special guest today ok”.Letisha asked
“ok ma”.Jessica replied and went back to the kitchen.
********** ******** *********** ********** *******
At about 4pm,Fred returned back home.Letisha was in the kitchen preparing Mr Clark favorite food which was Egusi soup and Akpu.
“Welcome sir”.Juliet greeted him in the sitting room.
“Thank you……this place looks wonderful,it looks more beautiful.Who re-arranged everything”?Fred asked
“Its madam”.juliet replied
“Wow…where is she”?
Just then Letisha c@m£ out of the kitchen.Fred was short of words.She was wearing a short go-wn that was above her knees,for the first time in ages……..letisha was dressing like a young girl and not like an old woman which was normally her routine.Fred was confused that he didn’t even know when he said
“Hi sweetie”.
Letisha turned,stared at him from head to toe and went her way without replying.Fred was ashamed of himself when he remembered what transpired between the both of them last night.He nee-ded to apologize just to make sure their disagreement won’t be noticed by his father when he finally comes.So he quic-kly followed her,she was actually going to get a cold water for herself when Fred blocked her way
“We nee-d to talk”.Fred said
“There’s nothing to talk about young man,and you’re on my way”.Letisha said and tried to make way for herself but Fred refused
“Letisha listen…….am sorry for whatever happened yesterday.The truth is that i was hor-nyand I nee-ded to………
“Fred st©p this madness……,I didn’t ask for your explanations.It has pas-sed so let me be.Like you said,I have no right to complain”.Letisha replied without looking at him.
“Are you telling me that you’re not angry about what happened yesterday”?Fred asked.
“Its a thing of the past….so plea-se leave my way.”Letisha replied
“Thanks”.Fred appreciated her and left to his room.
The food was re-ady and Mr Clark was alre-ady at the door.Letisha knew he was the one so she quic-kly went to get the door
“Hello daughter-in-law”.
“Father………….i missed you so much……welcome…..come inside plea-se”.Letisha welcome him with a hvg and made way for him to enter and have his sit.
“Really?But you don’t visit me…..,you’re just so tied to your husband”.
“Father……no…..its not like that……..”.Letisha tried to explain
“Then its like how”?Mr Clark asked.
Letisha couldn’t reply,she just smiled and changed the t©pic.
“Father… was work today,I mean hope you didn’t stress yourself”?Letisha asked
“Of course not……..where is Fred for Christ sake.Or he doesn’t want to welcome me”?Mr Clark asked while Fred replied from nowhere
“Dad…….you know I wouldn’t do a thing like that.You’re not looking bad old man…..”Fred tickled his father and sat down close to his wife.
“Hey…..sweetie,who told you father is old?Listen up he looks even younger than you are”.Letisha said
“Oh yes……two against one,Fred do you still have another one to say”?Mr Clark asked.
“No….dad,I give up”.Fred responded and they all went into laughter.
They discussed more and ate dinner together.The truth was that Letisha was having a ha-rd time with the pretense,especially when she had to call him sweetie whenever she wanted to talk to him.They discussed till it was after 8 and then Mr Clark stood up to leave
“I nee-d to be on my way now……letisha…
“Yes father,you’re one of the best cook I’ve ever seen,no wonder why my son fell in love immediately.You’re really fun to be with,I enjoy your company”.
“Thanks father……am blu-shing alre-ady”.Letisha said and covered her face with her hands
“plea-se take care of my son……he’s my eye”.Mr cark pleaded
“I will father”.Letisha replied.
“Promise you will daughter”.Mr Clark said with seriousness.
That was a difficult thing to do.To promise him that she was gonna take care of Fred,which simply means she will have to do anything he wants.
“I promise father,I will”.Letisha replied coldly
“Thank you”.
They esc-rted him outside and off he went.
Lets see if she will be able to fulfill the promise