Contract game episode 5

A week later,Sandra c@m£ to the house to visit her,it was a hvge surprise cuz she never thought Sandra knew her house.
“Oh my God!!!Letisha look at where you live?you are so mean to tell me that you live in this big mansion alone with husband and maids.Ha… must be a queen in here……look at these flowers”.sandra said as she was busy admiring the beauty of the house
“Sandra c’mon,st©p acting weird,I know you’ve seen better once than this”.Letisha said.
“Letisha you won’t un-derstand,this house is the most beautiful mansions I have ever seen”.
“Really…..hmmmm,its interesting but you know what? My days here are numbered”.Letisha said feeling less concerned
“What do you mean by your days here are numbered”?Sandra asked as she took her seat.
“plea-se let this be our little secret”.Letisha pleaded while Sandra nodded in agreement
“We are actually pla-ying a game”.Letisha said without knowing the right word to use
“What do you mean by pla-ying a game?And who are you pla-ying a game with?”
“This whole marriage stuff is all a contract in which I’ll be paid ten million naira after giving birth to a baby.”Letisha explained.
“St©p shouting,you might attra-ct the attention of the maids”.
“Why will you do such a thing?don’t you know it simply makes you cheap”.sandra said.
“Sandra I had no other choice than to accept.The suffering is just too much.There’s no harm in it,especially when S-x is not involved”.Letisha replied
“Letisha……. how are you sure this has nothing to do with rituals?”Sandra asked
“Oh plea-se Sandra if Fred was a ritualist,I could have known a long time ago,so don’t be scared.I know what ten million can do in my life”.Letisha as-sured her.
“Poverty is a disease……..i dont blame you my sister.I have even st©pped prostitution,i what to settle down,am tired of my old life”.Sandra said
“Settle down?but you know no man would want to hook up with you when they find out about your past life or life story”
“I know but I just hope am doing the right thing.Am not gonna tell him,and I pray he doesn’t find out……David………that’s his name”.Sandra explained further
“Are you really sure about this sister?”Letisha aksed
“I dont know but I hope am doing the right thing”.
“Hmm ok,all is gonna be fine someday,we won’t live like this forever”.Letisha said.
“By the way,what do you think about Richa-rd ‘s case?what are we going to do about it”?Sandra asked
“Dont worry about that,my husband has taken care of it,as we’re talking now Richa-rd is working out his admission”.
“Oh my……..poor boy…..all thanks to our in-law”.
“Na you know ooo…..look at me oo I haven’t even entertained you….pardon my manners.Nkechi……..pls come”
“Yes ma”
“What did you prepare for lunch”?
“Fried rice and chicken”
“But I remember telling you to prepare Yam,or was it just my imagination or probably a dream?”Letisha asked
“No ma its not…….it was sir Fred’s instructions that he wanted you to eat fried rice and chicken just to make sure his baby is strong and healthy”
“Who the hell does he think he is to tell me what to eat and what not to eat”?she fired back at her.
“He is the man sister,your lovely better half……”Sandra said in a low tone
“fv¢k Fred and his silly instructions…..go and serve it”Letisha said
“ok ma”
The two sisters discussed some other things before heading to the dinning to eat.
********** *********** *********** ************
Mr Clark has been very busy with work to the extent that he hasn’t visited his son since he got married,so he thought it will be better to say hi to them on his way from work on Friday.
“Hello son”
“Yes dad
“I just called to notify you that I’ll be st©pping by at the house on Friday just to say hi to you and your wife.You know I’ve not even spent time with Letisha but I think it will be a good idea to come over or what do you think?”.Mr Clark asked.
“Dad its ok with me,we’ll be expecting you”.Fred replied coldly
“Ok extend my greetings to her”.Mr Clark concluded and hung up.
When Fred got home,he was really hungry but that wasn’t a problem because dinner was re-ady.So he went straight to his room,showered and c@m£ out with his night dress to eat.Letisha was alre-ady waiting for him
“What took you so long?”
“You wouldn’t want to know so st©p asking”.Fred replied
“Why are you always like this?why are you replying as if we had a quarrel or something?why can’t you be nice for once?”Letisha asked angrily.
“And why are you also like this?can’t you just try to keep quiet?must you ask me everything?”Fred fired back at her.
Letisha was alre-ady annoyed so she stood up to leave
“And where do you think you’re going to”?
“I’ve lost my appetite,so enjoy your meal”.she replied
“My dad will be coming over on Friday.Make sure you behave yourself on that day and don’t put up this your silly attitude.Pl@ythe role of a loving wife and I wil also do my p@rt”.Fred concluded and started eating while Letisha ran to her room in anger
“Why am I always picking offence with everything he does?am supposed to be used to it by now;after all its not a real marriage.I shouldn’t be expecting happiness”.Letisha said to herself as she sat on her be-d.
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