Contract game episode 4

Fred was happy, resuming work after a month.He felt like he has missed a lot,the good times he always had with his best friend(Daniel)who was his best man,now he’s back.It seems everyone in the company missed him,with the way they were greeting and smiling at him,it truly shows that
“Hey man……,welcome back”.Daniel greeted him as the two guys hvgged each each other.
“I missed you man,you look fresh……wow its like someone has been enjoying a ladies food since I left.Confess now……who is she”?Fred said jovially.
“Look who is talking… look better than I am”.Daniel replied.
“And who said so?”Fred asked.
“I said so man……its good to be married”.Daniel said.
“Even when you knw the kind of marriage am into?”.Fred asked.
“Listen up man,marriage is marriage…..i dont know why you decided to make this whole thing a deal or whatever it is you call it,just forget the past and move on”.Daniel advised him
“Not after pas-sing throu-gh three consecutive heartbreaks.No girl deserves my love……all I want is my child and after that… over…….i dont have time for love anymore.My heart is locked”.Fred replied sadly.
“I un-derstand but……….”
“Daniel pls……….dont spoil my day;lets talk about something else plea-se………”.Fred said a little bit disappointed.
“Fine ok…….i give up……….
Daniel was about to continue when the office door opened and Fred’s dad c@m£ in
“Hi dad…….”Fred greeted.
“Oh son… are you doing?how are you enjoying your marriage life?”.Mr Clark Adam asked
“Dad….everything is okay.You know what?At first I thought my marriage was going to be boring but since I got married to the most amazing woman on earth,everything is going smoothly.Back then i used to buy food out there but now i happily enjoy home made food.Seriously speaking dad,its good to be married”.Fred lied.
“Interesting!!!!especially when i know your di-ck will only go to one v****a.Its good to be married son”.Mr Clark said without staring directly at his son.
“Oh dad……plea-se st©p”.Fred said and smiled.
“Fred…….dad is right you know?”.Daniel said in support of Mr Clark.
“Dad….you don’t expect one to eat only one type of food for the rest of his life….do you”?Fred asked.
“Hmmmmm…… have to eat it.That’s what you signed for the very day you said yes I will.Or don’t tell me you are………..
“No dad am not………Letisha is the best.I can’t afford to loose her for any reason”.Fred replied boldly
“Fred……fred….you don’t nee-d to pay for se-x again,all you nee-d to do is ask and receive”.Daniel tea-sed him.
Fred quic-kly got up and pursued him and the two adult were running round like kids.
********* ******** ******* ********** *********** ********** ******
Fred employed five maids just to make sure Letisha won’t stress his baby.All she nee-ded to do was to wake up,bath herself,eat and sleep.She even found the situation annoying but after all it wasn’t her money she was to use in paying the maids so why will she complain?.Letisha’s parents didn’t even bother to check on her as time went on.She was all alone in that big mansion.
On Sunday evening when everyone was back from church,she was watching movie in the sitting room when the gateman interrupted her.
“Madam,this boy be say e wan see you”.Bola the gate man said.Letisha was still focused on the t.v.
“Madam…………..”.Bola called again.
“Yes……yes……”Letisha replied and raised her face up only to see her younger brother(Richa-rd )standing next to the gate man.
“Richie……..what are you doing here?”Letisha stood up and hvgged her brother.Its been over a year since she saw him,he didn’t even show up at her wedding for reasons best known to him.
“Auntie…….am tired of this life.Papa and mama are even ma-king things more complicated”.Richa-rd said with tears running down his cheeks.He was 21yrs.
“No na……..sit down,wipe your tears and talk to me.Richie ……calm down,what happened?”Letisha asked while Bola left.Not knowing that Fred was eavesdropping.
“I made my jamb and after telling papa and mama,they felt less concerned and told me it was of no use since they had no money to sponsor me.Why on earth did they give birth to me when they know they won’t be able to attend to my nee-ds.I was the one that struggled for the jamb enrollment fees,and after everything they want me to…………”.Richa-rd didn’t complete the s£ntence then he bust into tears.
“Richie……plea-se calm down………don’t blame them……..i believe they really don’t have”.Letisha corrected him.
“Auntie…….you are only trying to cover up for them.It was still their silly attitude that made Aunty Sandra leave the village,same reason why you left,and I believe its still gonna be the reason why i will leave”.Richa-rd said amidst tears.
“Calm down now,was that the reason why you didn’t show up on my wedding?”Letisha asked.
“Papa didn’t allow me,he asked me to watch over the house.They even refused to give me your house address but i got it from Auntie Sandra”.Richa-rd explained.
“Both of you have been communicating right?”Letisha asked.
“We talk sometimes but with my friends phone”.
“Its okay… know……..i believe its ignorance that’s ma-king the whole issue this complicated………things will be fine very soon.I’ll call Sandra tomorrow and we’ll look for a way to run your admission”.Letisha as-sured him and Fred suddenly c@m£ out from nowhere
“What would you like to become in life?”Fred asked as he sat closer to Letisha.
“Sir…….a mechanical engineer”.Richa-rd replied.
“Hmmmm interesting… problem…’ve got my support.Am fred by name,your sister’s husband.I’ve met majority of your family members excluding you and Sandra but i think i now know why.So dear feel at home”.Fred concluded.
“Ok sir”
“Jessica…………”he called again but no response so he called another “Nkechi…….”
“Sir……”.Nkechi answered and c@m£ out from the kitchen
“Serve him a soft drink and make him lunch;he must be very hungry by now.”Fred ordered.
“Ok sir…..”She replied and went back to the kitchen.
“My dear don’t worry,your sister will sponsor your education”.Fred said without staring at her.
“And what is that supposed to mean?”Letisha who has been quiet finally asked.
“You know……..since we got married,her problems turned to my problems as well,you know why?cuz we are no longer two but one.So whatever is her wish,i’ll gladly do it.That’s why I said so……we will give you our support”.Fred concluded
“Eh………eh brother thank you……..God bless you.Your marriage shall be a blessing,your children surrounds your table,you will see your children children…..thus saith the lord of host……….brother thank you”.Richa-rd knelt down and began to thank Fred.Nkechi later c@m£ back with a soft drink and informed him that the lunch was alre-ady served.
“its ok….go and eat your food pls.Nkechi show him the guest room once he’s throu-gh with his food.”Fred ordered.
“Ok sir…..”Nkechi replied.
Letisha left to her room while Fred followed her.If only Richa-rd knew it was all a game,he wouldn’t be singing such a song to them.Children surrounds their table…….which children?.Letisha was still thinking
“Thanks”.Letisha said
“For what?”
“You’re asking as if you don’t know”.Letisha said.
“Hmmmm,why will I be asking if I know”.Fred said and moved closer to her while she took some steps backwards,this continued till she was alre-ady at edge of the wall.
“I did that for my baby boy not you Letisha;so don’t be carried away by those sweet words cuz it will do you no good”.Fred said and stared into her eyes.
“Fine but plea-se……..move aside….”.Letisha’s heart was now beating very fast.
“Is there something you’re not telling me Letisha?or are you scared that i might k!ssyou or………”.Fred took hisl-ips closer to hers as if he wanted to k!ssher.
“Fred plea-se move aside,plea-se i beg you”.Letisha pleaded and was struggling to free herself while Fred on his own was giving her a ha-rd time.
He never had the intention of k!ss!ngher.They were still battling on who to give up when Fred’s phone rang,then he picked the phone from his pocket and went out.Letisha quic-kly heaved a sigh of relief,with her b©dy we-t with sweat