Contract game episode 20

Just the way things were not going well for Letisha,Richa-rd was broke in school.
He had no pocket money,he nee-ded to buy textbooks,he has even been wondering why Fred has not s£nt money to him.So he called his sister to know what is going on
“Hello Richy boy”.Letisha sounded from the phone
“Hello Aunty……..good evening”.
“Evening dear,how are you doing over there”?.Letisha asked
“Am fine…….sorry I couldn’t show up when u delivered,I was busy at school”.
“Its okay…….i un-derstand”.Letisha as-sured him
“Aunty how is uncle Fred”?Richa-rd asked
“He is fine dear”.Letisha replied faintly
“How come he no longer s£nds money to me as we’re talking now am broke,and i nee-d to settle some issues over here and it all requires money”.Richa-rd poured out
“Dont worry I’ll see what i can do about it.He has been very busy that’s why or maybe he forgot but not too worry I’ll take care of it”.Letisha as-sured him
“Hmmm if you say so”.
“Alright…bye for now”.Letisha said and hung up.
She started crying immediately she ended the call(I wonder we-tin de make her cry self)
Fred was seated with his legs on his office table while Daniel was sitting opposite him.
“So”?Daniel asked
“So what”?Fred asked back in confusion
“Well what are you going to do about it?I mean how are you guys going to settle this issue cuz you’re getting me confused”.Daniel asked
“Hmmm well……..its simple.Just for me to create chance,pay her an unexpected visit and explain things to her”.Fred said
“Is that all”?Daniel asked
“Hmmm ok…….am always at your back provided its something that will favor you.I wish you good luck”.Daniel said and Fred laughed
“Why are you ma-king it seem as if am going on a journey”?Fred asked
“Its more than a journey na……..especially when u have a lot of explanations to make,a lot of begging and many more……….Christ!!!its somehow funny”.Daniel said and stood up to leave
“…….sometimes i begin to imagine how i knew you…….you don’t even know when someone is serious”.Fred said
“Ummmm i gat work to do Fred,take care and like i said i wish u good luck”.Daniel said and went out
“Oh yea………he wishes me good luck??Interesting!!!!”.Fred said to himself and smiled.
That same day Letisha was fully dressed,waiting for Fred to call her.She was still expecting the call when Richa-rd c@m£ in
“Richy……how did you get here”?Letisha asked
“Aunty…..i knew it that something wasn’t right.Why didn’t you tell me you had a problem with uncle Fred”.Richa-rd asked with a serious face
“And what is that supposed to mean”?
“At least you should have told me so as i wouldn’t just keep expecting.I called you yesterday,instead of you to tell me you were busy consoling me”.Richa-rd said in anger.
Letisha was annoyed m,so she sl@pped him
“How dare you?You think its easy for me right?Ooooooo you can now talk back at me Richa-rd ?what an insult!!listen to me nob©dy was there to train me,the little i know today is because of how inquisitive i am.But you are here running your mouth on me as if you are the one providing the money for your school fees,as-suming i didn’t meet Fred,would you be a student now”?Letisha asked in anger
“What am trying to say is that you could have used the opportunity wisely rather than sign a contract with him.Now that the contract is over or should i say closed what happens to my schooling Auntie”?Richa-rd asked again and this time around he was shouting
“Keep quiet……you know what??i have had enough of your ru-bbish…….i have my own problems to take care of ok……..get out”.Letisha ordered.
Richa-rd was still looking round to know if the order made was to him
“I said get out right now”Letisha shouted and pointed at the door while Richa-rd left.
(Do you think that was the best thing to do)
Letisha waited for the while of that say but Fred didn’t call.So she as-sumed the case was adjourn till some other time
Letisha was in her sitting room with the nanny,she was focused on the the while the nanny was attending to the kids.
“I dont even know if am becoming lazy………you’re not doing this thing well and at the same time for me to do it by myself is ha-rd .Besides why are you a nanny anyway”.Letisha said but didn’t make a move in helping the nanny out.
“Seriously speaking sister,you complain too much and its annoying you know”.Sandra said as she comes in
“Hey……this your visit is becoming something else ooooo,why won’t you tell me before coming?Abi na because say i always de stay house”.Letisha said as she stood up to meet her sister but was surprised at who she saw with her
“Is it wrong to visit you again”?.Sandra asked jovially
“What is he doing here??Why did you show him my house?Listen young man you’re not welcomed”.Letisha said to Fred
“Why are you putting up that kind of attitude Letisha?Dont act as if you’re not happy to see me cuz i know you’ve been dieing to set eyes on me”.Fred said and wi-nks
“What?Fred you’re the most annoying person i have ever seen and known so far….why am i even wasting my time talking to you?Get out before i open my eyes”.Letisha said and closed her eyes
“Letisha just listen to what he had to say first”.Sandra said calmly.At this point the nanny stood up and took the kids inside
“I dont want to listen to whatever you have to say ok……..the sight of you annoys me”.Letisha said aangrily
“I wonder why you’re shouting…….but listen am not going anywhere until we settle things”.Fred said and sat down
“Wow……it seems you were prepared before coming here but am gonna prove you wrong”.Letisha said and went into the kitchen.
“Fred…….look its better you leave cuz my sister can act so stupidly when she’s angry plea-se”.Sandra advised him
“Can she pu-ll the trigger at me?Will she be able to stand it”?Fred asked in seriousness
“Oooooo just listen to me na……you have to go plea-se”.Sandra pleaded but Fred was still sitting down.
Just then Letisha c@m£ out of the kitchen with a knife,she was so serious and she was coming in full speed,when Fred saw her he stood up and faced her
“Ahhhhhh…….”.Letisha shouted as she raised the knife in anger to stab Fred
“St©p……..”Sandra shouted at same time
“Yes……..stab me!!Stab me……..”.Fred said and Letisha st©pped but the knife was still in her hand as she raised it up
“What……..what……….did……you say”?Letisha asked Fred as she stared into his eyes.
At this point both of them were standing very close to each other
“Letisha stab me!!!if that will make you happy,if it will make you fulfilled then do it…….if its what you’ve been longing for then stab me ok”.Fred said in seriousness and his eyes were so red.
Sandra could not move an inch near them.They were still looking into each others eyes but Letisha suddenly bust into tears
“I hate you………i regret ever meeting you Fred……you are the worst thing that has ever happened in my life.I hate you!!!re-ad myl-ips Fred,I hate you!”.Letisha screamed while the knife was still in her hands
“Say it all…….is that all”?Fred asked in pity
“Fred……..i regret the day i said yes i will in the altar,i hate you for ever ma-king me to sign a contract with you.I hate you the more when i remembered the day you took my vir-ginity….i hate everything about you”.Letisha poured out her mind.
At the mention of the word ‘vir-ginity’ Sandra opened her mouth cuz she didn’t know they’ve even had S-x and besides Letisha was still a v!rg!nup till then.
“I know all that Letisha and i………i am sorry.I dont know how to say this but am sorry…..i have wronged you,i have…….”.Fred tried to explain but Letisha cut him short
“Why are you apologizing now?When i nee-ded the apology,you didn’t give me so why do you think its of a use to me now”?Letisha asked
“Letisha you have to listen to me.I know i have been cruel to you,i know i have not been nice but i promise to change plea-se just give me a chance”.Fred begged
“What……..why….why are you asking for a chance?Why are you even apologizing to me”?Letisha asked in confusion.
“Because i love you Letisha”.Fred replied and the knife fell from Letisha’s hands
“You what”?Letisha asked again
At this point………..what will be your reaction😞😞😞
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