Contract game episode 19

Letisha could not sleep,she knew she would never win the case.She had sleepless night over the issue.The next day she went to a saloon to make her hair,just imagine the way people were staring at her,the shame was too much so she changed direction to another saloon.Immediately she left the previous saloon
“That is the rich man’s wife”.the owner of the saloon said
“Which rich man”?a customer asked
“This emm……emmm……what is that his name again?emm…….ehen Fred Adams,that is his wife”.she said again
“Really??but I thought she was pregnant or has she given birth”?the other one asked
“She has given birth since na…….but do you know that she stole Mr Fred Adams money and ran away as it stands now she is wanted by her husband”.the owner of the saloon said again
“Madam saloon…..u too like aproko,focus on your saloon jare.After all it is her husband’s money and they have it in surplus so she can decide to take any amount she wants or do you want to tell me that you haven’t picked your husband money before”.Another customer asked
“And so……abeg let her tell me the latest gist jor”.the first customer said
“Latest gist will kill you…….and besides you are a lady like her.Go and get married so as people will use ur own as latest gist too”.the other customer said and they kept quiet.(Women too like aproko self)
Mr Clark was counting the days,and he knew very well that Fred was left with 7days to make peace with Letisha else he’ll loose everything.
“Fred”.Mr Clark called
“Yes dad”.
“How far have you gone with it?Are you too together now”?Mr Clark asked.
“Dad…..Letisha is a very stubborn type,she has not given me the opportunity to talk to her”.Fred lied
“Hmmm so what is your next line of action”?He asked again
“I have my plans dad”.
“If you say so”.Mr Clark said and focused on his news paper.
Letisha was in her room when sandra c@m£ in.She didnt even know someone was in the room with her.All her mind was that she was alone with her kids.She la-id the kids on the be-d and sat opposite them and was talking
“I won’t allow him to take you away from me.I won’t allow him to unleash his anger on you guys.I will protect both of you”.Letisha said and tears rolled down her cheeks.The kids were just giggled while she wiped her tears and continued
“I used to love your father but he turned that love to hatred.He used me that’s why I’ll never allow him to take u guys,I dont want you guys to experience how cruel he is.I want you guys to be loved all the time.Though a p@rt of me still loves him but….
“There’s no but in it sister”.Sandra cut in.Letisha was shocked and she quic-kly tried to wipe her tears
“Hey……when did you come in”?Letisha asked
“Letisha you’re hurting……… this why you took the kids?Oh my God!!!!and you didn’t tell me?Why……”.Sandra asked
“You told me not to reveal my feelings to him…….that it will only make him to use me and I adhered to the advice”.Letisha confessed
“No…….you over did it Letisha”.Sandra asked
“Its of no use no matter what you say”.Letisha said and wiped her tears
“The case is in court alre-ady…..”.Letisha said
“”Hmmmm has it gone that far”?Sandra asked
“That’s what he said”.
“But i believe love is the only solution”.
“Sandra plea-se st©p suggesting……am sick and tired of listening to love stories”.Letisha said and adjusted her eldest baby.
Just then her phone rang and it was fred
“Hello wify”.Fred sounded on the phone
“Hi Fred……am i wanted in court now”?Letisha asked
“Not today but tomorrow……..get prepared to defend yourself with my ten million and my kids as well.I dont stress issues,take care of my boys ok bye”.Fred hung up without even giving her a chance to speak
“You see!!!!tomorrow”?Letisha said and bust into tears
“Calm down na…….dont cry I’ll talk to Fred.Calm down……..”.Sandra tried to pacify her.
Thirty minutes later,Sandra was at Fred’s house
“Fred what game are you trying to pl@ywith my sister again?What’s all this?this contract stuff is really getting me pissed off right now,i nee-d a reasonable explanation of what is going on”.Sandra said angrily
“I dont un-derstand what you mean”.Fred replied
“Is this case ripe enough to be taken to the court?What happens to my sister if she doesn’t win the case”.Sandra asked
“You shout too much and its not good.Sit down and I’ll tell you what’s going on”.Fred said and Sandra sat down.
Fred explained everything to her un-derstanding and she had to open up to him
“The truth is that Letisha loves you but she is scared to tell you.And besides she was supposed to tell you a long time ago but it was my idea for her not to tell you.Am sorry about that but i thought it would be the best,i never knew this issue would extend this far”.Sandra confessed while Fred breath in
“So what now”.Fred asked
“She’ll explain the rest when u see her”.Sandra as-sured him
“Then what are we still waiting for?Lets go now”.Fred stood up hurriedly and smiled
“Wait wait wait…….not today na,i nee-d to go home and relax for a Job well done”.Sandra said and smiled,took her hand bag and left while Fred saw her off.
Fred c@m£ back inside and said to himself
“If Letisha accepts me as her husband………..what?am her husband na.Fine let me say if she accepts to love me with the whole of her heart from now on,then I’ll get her the most expensive gift I can think of”.Fred said and smiled.
Can this two really be together?