Contract game episode 18

Fred was no longer himself,he was re-ady to make amends for his past mistakes.He knew he was at fault but talking about amends,how was he going to go about it.Letisha is someone who wouldn’t want to listen to him no matter what,considering fred’s past life,she was never going to forgive him.
Different thoughts were just swimming in Fred’s head,he was still thinking that he didn’t even know when the time past 12:30am,it was someone’s cold hands that brou-ght him back to reality.
“Mama……are you still awake”?Fred asked,referring to Letisha’s mum.
“You too……are you still thinking at this time of the night”?Mrs Michael asked
“Mama…..i have no choice.I didn’t really know things would get this complicated now.Seriously mama,am confused I dont know what to do”.Fred confessed.
“Why did you too sign this kind of thing in the first place”?Mrs Michaels asked
“Mama you won’t un-derstand”.Fred said and brou-ght his head down with his hands on it.
“Hmmmmm my son,no matter the size of the situation just keep believing that someday it will be settled”.Mrs. Michael encouraged
“You think so”?Fred asked
“Yes i know so”.Mrs Michael replied
“Hmmm ok oo”.Fred replied and prepared to continue from where he st©pped his thinking.
“Now stand up…….go in and sleep.Tomorrow is a working day,and i know you’ll go to the office so go and rest now”.Mrs Michael said and held him up.
“Thanks mama……you’ve been really kind to me.Words can’t express how happy i am”.
“Its ok…….goodnight”.
“Goodnight mama”.Fred replied and went to his room.
Fred woke up at 6:40am,he was so thankful to Mrs Michael if not reverse could have been the case.He was throu-gh within 30 minutes,you know na not like girls who will first of all be selecting the shoe that will match the hand bag,before they will even talk of applying make up(Artificial beauty……..lolz).
“Mama…….am off to work”.
“Ok son see you”.Mrs Michael replied.
Fred dashed out of the house.He was missed so much.The love and care of a mother……..that’s why he considers himself lucky to be spending time with Letisha’s mum.Especially when she lives in his house.
“How about us planning our wedding soon”?David asked.
“Baby you see……i would really love it ooo but as it stands now things are not going well in my family.Like you know my sister is still having little issues with my mum,it will take some time before she reconciles with her.To me i believe if she can settle things with her husband soon,then definitely my parents case won’t be exceptional.But as you know,the issues are just too much to the extend that me too am confused”.Sandra said and scratch her head.
“I un-derstand…….its ok anyway but don’t worry everything will be fine”.
“I’ve been hoping so”.Sandra replied.
Fred was sitting down with his legs on the table.
“Let him in”.Fred said over the phone.And not up to a minute a young guy c@m£ in.He was six feet tall,light in complexion.He was holding a small file
“How did it go Ben”?Fred asked
“Boss,i was able to track her down to her new house”.Ben replied.
“Good…… the details”.Fred inquired.
The guy was about to speak when Daniel walked in,so Ben st©pped talking.
“Dont worry go on”.Fred ordered and the guy handed the file to him.He collected it,went throu-gh it and nodded his head.
“Hmmmm So this is where she is hiding my kids”?Fred asked rhetorically
“Fred……just make peace with her for ones.No nee-d for this investigation or whatever”.Daniel adviced after taking a proper look at the kids picture and the house.
“What peace are you talking about?I have given her the ten million.If its for her to come back to the house,i have no problem with that.I dont know why she’s ma-king this whole thing an issue.Fine…..keep one and give me one she refused.So what else do you want me to do”.Fred said and turned to notice that Ben was still standing”You can now go,I’ll call you when i nee-d help”.
“Ok boss”.
“I asked you a question the other time but you didn’t take it serious”.Daniel reminded him.
“What was the question again”?Fred asked.
“Do you love Letisha”?Daniel asked
“Hmmmm why this question na”.Fred complained
“Fred……..its a simple question,its just the two of us here so tell me do you love her”?Daniel asked again
“Emm……emm….fine I don’t really know how to put it but i just can’t st©p thinking of her.And the truth is that whenever am with her,there’s this unknown happiness that fills my heart.So could that be love”?Fred asked.
Daniel first of all laughed before giving him an answer
“Of course Fred that’s symptoms of love”.
“Ehen……you said it not me”.Fred said
“And i know very well that you didn’t confess it to her before she moved out of the house or did you”?Daniel asked.
“Look for her and tell her.Maybe that will help matters”.Daniel suggested
“You aren’t funny……the Letisha i know will pour spit on your face and throw you out.If possible she had h0t water,she will bath you with it and before you will recover from it she might have gotten married to someone else”.Fred said and Daniel bust into laughter.
Fred closed from work at 4:30pm,going home was so tiring.Everything at home was boring,it now dawned on him that Letisha was the one who was ma-king his everyday special.Now he knew that the marriage was not boring,he c@m£ to realize that he was the one that caused everything.He c@m£ back and threw his brief case on the chair in the sitting room,and sat down
“Welcome sir…….dinner is re-ady”?Nkechi said and took his brief case to his room.
Not up to 30 seconds Jessica c@m£ in.She was sweating profusely,it seems she was in a hurry,she even ran pas-sed Fred
“Hey…..hey….come back here……….where are you coming from”?Fred asked
“Welcome sir”.Jessica greeted and avoided the question
“Is that the answer to the question I asked you”?Fred barked at her
“No sir”.Jessica replied and brou-ght her down
“Then……..”.Fred inquired
“Am coming from the backyard”.
“What is your business with the backyard?You’re always coming from the backyard…….are you the gardener”?Fred asked confusingly
“There’s something wrong with you but you don’t know.Coming from the backyard and you’re sweating like you’ve been running a marathon race?No problem…..go”.Fred said while Jessica rushed in.
He was still in the sitting room
“Oh……you’re back….welcome son”.Mrs Michael said
“Yea mum”.
“I know you’re still thinking about my daughter.Let me give you an expo on what to do and trust me it will work”.Mrs Letisha said while Fred draw closer to her.
Mrs Michael whispered something to his ears and Fred smiled
“Mama…….are you sure it will work”?
“She’s my daughter…….since the day I stepped into this house I saw the love she have for you.And trust me,it will work just give it a trial”.
“Ok mama”.Fred replied and brou-ght out his phone
“Hello letisha…..”.Fred called out
“I never knew you would call me Fred…….or tell me why the call or you what us to exchange words a little”.Letisha asked
“No….no….no why will I do that.Exchange of words is meant for women,and u know am not a woman.Am a man of few words and also……
“Go straight to the point Fred”.Letisha cut in
“Yes…….since you don’t want to give me what rightfully belongs to me then I have no other choice than to take this case to court.So I just called to inform you………stay cool and get re-ady to defend yourself”.Fred said and hung up
“No…………….Fred……….oh my God what am I going to do?Oh……….Fred you can’t do this”.
(Why you come de panick now)