Contract game episode 17

Trust press na,newspaper don carry news.The news was now everywhere that the wife of Mr Fred Adams was nowhere to be found with the kids.Not too long,Mr Clark heard it,he couldn’t believe his ears so he called Fred
“Fred what’s this am hearing”?Mr Clark asked
“Dad its not something we can discuss on phone”.Fred replied
“I want you in my house right away…..have i made myself clear”?Mr Clark ordered
“Yes dad”.Fred replied and made way to his fathers house.
Immediately Fred c@m£ out of the sitting room,he saw Jessica coming from the backyard and that way led to Nkems room and the garden.Jessica was even shocked to see Fred cuz she didn’t expect him to still be at home at that time of the day
“Good afternoon sir”.
“What’s good about this afternoon?where are u coming from”?Fred asked
“From……….from…..the backyard”.
“Yes of course i know its the backyard but my question is why”.Fred asked in a more confusing manner
“Em………em……..”Jessica stammered
“You’re confused??Get lost!!!!”.Fred barked at her,entered his car and drove off.
Fred got to his fathers house and explained everything to him,from how they met to how they signed the contract.His father was astonished and at the same time he was angry cuz he never expected such from him
“Fred…….are u kidding me”?.
“Dad……i didn’t expect it to be this wi-de and besides…….”.Fred didn’t complete his statement before his father cut in
“Now you listen to me……u better look for that girl and bring her home in good health.If you loose her,bear it in mind that you loose everything you have ever worked for,the company,the boutique and whatever it is you own.You know why?because I can’t watch u loose a precious stone just like that.So you better look for her or else forget you ever had a dad”.Mr Clark concluded and took the last drop of wine on his glas-s
“But dad…….i can’t love again…….you know what I have pas-sed throu-gh in the hands of women and am not re-ady to go throu-gh any again”.Fred said sadly
“Fred………i have spoken,you have 14days to do as I have said”.Mr Clark said and went upstairs leaving Fred behind.
“What have I gotten myself into”?.Fred asked himself as he scratches his head for new ideas.This time around he was lost,he had no plans at all.
She was just a loner if she didn’t call her sister.All her life,the only person that was so close to her was her sister so she couldn’t hide her whereabouts from her sister.She even invited her over…..
“Letisha……you are doing the wrong thing.Taking the ten million and the kids as well is totally wrong sister”.Sandra advised
“What would you have me do?I can’t watch him take my kids,I just can’t”.Letisha said almost shedding tears
“I un-derstand…..but at least……it was signed alre-ady.If this case goes to court,trust me sister there’s no way you’ll win.So you have to do what is right”.Sandra said
“And what is the right thing”?Letisha asked.
“Give him one and take one,its as simple as that”.Sandra said
“But you know I can’t do that”.
“Ok fine….give him the both”.
“What???its impossible”.Letisha shouted.
“But you would want to keep the two of them”?Sandra asked.
“Yes of course”.Letisha replied
“That’s called selfishness sister…….look…….God knows I have done my path.Because there’s no way you will get away with his ten million and still wants to take the kids unless the guy is insane……but the Fred I know is not that kind of person”.Sandra concluded and turned on the t.v.
Letisha was lost in thought,what was she to do?She seriously had no idea but she seriously didn’t want to give up just like that.
Oh……..sorry I forgot,Letisha employed a nanny and a maid who will look after the house as a whole while the nanny will look after her kids.She called Fred and told him she wants them to meet.She texted him the address of their meeting place and the time.
The maids noticed the sudden change in Jessica’s behavior(Everyb©dy with their own wahala).They now gossip at every corner of the house.
“I even heard everything was all a contract”.Uju added
“Chei…….God knows if it was me,I wouldn’t want the so called contract to end again.Imagine the way she was swimming in money but she misused the opportunity”.Cynthia added.
“Lets get back to work girls……enough of the gossip”.Nkechi said from behind as her ears were only listening.
“Holy holy……..madam’s favorite”.Juliet said
“And i believe you know madam’s favorite can also report you thereby ma-king you guys to loose your job”?Nkechi asked but they all remained quite while she left to continue her duty.
At exactly 2pm,excels h0tel and suit…..Fred was sitting majestically.He was dressed in a black jeans trou-ser,a red T shi-t and black glas-ses to match is dressing,he was busy with his phone that he didn’t even noticed when Letisha walked in
“Lets get down to business young man”.Letisha said
“You are 20 minutes late”.Fred said as he glared at his wrist watch
“I have the right to”.Letisha replied.
“So where are my kids”?.Fred asked
“Dont get me pissed off with your questions Fred.That’s not why I called you here”.
“So why the meeting if not to bring my children”?.Fred asked
“You’ll have to bear with me.I can’t allow you take my kids Fred……they are my only hope.I’ll fight for them”.Letisha said
“Nob©dy is asking you to sell them to me.It is what you signed with your own hands,I didn’t f0rç£ you to.And besides am not asking you to give me both kids……jx the one I paid for and that’s all……….and the truth is that am not begging for it but its an order”.Fred said with his eyes alre-ady turning red
“And what if I refuse”?
“Then you’ll hav to explain why in court”.Fred said in seriousness.
“Very well then… prepared for it(make Una help me ask her say how she wan take start)
“Letisha dont dare me”.Fred barked at her while letisha stood up to leave.She was shocked cuz Fred dragged her back with f0rç£
“Let go off me!!!or else I’ll shout r@p£”.
“r@p£???how can i r@p£ my own wife”?Fred said and giggled
Letisha struggled with Fred and finally got hold of herself
“No matter what you do or say the kids are mine.Court or no court…..”.Letisha as-sured him
“Are you forgetting something?My sp-erm produced those kids Letisha”.Fred said and Letisha got annoyed by the statement.
“Oh yea??were you the one that carried them for good nine months”?Letisha asked
“Were you the one that provided the money for your own upkeep,till the kids were delivered”?Fred asked
“I see!!!!were you the one that went throu-gh the pains.Do you know what I pas-sed throu-gh in the labor room?Even before then,do you realize the kind of ha-rd sh!ps you made me pas-s throu-gh.Staying in your house was just like staying in hell with the devil himself”.Letisha said and bust into tears.
Fred was now speechless,Letisha couldn’t control herself anymore she was now crying and then she ran out.Fred was t©uçhed,he sat down again,brou-ght out his cell phone and dialed a number
“Yes….follow her immediately”.He said and hung up
Oga Fred what are you planning?