Contract game episode 13

Fred got to the hospital and asked the nurses
“Emmmm nurse plea-se my wife was rushed here few minutes ago and………”Fred struggled ha-rd to say because he was breathing fast.But he st©pped immediately he saw the driver and Nkechi coming towards him
“Where is she?where is your madam”?Fred asked Nkechi
“Sir…the doctor is attending to her.And he made it clear that she is going to be fine”.Nkechi replied
“What really happened to her”?Fred asked
“Sir……according to what Uju said,she just c@m£ out of her room and walked round the sitting room from there she fainted”.Nkechi explained
“Without any reason”?Fred asked again but this time around Nkechi didn’t reply.Fred was about shouting at her when the doctor c@m£ and they all rushed to him
“Doctor how is my wife”?Fred asked
“Mr Fred Adams,your wife is fine but……..”The doctor said and Fred cut in before he could complete the s£ntence
“But what?dont tell me she lost the baby……………….doctor…….no….no…it can’t be”.Fred said in fear,he wasn’t surprised that the doctor knew his name besides he was a popular guy
“Calm down Mr Fred,the baby is fine.But i wonder why she of all people could be suffering from stress”.The doctor said and immediately Fred heard stress,he turned to Nkechi and gave her a h0t sl@p
“So you guys have been leaving the work for her to do?I told you guys to do all the work,cooking,cleaning or whatever it is that can cause stress.But you disobeyed me Nkechi.Where are the rest?where is Jessica,Juliet and Cynthia”?Fred said in anger but Nkechi couldn’t answer that question
“Sir,she doesn’t do any work at home”.Nkechi managed to speak
“Keep your mouth shut”.Fred barked at her
“Calm down Mr Fred,i don’t think it will be stress from work……lets talk in my office”.The doctor said and left while Fred followed.
“This rich guys in town are so full of pride,how can he just sl@p her like that”?one of the nurses said to the other
“If you know who that young man is,you wouldn’t dare talk about him in the secret”.The other nurse said
“Even if he is the president,he has no right to sl@p that girl like that”.The first nurse said again.
Fred got to the Doctor’s office almost immediately
“Yes……what were you saying”?Fred asked
“Your wife has been stressing herself too much and its not too good for pregnant women”.The doctor said again
“Are you really sure its my wife you’re talking about?cuz i so much believe my maids won’t dare allow her to work.All the chores at home are done by the maids”.Fred replied
“Maybe its emotional stress,maybe there is something she is always thinking about that gives her stress or marital stress.And if i may ask do you two have problems in your marriage”?The doctor asked.
Fred was about to say No in a hurry but he remembered what happened three days ago.Just that shock alone is enough to cause death talk less of stress.
“No doctor we are living happily”.Fred lied
“Then what could be wrong?you know what just try and ask her i believe she will be kind enough to let you know”.
“Hmmm ok thank you very much doctor.And plea-se can i see her now”?Fred said after thanking the doctor.
“Yes…..yes come with me”.The doctor said and led Fred to the room.Jessica and Uju where there with her while Nkechi and the driver went in with fred
“Hi wify…….you scared me but thank God you are alright”.Fred said but letisha turned her face to the other side of the wall to avoid seeing him
“Ma…how are you doing now”?Nkechi asked
“Am fine my dear”.Letisha replied and tried to sit up right
“plea-se plea-se plea-se lie down……dont hurt yourself”.Fred said and held her hand for her to lie down
“Ma…..plea-se lie down,its not advisable”.Uju said
“Why are you all acting as if am a baby?I am alright and i can make decisions for myself ok”.Letisha said
“No way sweetie,the doctor said you’ve been stressing yourself.So plea-se relax from now on you won’t even bend down to pick a nee-dle even if it means me staying at home with you”.Fred said with seriousness while letisha l@ydown without looking at him.
She was discharged that evening and her sister even c@m£ to the house immediately Letisha called to tell her she was at home,that she just c@m£ back from the hospital
“Baby sister what happened to you”?Sandra asked immediately she c@m£.Even Fred was there.Letisha could not reply she jx stared at Fred and her sister un-derstood that it had something to do with him so she rushed to him
“Fred….what did you do to my sister huh?”.Sandra asked in anger as she pushed fred
“Sandra plea-se st©p.Dont hurt him,he didnt do anything”.Letisha tried to defend him
“Listen to me Fred,for the fact that this marriage is a contract doesn’t give you the right to maltreat my sister.Don’t bother asking how I knew ok so plea-se st©p the nons-en-se you are doing to her.I wouldn’t want to come back here and see her in such a mood and thank your stars that nothing happened to her if not you could have spent the whole money you have trying to settle the case”.Letisha said and turned to letisha”Next time he lays his hand on you,dont fail to let me know ok”?Sandra said and left the house without a waste of time.
It was somehow funny cuz that was the same guy that sl@pped Letisha and their she was trying to defend him(Na so love de be)
Fred c@m£ home early that day.Amd guess what he c@m£ to do……………
“Welcome sir…….”Cynthia said as she opened the door for him
“And why are you staring at me like that”?Fred asked
“Nothing….”Cynthia replied and Fred entered
“Is dinner re-ady”?Fred asked
“Not yet sir”.
“Tell the girls not to bother cuz I’ll make dinner by myself”.Fred said and went to his room to freshen up
“Wow…..what’s happening?he actually c@m£ home early to cook for his wife.Oh God!!!I l want my future husband to be this ro-mantic(see mumu).
Fred later c@m£ out and prepared the meal but letisha refused to eat.She didn’t even bother to come out from her room,she only asked Nkechi to bring Fried egg and bre-ad to her for dinner.Fred begged but she refused to come out talk less of eating the food.
Abeg if na you,you go chop am?