Contract game episode 12

After searching for long without any idea of where they could be staying,they went back to the village and decided to come back in a weeks time.
Richa-rd was now a big boy on campus,everyone knew about him.Girls where now running after him like he was the president.He had no problem when it comes to payment of fees and the rest because Fred was s£nding money to him every week end.Despite the temptation from different girls,he didn’t fall a victim.He kept the advice of his sister close to his heart,there was a day he embarras-sed a girl.He was on his way from lectures when the girl st©pped him
“Hi good afternoon… name is Tina”
“Afternoon Tina,what can i do for you”?Richa-rd asked.
“Hmm…well…… see i was just wondering if we could be friends and you know……….emmm…..emm”.Tina continued to stammerer
“Hello…..are you confused?So you didn’t rehearse what you wanted to say before st©pping me”?Richa-rd asked.
“Emm…….its all about love and i can offer u anything you want.From my b©dy down to……..You know what i mean na”.Tina said
“You girls never seize to amaze me.You’re the one proposing to me now not me proposing to you”.Richa-rd said and laughed while Tina smiled
“Now listen to me Tina or whatever you call yourself,i dont have your time.I c@m£ here for a purpose and not to run after girls.Even if am to choose….God knows i would never choose a girl like you.You’re nothing but a spoilt br@t”.Richa-rd said and walked away.Tina was dumbfounded,this is something others guys would accept without second thought.She stood there for some minutes before leaving.
Letisha was at the sitting room watching a Phili-ppine movie(Her mothers daughter)when Jessica c@m£ in.She was actually trying to ti-p toe into the house but unfortunately for her letisha saw her
“Jessica where are you coming from”?Letisha asked.
“Emmm ma…i went to get something”.She replied
“Really?but I can’t remember instructing you girls to go out like that whenever you’re on duty.So explain yourself better”.Letisha ordered
“Emmm ma… sorry it won’t repeat itself again”.Jessica pleaded.
“It better not”.Letisha replied and concentrated on the t.v while Jessica walked in.
She was acting suspicious,like she was hiding something nob©dy knew about.But time will tell what it is she is hiding.
Mr and mrs Michael started the search again but it was to no avail.No address,no phone number.They only mentioned the name of their daughter anywhere they went to as if its only one letisha we have in the whole of Lagos (make Una help me ask them say weda they nor know their son in law name).They went home again.
Letisha was left with just two months.And the love she had for Fred was becoming stronger.She did everything she knew would plea-se Fred.She was the one now preparing meals.So one day she decided to surprise Fred by taking food to him in the office(Contract love lolz).She dressed up in a very beautiful go-wn,applied make up on her face and asked the driver to drop her at Fred office and go back home
It was amazing to see Mr Fred Adams wife.It was so unusual of her to go out,and as such people didn’t know her that well.Everyone in the company were just exchanging glances.They greeted and welcomed her.Seems everyone was happy except the secretary
“Ma plea-se am sorry but sir Fred is in an official meeting and would not like to be disturbe-d”.The secretary said to her
“Its good to hear but call him and tell him am the one who wants to see him”.Letisha said and smiled
“Ma plea-se you have to un-derstand.I will be sacked if I don’t do according to his instructions.He simply said nob©dy should disturb him,not even his best friend”.
“Did he also say not even his wife”?Letisha asked but the secretary remained silent”Listen my simplicity is not my stupidity.You’re scared of loosing your job but I believe you know who I am and I can sack you on my own without your boss permission.So young lady do yourself the good of moving out of my way or l’ll move you myself”.Letisha threatened her and without a waste of time the secretary left the road for her.
“Thank you”.Letisha said and left.
She was happy that finally she was going to do something that will plea-se Fred.At least he will know she’s a caring type.Her happiness made her unable to knock before going in and guess what she saw……………
“Oh…….Fred……….i love this……ha!!!!!!…….ooooooo”.
“What……”?letisha shouted and the flask she was holding fell from her hand.
Fred was having S-x with a girl right there in the office and the worst of all on the office table(that girl na dog?).Letisha bust into tears and before they knew what was going on,letisha rushed the girl down with two sl@ps on her jaw.Before i could even say jack,she was on t©p of the nûd£ girl and re-leased b!ows on her face.
“You this crazy thing…..slut,prostitute,this is what you get for slee-ping with a married man.This is what we do to husband snatchers in our village……”Letisha beat the girl up.
“St©p this……st©p……” Fred said and pushed letisha away from the girl
“You’re defending her?are you really okay at all”?Letisha asked him
“I should be the one asking you that question.Letisha are you ok?and what on earth are you doing here”?Fred asked
“I never knew you were this kind of man……….”Letisha cried out and rushed to the girl again and gave her a sl@p.This was what provoked Fred to sl@p her.
“What?………fred…….you sl@p me because of this slut”?Letisha asked while holding her jaw
“And i will sl@p you again and again if you don’t get out of my office right now”.Fred said and pointed at the door.
Just then Daniel walked in.He could still remember letisha’s face so he didn’t bother to ask.But what was confusing was the other girl whose hair was messed up and she was not properly dressed too
“Fred….whats going on here”?Daniel asked
“I will remind you of this day Fred.You raise your dirty hands on me because of a pr©st!tût£right?no problem…..” Letisha said and ran out of the office.Daniel quic-kly un-derstood what happened and ran after her but couldn’t reach her because she took a taxi immediately and left.Daniel ran back to the office
“Fred….why on earth did you do that?You prefer an outsider over your wife.I mean what were you thinking before having S-x with someone in the office”?Daniel asked him in anger.
“Don’t you dare talk to me anyhow.Am still your boss ok”.Fred ordered
“Boss-my-foot……you’re all alone in this because nob©dy will back you up,not even your father.Enjoy your day with your bit-ch… outta here”.Daniel said and went home.
Fred was surprised because that was the first time Daniel was talking to him in such a way.The girl was still sitting down…..
“You never told me you were Married”.The girl said in tears.Fred quic-kly turned to her and said
“How dare you talk to me like that?this is your fault ooo”Fred said
“Am sorry” The girl tried to apologize
“Keep your sorry to yourself.Now use the exit”He said and threw 50k on the table for her”Get out….”.Fred yelled at her and she left without looking back.
Later that evening,when Fred was set to go home,the secretary approached him and said
“Am sorry sir,but i did everything possible to make sure she doesn’t come in but…..”
“Dont worry about that”.Fred cut in and went home.
He got home worried,his mind was not at peace.What he didn’t know was that Letisha refused to eat that night.Fred sle-pt in the sitting room till dawn.He woke up at about 7:12am and remembered he had a dream in which letisha was crying and she packed out of the house.
“Oh my!!!!!!i nee-d to get re-ady for work”.Fred shouted and ran to his room to shower.He was throu-gh and finally left to work,,his breakfast was packaged in a flask by uju.So he took it and off he went.Getting to the office he found out that Daniel refused to resume,so he called him
“Hey man…what’sup with you”?Fred asked
“Am okay….why did u call”?Daniel asked
“Oh c’mon……what happened yesterday was nothing.You have to un-derstand me,i didn’t do it on purpose you know”.Fred said
“Oh so you mean the devil now remotes you”?Daniel asked
“C’mon am sorry ok.Just dress up and come over to the office.I promise it won’t happen again”.Fred apologized
“Fine but have you talked to your wife?have you apologized to her also”?Daniel asked.
“Not yet but I’ll do so immediately i get home”.Fred lied
“Ok am on my way”.Daniel said to him
“Alright man”.Fred said and smiled.He thought in his mind “how can i possibly apologized to letisha.She’s the one who owe me an apology for coming to my office without invitation”.
Letisha stayed indoors for three good days.It was Nkechi that took food to her every day.On the fourth day she managed to come out.Her eyes were swollen like someone who had no sleep for weeks.The first person she saw was uju who was moping the sitting room
“Good morning ma”.Uju greeted
“Morning dear”.Letisha replied and walked closer to the plasma t.v,from there she t©uçhed the flowers and stood there.The next thing was that she coll@psed on the floor
“Ma…………Nkechi……Jessica….Juliet……plea-se come ooooo……..someb©dy help”.Uju scremed as she held letisha’s hands.
“What happened”?Jessica asked.
“What happened to her”?Nkechi asked.
“She just c@m£ out,walked round and then fainted”.Uju explained
“Lets rush her……..Jessica plea-se call the driver”.Nkechi said
“Driver……….Nkem…..”Jessica shouted and ran to the driver room.
Letisha was rushed immediately while Nkechi called Fred
“Hello sir……
“Yes who’s this”?Fred asked
“Sir its Nkechi ooo.Madam fainted few minutes ago and she’s in the hospital now oo”.Nkechi explained.
“What….how?what happened to her?which hospital”?Fred asked in confusion
“St.Douglas hospital”.Nkechi replied
“Ok ok ok am on my way”.fred said while Nkechi hung up
“What happened man”?Daniel asked
“My wife just fainted and she’s in the hospital now”.Fred explained and before Daniel could ask another question he was alre-ady out of the office.Just imagine the way he was running like a mad dog.
Then i ask again,could this be love