Contract game episode 11

Letisha could not believe how it all happened.That was ridiculous,this is something she has been protecting all her life.Just in a twi-nkle of an eye,Fred took it without second thought.But on a normal note who is to be blamed?.
“Gorgeous sister……your husband is doing a very good job.You don’t look bad at all”.Sandra said to her sister
“You and this your talk… will never change.And who said Fred is the reason why am looking good”?letisha asked.
“Before nko?na which person money u de chop?You think to leave in this kind of house is easy”.
“Na true sha”.Letisha confirmed it.
“So tell me,what’s up with you too?Hope you guys are getting along very well”.Sandra asked
“Hmmm well……i think so”.Letisha replied and smiled.
“Wow…………there’s something you’re not telling me,and letisha you’re smiling………i said it”.Sandra said and rushed to Letisha”Oya oya gist me……did he buy you a car?abi na house?oh…..letisha talk to me”.Sandra pleaded
“Fine……actually the truth is that am beginning to have feelings for him”.Letisha replied
“Oh my God!!!!letisha……but you know its not supposed to be so.Contract is contract………and hope you haven’t told him yet”?Sandra asked
“Hmmmm not really…..but…..”
“But what”?Sandra cut in
“Nothing though”.Letisha lied.
“Better be….guys are the ones to propose not ladies forcing them to do so.So don’t give him any sign that you’re alre-ady falling ok”Sandra explained
“But you know its not possible to hide love.One can pretend but de-ep down he/she is hurting”.Letisha said.
“See this girl ooo,you wan fall your hand abi”?
“No na”.Letisha replied
“Then leave matter for Mathias”.Sandra said and added”Its just a matter of time,Fred will be the one begging for your love”.
Letisha was confused.For her sister to sound that way simply means she’s serious.She couldn’t just tell her sister that they’ve had S-x alre-ady after all not everything you say.
Mr and Mrs Michael just finished eating after they’ve apologized to each other.
“My wife…..i don’t know where to start from.But i know for sure that I have wronged you.Am sorry plea-se forgive me”.Mr Michael apologized to his wife.
“My husband am the one who’s supposed to be apologizing.I have not been a good wife but now I’ve realized my mistake and I promise to change from now on”.Mrs Michael apologized too
“I don’t even know how it all happened.But God has proven himself strong”.Mr Michael said
“Yes ooo my husband but the issue at hand is how to find my children.We don’t even know their whereabouts,we were selfish,just thinking about ourselves only”.Mrs Michael added.
“Hmmm don’t worry we’ll make it up to them.We can still amend our mistake(make Una help me ask this man how he wan take do am)
Mr and mrs Michael discussed about their plans and finally c@m£ to a conclusion to go to the city to look for them………………..
…..for those that were confused about how Letisha got pregnant………..
It was throu-gh injecting Fred’s sp-erm into her ovary………….throu-gh ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION
Hope you’re not confused anymore?