Contract game episode 10

(A story written by Akpan Loveth)
The next day they prepared themselves and went home early.To Mr Clark things were working perfectly well for them,he never knew they were hinding something.Fred resumed work the following day with confidence.
“Daniel i am telling you.I can swear with my life that Letisha is a vir-gin”.Fred said
“It doesn’t make s-en-se to me.I mean how can a girl of her age still be a vir-gin?What for……trust me Fred i dont believe you” Daniel said
“Oh….oh…why on earth are you talking like this?Have i ever given you wrong information before”?Fred asked
“Maybe this is going to be the first time and besides what makes you so sure”?Daniel asked
“Well…..we k!$$£d and… know… was actually a mistake but from the way she was responding to the k!ssit simply shows she hasn’t had S-x before”.Fred explained
“Oh yea”Daniel asked
“Yes am serious”.Fred replied
“Hmmm wake up Fred and face reality ok”.Daniel said and left the office
“He doesn’t believe me…..ok but i believe myself”.Fred said to himself and smiled.
“Hello auntie”.Richa-rd sounded from the phone
“Hi Richie….how are you doing,how is school
“?Letisha asked
“School is fine ooo,how is uncle”?Richa-rd asked
“He’s fine dear”.Letisha replied
“Hope you’re studying well”?
“Yes auntie i am”.
“That’s my boy,just make sure you’ll make us proud ok”?letisha said
“Ok auntie”.
“And plea-se Richie dont run after girls or should i say women”
“Ok auntie bye”.
“Bye dear”.Letisha replied and hung up.
when Fred c@m£ home that evening he was kinda tired.So he went to his room to relax,he didn’t even bother to eat.Letisha waited for him at the dining but couldn’t see him.So she decided to check on him to know if everything was ok(we-tin carry you go he room,you go talk am).She knocked but there was no response so she entered.Fred was lieng down like someone who was dead
“Hello……….hello……young man are you ok”?Letisha asked and went closer to him.
Since she didn’t get any response from Fred she bec@m£ scared. she sat on the be-d and t©uçhed his che-st to know if it was still beating
“Fred…….this one na sleep abi we-tin?Come on talk to me…….”.Letisha said as she was hiting Fred
“Ooooooo just let me be!!!!i want to relax ok”.Fred said
“Are you that tired”?Letisha asked
“Yes….”.Fred replied faintly.
“Ok fine,come and eat your food first then you can sleep ok”.Letisha as-sured him
“Dont worry….i’ll eat tomorrow”.Fred said
“I say no…..stand up….stand up”Letisha said and dragged Fred up.
Instead of Fred to go to the dining,he gr@bb£d Letisha and hvgged her.
“Let go off me…….fred st©p this”.Letisha shouted as she tried to free herself
“You said you wanted me to eat right?Fine i agree……but its you i want to eat”.Fred said.
“You are joking”.Letisha said and struggled again
“Relax Letisha……… not gonna eat you or something plea-se just make me feel like a man.I really nee-d you………”.Fred said calmly and k!$$£d Letisha’s n£¢k
“Fre……d……st©p…©p…..oh…….”.Letisha tried to say but couldn’t find her voice.
“Shhhhhhhh……don’t say no ok,you’ll enjoy it”Fred said again and this time around Letisha could not resist it.
They k!$$£d and soon enough Letisha was on the be-d.Fred r0m@nç£d every p@rt of her,he took his hand down to her th!ghs.He pla-yed with her treasure for a while and took his hands up to her br***t and pu-ll-ed off her [email protected] t©uçhed her ni***e gradually and soon he started su**ing it.
“Ahh………..Fred…….”.Letisha said in plea-sure.
The truth was that Fred was scared to do it because of her Tommy,he was scared he could harm his baby.But Letisha was carried away,she was the one that told him to continue.Finally the deed was done.
When Fred stood up and found out that Letisha was bleeding,he couldn’t believe his eyes.He carried her to the bathroom and helped her clean up.They later ate together,Letisha could not help but hide her face from him
“I can’t believe this……fred you’re lieing.”Daniel said
“Oooooooo oya go na,forget about it since you don’t believe me”.Fred said.
“But……….she tried.Meaning she has been keeping it for the right person all this while?Chei… you’re lucky”.Daniel said to him
“hahaha hahaha.When i told you,you were busy speaking Chinese but now you’ve heard the truth”.Fred said
“But wait….fred…..could this be love”?Daniel asked.
“Hmmmm…..i can’t really tell.But i know one thing for sure that whenever am.with her no matter the stress she gives to me,i still enjoy her company”.Fred explained
“Meaning its love right”?Daniel asked
“Are you deaf or something?I said i don’t know”.Fred replied
“Look….you better let her know that you love her not this nons-en-se you’re saying because if you loose her then there might be no hope for you again ooo”.Daniel advice him
“I un-derstand but am only being careful.I don’t want to get hurt again” Fred said.
“Ok man….for your mind ooo,you open new gift ooo”.Daniel tickled him while Fred just smiled
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To know that you’ve been following the story and that you aren’t confused………answer this……
Is it really possible to be pregnant and still be a v!rg!nlike that?