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Confused b©yfri£ndEpisode 9 & 10

CONFUSED b©yfri£nd🤦‍♂🤷‍♂
(He’s in love with two girls)
Chapter 9
Frank’s POV
“Paulina” I called her name when I got closer to her.
“Frank” Angela called me, behind.
Oh no! What will I do now?
“An… Angela” I turned to face her, she was alre-ady close too.
“Frank, Why? I… I mean I called you while I was over there and you ignored me for this thing” Angela said.
Referring Paulina to as a thing.
“I’m not a thing” Paulina said as she stood at an angle-akimbo.
“I… I was just.. ” I paused and completed the s£ntence in my mind. “Confused”
“I wasn’t too sure if you were the one who called me” I lied.
“But you were so sure it was Paulina you were running to?” Angela questioned obviously she disbelieved me.
Paulina simpered as she left us and walked away.
“Talk to you later Angela” I said to her hastily went to catch up with Paulina.
“Hey Paulina, wait up”
Angela’s POV
I foolishly didn’t say anything as my b©yfri£ndleft me and went after another girl, Paulina.
Is this relationsh!pstill gonna work out?
Isn’t he the same guy I spoke to ro-mantically last night?
I walked to the [email protected] and waited for them to come in. I was expecting a very good explanation from Frank or I’ll hit him really [email protected] Is he even aware of what he is doing?
Then the history teacher [email protected]£ in shortly and began to teach. Frank and Paulina were yet to return to the [email protected] My heart began to break into pieces, even the pieces were breaking into pieces too. I didn’t want to cry but I’m so sure my eyes were teary.
Finally, Paulina and Frank walked into the [email protected] but luckily for them, Mrs Ribbins the history teacher didn’t even say anything to them.
I glared at them as they sat next to each other with Paulina tickling Frank’s hand and he smiled while he enjoyed her company.
Is he my b©yfri£ndor our b©yfri£nd?
I wasn’t even listening to the teacher, she’s a gentle type anyway, she do not care about the students listening to her, she just teach and leave.So I kept on staring at them; my own b©yfri£ndwith another girl kind of love-pla-ying.. So unheard of!
As if Frank knew I was staring at him, he caught me doing so and I sh0t him an [email protected] gare. He quic-kly st©pped the childish [email protected] he faced the board as if he’s gonna pay attention to the teacher.
At last, Good. Fair enough.
I then took my glance away from him too and gave it to the board… Trying to un-derstand what Mrs Ribbons was teaching but her lecture was boring besides, I know this t©pic really well.
Watching my b©yfri£ndis way more interesting than this boring lecture. I sighed and returned my glance at Frank.
Oh My God, I don’t want to believe this, Frank’s hand was wra-pped over Paulina’s n£¢k and they were whispering to themselves and smiling.
Oh no no, I began to sub silently.
And when all the [email protected] [email protected]£ to an end, I hurried packed my things and rushed to the [email protected], the only quiet place, the place where I won’t see my b©yfri£ndcheating on me… I still don’t want to believe that those things I saw him doing in [email protected] were true yet I went ahead to the [email protected] to have a very good cry.
There was no-one to make me feel good or console me, the few people here are so engrossed with the book they were re-ading and Gabriella, my only friend isn’t even aware that I’m so down because she has been giving her crush close monitoring.
“Hey Angela” I heard a muscular voice alre-ady-nearby called me by my name.
I wiped off my tears but it won’t st©p pouring, so I had to use a book to cover my face.
It was James.
“Hi James, what are you doing here? ” I asked him.
“Hi, I [email protected]£ to say Hi” He said and sat on the desk in front of me. I thought he said he only [email protected]£ to say Hi.
James and I are in the same [email protected], he is a quiet guy and people thinks he is weird because all he does is to sit there with book in his hand or his head on the desk.
“Do you need a shoulder to cry on? ” He asked.
“Huh? What? ”
“I’ll willing give out mine” He said.
I sniffed and since he knows I’m weeping, I just took away the book I used to cover my face. Then I looked up to him.
“I… I saw you in [email protected] today” He said trying to start a conversation.
“Yeah, I attended History [email protected]” I spoke to him sheepishly.
“I know, you were ba-rely listening to the teacher, it looked like you were gonna cry be your eyes were damn teary and here you are crying all you want” He said and I was shocked. Has he been watching me?
“Have you been watching me? ” I managed to ask.
“Uhm yeah, very closely. Well, I was on my seat, staring at our [email protected] randomly then my eyes caught you. Now don’t ask anymore question, should I get you a pail? ” ..
“What? ” I blurted and he laughed.
“Just joking” He said and I smiled –amidst my tears and sadness.
“So what’s wrong? You can share it with me if you don’t mind” He said
“Well, I actually do mind” I said. I don’t wanna tell anyone anymore about my b©yfri£ndwho is flir-ting with a pretty new girl.
I kinda looked away from him as I started to wipe away my tears with my f!ngerssince there no tissues here and I left my handkerchief in my locker.
James suddenly held my hand, I looked at him – very shocked, he just smiled and began to wipe away my tears.
“You cried because of Frank” He said when he was done.
Still shocked, surprised, I don’t know… so I couldn’t even say a thing.
“What if he doesn’t deserve your tears? ” He asked further.
“What, what do you mean?” I found my voice and asked him.
“Hey James, come on” Lucas, his friend stood by the door and called him over.
“I’m coming” He answered him then turned back to me.
“Well, I’m just saying” He lastly said then stood up to meet his friend. So he has a friend?
And… And.. What did he just say? – do?
Chapter 10
Frank’s POV
“Before I forget.. “I suddenly remembered that I haven’t even invited her to my birthday [email protected]
“What is it? ” She asked as she watched me take out my bag and brou-ght out several Invitation (IV) cards.
“Oh good, I still have some left” I said as I littered red and white cards on the table in front of us.
“These are invitation cards” Paulina said.
“Yeah” I replied then gave her a white invitation card but when she was about to receive it, I blurted; “No” b’cos an idea niggled me
I withdrew the White card from her and returned it into the pack then I took out the red one and gave it to her.
“Why didn’t you give to me the white one? Besides, does the red and white cards have a meaning? ” She asked.
I smiled and said “Yeah, the white invitation cards are for just anyb©dy while the red ones are for special people” I said.
“Oh wow! There are few red invitation cards here but wait, you mean I’m special to you? ” She asked without re-ading what was written on the card first.
“Why not? ” I said and she smiled and blu-shed..
Her smile ~ It’s melting me softly.
“Your birthday? ” She blurted, as she just went throu-gh it.
“That’s next month and it’s also on Saturday…, this Saturday, February 2nd” She said sounding so surprised and happy about it.
“Tell me you are not gonna miss it”
“Why would I? I’m so thankful I met you” She said..
“Same here” I said.. I didn’t even know when I placed my hand over her n£¢k and she relaxed her head on my shoulder.
“Who else did you give a red invitation card? ” She asked me.
“Angela” I just said.
She slowly took away her head off my shoulder and she began to stare de-eply into my eyes, if her eyes were dangerous object, i would have gone blind.
“I know she is your girlfriend but do you still love her? ” She asked.
Ok, she just [email protected]£ and she is asking me such a question, a question I do not have an answer to.
“I….Paulina” I stammered.
“Don’t worry, just be sincere” She said.
“Ok, yes I think I still do” I told her and she smiled; obviously that was a false one.
“O..k” She said then she continue to rest on my shoulder -our initial position.
I wish we could forever be like this, I’m so so lucky.. I’m sitting next to the world most beautiful lady.
Paulina’s POV
He is just confused,
He do have a girlfriend yet he clings around me and spends most of his time with me,
He let me hold and t©uçh him the way I want and like to..,
If he were to choose between his girlfriend and I, he will definitely pick me over her and over every other girls,
If I k!sshim on hisl-ips, he will definitely reciprocate…
And then, he is finally mine and mine forever.
I never knew it would be so easy to have a b©yfri£nd, it’s the best thing that would ever happen to me. Funny enough, I can also have more b©yfri£nds if I want to but no, I don’t. Aw! This feeling is so sweet.
All of a sudden, it was as if someone held my throat but there wasn’t anyone doing so..
I couldn’t breathe. Uh, what’s happening to me?
I coughed out severally, I found it so difficult to cough too.
“Paulina… Paul.. ” I heard Frank calling my name. He raised up my head and looked at my face and said “You don’t look well and and your eyes are red”
I wanted to speak but I couldn’t, from my nose down to my throat feels faulty.
But I could hear him, I could hear the world..
“What’s happening to the new girl? ” I heard so many guys yelled, Of course they must have been staring at me before this un-un-derstandable thing happened.
“Water, get her water” Frank shouted – panicking.
Before he could say Jack, I saw guys surrounding me with bottles of water.
My s-en-se organs were fine except for my nose, I couldn’t just breathe and it’s ma-king me cough severally and severely.
“Go, leave the way” He yelled at them without receiving a bottle from anyone of them even after he demanded for it himself.
“Let’s go to the nurse” He said to me and carried me in a bridal style… The people in [email protected] (Both the guys and girls), that- -were aware of me and what suddenly happened to me wanted to tag along but Frank wouldn’t let them. He hurried out of the [email protected] with me in his hands and he rushed me to the school clinic.
“Frank” Now I was able to speak immediately we got to the clinic.
“Are you okay? ” He asked.
“I’m okay. plea-se put me down” I said, I was only able to speak so softly and gently.
“Are you sure? Should I call the school nurses? ” He asked while he dropped me on a nearby chair and made me sit on it then he sat next to me.
“No, I’m fine now” I said as I gradually found my right voice.
I swear, I don’t know what just happened to me.
“You weren’t yourself earlier, what happened? ” Frank asked.
“I don’t know” I told him but when it seems like he is still really worried, I had to tell him; “I’m fine, don’t worry”
– – We heard the school bell -jingled.
“Is that for school dismissal?” I asked him.
“Yeah” He asked.
“Ah Good! Let’s go home”
“And I’ll be dropping you off today too” Frank said and I smiled and nodded.

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