Confused b©yfri£ndEpisode 11 & 12

CONFUSED b©yfri£nd🤦‍♂🤷‍♂
(I’m in love with two girls) 💏💑👫
Chapter Eleven
While Mrs Bella was in the kitchen, ma-king dinner -Paulina’s favourite, Her phone rang from the sitting room and she quic-kly went to get it. She stared at the phone screen for a while wondering who the strange number was.
📱 “Hello” Atlas, she picked it up and spoke into it.
“Hello, am I speaking to Bella? ” 📱 A muscular voice said.
📱 “Yeah and who am I speaking to? ” She asked.
“Aaron” 📱 He replied.
📱 “Uh, Surgeon Aaron? ” The only person she knows that bears the name Aaron.
“Exactly” 📱 He said.
📱 “Oh, it’s nice speaking with you and thank you very much once again” She said.
“Uhm, my plea-sure. Is she home, Paulina? ” 📱
📱 “Oh no, do you wanna speak with her? Is anything the problem? ”
“Not really, I hope she is fine? ” 📱
📱 “Of course, she is”
“Good. So I just called to check up on her. That’s what I always do to my patients” 📱 Surgeon Aaron said.
📱 “Wow and that’s very lovely of you.Thank you so much and thanks to your as-sistants too. They’ve done a great job” Bella exclaimed.
“Yeah, are welcome. So bye now” 📱 He hung up the call.
Bella stood still there, recalling how she met such an handsome Surgeon, too bad she’s alre-ady married but she’s living a single life since her husband is away. Besides, the handsome Aaron must be married too.
Paulina’s POV
I was fine throu-ghout the ride home, I mean what happened in school didn’t repeat itself again.
Frank’s driver dropped me in front of my aunt’s house, I bid Frank Bye and he told me to take very good care of myself, also we exchanged each0ther contact, he said he’s gonna call me every blessed moment… And wait, I seems to be forgetting that this guy has a girlfriend, anyways he’s not complaining.
I walked into the house after his car zoomed off.
“Here comes the very beautiful Paulina” Aunt Bella tea-sed me and I blu-shed.
“Welcome dear” She said to me, without being told, I walked to the dinning table.
Sure, the dinner was alre-ady waiting for me.
“I so much love the school” I told her as I drew out a spoon..i was so hungry, aside that, it’s my favorite, I’ve been salivating for it.
“And that reminds me Paulina, did you speak with your mom yesterday? ” She asked me.
“Oh My God, I forgot to. I had many books to re-ad so that’s how and why i forgot”
“Ok, make sure you do not forget to call her today. You haven’t even spoken with her since you c@m£ here whereas your mom panicks over little thing..she even told me she had a weird bad dream about you. My big sister, she’s just a woman with fragile heart” Aunt Bella said.
“I promise not to forget this time” I said then drank water.
“Surgeon Aaron called today. Oh you are not the only one who forget things, I do too. He actually s£nt me a text yesterday but it escaped my mind to tell you.
So He called only to ask of your welfare. Truth be told, he is the nicest doctor I have ever met, I mean surgeon” My aunt said and I laughed..
Doctor, Surgeon… Whatever they are.
“Yeah, it’s the most nicest thing for those who works un-der the field of life and health to check on their patients” I said and she nodded.
“Oh, speaking of my welfare. Something strange happened to me in school today” I said -recalling the incident.
“What was that? ”
“I was captured for some moment, I won’t call it an attack. I couldn’t just speak nor breath ..It was shocking and abit too painful” I said trying to remember that experience. I hope I will never witness it anymore.
“I take it as Stress. You’ve resumed a new school, so you have begun to stress yourself alot” My aunt said.
“No” I shook my head.
“This ain’t stress but I don’t know what to call it” I said.
“Well since it happened for just a moment and you are fine and okay now then there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Let’s throw such an issue into the basket, so… tell me about your b©yfri£nd” My aunt said and I was amused,
She’s alre-ady referring Frank to as my b©yfri£nd.
“No Aunt Bella, he is not my b©yfri£nd- yet” I said, I was done eating.. I stood up to clear the dishes.
“What should I call him? Your man friend? ” She tea-sed.
“Oh no, come on aunt” I said trying not to smile.
“I’ve seen this look on your face before” She said, stood in front of me and examining my face with her eyes. “OhMG, you are in love with him” Sha exclaimed.
“Huh.. I.. Wh….what? “I dropped the dishes on the table and rushed to my room. This interview is ma-king me feel embarras-sed.
“What’s his name? What’s the lucky guy’s name? ” She yelled behind me.
“Frank! ” I yelled back and I when I got into my room, I slammed the door and leaned on it.
This feeling is so beautiful.
For the very first time in eighteen years, I’m in love.
It’s just my second day in his school, how could I have fallen for him quic-kly and so de-eply?
Or could it be because I’ve been longing to feel this way.
Oh My God!
Chapter 12
Frank’s POV
“Tada!! ” Said Freddie just as he opened the door for me to come in.
“Freddie!! ” I called out and jumped on him excitedly.
“I’ve been waiting for you like forever” He said.
“Well, I had to st©p by somewhere before coming home. Omg Freddie, you have began to grow mustache” I tea-sed him and he frowned in a funny way.
“No Frank, come on st©p it! ” He said and I laughed.
“Did you come with Uncle Timothy? ” I asked him.
Freddie stays with our uncle, Timothy.
“He did not come along with me, didn’t I tell you that he travelled? ”
“Oh you must have told me but I’ve forgotten. So it means, he won’t be attending our birthday p@rty? ” I asked him.
“Well yeah but he promised to make it up to us when he returns” He said.
“Oh” I nodded. “Where’s mom and Dad? ” I asked him.
Usually, whenever I return from school, I’ll always find them in the living room or the dinning room to welcome me.
“They’ve retired to be-d, they had a stressful day at work today and besides, you c@m£ home late from school today” He said as he hung my school bag on his back. “How was school today? ”
“It was fine and yours? ”
“Boring… I swear” He said – again.
“Have your dinner then we’ll talk about everything till you doze off first”
“Uh, And what if you doze off before me? ”
“Should we put a bet to it? ” He asked me.
And I laughed and shook my head: “No, no, I agree” I had to say.
“Let’s go to the room, I have no appetite to eat, seeing you alone has fed me. The last time we saw each0ther was on our last birthday or so” I said.
“No it wasn’t, it was on Christmas day” He corrected.
“But it looks like the last century” I said as if I was going to whimper then I pu-ll-ed him over and hvgged him again. “I really miss you Freddie, Twins are not meant to be separated, I still don’t know why you prefer to attend Dream high and it’s so far away from here”
“I’m very sorry dear but you don’t have to worry about it, we will be attending the same college soon” He told me.
“Come on, you and I have so much to tell each0ther” I said holding his head and almost pu-lling him to my room – our room actually.
“You know what Frank, I’m so furious with you” He suddenly said when we almost got to the room.
“What? Why? ”
“I saw the invitation cards you printed, why didn’t you include my name? ” He asked me.
“Well… I.. Err…”
“Do you want a separate birthday? ”
“No, that’s not what I mean. Many people don’t even know I have a twin brother except for Angela” I told him.
“Are you hiding me or something? ”
“No, why would I? but I alre-ady made up my mind to tell them on our birthday ” I said: “Besides, you love to do things your own way, if I had included your name on the IV, you may not be happy about it” I said while we stood by our room door.
“Uhm,you are right and that’s what brings about what I have to tell you about the upcoming p@rty”
I opened the door and we walked in, into the beautiful male-ly room.
“What is it? ” I asked as I sat on my be-d.
It’s a double decker be-d, mine is the one below and his’ is above.
“I don’t like crowdy places, I didn’t even invite any of my friends, I hope you invited only few people? ” He asked me and I gave a false smile; little did he know that I have invited the whole school.
“Did you say you didn’t invite anyone? Not even your girlfriend or are you gonna tell me you don’t have one yet? ” I asked him.
“Wow, you alre-ady have one” I exclaimed and i faced him, eager to know about it, atlas my- unable-to-fall-in-love-twin brother is finally in love.
“No, I don’t have a girlfriend yet but it’s just a wish I really want to come true” He said.
“What do you mean? ”
“I have a crush bighead! ” He said and pla-yfully hitting me on the head.
“Really? What’s the name the girl that got you hooked up this way? ” I asked.
“Her name is P–”
“Hold on, I almost forgot to speak with someone” I interrupted him then returned to sit on my be-d, slide out my phone out of my pocket then I dialed Paulina’s number.
She picked it up almost immediately.
📱 “Hello dear, how are you feeling now? ” I asked.
..Then noticed Freddie was trying to say something to me, since I was alre-ady on a phone call, I had to just re-ad hisl-ips.
“I wanna call my crush too” That’s what he said.
I nodded and watched him take his phone and climbe-d the short ladder to his own mattress.