Cold and blank final Episode

(Perfect as-sas-sin)
By Queen Mary
(Author Queen)
Chapter 24
Crystal enters the secret hideout sneakily ma-king sure nob©dy sees her. Escaping from the prison was really really simple in fact dissapointing for Crystal who was expecting tougher security. If she could the Governor of a Philli-pine country in the pres£nce of 22 police, 12 soldiers and 11 bouncers then the prison was just a game to her.
“Where were you. I couldn’t find you anywhere on the tracker” Dina says immediately she sees Crystal.
“I was arrested” Crystal says and pu-lls of her shoes.
“Oh how was it”
“Too easy, seriously Dina I really felt dissapointed. I mean I was expecting something tougher”
“Crystal that’s for you, others might be finding it difficult to escape. So what’s your next plan”
“Am leaving this country ASAP”
“As expected, I alre-ady got you tickets. A new identity, you are alre-ady working as a waitress in a local restaurant. Your name’s Kylie Enmark, do you like that or should I get you a new identity”
“Erm where’s that”
“I guess I can pu-ll that off”
“So your flight is in the next two hours, anything you wanna do”
“Xander” Crystal says and brings out a note and knife
“Dina am going to write a letter to him, plea-se make sure he sees it”
“You are going to miss him aren’t you”
“We were never meant to be. He’s working for the law, am working against it. Both of us are just going to accept that painful fact”
“Oh Cry am going to miss you”
“No you won’t, you are coming to meet me right”
“Nope, I’ll be staying with Jimmy”
Crystal g@sps.
“I knew it, I always knew that a love connection would spark between you two”
Dina smiles and hvgs her bestfriend.
“Am going to miss you so fv¢king much, I love you so much I could cry”
“I love you too Dina but am not crying”
Dina laughs
“bit-ch” She says and re-leases herself from the hvg.
Xander sits down his car which is parked at the corner of his road, he was confused angry and broken.
Just as he’s about to start the car and drive like a mad man again an envelope enters his car.
He opens it and re-ads the letter which was written in blood.
Jimmy and Dina both walk hand in hand on the side of the road discussing about different stuff.
“So have you heard from Xander yet” Dina asks changing the t©pic.
“Nope, the last time we talked he said he was going to find her no matter what it takes. It’s been 6 years alre-ady but he’s still looking for her”
“Am really sorry my best friend is ma-king your bestfriend life miserable”
“Well miserable is not the right word. He’s more than miserable. He never smiles, he’s now alcoholic than he was before. The last time I went to his mansion, he had the paintings of Crystal all over his house. Xander is obsessed with her”
“I really wish I could tell you where she is but I made a promise…”
“It’s okay Dina, I won’t f0rç£ you and I un-derstand, I really do”
“So are you going to pick Amy from the daycare now” Jimmy asks immediately they reach home
“Yes, it’s after 4 alre-ady. We would meet you at the museum” Dina replies.
“Okay you take the red car” Jimmy says and pe-cks her.
“Tell Amy daddy loves her”
“Would do”
“Xandra Stephenie Enmark” Crystal calls her 6 year old daughter in a very firm tone. The little child looks scared knowing that her mother only calls her full name when she’s in trouble.
“Yes mummy” She answers folding her hands.
“Why did you hit Gregory and make him bleed so bad” Crystal asks. “Mummy he said he likes me but I don’t like him”
“So that’s why you broke his nose” Crystal asks.
“I only broke his nose mum, I didn’t do anything” Xandra replies shrugging.
“Sweetie you can’t go around breaking people’s nose and bur-sting theirl-ips, you would become a bully”
“But mummy I am not big and they are all older than me, so it’s not bullying” Xandra replies defending herself.
“God you are so stubborn” Crystal laments.
“You are going to stay with uncle Phili-p, I nee-d to go to the market, make sure you don’t finish his ice cream”
“That’s impossible mom”
“Yeah go to the car and madam drop my phone”
“Awwww mom. You’ve changed your pas-sword again, how did you know I know your pas-sword”
“Am your mom remember” Crystal says and Xandra laughs.
“I love you mom”
“I love you too honey but I ain’t giving you my phone”
Xandra runs inside the car and Crystal follows seconds later.
“Hi Kylie” Phili-p, the owner of an ice cream shop greets Crystal.
“Phil-ips up. Am dropping Xandra here. I nee-d to go to the market”
“Okay no Problem”
“plea-se don’t give her any ice cream for free”
“Awww Kylie, you know it’s going to be very impossible for me to say no to this” Phil-ips ays and points at Xandra who was alre-ady ma-king a cute puppy dog eyes.
“Na don’t let that fool you. She’s the real devil. I’ll give you money for just one cu-p that’s all. plea-se don’t give her more than that” Crystal says and kneels down to pe-ck Xandra.
“Be a good girl honey, okay and don’t let anyone stare at you for too long, don’t get noticed ”
“But mom am too pretty not to get noticed”
Crystal sighs and tickles her, she stands up minutes later and leave.
“Uncle Phil!pmy ice cream”
“You sure you want the ice cream now, I mean that’s the only ice cream you’ll get till your mom gets back”
“No uncle Phili-p. Am going to have a lot of ice cream” Xandra says and sits on an empty chair.
Drinking the ice cream halfway, a young man comes in. Immediately Xandra sees him she walks to the ice cream counter and starts crying.
“plea-se uncle Phili-p, plea-se have lost all my money, plea-se just give me this once and I’ll pay you letter”
Phil!pwho knows what she’s doing pla-ys along.
“No lady, no money no ice cream” He says refusing.
The young man looks at the cute little girl and feels a new feeling of love inside her for the little child and it was hurting him to see her cry.
“Hey little girl don’t worry, you can have as much ice cream as you want”
“Really” She asks getting excited.
“Thank you thank you. Uncle Phil!pgive me the largest cu-p and the second largest cu-p with strawberry t©ppings” She says and he laughs at how cute and familiar she felt.
He helps her carry the cu-p to her seat and gives it to her there.
“So can you finish that” He asks sitting opposite to her.
“Yep” She says and li-cks the spoon.
“So what’s your name”
“Xandra, but my mom likes calling me little devil” She says.
“Xandra????, my name’s Xander. Isn’t that a coincidence”
“Mmmm mmmm” Xandra says enjoying the cu-p of ice cream.
“You know you really remind me of someone special”
“Someone you love??” She asks as she opens another cu-p of ice cream.
“How do you know” He asks amused by her smartness.
“I just know. You know my mom always said love is painful but do you know what I said”
“What” Xander asked getting more interested in the little girl.
“I told her love can be painful but if it’s true love it’s worth the pain, like when she gave birth to me she was in pains but see now it was worth it” She said and Xander chuckled.
“You really are a smart girl” Xander says impressed.
“I know but my mom’s way smarter, you know she’s the only person I can’t fool”
“Oh really, I would love to meet your mom”
“Na you don’t want to”
“Why??” Xander asks curiosly.
“She’s so beautiful you might fall in love with her”
“More pretty than you??” He asks.
“No no no, she can’t be. It’s impossible, am the most pretty lady on earth” She says and Xander laughs.
A car horn is heard and Xandra stands up.
“My mom’s here alre-ady”
“Really how do you know it’s your mom” Xander asks.
“That’s how she horns, good bye Xander” She says and pe-cks his cheek.
“Uncle Phil!pgoodbye” She waves at him
“Thanks for the ice cream” Xandra says and runs out.
“Wait” Xander calls but she was out alre-ady.
The little girl had made Xander laugh and smile in the last 6 years, it was really funny how someone other than crystal could make him feel loved again
“Xandra I’ll get you a new ring tomorrow, am not going to the shop, I couldn’t even greet Phili-p. Am running out of time”
“But mummy that ring is my favorite” Xandra complains.
“Mummy I promise I won’t beat up any guy again plea-se mommy”
“Yes mom I promise” Xandra says.
“Okay fine honey” Crystal says and makes a U turn
Chapter 25
Crystal pu-lls up in front of the ice cream shop and watches her daughter runs out of the car.
“Xandra be careful” Crystal yells and walks out of the car.
“This girl would be the end of me” She laments and walks in the shop.
“Mummy I can’t find my ring, mummy my ring” Xandra exclaims crying.
“Calm down calm down. We’ll find it okay. Phil!pdid you by any chance see her ring”
“No but I think that guy was trying to call her back for the ring” He explains.
“Honey I promise you I’ll get you a new ring”
“No mom” Xandra protested.
“I want my ring mom. ” She says and sits on the floor crying.
Crystal feeling bad walks to her but sli-ps on the spilled ice cream on the floor. She closes her eyes and expects to fall on the floor but is surprised by the firm familiar hands that helped her from landing on the floor. Still closing her eyes she gr@bb£d the shi-t for better support.
Her heart wouldn’t st©p beating fast and it made her feel uncomfortable, she opens her eyes slowly and meets the shocked face of her lover, for a minute it felt like everything was on a standstill.
“Xan” She says softly, he pu-lls her up and without thinking she hvgs him and starts to sob.
“I knew you would find me. I knew it Xan. I waited for you and I knew one day we’ll be back together, I never lost fate am so sorry Xan, I swear I…” She couldn’t complete her s£ntence since he pushed her away.
He ignores her and walks to Xandra who was still looking for her ring.
“Hey” He says and shuffles her hair. Her sad expression turns to a happy one immediately she sees her ring with him.
“My ring” She says happily and collects it.
“Thank you so much, thank you so much” She says and hvgs him.
He now knew why he had fallen in love with this little girl, why her sadness was his sadness. Crystal was her mother which could only mean he was her father, if not she wouldn’t have given her the name Xandra.
“Xander you are my super hero ” Xandra says still hvgging him.
Crystal smiles looking at the bond formed between the two.
Six years, six years was enough time for Crystal to realize she was madly in love with Xander. She bec@m£ soft and vulnerable especially when she found out she was pregnant.
“Xander I….” She starts with but once again he ignores.
“Is she mine” He asks referring to Xandra.
“Xander I can…”
“Is she my daughter??” He asked again getting impatient.
“Yes” Crystal replied.
“You you….” Xander said and pu-ll-ed her away to the rest room where they could have a pri-vate discussion.
“Xandra I’ll be back” She says as Xander pu-lls her away.
Xander paces around in the rest room while Crystal tries explaining.
In de-ep rage he punches the mirror ma-king him hurt his hand.
“Xander!!” Crystal screams looking at his bleeding knuckles.
She re-moves her scarf and tries helping her but he moves away from her immediately.
” 6 years Crystal, 6 fv¢king years, I was a miserable man all thanks to you. You had a child??, OUR CHILD CRYSTAL OUR CHILD. How could you be so heartless crystal, why Crystal WHY!!” He yelled pushing her shoulders.
“I WAS SCARED, I WAS SCARED OKAYYYY. I had a child, I couldn’t just come back, am an as-sas-sin Xander and you are an agent, my daughter’s life would be at risk, I wanted a simple life for her. A life without troubles, I didn’t want her to end up like me”
“That’s no excuse for you for everything you’ve did”
“I know Xander and am really sorry”
“YOU COULD HAVE AT LEAST fv¢kING CALLED!!” He yelled getting upset again.
“You are just a coward Crystal, just a coward”
“Xander no” Crystal said in tears.
“You know I would love to collect Xandra from you and s£nd you to jail just for everything you’ve done to me but know I won’t, you know why. Because I love you so fv¢king much to even hurt you ” He said and headed out. He was shocked to see the little girl standing at the door crying.
“Xandra” He called
“Daddy” She cried out and hvgged him ti-ght, her tears we-tting his trou-sers.
Today was his happiest day.
“Daddy plea-se don’t stay mad at mom, plea-se daddy. Look daddy mummy’s hurt. She’s sobbing” Xandra said pointing at her mom outside.
“Honey look am not upset, we just nee-d to settle some things”
“Daddy you know, everyday mom would always tell me daddy would come back. She said we were pla-ying hide and seek and that daddy would win. Mummy would always tell me to pray that you should win the game, so every Sunday I tell Father and Father says I should be a good girl so that you would win the game and now you have” Xandra says ma-king Xander smile.
“You don’t know how special you are to me Xandra” Xander says and looks out at Crystal.
“Let’s go. I’ll drive you home” He says and carries up.
“Where’s your address, I’ll drive you home”
Xander asks Crystal
“You don’t have to…”
“Not now Crystal, not now”
“Crystal? ?, I thought mommy name is Kylie”.
Crystal chops the vegetable while watching Xander and Xandra pl@yin the living room, she felt guilty, probably if she had stayed with Xander then Xandra happiness would have been completed years ago.
She turns around to take a bowl of water and when she turns back, she sees Xandra with her book while Xander is not in sight.
Looking around for him, she feels a hand sl!paround her slender w@!st.
He turns her around and pins her to the wall closing the window of the kitchen.
“Xan” Crystal calls him. He ignores and ru-bs her shoulder.
“Xan what are you doing, Xandra..”
“Shhhh” He cuts her off placing a f!nger on herl-ips.
“You know am still thinking of different ways to revenge for all the suffering you made me go throu-gh and trust me when I say this. It’ll be really plea-surable to hear you scream my name and beg for mercy ” He says sm-irking evilly.
“Xan I….”.
Xander shuts her up by placing a de-ep k!sson herl-ips, then travels to her n£¢k finding her sweet sp©t ma-king her m0@n softly.
Xander smiles realising he still had that effect on her.
“It’s good to see I still have that effect on you”
“Xander have missed you so much” She says in between m0@n s.
“Not as much as I have”
He says and goes for herl-ips again but st©ps immediately.
“Mommy, daddy…. The chilli is burning” Xandra says and both of them quic-kly separate from each other, Crystal pu-lls her stra-p back on while Xander tries hiding his boner from his daughter.
“Erm , sorry darling I got distracted” Crystal explains.
“Oh no” Xandra face palms herself.
“A lot of chilli is going to burn from now on” Xandra says and walks out.
“She’s really your daughter” Xander says and Crystal laughs.
“So where were we” He says and pu-lls her closer.
“Xander!!” Crystal exclaims and hits him.
“C’mon, it’s been 6 years” He complains ma-king Crystal laugh and blus-h.
“So you guys finally meet, hallelujah” Jimmy says entering the Crystal’s House with Amy on his arm.
“Dina!!” Crystal exclaims and hvgs her bestfriend.
“God look Amy is bigger than I imagined her to be” Crystal says looking at Amy.
“Amy!!” Xandra exclaims and runs to the little girl.
“Mom look Amy is getting bigger than she was in the picture”
“Ice cweam!!” Amy says and walks to the table.
Everyone laughs.
“So Xander guess who’s your new neighbor” Jimmy asks.
“You??” Xander says
“Dude you weren’t supposed to get the guess” Jimmy complained and everyone laughs.
Xander, Xandra, Jimmy, Amy and Dina all watch Crystal as she performs on stage singing her heart out.
She had always wanted to be a singer since she was young and now her dreams were coming true.
“Dude she’s so h0t” A guy complimented hitting Xander.
“Dude she’s my wife” Xander says angrily.
“Am sorry dude no ha-rd feelings” He apologizes getting scared.
“Mommy looks so beautiful tonight, now I know why you love her so ooo much” Xandra says
“Yes honey, I love her and I love you too”
“Dad what’s fv¢king??” Xandra asks, the question catching Xander off guard.
“Why why do you ask”
“Because you always tell mom you love her so fv¢king much” She replies innocently…
“Oh oh that… fv¢king means very, I love your mum very much”
“Okay dad” Xandra says.
Crystal st©ps singing and everyone applauds her.
Crystal chuckles and laughs.
“I LOVE YOU TOO HONEY!!!” She yells back and walks down to hvg the two most important people in her life.