Cold and blank Episode 8 & 9

(Perfect as-sas-sin)
By Queen Mary
Episode 8
Crystal watched quietly as Xander entered the car, she didn’t know what the old woman told Xander because she wasn’t paying attention. Her mind was focused on another thing.
Her face looked pale and Xander noticed it.
“You okay?, you seem kinda sick” He asked Crystal.
“Yes am okay” She said and he nodded not satisfied with the answer but he didn’t continue questioning her as he starts the engine and drives home to Jimmy’s.
Crystal, Jimmy and Xander sit at the dining table feasting on the lunch Jimmy made them.
Jimmy and Xander pas-s each other questioning looks as they notice Crystal was de-ep in thought.
Crystal keeps on thinking about the face she saw earlier, for the first time in 5 years Crystal felt like killing someone that she wasn’t asked to kill.
She gr!pp£dthe fork ti-ght ma-king the cut in her hand open fresh and bleed more.
“Loretta” Xander exclaimed and stood up to help her from hurting herself more.
“I’ll go get the first aid” Jimmy said and stood up.
“Danm your hand is bleeding Loretta” Xander said, he felt the pain even more than Crystal felt.
Xander tou-ching Crystal hands made her feel a tingling s-en-sation, she quic-kly withdraws her hand from his.
“Don’t t©uçh me, stay away from me ” She said codly and moved away from him. Xander is surprised by her reaction but being a stubborn man he holds her hand again but Crystal protests again.
“I said don’t t©uçh me” She said and yanked him away immediately.
Xander eyes lit in fury, Crystal becomes surprised because she has never seen him angry before.
“Woman will you give me your hand now before I sp@ñk you real ha-rd like a four year old kid” Xander ordered.
Crystal is shaken, no man has ever spoken to her like that before and his tone made her kinda scared of him. She’s used to men obeying her but here’s Xander threatening to sp@ñk her not like a few sp@ñks can hurt her.
He takes her hand again for the third time and this time she doesn’t push him away.
“Here’s the first aid box, guys my d@t£ just called, I’ll be leaving now” Jimmy said and took his coat.
“Dude if you break up with this one am going to imprison you” Xander joked and both laughed.
“Here all done, the pain will subdue before dinner” Xander said smiling but Crystal wasn’t having it, she was still angry at the fact he threatened to sp@ñk her.
“You know you look cute when you’re angry” Xander tea-sed her, she locks him eyes wi-de-ned and a de-ep frown.
She hated people calling her cute especially men.
“You even look more cuter with those sparkly hazel eyes” He stands up and k!sses her forehead lightly.
“Whatever it is bothering you don’t think about it, don’t let your anger get the best of you” He says and leaves the living room.
Crystal watched him leave, for the first time in 5 years someone ap@rt from Dina was able to calm her down. The k!sson her forehead proved that Xander respected her unlike other men who only want to be in her p@n-ties.
Xander was different and as much as Crystal liked it she felt like she had to call off this mission before things start going out of control.
She walks out of the building and meets Xander outside in the garden watering the plants. Not wanting to be with him she turns to go back in.
“gr-ab a hose woman” He said and Crystal turns back to see him handing a hose to her.
“The garden’s so big I can’t water it alone” He said. Crystal collects the hose still frowning and waters the garden.
“Ooops” Xander said pla-yfully looking at Crystal who was we-t alre-ady all thanks to Xander.
“Am sorry” He said but Crystal doesn’t say a word.
He intentionally we-ts her again but pretends it’s a mistake, Crystal becomes more furious and attacks him back.
Soon both start a water fight, Crystal forgets she’s angry and starts laughing, something she thought no man can make her do.
Crystal sli-ps on the we-t ground but Xander is quic-k to gr-ab her.
“You see you shouldn’t hide your smile” He said still holding her slender w@!st.
“No crystal, are you crazy don’t get hooked” She thinks to herself and stands to her feet pushing him away.
“Don’t come near me” She said this time more furiously and walked inside.
Xander watched as she entered in, what has gotten into him, when did he start becoming pla-yful.
“Madam here’s your strawberry milkshake with extra t©ppings” The waitress told Dina.
“Thanks” Dina said smiling.
A guy comes forward and looks at her.
“What do you want, did you lose your d!¢k” She said ma-king him laugh.
“I never knew my d@t£ spoke dirty words” He said. Dina scoffed and puts the shade off.
“d@t£??” She asked.
“Sure. I ordered this seat for both of us, I must say you really look beautiful, I was scared I was going to meet someone ugly since you refused to share your pictures”
“You’re crazy, fv¢k off, I paid for this seat”
“Na baby girl I did” He insisted.
Dina slams her hand on the table furiously.
“WHO’S THE fv¢kING MANAGER HERE” She yelled, Jimmy looks at her amused.
“Am sorry Madam there was a mistake, that’s your table over there. We’re very sorry, we can refund your money if you are still angry” The manager said.
“Just get out” She said and stood up and walked to the table. She’s having issues with her b©yfri£ndwhich is ma-king her angry.
She sits on the table which is opposite’s the guy’s table.
He b!ows her k!ssand that broke the c@m£l’s back, Dina stands up and walks to him. She takes his hand and drags it to his back.
“Ouch you’ll break my arm”
“Try any ru-bbish with me and I’ll break your head next”
“Okay you’ you know my friend’s a special agent. He’ll lock you up if you break me”
“Fool” She says and re-leased him then walks to her seat.
Crystal is shocked and shaken as she looks at the pregnancy result.
What, how. Just one night with Carlos and boom she’s pregnant.
She didn’t know why she was so willing to have S-x with him, Carlos didn’t f0rç£ her so she couldn’t call it r@p£.
After Stella left her b©dy starts behaving weirdly and she was hor-nyas fv¢k, S-x was the next thing she thought of. She wanted it but didn’t like it.
After that night Carlos travelled for a month, he c@m£ back and didn’t even check on her at all.
That was it, she was going to meet him, he wasn’t in his house so he’s in the hostel.
Opening the door to the greatest shock of her life, Crystal saw her b©yfri£ndlieing relaxed on her bestfriend. She dropped the test papers on the floor.
“CARLOS!!” She screamed disturbing the slee-ping neighbors. He looked at her but didn’t mind neither did her bestfriend.
“STELLA YOU!!!” Crystal yelled pointing at her bestfriend.
The scene made feel Crystal feel nauseous especially when she was with child, that’s exactly what brou-ght her here. To break the pregnancy news to him.
“Are you blind or can’t you see something important is going on” Stella said to Crystal.
Broken, she apologized and closed the door living the test results on the floor.
She blamed herself for being too comfortable, she blamed herself for being too happy.
Walking out of the hostel, everyone mocked her, some threw trash papers at her while some stoned her with eggs.
Those were the hurtful comments Crystal heard but it was nothing to her again, she was used to it.
Smelling of rotten egg, she took her bicycle and rode home.
The scene of seeing Stella and Carlos together broke her so much that she cried while steering the wheel of the bicycle with her legs. Her hazel eyes were filled the water and she was unable to see the tra-p that was set for her.
BOOM, she fell off the bicycle landing on the floor and grazing her knees and pointy bicycle.
They laughed and mimicked her.
“C’mon st©p crying who-re, how much you want me to pay you, you are so cheap right, you can’t cost much” Crystal stood up and carried the bicycle up, now she was not only looking like trash, she also smelt like trash. Her blonde long hair had become brown and dirty, her elbows and knee were alre-ady bleeding. She dried the tears off her face and continued on her bicycle.
She thought of Carlos, the guy who she trusted so much that she gave him her vir-ginity.
Her mother was a pr©st!tût£but she wasn’t, an innocent girl like Crystal fell in love with a guy like Carlos. The biggest mistake of all. Her bestfriend whom she thought was the best of all betrayed her.
The insults hurled at her wasn’t as painful as the betrayal. The insult isn’t new, her mother caused it.
Gold her mother is the town’s public dog, even her age mates had had countless S-x with her mother. She was p©rn actress but st©pped when old age started to knock. Crystal was just lucky to escape numerous ab-ortions all thanks to her grandmother.
The cab drops Crystal at her headquarters, Xander left to go to the station so Crystal seized the opportunity to go meet Asher her boss.
She entered the secret headquarters and everyone was amazed to see, she ignored all and entered the boss’s office.
“Crystal what brings you here’ He says surprised.
“Give another person my mission, am no longer interested in Xander’s case again. Am beginning to lose control of myself to him” She says and walks out of the office.
fv¢k being innocent, now that she has seen Stella she’ll make sure she destroys her.
Episode 9
(Who hurt her)
Crystal sits down opposite her boss tapping her f!ngerson the desk and looked at her boss. He hadn’t said anything to her since she mentioned quitting to him. Instead he asked her to seat down and he takes his phone and texts Dina.
“Asher won’t you say something, should I just leave” She asked getting pissed off.
“Check this, it’s a message Kate s£nt few minutes before you walked in blabbing nons-en-se” He said and handed Crystal the phone.
KATE: Boss, I think Crystal’s doing a great job, Agent Xander ain’t concentrating on his work again. Kudos to Crystal
“So, have done my job and am quitting” Crystal said unmoved.
“Nope Crystal you ain’t done yet” A female voice said and walked in the office.
Crystal stood up and faced her bestfriend who was looking at her really upset.
“Seriously, Quitting??.. When did that start, you’ve never quitted before” Dina said tou-ching Crystal’s shoulders.
“Well there’s a first time for everything” Crystal said.
“Yes and there’s a reason for everything, tell me Crystal what’s the problem” Dina asked and pu-ll-ed Crystal outside the office.
“Get me a gun” She says to Dina.
“For what” Dina asked.
“I SAID GET ME A GUN” Crystal yelled shaking Dina, everyone looks at her. They become afraid knowing she’s very dangerous when angry
“Fine fine cool girl” Crystal said and called a minor to get her a gun.
“Here’s your gun” The minor said and Crystal snatched it from the minor who scurried away.
Crystal points the gun at a guy distance away from where she was standing.
“Crystal what are you doing” Dina asked surprised.
The guy realises the gun is pointed at him and becomes scared.
Crystal aims and shoots at him but fortunately the bullets pasts him and hits the wall.
“I didn’t miss on purpose, I missed intentionally. James sorry for aiming at you. fv¢k I nee-d a drink” Crystal said and walked to the bar in their headquarters.
“You okay now ” Dina asked. Crystal looked at her and smiled.
“So now tell me what’s the problem, why quitting”
“Because am interested in only one person now. Stella Jace, I want her head on the table, her blood on my hands ” Crystal said gritting.
“Crystal you have to leave your personal life out of your profession. You know it’s bad for business. Crystal you mustn’t give up not now or never”
Crystal sniffs and nods.
“Fine, I am not giving up, I’ll be going back to Jimmy’s house and pretend to be an innocent vir-gin” Crystal said and Dina chuckled.
“Firstly you have to get rid of your alcohol breath”
“Sure whatever” Crystal said and smiled evilly to herself.
She wasn’t going to forget about Stella so soon. Now there’s two mission for her.
“The weather forecast says is going to rain soon, I think you should get going” Dina said.
“Yeah” Crystal said and dropped the glas-s of alcohol on the table then walks out of the headquarters.
She looks up at the sky and shrugs.
“It’s so fv¢king gonna rain” Crystal said and walked upfront. While she walked she thought about Stella and the anger in her starts to build up again.
Crystal gets home and parked the bicycle at the gate, the door wasn’t locked so she went straight in.
The loud m0@n s she heard was so sickening, her mother was at it again. She sighed and went to the shower. She sobbe-d as the scene kept on repeating in her br@in.
She didn’t want to come out of the shower again until she realized she had spent more than 1 hour standing un-der the running water.
“CRYSTAL CRYSTAL YOU STUPID bit-ch, COME HERE” Her mother yelled.
She put on a towel and rushed to her room, everywhere smelt so terrible, used c0nd0ms were lieing on the floor.
The urge to throw up c@m£ again but she had to put it in not to upset her mother.
“What’s this Crystal, what is my pregnancy test str!p doing in your room and why does it re-ad positive” Gold asked
Crystal bec@m£ surprised, her mother ha-rd ly entered her room but today she did.
I-I -t-th-the” She stammered folding her hands, Infuriated Gold stood up and attacked Crystal’s face with her palm.
Crystal fell to the ground.
“You bastard, I asked you to join me in this business but you refused claiming your vir-ginity was your pride, and now you’ve gotten yourself pregnant just 18 years old ” Gold snapped at Crystal who was trying to stand up.
“Mom I I…” She couldn’t finish the s£ntence before Gold s£nt her back to the ground again with a h0tter sl@p.
“You would get rid of that thing right now immediately” Gold said and walked out of the room, Crystal waited for her mother.
She c@m£ in with a boiling ring, the one you put inside water to boil it.
“Lie down flat NOWW” She ordered and confused Crystal lied flat on the be-d. Gold connected the boiling ring to the nearest socket and Crystal bec@m£ shocked.
“Mum what are you….”
“I said lie down” She yelled and Crystal lied down closing her eyes.
“I always do this in high school”
Gold re-moved the towel of crystal b©dy and Crystal began to shake not having any idea of what her mother was going to do.
Suddenly Crystal felt the ring in her pri-vate p@rt.
“MOMMMM” Crystal yelled crying and holding the be-dsheets.
The pain was so excruciating, she felt something twitch in her stomach and blood starts to stream down her leg. Thick h0t blood.
Screaming in anguish, Crystal felt like death. The pain she suffered for the past years was nothing to compared to this.
Even today’s heartbreak was nothing.
“Done, make sure you clean this place” Gold said and walked out.
So weak after losing a lot of blood, Crystal pas-sed out.
Thinking about the past Crystal couldn’t help herself, it was either she killed someb©dy or she had a drink.
So lost in her thoughts she didn’t know that the rain had started pouring.
She keeps on walking staggered like, not because she was drun!kbut because she was feeling broken.
She takes a cab which drops her in front of Jimmy’s house.
She looks at the building and sighs.
She stands outside still looking at the building as the rain pours harshly on her skin.
At the time she was gone, her soul, spirit and mind wasn’t with her.
The rain poured on her but she didn’t feel it, she just stood there like a ghost.
Then he t©uçhed her, his warm skin s£nding fire to her b©dy.
Crystal turns and looks at who t©uçhed her.
Xander looked at her surprised, what was she doing outside.
“Loretta what’s going on” He asked but Crystal couldn’t hear. She saw his mouth move but couldn’t hear what he was saying.
“Are you okay” He half yelled but she didn’t reply, just continued looking at him like a statue.
“fv¢k it, you’re a crazy woman” Xander says and pu-ll-ed her inside the house.
Jimmy who was busy watching a movie sees Xander come in with Crystal.
“Go get me some blankets and geez turn off the AC” Xander said and helps Crystal sits down.
“Is she okay” Jimmy asked and leaves to bring the blankets.
Crystal looks at the table, a slice of bre-ad with jam, a cu-p of coffee and a knife.
“A knife” Crystal thought to herself and smiles.
When Xander walks to put on the fire at the chimney. She picks the knife and folds the sharp side on her hand cutting her palm de-eply
“Oh that’s so much better” She thought to herself, the pain she felt physically drifted her away from the pain she was feeling emotionally.
“fv¢k LORETTA” Jimmy yelled and dropped the blankets on the floor.
Xander eyes wi-de-ned when he saw her hurting herself again.
He walks and tries collecting the knife from her but her grip on it was too strong, if he tried snatching it from her, he may make it worse.
“Loretta leave the knife alone… plea-se” Xander said but Crystal didn’t re-lease the knife.
He looks in her eyes to search for answers, why she was so cold and blank. The answers he got in her eyes was hurt.
He half smiles and hvgs her calmly, Crystal is surprised as she lets go of the knife.
“Don’t let it eat you up” He whispers in her ear and t©uçhes her hair.
Crystal didn’t fight him or push him off this time even though she hated guys hvgging her. But it felt like she nee-ded a hvg.
Xander was still on the hvg when Jimmy called him.
“Dude she’s asleep alre-ady” Jimmy said and Xander pu-ll-ed off and saw she was slee-ping.
He la-id her down on the couch and looked at her palm, it had been bruised badly, really really badly.
She might even get infections from all the bruises.
“Loretta seems to have been hurt a lot” Jimmy said.
“Yeah, that’s why she hurts herself physically. She believes the physical pain can st©p her from feeling the emotional pain. I wonder what could have hurt her badly”
“I feel sorry for Loretta, she’s too beautiful to be hurt like this” Jimmy said and ru-bbe-d his eyes.
“Dude am going to be-d, take care of her” Jimmy said and leaves.
Xander treats her hand and injects her some pain reliever.
“Who hurt you Loretta” He asked ru-bbing her hair slowly.
“Stella Jace” Crystal says sleepily not knowing she was talking.
Xander looks confused, why would Loretta call his wife name.
He was sure he hadn’t introduced Stella to Loretta yet so how come.
“Stella, Carlos, Mom ” Crystal said again, still slee-ping and oblivious of the fact that she was talking.
For the first time in 5 years, tears streamed down from Crystal’s sleepy house.
Xander wiped it away immediately.