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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Cold and blank Episode 6 & 7

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(Perfect Assassin)
By Queen Mary
Episode 6

(Do opposites attracts)



Xander watched crystal munch on the pizza he brought minutes ago, he couldn’t stop thinking about what he saw yesterday. He saw her whole body without clothes on. She was bare naked and visible to his eyes, he knew the size of her breasts and exactly where are female centre was located.
He wasn’t the type to be moved by naked ladies, even his wife hardly moved him but yesterday his junior decided to stand up straight. At least she didn’t see the bulging erection between his trousers, it would have been very embarrassing for him.

“Miss Loretta how you doing now” The doctor asked checking her.

Am okay” Crystal replied softly, she looked so innocent like an Indian daughter in law.

“Of course you are, woman you amaze me, am really surprised at your quick recovery. Seems your body can withstand any kind of pain” The doctor said smiling.

“She can be discharged today right” Xander asked.

“Yeah sure, all we’ll need now is her ID card” He said.

“Am not sure she has….” Xander said but was cut off by Crystal.

“It’s in my dress, there’s a pocket in my dress ” She said.
A nurse walked in with Crystal’s dress neatly folded and washed. She gave

the dress to Crystal.
Crystal dips her hand in the pocket for her ID card, her hand touches something which is not an ID card, surprised she looks in her pocket and sees two unused condoms.

“How did this get in here, Dina!!, slimy bitch” She thought to herself.

“Any problem there” Xander asked seeing the look on her face, being a guy that works for the FBI he knew something was wrong with that face.

“Nothing” Crystal replied confidently and handed him the ID CARD.
He collects it and he’s about to hand it to the doctor but he takes a good look at it again, he looks at it and then looks at Crystal.

“Wait wait something’s not right here” He said looking at the fake ID card.

Crystal looked at him, she had a feeling he had caught that the ID was fake, well he works for the force and he’s the best at what he do so she wasn’t surprised if he found out that the ID was fake. He looked at Crystal and looked at the ID again.

“Speak dickhead and stop giving me those looks” She thought to herself referring to Xander.

“Loretta when and where did you make this ID Card” He asked, Crystal opened her mouth to reply but he cuts her off.

“Whoever did this for you needs to know how to spell your name right. It’s Loretta not Lorreta” He said and gave the ID to the doctor.

“Seriously, that’s why you gave me those looks” Crystal thought to

herself again. She was beginning to hate this guy, she liked it when guys were intimidated by her somehow Xander intimidated her and she hates it making her hate him, she hated men but she hated Xander more because he wasn’t scared of her the way other men would be.


“Welcome to my little home” Jimmy said opening the door.

“Thanks” Crystal replied.

“Oh it’s nothing, am actually a nice person” Jimmy replied playfully. He was different from Xander. Xander hardly smiled but Jimmy was a jolly guy.
“Am sorry I couldn’t take you to my house, you know I have a wife and you know how women react. You can stay with Jimmy for a while I find a better accommodation for you” Xander said.

“I’ll be leaving now” Xander said and whispered in Jimmy’s ear.

“No funny business guy” He said and Jimmy smiled, he knew what Xander meant.

“Bye” He said, Crystal called him back.

“Please wait” She said softly like an angel, that was her 5 years ago voice when she was so innocent.

“Thanks so much Xander” She said and hugged him but not fully but enough to make his chests feel her soft breast since she wasn’t wearing any bra.

“Bye” Xander said and withdrew from the hug immediately no emotions on his face.
Crystal was surprised at the fact that he withdrew from the hug immediately and he didn’t even have a boner, normally other men would have quickly pulled of their trousers and asked for a quick blow job just seeing Crystal’s naked body but Xander didn’t do anything.

“Danm this guy is a tough one” She thought to herself and watched him enter the car and drive off.
Sitting on the car seat, Xander looked at his erection. He had quickly withdrawed from the hug to stop his big junior from standing up and embarrassing him in front of Loretta and Jimmy.
He didn’t like the fact he was lusting over the body of a lady he met just yesterday but what could he do he’s also a man not a gay, seeing a lady with a body like that naked brought out the real man in him, Danm thoughts like that was driving him mad
Crystal told Carlos everything about her miserable life. While she told Carlos he thought about the night he had with Stella yesterday. Her screaming his name and moaning made him feel hard again.

“Carlos??” Crystal called bringing him out of his thoughts.

“Yes, am sorry Crystal. I was only thinking about all the painful things you’ve gone through, I feel really bad Crystal” He said and smiled at her.

“Thanks Carlos” She said.

“Crystal have you eaten, should I get something for you to eat”

“Yes please” Crystal replied, she guessed he heard the grumbling of her stomach complaining to be fed but that was not the case Carlos was only using it as an excuse to leave her for Stella to come in and do her work.

“Okay gimme some minutes” He says and leaves the place, he sees Stella outside.

“Is she still there”

“Yes she is” Carlos replied and kissed Stella who returned it.
He smacks her ass and licks his tongue.

“I love the dress you wearing but I would turn it to pieces” Carlos said and left.
Stella smiled and walked inside the corner.

“Hey bestie” Stella said smiling.

“Hi Stella” Crystal said and hugged Stella.

“I just saw Carlos outside, tell me Crystal are you guys already…”

“Stop it Stella”

“But seriously Crystal that guy likes you”

“Why do you say so” Crystal asked.

“You know yesterday night he told me that he just came to this town to visit his old nanny for just three days but when he saw you he’s staying 3 months” Stella said making Crystal blushed.

“Really” She asked smiling.

“Yes and he was asking me different questions about you seriously he likes you” Stella said.
Crystal smiles, she believed what her bestfriend told her, of course she would.

“Smiling like a fool, daughter of a cheap slut” Stella thought to herself still smiling at Crystal.


Stella looks at the bedsheet and the man sleeping besides her on the bed, she looks up at the time and gasps.

“Hey you, wake up now. What’s all this” She asked him perceiving the smell of cums and orgasm.

“Stella calm down, am trying to sleep”


“Have you forgotten, last night you called me and we had some few drinks, you complained that Xander has been ignoring you lately and you were horny, you literally begged me to fuck you”

“God” She exclaimed putting one hand on her face.

“Did you use condom” She asked looking at her wet underwear.


“WHAT, you cummed inside me, what if I get pregnant what would I tell Xander, we haven’t had sex for a very long time now”

“Then you’ll abort it just like you always do, Stella have missed your sweet pussy very much. Ever since you got married to that Xander guy you hardly have time for me” He said slipping his fingers inside her underwear.

“Get your filthy hands away and get dressed, Xander mustn’t meet you here”

“What would he do, he doesn’t really loves you like I do” He said as he continues dipping inside her.

“CA Ca….” She tried saying his name but she was a moaning mess already.
Soon both were covered under the sheets having sex.


Xander pulls the brakes and stops the engine, he walks to the door and is surprised to see it opened.
He enters the house and sees empty bottles of wine and alcohol.
Surprised he walks upstairs and on his way he hears moaning noises of Stella.
He walks upstairs and walks to their bedroom.
“Stella are you fucking a guy on our bed” He asked knocking the door.

“Open the danm door now, if you wanna do your Shit go do it outside am not stopping you but not in my own house” He said.
Stella opens the door and Xander looks around for a man but doesn’t see any, instead he sees a dildo with Stella.

“You were masturbating??” Xander asked as the scent of her wetness filled the room.

“Well ý a body of wood, I have a pussy which needs touch, you won’t give me so I’ll use alternative means, at least am not cheating” She replied.

Crystal looks around Jimmy’s house, the guy really had a lot of gadgets in his house.

“You work for the FBI too??” She asked.

“Kinda, I supply them gadgets they use in catching criminals”

“Okay” Crystal replied.

“Check my latest work” He said and brought out a big mansion.

“It’s a lie detector, am giving it to them tonight”

“Lie detector” Crystal said and laughed.

“Am serious, it’s actually working”

“Yes it is” Crystal said not buying it.

“Okay check this, I’ll put my right palm here, you ask me a question if I lie the red light shows but if I don’t the green light shows”

“Okay” Crystal said and shrugged.

“Ask me a question that you know the truth ” He said

“Erm, is Xander your friend”

“Yes” He said and the green light turns on.

“Okay cool, did you go to the hospital today”

“No” He lied and the red light turns.

“You see it works” He said excited.

“Na I don’t buy that, how can there be a real lie detector”

“You see when we say something we might say the truth or lie, but our brains know the real truths. This lie detector reads your brain and intercepts it with what we say then it turns on any light depending on whether you are lieing or saying the truth, ask me another question”

“Have you fucked before” Crystal asked

“Sure” He said and the green light turns up..

“You try” Jimmy said but Crystal refused.

“C’mon there’s nothing there, it’s not like you are hiding something”

“Nope” Crystal replies and places her palm on the detector.

“Okay let me ask you like a police officer would do…… Have you ever murdered somebody before” He asked, the looks on Crystal’s face changes immediately.


Episode 7
(Xander’s Crystal)


Crystal looked at Jimmy and then the lieing detector.

“Loretta come on answer” He said smiling.

“You wanna know if I killed somebody” She asked smiling

“Sure, I know you haven’t” He says.

“Nope i haven’t killed somebody before” She replied and the machine shows the green light.

“Awesome, I was beginning to think you’ve killed someone before” Jimmy said and carries the lie detector.

Crystal grins, being smart is something Crystal is blessed with, just like Jimmy said the lie detector reads the brain and her brain was thinking about the Crystal of 5 years ago who can’t even hurt a fly.

Immediately Xander leaves the room, Stella goes under the bed and Carlos crawls out.

“You have to leave now” She whispers to him.

“But we’re not done yet”

“Fuck you Carlos, I’ll meet you at our usual spot, take the window and fuck out” She whispers and pushes him away, he taps her ass playfully and jumps out.

“Am coming baby” Stella yells nervously even though nobody is calling her.
Xander clicks on his laptop looking at the victims of the assassin, but he’s finding it hard to focus on his work as the image of naked crystal keeps on popping in his brain.

“Fuck” He says frustrated and bangs the laptop making it to fall to the ground.

“Honey are you okay” Stella asks shocked to see him create such a mess.

“It’s nothing” Xander replies,carries his laptop and leaves Stella.


Crystal looks at the room Jimmy gives to her it’s the room Xander crashes in when he’s not at home , impressive but nothing compared to hers.

“I’ll go have a shower” Crystal says flashing him one of her best innocent smile.

“Erm okay” Jimmy says scratching his head and walks out.

She takes out her phone and locks the door.

“Hey Dina you slimy bitch why the fuck did you put a condom in my dress” She said.

“Oh come on, it’s a send off gift. I know you would still fuck Xander so Incase that happens there’s protection”

“Fuck you am not an horny bitch” Crystal replied.

“So how’s things going”

“Great so far so good” Crystal said and heard Jimmy footsteps.

“I’ll call you back” Crystal says and cuts the call.
Jimmy knocks on the door.

“You can come in”

“Erm am sorry, Xander just called and said he wants to take you shopping, not for any negative reason it’s just because you don’t have anything to wear again”

“Oh ok” Crystal replies.

Xander parks in front of Jimmy’s house and Crystal enters his car.

“Hey Loretta how you doing” He says looking at the clothes she was putting on, he tries not to laugh but he can’t help it.

“What’s funny” Crystal asked getting offended.

“It’s nothing, it’s just I didn’t expect you to make my cloth fit you so perfectly” He said.

“Oh am wearing your clothes, am sorry I didn’t have any clothes to wear”

“Na it’s nothing, get in” He says and she enters the car.

Xander and Crystal come out of the car and walk into the mall receiving jealous stares from both genders.
Crystal smiles and starts feeling herself, both looked like couples.

“Am shy” Crystal said clutching closer to Xander and putting her hand in Xander’s. It was all part of the plan. Make the almighty Xander fall for her.
Xander holds her hand tight and touches her hair.

“It’s okay” He said and smiled to her.
Stella and Carlos walk hand and hand in the mall, buying everything at sight, both enjoying Xander’s money.

“Carlos I need to use the rest room” Stella says and excuses herself.

“Okay” He says and looks at the clothing line in front of him.
He turns back but looks back again when he realizes what he saw behind the clothing line.
Stella’s husband hand to hand with a goddess.

“The bastard is cheating on my Stella” He says and brings out his phone to call Stella but firstly he takes a picture of both of them

Xander picks different clothes for Crystal, for a man like him he was actually stylish.
“Xander I need to use the rest room”

“Okay I’ll be here waiting” He said and Crystal smiled and walked to the rest room, on her way someone bumps into her making her purse falls down, Crystal becomes annoyed that the person doesn’t apologize.

“I guess sorry is a heavy word now” Crystal says and the lady turns back and makes a sarcastic laugh.

“Am sorry but I don’t apologize to lowlifes” She says to Crystal who’s shocked by who was standing in front of her.

“You” Crystal says trying to catch her breath.

“Yes have we met, of course we can’t. I don’t interact with lowlifes” She says and walks away. Crystal paces around in anger trying to control herself from destroying the walls.

She walks in the rest room and washes her face off with the water, memories of the past keep on flashing.

“Aaaaaaargh” Crystal screams viciously and punches the mirror shattering the glass into different pieces and tearing her hands making it bleed badly.
Crystal sits on the floor and starts and tries to control the hatred in her, she looks at the pieces of glass and thinks of stabbing the lady with it. The only thing she was thinking of was to kill her.
She holds a piece of glass and tights it on her hand tearing her palm and making it bleed.

“Calm down Crystal, Calm down” She says to herself.


Stella and Crystal walk together to Carlos house, unknown to Crystal the both had planned for her already.
They knock on his door and he comes to open it few seconds after.

“Hi Crystal” He says to her and walks her in.
When Crystal ain’t watching he hits Stella on the ass playfully.

“Welcome to my home” He says.

“Thanks you have a nice home” She replies.

“So what do you want me to get you, wine whisky or….”

“Just water” Crystal replied smiling.

“Okay” He says and walks to the kitchen but first he collects a powder substance from Stella.

“Crystal Carlos is a very nice guy”

“Yeah, he is” Crystal replied. She trusted him so much and she had fallen in love with him already.

“Here’s your glass of water” He says and gives Stella a glass of wine.
Crystal takes the water in one gulp while Stella and Carlos give themselves signs.

“Crystal I want you to have this” Carlos says and gives her a necklace.

“It’s my mom’s , she says to give it to the woman that I love more than I love her. I thought it was impossible to love somebody more than you love your mother but then I met you and now I want to give this to you” He said.

“Carlos” Crystal said excitedly as Carlos puts the necklace on her chain.

“It’s beautiful” Stella says pretending to be amazed.

“Crystal you’re so lucky do you know how many girls want Carlos, and here he’s treating you with so much love”

Crystal looks at the necklace and looks at Carlos, nobody has showed her so much love before. Even her own mother hasn’t.

“Erm Crystal I need to get something down the street for my mom, I’ll be back” Stella says and leaves leaving Crystal alone with Carlos.

Crystal walks to Xander after hurting herself in the rest room.

“God Loretta what happened to your hand ” Xander asked.

“I slipped, it’s nothing” Crystal said.
Xander looked at her and studied her, the looks on her face showed she was hurt.

“Are you okay” He asked.

“Yes, I just want to rest” She said.

“Okay enough shopping for today” Xander said and walked her outside.
Before entering the car a beggar walks to Xander and beg for money, he dips his hand in his pocket and gives her some change, Loretta is in the car already.

“Thank you my son” She says and grabs his palm, then feels it like she’s reading it.

“YOU HAVE DIAMONDS, GOLDS, RUBIES, SILVERS but you only have one Crystal, don’t lose it” She says and walks away. Xander is confused.




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