Cold and blank Episode 4 & 5

(Perfect as-sas-sin)
By Queen Mary
(Author Queen)
Chapter 4
(The meeting of two opposites)
Crystal entered her mansion smiling to herself, danm it’s feels so good beating those fools. Crystal was the perfect explanation of don’t judge a book by its cover.
She brou-ght out her l@pt©p and started working on the club her boss asked her to hack into.
“Danm I nee-d some music” She said and stood up and went to put on some music. Swaying her perfectly shaped b©dy to the song with a bottle of tequila on her hand.
A woman outside but a man inside, that was Crystal.
Crystal and Carlos sat down together, she met him just hours ago but she trusted him alre-ady, because he made her smile.
“Crystal isn’t it late alre-ady, let’s go home let me know your house” Carlos said and stood up giving her his hand. She took it and they walked out of the corner they were hiding.
It was late alre-ady so she had no problem with people insulting her because most people would be inside their house and the few may not see her.
“That’s my house over there” She said pointing at a green building.
“Okay let’s go” He said and walked her home.
Crystal met Stella, her bestfriend standing at her door.
“Stella” Crystal called excitedly and hvgged her.
“Where have you been, have been waiting for you since” Stella said.
“Am sorry Stella. I made a new friend today” She said referring to Carlos.
“Hi Carlos am Stella” Stella said ma-king Crystal confused.
“Do you guys know each other” She asked.
“No no no we’ve we’ve not met each each other before” Stella said nervously.
“So how did you know his name, I haven’t introduced you guys yet” Crystal asked.
“I heard you say his name, have you forgotten you said Carlos” Stella said.
“Okay??” Crystal said believing her bestfriend.
“So Crystal I’ll be going now see you tomorrow okay” Carlos said.
“Crystal it’s late alre-ady, my mom must be expecting me. I’ll be going too” Stella said
“Ok bye” Crystal said and hvgged Stella. Carlos opened his arms for a hvg to but Crystal was too innocent to hvg a guy.
“Am sorry” Carlos said and left, Stella following behind.
“So do you still want to go with the bet” Stella asked Carlos, both standing un-der a tree.
“Of course yes, it’ll take time but trust me I’ll win this bet. I’ll get her to have S-x with me, I’ll make sure I disv!rg!nher” Carlos said smiling evilly.
“Okay, have been her friend for 6 years and a lot of guys have made a bet on her but they end up losing”
“I won’t loss Stella it’s impossible. All I have to do is make her trust me”
“Whatefs, if you win just make sure you give me 50%”
“50% for what, am giving you 30%, do you know how much I’ll start spending on her from now on, that girl is a total mess”
“But the whole hostel is giving you 50$ each if you win”
“Yes and I’ll be giving them 50$ each if I lose so I’m it’s a risk for me”
“You’ll win, I’ll help you with her. Am a bestfriend and she trusts me very much”
“Okay thanks” Carlos said.
“So should we go to a h0tel or do the usual stuff now” Carlos asked and Stella smiled.
“Hey bit-ch, ain’t you done fv¢king your b©yfri£ndam bored here” Crystal said
“Hey go get yourself a b©yfri£ndand st©p disturbing me” Dina replied from the other line.
“Yeah right”
“Sometimes I wonder if you are actually straight. Am beginning to think you are a les”
“Ewww, na, why would I be when there are fresh d!¢ks outside”
“Well then make one of them your b©yfri£nd, st©p using and dumping guys, you do what men do”
“Yeah right, just be quic-k. Before I go on my new mission I have to do something”
“Do what??”
“Have you forgotten what Jennifer Dawn did to me, we have scores to settle”
“Okay bit-ch. In the next 20 minutes”
“Okay don’t get pregnant”
“I wish”
She hangs up the phone and smiles to herself. She loved Dina as a sister but trusting was another thing.
If there’s anything she learnt, it was not to trust anyb©dy.
Xander looked at the door and his wife angrily as she refused to let him out of the house.
“Stella plea-se let me out, I’ll be late for the meeting” He said trying not to bring out the devil in him.
“You know I won’t let you go anywhere, Xander you c@m£ home late like extremely late yesterday and totally ignored me. We’ve been fv¢king married for good 3 years and we’ve had S-x only 12 times, something other couples do in just one week” Stella lamented.
“So you are count the number of times we had S-x, well you should be lucky I actually have S-x with you, you know me and you living in this house was against my wish. You used a fake pregnancy to hold me down and pla-yed my mother” I said angrily.
“I don’t care Xander, all I do know is you ain’t leaving this house until we go 4 rounds”
Xander laughs.
“So I should forget about my work and jump in be-d with you”
“Why do you care so much about your work, you and I know you don’t nee-d it. Your dad is a multi billionaire, your mom willed all her properties to you. You are just this close to being a trillionaire and all you care about is a stupid job. Okay fine I know you are very smart and solved a lot of ha-rd cases but why can’t they leave you now”
“Stella explaining things to you would be a total waste of time, can you plea-se excuse me”
“Fine you can go, just leave, go to your stupid work” Stella said crying and left the door.
Xander sighed and left.
Crystal scrolled throu-gh the information Kate gave to her concerning Agent Xander.
“So dude is married” She said to Dina who was busy with a bowl of ch!ps.
“Does it matter, married man lose their marital status when they see you” Dina said.
“He’s handsome though, I might probably have S-x with him” Crystal said and Dina looked at her surprised.
“Crystal!!” She said and Crystal laughed.
“C’mon, it’s been long since I had good S-x”
“Okay, so which name are you using this time around”
“Am using Mary” Crystal replied and they both laughed.
“C’mon tell me what exactly are you using”
“Loretta Gates” Crystal replied.
“Loretta, that’s a nice name. So how are you guys going to meet”
“Kate will trace him to his house, then Asher would hire some guys to chase me and threaten to kill him then I’ll meet him and ask him to save me from them”
“Interesting but why can’t you guys just meet in a club as usual ”
“Firstly he’s not a club guy, secondly my aim is to distract him not as-sas-sinate him and thirdly Kate says he’s not into bad bit-ches rather innocent girll”
“Danm bit-ch. This guy is your complete opposite this is going to be ha-rd for you”
“Yea kinda but I know how to deal with him, all I gotta do is act innocent and I know how to do that remember I was innocent before”
“Yeah Yeah so what about Jennifer”
“I’ll make sure she apologizes but I don’t have her time now”
“Cool so let’s get to work, first of all shopping ”
“Shopping??” Crystal asked surprised.
“Have you forgotten you have to be innocent, all the clothes you have are bit-ched”
“Okay, race you to my Mercedes-Benz” Crystal said and ran out.
“Cheater” Dina yelled after her.
Crystal looked at the mirror, she didn’t like the girl she was seeing. It reminded her of 5 years old Crystal.
So innocent and harmless, her long black her was falling over her shoulder, she wore a long plain dress.
” I look bad” She said to Dina.
“No seriously you look really pretty, I really like this”
“I don’t I HATE DRESSES LIKE THIS, IT’S EITHER A LEATHERED BLACK trou-ser OR SHORTS not this” She yelled at Dina.
“Calm down Crystal, remember it’s just a mission, you just have to distract him for one week before you as-sas-sinate your next victim”
“Okay, let’s start business” Crystal said and Dina sighed.
“This might hurt” She said and punched Crystal’s face ha-rd .
“Did it leave a mark” Crystal asked tou-ching her face.
“Yeah” Dina said and sl@pped her tearing herl-ips.
“Okay , so we’ll tear the dress a little” Crystal said and they start tearing the dress.
“So now we’re done, the guys are out waiting for you, time to run Crystal” Dina said and Crystal smiled.
“Okay now you have to stab me to make it look real”
“Crystal I don’t think I can do this, why don’t you just fake it”
“Dina he’s a special agent, I can’t fake anything”
“Fine, I’ll stab you a little”
“Okay” Crystal said and closed her eyes
Xander sighed frustratingly as he drove home, he was upset at the fact that the as-sas-sin’s case was becoming more difficult for him and he was having issues with him.
He was about driving into his building when he noticed a lady running.
He c@m£ out of his car and watched her run to him, she was bleeding and looked injured, some guys were chasing her.
She reached him and fell at his feet.
The guys chasing her so Xander and ran back.
He looked down at the almost unconscious lady.
He carries her bridal style and looks into her eyes.
“Help me plea-se” she said weakly and pas-sed out not before Xander saw the sparkles in her hazel eyes
Chapter 5
Xander paces outside the hospital ward, watching the doctor and nurses troop out but ignoring him.
Fortunately the last doctor comes out and talks to him.
“How are you related to the patient” The doctor asked Xander who was caught off guard by the question.
“A friend” He replied immediately.
“Well she just woke up, she’s a very strong lady and her recovery was quic-ker than normal. Most patients stay in the hospital for days and weeks. She’s a fighter, she’ll be discharged tomorrow. All you’ll do now is sign some papers” The doctor said, tapped Xander on the shoulders and left.
Xander sighed thinking about how he met this strange girl, who she was and why those guys wanted to kill her was a mystery to Xander and like all mystery he was about to solve this one.
“Hey” He said and took a sit besides her be-d.
“How do you feel” He asked
“I got stabbe-d by a knife how do you want me to feel” Crystal said and regretted it immediately, she still had that bit-chy attitude. No matter how she tried, men would always irritate her.
“Am sorry” Xander apologized.
“No no am really sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude it’s just…”
“Hey its okay, do you nee-d anything, I’ll get it for you”
“4 bottles of beer and a big hvge d!¢k” Crystal thought to herself and then chuckled at her wild imagination.
“What’s funny” Xander asked amused by the way she recovered immediately.
“Am sorry, plea-se can you get me just a cu-p of water” She said and he stood up.
“Okay” He said and walked out.
He comes back minutes later with a glas-s of water, he hands it to Crystal who intentionally makes it spill on her cloth but Xander didn’t notice.
“God am so sorry” He apologized.
“It’s okay am the clumsy one, I’ll just change my dress to another one” She said and took another white dress, it irritated Crystal. The hospital, smell, white clothes made her nauseous.
She walked to the toilet with a dress on hand.
“Be careful” Xander advices
“You be careful” Crystal muttered on un-der her breath.
“Did you say something” Xander asked.
“I said thank you” She replied from the toilet.
She closes the door and starts undressing, now she was n-ked except from the bandage on her stomach which was covering only her belly bu-tton.
“Aaaaaaargh” Crystal fakes a scream.
“Are you okay” Xander says and stands up from where he’s sitting.
“Oh God it hurts” Crystal yelps smiling to herself.
“Don’t move I’ll come help you”
“But am n-ked” Crystal replied smiling and putting her hand in her wound ma-king it bleed again, it’s painful but she prefers smiling.
“God it hurts” Crystal cried putting her f!ngersin the stab, now the toilet floor was getting stained with blood.
“Look cover yourself with the clothes, I have to help you” Xander said getting worried.
Crystal smiles and falls to floor which sounded like she sli-pped.
“Hey are you okay”
“Hey you, am coming in now” Xander said and opened the toilet door to see a n-ked but bloody Crystal on the floor.
“fv¢k you are n-ked” He said and covered his eyes.
“plea-se help me, it really hurts” Crystal begged crying.
He carries her and drops her gently on the be-d, her whole b©dy visible to his eyes.
If she wasnt in “serious” pain now he would be thinking about grinding bodies and ma-king love to this unknown to him.
“fv¢k Xander what are you thinking” He said to himself and dressed her, trying not to t©uçh her perky bo-ob s.
Danm she was perfect.
He helped her st©p the bleeding and wra-p the bandage back.
What was more shocking to Xander than her perfect b©dy was the fact that she was still conscious even after bleeding.
Crystal smiles seeing that she was tra-pping him slowly.
“Thanks” She said pretending to be shy
“Am Xander” He said remembering that he knows nothing about her
“Loretta. Loretta Gates” She replied smiling, to Xander she had the most beautiful and innocent smile ever, not knowing behind that smile was a hurting bit-ch who acts strong.
Crystal woke up the next day to hear sickening m0@n s. Yes her slut of a mother was back.
She entered the bathroom and took her bath thinking of Carlos. She was starting to like him alre-ady, of course she would who wouldn’t like the tall handsome guy with brown hair and pink,l-ips.
After taking her bath she wears a dress her grandmother s£nt for her for easter, the blue dress seemed so perfect for her. It was long and had long sleeves, exactly what Crystal liked. She won’t wear it if it expo-sed her b©dy at all, her b©dy like her grandmother told her is the temple of God.
She went down and sat on the couch, her mother’s customer walked downstairs looking at Crystal se-ductively.
Crystal looked at him soberly, she felt bad for both the man and her mother. He was wasting money on a slut and the slut would just fv¢k anyb©dy that had money not minding which disease he was carrying.
Gold (Crystal’s mom) walks to the bar and gets a tequila.
“Tequila??” She asked her customer who nodded by replying.
She poured him a glas-s and gave it to him.
“Danm you was so good” The man said, Gold smiled.
“Your daughter, is she also in the business, I would love to taste her” The man said and Gold looked at Crystal who was busy watching a movie.
“bit-ch come here” She called and Crystal stood up and walked to her mother.
“You called” She said as she got there.
Gold studied her daughter from t©p to bottom, wondering where she got such an innocent girl as a child.
“Tell her what you said to me” She said to her customer.
He t©uçhed Crystal’s shoulder and she shrugged it off.
“She’s so S-xy even un-der the go-wn” The man said. Gold knew the man was lieing Crystal was far from S-xy or pretty, he just wanna have a taste of her vir-gin’s daughter pvzzywhich are always the ti-ghtest.
“Crystal what do you say. Have a quic-kie with him now and get 1000$”
“What’s a quic-kie” She asked innocently.
“Let him fv¢k you fast and pay you”
“No mother, no my b©dy is the temple of God”
“Then let me worsh!pthere” The man said.
Crystal looked at her mother sadly then ran out of the house crying.
“I told you, she’s too innocent for my liking. Wished I ab-orted her” Gold told the man
Running out of her house early in the morning was a very bad idea for Crystal, she was just a few distance from home when her jesters start ma-king mockery of her.
Crystal couldn’t take it anymore, she ran away from them crying and to the corner where she always hide.
She reaches the corner and sees Carlos standing there.
“Hey Crystal why are you crying. He asked but she couldn’t reply so he hvgged her. Crystal didn’t resist because she nee-ded a hvg too.
Carlos tried feeling her bo-ob s during the hvg but he felt nothing.
“Danm this bit-ch has nothing, she only got n!ppl!s no bo-ob s. I wonder if she wears br@” He thought to himself.
“So Loretta you wanna tell me why those goons were chasing you” He asked Crystal.
She pretended to be shocked and starts crying, the way tears rolled down Crystal’s eyes made her shock herself, probably she should have gone for acting cause she was perfect.
“Hey its okay” He said.
“I I don’t want to to talk talk about my past experience with those monsters. They they they HURT ME THEY STABbe-d ME, I pleaded but but THEY DIDN’T LISTEN, they HIT ME SO BAD” Crystal cried.
“I’ll make sure the law gets to them” He said and his phone beeped. He looked at it, it was a message from Stella his over nagging wife.
He sighed and di-pped the phone in his pocket.
“The doctor said you are going to get discharged tomorrow, do you want me to drop you home or…”
“I don’t have a home” Crystal cuts him off.
“I ran away from my fiance, I have no parents. Have been wandering since all this days until those boys saw me and they and they” Crystal breaks into fake tears again.
“It’s okay Loretta, I promise to help you” He said.
Crystal closed her eyes slowly and sleep knocked in.
Crystal wakes up the next morning to see a different man standing in front of her.
“Who are you” She said and sat up pretending to be scared of him, even though he was pointing a gun at her she wasn’t scared still.
“You are un-der arrest. Loretta Gates” The guy said.
“Who’s the fool” Crystal thought to herself.
“Jimmy st©p scaring her” Xander said and c@m£ in with a box of pizza and bottled water.
“Am sorry he scared you, he’s my best buddy Jimmy” He said.
“She’s fv¢king pretty” Jimmy whispered in Xander’s ears.
“How would I be scared when he’s holding a fake gun” Crystal thought to herself.
“Loretta am sorry for the scare” Jimmy apologized but Crystal was just staring at the gun.
“Do you know how to use it, it’s a gun” Jimmy said. Crystal tried not to laugh at the stupid question.
“No I don’t know how to use it, this is my first time of seeing a gun” Crystal replied sarcastically.