Cold and blank Episode 20 & 21

(Perfect as-sas-sin)
By Queen Mary
(Author Queen)
Chapter 20
“Jimmy plea-se speed up. Her breathing is getting really weak” Dina yells. Jimmy looks at the back seat nervously, it felt like the life of his bestfriend and his lover was in his hand.
What was going on was all mystery to Jimmy, but he was going to get to the bo-ttomof it.
“Crystal you’re going to be okay” Dina prayed in her mind.
Immediately they reached the hospital Jimmy helped Xander out, he was surprised at the strength Dina possessed as she carried Crystal up and ran into the local hospital.
…….. ……
“Stella… Hey Stella are you okay” Carlos asked Stella waving his hands at her face which seemed to be lost in the computer.
“Carlos I just had the weirdest nightmare”
“Nightmare??, you were never slee-ping??” He said, she rolled her eyes at him dramatically and sighed.
“Carlos shut up. Gold walked in and sh0t you in the head and poured acid on my face” Dina said and earned a mocking laugh from Carlos.
“Too much of Telemundo, Ko-rean movies and Bollywood has done your fragile br@in a lot of harm.. Acid” He scoffed and laughed then turned a serious face immediately.
“Stella, Crystal is Loretta but she’s not the old Crystal we know. One b!ow from her made us pas-s out. We have to get rid of her and we’ll have to do it fast” Carlos said and looked at Crystal’s picture again. He couldn’t believe this was the lady he used and dumped mom than 5 years ago.
Jimmy watched as Dina paced around in the halls of the hospital.
Why was she so concerned about Loretta
Who were the people that attacked them and why.
He st©pped thinking about it when the the doctor c@m£ out and looked at Dina, the look on his face was difficult to re-ad.
“How are you related to the patients” The doctor asked. Dina looked back at Jimmy, she wasn’t going to tell him yet that she knew Crystal.
“The guy is my b©yfri£nd’s brother and the girl is his wife” She said referring to Jimmy as her b©yfri£nd.
“Okay there’s a good news and bad news. Which one should I spill first”
“The good news”
“The bad news”
Jimmy and Dina said at the same time.
“Okay, the good news is the male patient didn’t lose a lot of blood and the bullet didn’t go straight to his heart so he has 50/50 chance of survival, we’ve stitched him up. Let’s just hope he wakes up in the next 24 hours so we can carry the next procedure on him. The bad news is….” Dina held Jimmy’s hand, she had never been this scared in her life, Crystal was like a sister to her and if anything terrible happened to Crystal, she wouldn’t be able to bear it especially when it’s because of their bastard boss.
“The bad news is the male patient lost a lot of blood, she was sh0t twice. The truth is she was alre-ady dead when you brou-ght her but we were able to bring her back. In the state she’s in, we nee-d someone to donate blood to her in the next 72 hours if not there will be no other choice than to re-move the baby and do…”
Dina and Jimmy exclaimed.
“Yes she’s pregnant but am afraid if we don’t find a suitable donor we’ll have no choice but to re-move the baby and do a surgery”
“Loretta is pregnant. Could it be for Xander, of course it’s for Xander” Jimmy said.
“So you guys should bring a blood donor immediately in the next 3 days” The doctor said and left.
“I’ll donate the blood” Jimmy said.
“Ok” Dina said and smiled, she would have donated the blood but their blood group didn’t match.
What if Jimmy’s blood group don’t match hers.
Will she ask the doctor’s to re-move Crystal’s baby.
She knew Crystal’s chance of having a baby was low. It’ll be very heartless to re-move this one.
“Dina everyone’s going to be okay” Jimmy comforted her.
He follows a nurse and goes to take his blood sample.
Jimmy walks out looking dissapointed, the smile on Dina’s face vanished immediately she saw the dissapointment on Jimmy’s face.
“You’ve donated the blood right” She asked hoping to get a positive answer.
“Am sorry our blood group doesn’t match”
“fv¢k” Dina cursed and brushed her hair with her hand.
“Erm…. so what are we going to do” Jimmy asked.
“Am not sure yet” Dina replied and sat on a sofa.
Who was going to donate the blood to Crystal now especially when they’ve ran out of all the options, she wouldn’t allow the doctor re-move the baby at least not without Crystal’s permission. She wasn’t even sure if Crystal knew she was pregnant if not she would have told her alre-ady.
“God what are we going to do now” Dina exclaimed and stands up again.
Something cli-cks in her thoughts.
“Gold…. Erm Jimmy do you know Xander’s father’s house??” She asked.
“Sure, why do you ask” He asked.
“Take me there, now ”
“Dina this is after 2. The estate’s gate is closed again. We’ll have to wait for at least 4 hours before they open it, but why do you even want to go ”
“Jimmy don’t ask any questions just plea-se take me there”
“But I just can’t be following your orders and ask no questions. How are you related to Loretta?? I don’t know. Why are we in this fv¢king mess?? I don’t know. Your name, YOUR NAME!!, I don’t even know that as well. This is fv¢ked up”
“My name’s Jennifer, I knew Loretta from the club. It turned out that she was actually a close friend years ago. Satisfied??”
“I don’t believe you but yes” Jimmy said and looked at the time.
“Do you want us to drive and wait at the estate gate or do you want us to wait here”
“Let’s go Jimmy. There’s no time” Dina said and dragged Jimmy.
“Stella this is after 2. I nee-d to sleep plea-se” Carlos complained and dragged the pillow from her.
“Sleep. Carlos you want to sleep. I want you to drive me to Leonard’s house, if Crystal is Loretta then that means Gold is a hvge threat to us, I mean what if both mother and father are planning against us” Stella said and pu-ll-ed Carlos.
“So what do you want to do at Leonard’s house”
“Start working my plans on him. Tell him he married the lover of his son, he’ll call Xander and tell him about it. Xander would be disappointed that she lied and deceived him, he’ll break up with her and I’ll be here to comfort his broken heart”
“Yeah right. The way he looks at Crystal I don’t think anything can separate them, not even stupid plan” Carlos said and placed the pillow on his head and closed his eyes.
Dina sighs and rings the doorbell of the mansion, Jimmy was sitting in the car.
Seconds later a young maid comes and opens the door.
“Good morning Madam. How can I help you” She said with a sweet smile.
“Your Madam. Where’s she, I nee-d to see her”
“Am sorry but who are you” The maid asked looking confused.
“Just go call your madam” Dina insisted.
“Am sorry Madam but you can’t just….” She st©pped when she felt Dina push something in her stomach. It was a gun.
“plea-se don’t hurt me. Am just a maid” She pleaded.
“Shut the fv¢k up, go and call your madam for me” Dina said, she nodded and ran inside.
Dina entered the mansion and looked around viewing the building. Minutes later a woman walked down, this was the second time Dina was seeing Gold.
First time was 5 years ago when Gold threw all of Crystal’s things out and asked her to go fv¢k herself.
“That’s that’s her” The maid said pointing at Dina then scurried away.
“Yes how can I help you” She asked.
“Your daugh….” Dina st©pped when she saw Leonard come out.
“Can we talk in pri-vate plea-se” She asked.
“Woman I don’t even know you from Adam”
“It’s about Crystal”
“Crystal???, what about her?” Gold asked.
“pri-vate plea-se” Dina said and Gold pu-ll-ed her inside the sto-re room.
“What’s it about my daughter, is Crystal still alive” She asked with a trace of no emotions, like she didn’t care.
“We nee-d you to come donate blood to her in the hospital, she’s dieing and nee-ds your blood”
“Do I look like a blood donator, how much will you pay me”
“Am talking about your daughter Gold not just anyb©dy am talking about Crystal here”
“So, how am I sure if she’s even my daughter. For all I care she’s dead to me so I don’t really care about her” Gold said looking at her nails.
“You old hag. Your daughter’s life and your granddaughter’s life is at stake, if we can’t donate blood to her now. They’ll be f0rç£d to re-move her innocent child”
“Then let them re-move it. That’s not her first time of a losing a child” Gold said and headed outside. Dina held her back.
“I’ll pay you 10 million dollars”
“Now you’re talking, show me the hospital” Gold said and walked out of the sto-re room.
Chapter 21
Dina walked out of the sto-re room, the same maid was standing out there. She seemed nervous but Dina was too unconcerned to notice anything.
She walked out with Gold, Jimmy seeing them was confused but decides not to ask any question since two lives were on the line.
“Morning Mrs Leonard” He greeted but she ignores him, she enters the car and Jimmy drives to the hospital.
The look on Dina’s face made him rest as-sured that everything was going to be okay.
They got to the hospital and Dina walked to the Doctor’s office pu-lling Gold with her.
“Hey hey st©p pu-lling me like that, I am old enough to be your mother” Gold complained and tried freeing herself from Dina’s painful grip but she was surprisingly stronger.
“Doctor here’s our Donor” Dina said to the doctor.
“That’s a relief, first of all we have to take some blood tests”
“plea-se be quic-k about it” Dina lamented and headed outside.
“Are you going to see Crystal, let me follow you. Let me see my daughter”
“You have no right to see Crystal until you are re-ady to donate the blood, till then I’ll advice you stay far away from her”
“Slut” Gold murmured un-der her breath but Dina heard it.
“You should know who the real slut is” Dina said and walked out of the doctor’s office.
“Hey Crystal, don’t worry everything is going to be okay, once this is over we’re going to get rid of Asher and then we’ll leave the country and find a better place to stay. We can build our own empire if you want or we could st©p this job and live a normal life. Anything you want I would gladly accept it. I feel so guilty Crystal I shouldn’t have brou-ght you to this kind of life especially when I knew how broken you were. I really nee-d…….” She gets interrupted by the slamming of the door. She turns back to look at the shocked look on Gold’s face.
“This…. this is my daughter, this who-re that sl@pped me is my daughter. How is she my daughter….”
“Gold I warned you to stay away from her”
“Shut up bit-ch… if this is really my daughter then I won’t care if she dies. I am not donating any blood okay”
“Gold listen…. Crystal is your daughter, you have to help her”
“fv¢k the both of you…. am going home right now and I am not going to donate any fv¢king blood”
“Am afraid Mrs Leonardo you won’t be able to donate any blood” The doctor said as he walked in the ward.
“Why doctor” Dina asked, scared that all her hopes were going.
“Mrs Leonardo am sorry but you can’t donate the blood cause you would also be giving the patient a very deadly virus which is HIV”
“WHAT!!!” Dina and Gold yelled together.
“Doctor what are you saying, I have HIV. C’mon doctor that’s a very expensive joke. I mean….”
“plea-se Dina let’s talk in my office” The doctor said and left both women in the office shocked.
“Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” Stella screamed pla-yfully and jumped on Carlos who was surprised at her new behavior.
“Why are you so happy” Carlos asked.
“Because my main enemy is in the hospital fighting for her life and would soon die” Stella replied and planted a k!sson Carlos face.
“So she won’t survive in the hospital or how sure are you she’s going to die” Carlos asked.
“You’re right Carlos…. am not sure she’s going to die. I have to be sure about that, she has to die if not she’ll come for me and I can’t risk that, we’ll have to kill her in the hospital, no one would suspect anything. The blame would go to the carelessness of the doctors” Stella says and gets down from Carlos.
“Doctor plea-se what are we going to do now, we really nee-d to help Loretta. She can’t lose the baby or her child. plea-se let’s do something about it”
“Madam if you don’t find a donor as quic-k as possible am afraid……”
“I’ll donate the blood” A weak looking Xander said from the door. Dina stood up and walked to Xander.
“Xander what are you doing here, you nee-d to be on be-d rest”
Dina said and tried helping Xander but he pushes her hand away and looks at her scornfully. Dina un-derstood the look, she knew he had alre-ady found out that Loretta was actually Crystal the as-sas-sin.
“Sir am afraid but you can’t donate any blood now…”
“Why, if we don’t donate the blood now she might die. Do a blood test now and start the procedure… Nothing must happen to her or else….” Xander threatened and the doctor knew that Xander was more than serious.
Xander walked in Crystal’s ward, she was lieing so peacefully on the be-d. He walks to the seat besides her and sits down.
“Liar, killer, murderer…. I hate you so much. I hate you so fv¢king much. I wish you never c@m£ to my life, I curse the day I helped you from those thvgs. How dare you come to my life and make me fall hopelessly in love with you and then everything becomes a lie. You pla-yed me like a fool and now I hate you so much for loving you. I love you so much it hurts”
He was shedding some tears alre-ady and they were tou-ching Crystal’s palm.
“You don’t know how ha-rd it is seeing you hurt and I can’t do anything about it. I feel so useless Loretta or should I say Crystal” He said and held her hand ti-ghtly.
“You are going to be okay, I promise you this” Xander says and k!sses her hand.
Gold comes down from the cab and walks inside, her head facing the floor.
“Babe you are back” Xander’s father said and hvgged her.
“Why do you look bad and where are you coming from” He asked.
“It was you isn’t it”
“I don’t un-derstand, what did I do. Steal your heart” He joked.
“Everytime I did it. I used protec-tion, even when I was still a p©rnstar I used protec-tion, last year I did some blood tests and I was negative, but when I got to know you I st©pped using it because you said you love it raw, first of all you gave me a bastard child and now you’ve given me HIV, You bastard” Gold exclaimed breathing heavily.
“Are you crazy. What are you talking about , HIV. Look plea-se tell me you don’t have HIV, I don’t want to catch any disease”
“Of course I have HIV. The doctor told me that today, am HIV positive” Gold screamed and Leonard wi-de-ned his eyes shocked.
“You are joking right, how can you have HIV, do you know what that means”
“It means you gave me HIV bastard”
“NO I DIDN’T GIVE YOU ANY HIV. LAST TIME I CHECKED I WAS NEGATIVE, We nee-d to do a test again, that doctor doesn’t know what he’s saying ”
“I think am paying for the sins you committed, I mean you killed your first wife and Xander’s real father and now am here carrying a deadly virus. I wished I had donated the blood to your bastard daughter.. fv¢k you Leonard, fv¢k you. Am going to tell everyone about your secret. Xander would know you killed his parents. The whole world would know you are a living disease” Gold yelled not knowing that one of the maids was recording everything.
Leonard pu-lls Gold closer and attempts to strangle her to death.
“Have kept my secret for years, I won’t let you ruin everything for me. You are the slut who gave me HIV and now you’re blaming it on me. You want me to rot in jail, I would make sure you rot in hell first” He said and continued strangling her.
She tries fighting him off but he’s too strong for her, luckily there is an empty vase beside her. She gr-abs it and hits it on his head ma-king him fall to the ground.
“Make sure you inject the patient with this” Stella said and gave the nurse a bundle of money.
“Yes ma’am” She said and collects the money and the syringe. She walks to Crystal’s ward, then to her be-d.
“Am sorry, it’s just for the money…”
“What are you doing” Xander asked and comes out of the toilet in the ward.
“No nothing, I was just going to to give her this as directed by the doctor”
Xander snatches it from her and observes the syringe.
“Tell the doctor I said he should give it to her himself, I don’t want anyb©dy giving her anything okay” He warned.
“Yes yes sir” The nurse said and scurried away.
Crystal opens her eyes slowly but shuts it back immediately due to the brightness.
“My head” She complained tou-ching her forehead.
“You are going to be okay” Dina as-sured her.
“I thought I was going to die” Crystal says smiling.
“Thanks to Xander you are not” Dina said and the smile on Crystal’s face vanished.
“Where’s he” She asked and the door opened immediately. Xander was standing with two officers.
“Arrest her” He says with no emotions on his face.
So guys this episode is wack… I know.
If you don’t un-derstand you should re-ad it from 5 episodes backward to un-derstand better.