Cold and blank Episode 16 & 17

(Perfect as-sas-sin)
By Queen Mary
(Author Queen)
Chapter 16
After taking her bath Crystal walked out of the bathroom, Jimmy was standing outside.
“Jesus don’t you even know how to knock, what if I was n-ked” Crystal asked putting one hand on her che-st.
“Fortunately for both of us you are not” Jimmy said.
“What do you want” Crystal asked packing her hair with a black hair band.
“I just wanna ask how you are feeling” He said smiling nervously, Crystal bec@m£ suspicious alre-ady and burrowed her eyebrows at him.
“Spill it Jimmy, what have you done”
“Well plea-se don’t tell Xander, he’ll kill me if he knows what I did”
“Okay no telling. Speak”
“Well you know yesterday afternoon I dared you to eat some chicken that was just almost on the verge”
“Yeah sure and I did which is now giving me some silly upset that I can’t explain”
“Yeah about that Loretta, I think I know why. I checked the website of the restaurant where I brou-ght the chicken and it was reported that most of the people who bought the chicken had fallen sick and some of them died. The chicken seemed to be poisoned” Jimmy explained.
“Shhhh, Xander mustn’t hear you. plea-se let’s just go to the hospital as fast as possible before the poisons starts to set in”
“Okay fast let’s….” Crystal st©pped and t©uçhed her stomach, she felt it twitch and a headache follows ma-king her head spin around.
“Loretta are you okay” Jimmy asked.
“Yeah yes am am okay. I just just” Crystal stammered and fell to the ground, her eyes shutting slowly.
“God knows am dead” Jimmy said and pu-ll-ed Crystal up, Xander walks in.
“What’s going on here” He said and looked at unconscious Crystal.
“Loretta…. what happened to her” He said and lifted her up carrying her bridal style.
“I don’t know she just fainted, must be the chicken”
“What Chicken” Xander asked carrying her out.
“Well yesterday she brou-ght some chicken home, I guess the chicken she bought was poisoned” Jimmy said.
“Just pas-s me my car keys” Xander said and carried her to the car.
Xander walked around the hospital hall, his mind drifting to a lot of things.
“What are you doing here, did you come to check me” A female voice said from behind. He looked back and saw it was his step mother.
“Hi Gold” He greeted and she flashed a s£dûç!ng smile at him.
“You really are handsome” She complimented in a S-xy way. Xander noticed it but decided to wave it as just compliment.
“So what are you doing here, where’s Leonard”
“Well your father seems busy that’s why and am here for my usual check up. Have been feeling funny lately” She said and giggled. Ewww
A doctor c@m£ out to Xander and Xander thanked the Lord for saving him from the witch besides him.
“How’s she Doctor ”
“Well she’s going to be okay and she was not poisoned fortunately. Her tests results would be out soon in the next 3 minutes. Same as yours Mrs Leonard” The doctor said to Gold.
“You both can have your seat over there. Loretta would be out soon before or after the test results are out. Anytime she wakes up” The doctor said and left.
Minutes later a young lady, whom Xander couldn’t help but be amazed by how clumsy she looked considering the facts she was a nurse.
“Hi am nurse Jane” She said and made a sneeze on Gold.
“Am sorry am so sorry” She apologized. Gold looked at her angrily, she was going to insult but then Xander was sitting besides her. She only glared at her and replaced it with a wicked smile
“So here are your test results, congratulations Mrs Leonard you’re 2 weeks pregnant” An exciting noise that almost deafened Xander’s ears was heard.
“And Sir, Loretta is just tired that’s all. No poisoning or anything just tired” She said and gave them the results.
Gold looked really happy but she was confused too, how could she be pregnant when she’s been having protected S-x. Well tests results don’t lie.
“Xander” Crystal soft voice said from the door. She was looking really sick and pale.
“Loretta” Xander said and stood up. He looked at her eyes and hvgged her.
“You going to be okay” Xander said soothing her hair. Gold stood up and walked to Crystal.
“Hey dare don’t worry you going to be okay” She said to Crystal.
Crystal looked at her and glared at her, Gold noticed it and bec@m£ confused.
Why was she glaring, does she know she was flir-ting with Xander.
Crystal looked away from Gold irritated, how can a woman not recognize her own daughter, even though it’s been 5 years and Crystal’s face and b©dy had taken a serious change that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be able to recognize her.
“Look Loretta am….”
“STAY AWAY FROM ME bit-ch” Crystal yelled at her. Xander was shocked at the new turn of event. Gold was now angry and felt insulted big time.
“How dare you call me bit-ch. You br@t” She said and raised raised her hand to sl@p Crystal but Crystal held it and smiled.
“Not this time around” She said slowly and sl@pped her mother so ha-rd Gold fell to the ground. Xander was above shocked, he had never seen this side of Crystal before. He had seen her stubborn side, angry side but he had never seen her violent side that attacks a woman old enough to be her mother.
“Loretta you have to calm down. What you are doing is wrong”
“Oh so now what am doing is wrong. Fine” Crystal said and walked out not before giving her mother a deadly glare warning her to stay away from her.
“Loretta calm down” Xander said running after her.
“Stay away from me Xander, you shouldn’t have brou-ght me to the fv¢king hospital in the first place ” Crystal replied and gets pu-ll-ed back by Xander.
“Loretta what’s going on with you. I don’t seem to un-derstand you anymore” Xander asked.
“I can’t do this anymore Xander, I don’t wanna hurt you like this. You’re a nice guy and you deserve better. You won’t un-derstand what am saying now and I pray you never don’t. No matter how I try and no matter how I want we can’t be together so just stay away from me”
“Why, how do you even want me to do it when you know I can’t. The more you push me away, the more I come closer. We both know what we want so why are you hurting us”
“Us??, Xander there’s nothing like “Us” , we just had fun that’s all, don’t mistake fun for something real” She said and took a de-ep breath s£nding back the tears that threatened to fall.
“Loretta why are you even saying all this” He asked
“Because I just found out am madly in love with you against my own fv¢king will and I hate myself for that ” She thought to herself.
“Because I just found out that we are living a lie” Crystal replied.
“Loretta I don’t un-derstand”
“Bye Xander” Crystal said and turned.
“Loretta don’t go…. plea-se ” He said but she had entered a cab and left alre-ady.
He turned around frustrated at what just happened, from a distance he saw an old woman. The same old woman who asked him not to lose the one Crystal he had.
He felt like going to her and asking her what she meant but the way he was feeling at the moment couldn’t even make his legs move.
Crystal entered her mansion with a heavy heart, she had just done something terrible but it was for their own good. Xander was in love with Loretta Gates, the good girl who can’t even kill a fly not Crystal the bad bit-ch, the perfect as-sas-sin and also the murderer of many men.
Slowly slowly Crystal was forgetting who she really was because of Xander’s love and it was not something good. She didn’t plan in falling in love but she alre-ady, did and if Xander finds out who she really is it would hurt both of them, she might be f0rç£d to do something bad to Xander and she didn’t want that.
Her mom was another reason she left, she knew that a time will come when the bit-ch will finally recognize her and tell everyone she’s Crystal, which is really bad for business so she just had to leave.
Gold paces around her room angrily, how could that little br@t sl@p her. She was going to make her pay and she would make her throu-gh Xander.
Crystal and Dina walked into the mall, Dina was the one doing most of the shopping while Crystal mind was drifted away from whatever was happening.
It’s been just 3 hours since she c@m£ back and she hasn’t said anything to Dina except let’s go shopping.
“Crystal the boss wants to talk you. He says there’s something you nee-d to do. I told him you’ve st©pped this mission, am really glad you did” Dina said. Crystal looked at her and smiled, her smile turned to a frown automatically, immediately when she sees a snake in human form standing in front of her.
“So the husband snatcher is here” Stella said and laughs.
“Stella you really should leave now before I break your nose” Crystal threatened.
“Ooooohhhh. Am scared you gonna do what, babe plea-se come over someone wants to break my nose” She said and Carlos walked in.
Crystal was surprised to see him but then again she wasn’t, she just looked at him and smiled.
“I heard you the bit-ch stealing people’s husband” Carlossaid
“What did you call me??” Crystal asked.
Dina sat down enjoying the show, she knew too people might probably go to the hospital today.
“He called you bit-ch” Stella said. Crystal looked at her and hits her head on the table so ha-rd she fainted.
Carlos was surprised and angry, he rushed to attack her but she held his hands and twisted it, Carlos yelled and yelled begging her to re-lease it but she made sure she heard the sound of the arm breaking before she punched him and he lost consciousness.
“Have been wanting to do that for years now” She said and walked outside, Dina smiled and followed.
Crystal entered the the secret headquarters and then walked in to the boss’s office.
“You said I have a new mission” She said.
“Not really a new mission, I could have given it to another person but I think it would be more easier if you do it”
“What’s it”
“Xander. You’ll have to kill him”
“What” Crystal said surprised and mostly shocked.
Chapter 17
“Yes Crystal you have to kill him” The boss repeated, this time more seriously.
“No” Crystal said without hesitation, no way was she killing Xander.
“CRYSTAL YOU’LL OBEY ME CAUSE I AM YOUR BOSS” He yelled ban-ging his hands on the table and standing up.
“Shut the fv¢k up. Do you even realize what you are saying. You want me to kill Xander. Okay what’s the reason cause last time I checked we don’t kill innocent people” Crystal replied, no trace of fear in her words.
“Fine he’s innocent but the both Xander has gotten un-der your skin. He has made you weak, look at how pale you look after you left him. You broke the rule of falling in love and now you would have to kill him” He said. Crystal glared at him then laughed.
“Firstly I am not weak never ever call me weak, secondly let’s as-sume I am really in love with Xander what’s Xander’s fault there and thirdly st©p being Jealous”
“Yeah I believe you. Go fv¢k yourself Asher” Crystal said and turned to leave the office.
“If you don’t do it. I’ll do it myself” The boss threatened.
“Yeah t©uçh him and watch Loretta Gates kill you. Besides Xander’s not your type of easy to kill victim, you’ll nee-d more than everyone in this headquarters to kill him” She said and smiled out.
The boss knew she was right, he hated Xander for the fact that he was able to make his Crystal fall in love with him. Something he couldn’t do for the past 5 years.
“I can’t believe Loretta could just leave like that. Maybe it’s one of her jokes. I think she’s going to be back. Dude Loretta is going to be back” Jimmy said as she tried consoling his wasted friend Xander.
“Yeah right, you think I care if she leaves or not. It’s really good as she left, she’s right we were both living a lie” Xander said as he gulped another glas-s of alcohol. He wasn’t much of a drinker but that day Crystal got him drinking.
Jimmy stood up and looked at his miserable friend, he knew that he was miserable without Crystal, she had come for a while and spre-ad happiness and fun into Xander’s life. She was crazy but Xander could control her craziness.
Jimmy went to his room full of gadgets and brou-ght out his mini tracker.
“Xander check this out” He said showing him the mini tracker.
“What…. why are you showing me the mini tracker” Xander asked and his face lits up in excitement.
“Oh Jimmy you’re the best, so tell me how does it work” He asked.
“Well it’s works just like a dog. It’s smells what belongs to the person and tracks the person down”
“Cool, so what do we use”
“Let’s go up” Jimmy replied and they both ran upstairs to Crystal’s room.
They were both surprised when they realized the room was empty, her clothes, shoes and everything was gone.
Someb©dy had come to take everything while Xander was busy drinking.
“fv¢k” Xander said and smashed his phone on the wall.
“Dude that’s my phone” Jimmy said and walked to his phone.
“Am sorry, I’ll get you a new one ” Xander replied.
Jimmy stood up looking at his smashed phone, his sad look turned to a happy one when he realized something.
“The be-dsheets, yes the be-dsheets. The mini tracker might not track her fast but that’s our best sh0t” Jimmy said and ran to the be-dsheets.
“It’s been long since we c@m£ to a club together. God I miss the fun, C’mon Crystal why aren’t you drinking anything”
“No I really don’t feel like. I don’t know why but I feel like I should give up Alcohol” Crystal said and Dina laughed.
“You seem to be giving up a lot of things lately, I hope you don’t give up on me” Dina said and Crystal half smiled.
“Crystal you really don’t have to be worried about anything. Boss won’t hurt Xander, he’s just….”
“I don’t care” Crystal interrupted not wanting to hear anything about her jealous boss or lover.
“Babe I nee-d to use the rest room. I have a feeling am on my female time” Dina said and walked out.
Crystal thought about what Dina said before she left for the rest room, then something dawned on her. She hadn’t seen her period since last month but it never crossed her mind since she was busy with Xander.
“Hey mind if I sit here” A young guy with a cigar on hand, ruggedly dressed in crazy jeans and looking unkempt but in a stylish way.
“Did your father by a sit here” Crystal asked rudely, the guy gets offended and becomes angry.
“You just a little slut. Just wanna take care of your crazy as-s and you acting up…”
“Wow, your father said all this to your mother, am sorry for your mother” Crystal said upsetting him more.
“You you you….” He said and raised his hands to hit her but his hand was caught mid air by someone stronger.
“You should be really grateful those hands didn’t t©uçh her cause if it had you won’t be tou-ching anything ever again” He threatened and dropped the guy’s hand.
Looking at Xander’s threatening eyes, the guy knew better than to fight back. He growled and walked away.
“Loretta we nee-d to talk” Xander said to Crystal but she ignored him.
“Loretta sup” Jimmy greeted.
“Hi” Crystal greeted back.
“Babe I knew I was on my…..” Dina st©pped to see Jimmy and Xander standing near Crystal.
She walked past them to a guy sitting besides Crystal.
“Babe I knew I was on my period” She told the guy.
Jimmy looked at both of them and frowned while Crystal smiled, she knew what Dina just did.
“Ewww get away from me” The guy said and walked away.
“Baby come back” Dina chased him.
“Loretta you should….”
“Xander plea-se let me be” Crystal said and stood up
“No I won’t, I don’t want to” Xander said stubbornly. Crystal sighed and stood up.
“Stay away from me Xander. I mean it” Crystal warned and stood up then starts walking forward.
She st©pped when she heard glas-s shattering. She turned back to see Xander holding on to the pieces of a broken bottle so ti-ght, his palm was bleeding.
“Xander” Crystal g@sped and ran to him, she couldn’t bear to see him hurt.
“fv¢k are you crazy or what” She said and threw the piece away.
“Now you know how I feel… the pain is real” Xander said and t©uçhed her chin.
“Don’t you get it Xander. Stay away from me….plea-se” Crystal begged her palms together. Tears were threatening to come down her eyes.
Probably her boss was right, she had become weak.
Dina saw her bestfriend in a difficult situation, she knew what Crystal was going throu-gh was not easy at all. She had to help her.
Xander watched Loretta as she helped him with his bleeding hand. It killed him to see her like this, he preferred to stubborn lady to the hurting woman.
“That’s all ” She said and dropped his hand. A message comes up on her phone .
GET re-adY
The message was from Dina. Crystal didn’t un-derstand the message until the lights went off,everywhere was dark and she could ha-rd ly see Xander standing in front of her. Surprised and Frightened noises c@m£ up mostly from the females
The lights went back on few seconds after and Xander couldn’t see Crystal again. She was gone…. again.
“I won’t lose her. Not now not ever” Xander said and ran out.
Stella stormed inside Leonard’s mansion, Gold was sitting on a sofa ru-bbing her stomach.
They were few baby stuffs around the living room.
“Is someone going to have a baby soon” Stella asked although she really didn’t care.
“And who are you…” Gold asked.
“She’s my son ex wife and a p©rn star…. Secret though ” Leonard introduced Stella to Gold.
“Wow aren’t you my daughter’s best bit-ch who betrayed her ” Gold asked looking at Stella. Stella examined Gold and g@sped.
“Gold, Crystal’s mom. The popular p©rn star” Stella skrie-ked.
“Yeah yeah yeah, guess we are now in the same profession so what do you want and yes am expecting a baby soon. Am two weeks gone” Gold said.
“Congratulations but I really didn’t come for that. I c@m£ for Leonard” She said and threw some do¢v-ments at him.
“That file contains Deborah’s real death’s aut©psy and also your DNA tests that proves Xander’s not your son. You don’t wanna know what’s going to happen if Xander sees this” Stella threatened.
“Where did you get all this” Leonard asked looking at the do¢v-ments.
“In this same house, where we fv¢k, now Leonard Capron, you must make sure Xander and I get back together, or else..” She laughs evilly and walks out.
“I hate that girl” Leonard said.
“I don’t know what’s happening but we have to get rid of her” Gold says and starts to think of an evil plan.
“Thanks Dina” Crystal said as they reached their car.
Dina enters her car and drives home, Crystal opens the car door but it slams back immediately.
“The fv¢k, you almost hurt me” She said glaring at Xander. He was looking really upset now.
“You are not going to leave. I won’t let you”
“Xander I…” She st©pped when her phone beeped.
Xander was really upset now, the last time I phone beeped in front of him she disappeared. Not this time again.
He snatched her phone from her and looked at the message on the wallpaper.
“Xander my phone” Crystal said not knowing who s£nt her the message.
Xander looked at the message and his facial expression turned to surprise, then to anger.
“Who the fv¢k is THE BOSS and why does he want me dead” Xander asked, the rage in his voice sounding really dangerous and deadly.