Codelia episode 15 & 16


(Oops she’s a S-x worker)

Genre:- r0m@nç£

Tags:- Ruthless billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death and revenge.

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Episode 15



Authoress P.o.v 💕

“what are you still waiting for!” Chad yelled and John dragged codelia out.

” don’t drag me, I am a woman, just kill me I can’t stay alone in the dark” codelia shouted but John ignore and drag her r0ûghly to the dark room.

“plea-se, tell your boss am joking with him, I didn’t mean to stole his Money, I was only joking with him” codelia said.

” Am sorry, there’s nothing I can do about it” John said and locked the door.

” Ahhhh….” codelia shouted and fall on the ground. “plea-se open the door, his mom money is inside my bag” codelia shouted.

“Am not a thief, I didn’t stole his money, I was only joking with him” codelia shouted.

” boss I have locked her up” John said. ” Alright, get the car re-ady, am going to work!” Chad said.

” Alright boss” John replied and ran out. Chad sat down on the chair and brou-ght out a packet of cigarette from his bag.

“brother, you’re smoking again, I thought you promised me not to smoke again” rose said.

“rose, I didn’t promised you, I only told you I will think about it” Chad replied.

” but smoke isn’t good for you” rose said. ” Rose, I want to be alone” Chad said.

” is there any day you feel like being with someone, am your sister why are you treating me like trash?” rose asked.

” rose I am not treating you like trash, you’re my only sister and I love you so much, you just nee-d to un-derstand and accept me for who I am” Chad said.

” boss, the car is re-ady” John said. ” Rose, I will see you later” Chad said and stood up.

” you promised to take me out for shopping today” rose said. ” I haven’t forget, I will take you out, when I come back” Chad said.

” Hi” Vivian said smiling s£dûçt!velyat Chad. Chad ignore her and went out. ” he snub me” Vivian said and bur-st into tears.

” why are you crying, I thought you are prepared for this, I told you my brother isn’t good for you” rose said.

” he is good for me, st©p saying he’s not good for me” Vivian said. ” ohhh, sorry” rose replied.

” guess what?” Vivian said and clean her eyes with her palm. ” you’re going back Tomorrow” rose said and Vivian roll her eyes.

” what type of guess is that, did you want me to go back?” Vivian asked. ” no, am sorry, am only guessing as you said” rose said.

” Alright, my love sl@pped that bit-ch and ordered his boy to locked her up in the dark room” Vivian said.

“wait… who’s your love and who are you referring to as a bit-ch?” rose asked. ” your brother is my love, and the bit-ch is that lady he brou-ght home yesterday” Vivian replied.

” don’t tell me you’re calling a woman like you a bit-ch all because of jealousy” rose said.

” Am sorry, but that lady is a slut” Vivian said. ” shut up! am very dissapointed in you, how could you call a woman like you a slut” rose said angrily.

” Am very sorry, we are human and we are bond to make mistakes, no one is perfect, I don’t just like that girl” Vivian said.

” just tell me you’re jealous of her, you nee-d to relax because my brother will soon be yours” rose said.

” Thank you” Vivian said with a smile. “don’t thank me yet, you nee-d to change first” rose said.

“I will change, what am I even talking about, I have changed” Vivian said.

“you mentioned something about dark room the other time, is it true Chad asked his boy to locked her in the dark room?” rose asked.

“yes he did” Vivian replied. “that’s bad, and I don’t know the way to the dark room” rose said.

“let’s forget about her, I have something to show you” Vivian said and dragged rose to the room.

Chad enter his company and his worker panick. “goodmorning sir” they all greet, but Chad ignore them as usual and Walked to his office, with John by his side.

“John!” Chad called. “yes boss” John replied. “why’s the table dirty like this, is the cleaner not around?” Chad asked.

“she’s around boss” John replied. “get her for me!” Chad said. “Alright boss” John replied and went out.

he c@m£ back with the cleaner minutes later. “what’s your name?” Chad asked. “Benita sir” the cleaner replied shaking.

“why’s this table dirty like this?” Chad asked and the lady fall on her knees immediately.

“Am very sorry sir, I wasn’t feeling good today” the lady replied. “why don’t you resign when you knew you’re not feeling good?” Chad asked.

“Am sorry sir, I can’t resign because my families depends on me” the lady replied and Chad nod his head.

“I gave you two weeks off” Chad said. “sir….” the lady said. “I mean it, you can go now” Chad said.

“thank you sir” the lady said and went out. ” get me a new cleaner that will work for that two weeks” Chad said and open a do¢v-ment.

” who drop this thing here?” Chad asked. ” I don’t know boss” John replied. ” Mike is really trying me, check the CCTV footage for the person” Chad said and mas-sage his head.

” Good evening aunt” peace greet madam Cas-sie. ” Afternoon my dear, I have been calling your friend number for the past six hours, her number isn’t recheable my mind isn’t at peace, I just hope she’s fine” madam Cas-sie said.

” where did she went to, am here to see her” peace said. ” God bless let my daughter come back safe because I don’t trust Chad” madam Cas-sie said.

At night

” Boss the lady is dead” John said. ” really!” Chad replied. ” yes boss” John replied. ” carry her corpse to her family house, she’s not useful to me” chad said and Walked to his room.



Episode 16

Authoress P.o.v 💕

At night

” Boss the lady is dead” John said. ” really!” Chad replied. ” yes boss” John replied.

” carry her corpse to her family house, she’s not useful to me” chad said and Walked to his room.

” Chad, where are you going to?” rose asked angrily. ” As you can see am going to my room” Chad replied.

” why are you so heartless, infact you’re an animal, Chad you have killed another innocent soul without remorse and you doesn’t care, are you the only one that has a rou-gh past, didn’t I have a tough p@rt as well, you’re just too heartless, I hate you” rose said angrily.

” Rose, shut up I was trained to be heartless, and you didn’t pas-s throu-gh half of what I pas-sed throu-gh!” Chad said.

” Don’t tell me to shut up, i hate you for killing that innocent lady” rose said.

” rose, why are you being so difficult, is she your family?” Chad asked. ” she’s not my family, but she’s a human like you and I” rose said angrily.

” but she stole my money” Chad said. ” how much is the money she stole from you, am sure that money is nothing to you, you’re wicked” rose said and bur-st into tears.

” rose am sorry” Chad said. ” don’t tell me you’re sorry, because you’re not sorry, you too heartless for my liking” rose said angrily.

“what did you want me to do now, because she’s dead” Chad said. “let’s Rush her to the hospital first, she might survive” rose shouted.

“rose calm down, the lady in question is not your family, why did you wanna kill yourself because of her” Vivian said.

“Vivian, enough don’t get me angry I don’t want to hear anything from you again” rose said and Vivian covered her mouth with her palm.

“John carry her to the hospital” Chad said. “no we are going together” rose said.

“rose you are bitting more than you can chew!” Chad said. “yeah, I want you to kill me since you’re heartless, human life isn’t special to you, put yourself in the shoe of the people’s you have killed family” rose said.

“Fine I will go with you” Chad said. “where’s the lady bag” rose asked John.

“It’s here ma” John replied and gave her the bag.

“Chad go and bring the lady” rose said and Chad went to the dark room. “Am coming with you guys” Vivian said. “whatever” rose replied.

” Hi my darling” Anna said to the caller. ” Anna, how are you doing and hope you’re fine?” the caller asked.

” Am not fine, Chad almost killed me yesterday night” Anna said. ” that guy is becoming fearless day by day” the caller said.

” what about your daughter?” the caller asked. ” she’s not different from her brother, but they’re both having issue, Chad killed the lady he brou-ght home yesternight” Anna said.

” really?” the caller asked. ” yes my love” Anna replied. ” plea-se be very careful with him, I don’t want him to hurt you” the caller said.

” he can’t do anything to me, and he doesn’t know why am here, he thought he bought me, he doesn’t know I c@m£ for a Mission” Anna said.

” Alright my love, I will call you later” the caller said and end the call.

” Aunt maybe you should try her number again” peace suggest.

” maybe, because I am not myself right now, I nee-d to speak with her, am getting late for the club, but I can’t go without hearing her voice she left this house since Morning” madam Cas-sie said shedding tears.

” Aunt, you don’t nee-d to cry I believe codelia is fine” peace said and madam Cas-sie nod her head.

she dial codelia number again and it connect, she smiled and put the phone closer to her ear.

“codelia, did you want to kill me, where are you?” madam Cas-sie asked. “sorry ma, this is not codelia” rose replied.

” give the phone to codelia then, I wanna speak with my daughter” madam Cas-sie said.

” Am afraid you can’t speak with her now ma” rose replied. ” I can’t speak with her? what happen to her, hope my daughter is fine?” madam Cas-sie asked.

” no she’s not fine” rose replied. ” what!! what did you do to my daughter?” madam Cas-sie asked.

” she’s in God’s own hospital right now” rose said. ” Gods own hospital, alright I knew there I will be right there” madam Cas-sie said and end the call.

” what’s the name of the hospital you took codelia to, when she has that attack?” madam Cas-sie asked.

” Gods own hospital” peace replied and madam Cas-sie rushed out.

” Aunt where are you going to?” peace asked and run after her. madam Cas-sie rushed to the hospital, she saw Chad sitting and waiting patiently for the doctor, she moved closer to him and drag him by his cloth.

” what did you do to my daughter?” madam Cas-sie asked. ” madam who’s your daughter?” Chad asked.

” don’t pl@yignorant with me, what did you do to codelia?” madam Cas-sie asked. ” madam I will advise you to leave my cloth right now” Chad said.

” I won’t leave your cloth, until you tell me what you did to my daughter” madam Cas-sie said.

” woman, I will hurt you” Chad said. ” yeah, that’s what I want, infact kill me” madam Cas-sie said.

“good evening ma” rose greet. “don’t great me” madam Cas-sie replied. “Chad, what did you do to my daughter?” madam Cas-sie asked again.

“madam, did you know you’re embarras-sing me?” Chad asked.

“I Know and I don’t care, nothing must happen to my daughter, I will kill myself if anything happens to her, I suffered and sacrifice Alot to trained her to that stage” madam Cas-sie said and Chad scoff. “And do I look like I care?” Chad asked.