Clumsy nurse Last batch

Clara pov
issabella is my mom but what about my mom and my dad,who will stay with her?
just then she tapped me
“Clara your mum nee-ds you now ,i had you for 22 years if you stay with me you are cheating
” it’s okay if she Wont come to me I will surely come to her.
so just know I that i won’t miss you again ” someone said walking in we both turned and it was
” madam ..mum.. but what are you doing here ?
“me… I c@m£ to stay with you since you Wont leave Hannah we will both stay with Hannah.
she tried moving I rushed her
“plea-se be careful ” I said
“am fine ,but…what do poor people do?
“sorry i didn’t mean for it to come out like that I just really meant what do you people do with your
“our life is actually more fun than yours ” I said boldly she smiled
“really show me.
I laughed and dragged her hand to the back of our house
” have you ever seem such a security asked her
“no….. perfect
“it’s called, beautiful meeeee oh my eye ..oh my eye.. plea-se see, plea-se see, see the pretty
sunshine well” Me and my mom sang together issabella laughed
“hey what kind of song is that?
we all laughed and walked out.
Daniella’s pov.
I sat on my room floor looking at my moms pictures.mum I really miss you ,i missed you when you
where with me but now you are In prison it doubled up..
you only give me attention when It concerns Ryan ,Anna ,wealth ,shares. but now all those things
are over,its time for you to love me as a human being but you are locked up.
why did you kidnap issabella mum,why were you so wicked?.
Anna never wondered why I always told her repeatedly that i don’t want her shares or money
rather all I nee-d was my mum and Ryan. isn’t it obvious? all I nee-d is love. Ryan loved me so
much ,he made me feel less mum didn’t love me that much but combining both of them
gave me at least 80 percent love and that kept me going.
one day Anna took Ryan away ,she collected 60 percent of that love. the space was filed with hate
that was why I wanted to kill her.
my mum who should have loved me more kept withdrawing her love and attention bit by bit and now a stranger took the remaining 30percent love from me. now can’t you see Daniella is
I don’t have any love left to give so I will join mum In prison After I made all my enemies bleed
,starting from Anna……………
Anna walked into my room I was shocked has she ever visited me.
“are you lost?
she shakes her head in disagreement and handed me a bag I opened and brou-ght out the paper
she boldly wrote “am sorry my love” ..I looked at her
” daniella am sorry ,you don’t know how de-eply sorry i am… am sorry for going to Ryan even when
I knew I didn’t love him.
I am sorry for staying with Ryan even after I found out he was the only man you ever loved…..Ella
the truth is I did it for a.g.h.c. after Clara started her affair with Ryan , after I found out , i
un-derstood what you felt when I took ryan from you. I didn’t love him but I still felt pain and i was
disappointed in Clara I even sl@pped her not because she was straddling my b©yfri£ndbut
because she failed me ..she hurt me ..she broke my trust. the trust I had for her as s friend,without
even seeing her I trusted her and she broke it I was so mad I almost killed her father..I almost
ruined her life.
but what about me ella ,i am worse ,i am your sister ,we were close ,we did everything together,ur
mum hated me but you loved me and i failed you. I did worse than Clara ,she was naive I was
mature,she didn’t know what she was doing I knew what I was doing. she was blindingly in love I
was blinded in de-sire and a.g.h.c and i hurt you so bad still I never said sorry. am a bad person
Ella but plea-se ..plea-se forgive me.
I forgive you for poisoning me,keeping me in coma,i forgive you Ella. won’t you u forgive me too ? I
really miss hvgging you.
I wiped my tears and hvgged her.we both smiled.
” don’t worry,in less than 1hour you will be getting all the love and attention you deserves.
I smiled ,Anna I really waited for you to do this ,this was all I wanted ..for you to say sorry.
Anna dragged me up
” let’s go on a fun trip
“wait i Wil get my sleep mask ..I picked it and we ran off.
Clara’s P.O.v
it’s evening ,pretty. I will only leave Hannah if Daniella comes to her.
we all l@yin the compound looking at the stars I l@ybeside issabella my mum l@ywith my dad. the
truth really pained him and he said he wants his own kid back ,me too.
” Hannah ,tell us a story ” my mum said
“her stories are boring’ my dad said
” I will tell ” a voice said we looked up and it was Anna with Daniella.Daniella looked around in
shock they both c@m£ closer.
” ma’am Hannah, i brou-ght your daughter Daniella” Anna said.
Daniella turned in shock
” Anna is she the…….
” yes Ella …she’s the one I told you about.
Ella hvgged my mum ti-ght and by mum unbanded her hair
” ti-ght bands like this can cause headaches” my mum said
” she’s even wearing a singlet in this weather” my dad said and wra-pped his jacket around her he
hvgged her ti-ght.
Ella u will see love and attention and run away.
Ella sat down
“I can’t belive Tonia could be so wicked
” Ella your shares as a Grande has been dissolved so I transferred it back to you.I just wanted to
show you your real parents , feel free to come back home, work etc everything is still yours.
Ella wiped her tears
” ClAra sorry ” she said and hvgged me
” thank u for being a Grande at leAst I can leave now .the woman who never loved me is not my
mom now my real mum loves me ,u don’t know what that means to me ” Ella said and hvgged my
mum again she l@ybetween my mum and dad smiling like a kid. Anna jumped on t©p of issabella I
laughed and whispered to her
” i will go with you now ” I said she smiled Anna frowned
“what did you tell her ,tell me my own” Anna said.I moved closer to her ear and whispered I love
you. Anna smiled i remembered Ryan and frowned gently.
” do u miss him
“yes very much
“go to him
” no am not in support. issabella said and hvgged ne ti-ght I smiled I wonder how he is doing, he
didn’t reply my text so I forgot to call him. I will visit him soon we or later.we all hvgged each other
mum , aliya , ella .lets go , dad is waiting
” Anna said.
” no …am stuck here” Ella said hvgging my mom.
I smiled
“ok bye
all of us ran away into our car and took off.
next day
Ryan’s PoV
even going out and attending to surgery cases is difficult for me .I don’t know why I can’t
concentrate. I miss Clara so much.I called her so much bit she didn’t pick.
I walked into my living room and Clara was waking in , she looked so different and beautiful.
she rushed and hvgged me
“Ryan am sorry
“I love you.
I k!$$£d her and she t©uçhed my n£¢k
“are u sick
“sick from missing you ,our love is so
painfull clara
she k!$$£d me again
“Ryan it won’t pain again,am finally going to be with you ..I finally Deserve you
“wait Anna texted me, i thought it was a game,is it true
she nodded and i hvgged her Carrying her up into my arms.
the t.v turned on
breaking news,malcom
Manche-ster has been arrested and s£ntenced to live imprisonment. it has been confirmed that
m.h.c deals drugs and thousands of evidence has been found and collected.
Clara smiled and k!$$£d me ti-ght.
” served him right
” yes
” are u going today
“yes my grandma called
” I love you so stay one night
she pe-cked my cheek.
2days later
grandma’s POV.
spending time at home with aaliya was fun she got me to strike a deal with her.
“if I don’t forgive her family and come back she Wont come to work so I agreed.
she really changed now her wealth is written all over her. 50 guards walk with her,her net worth
really scares me. her main house has been opened ,she was never dead .that house built with
gold. aaliyah has a smart dressing s-en-se I just pray she is business smart too just like Anna . I
wish my husband was alive .
just then the press rushed over ,a crowd of citizens rushed her,her guards increa-sed as they
crowd f0rç£d flowers to her hand she carefully moved her hair and walked fas-ter..
your highness how do you feel to be back.
how do you feel when you see the legacy your grandfather left for you aaliyah..your house built
with gold.
aaliyah Alexandra Grande the second should not be walking on foot , national security just
dropped a message
is aaliyah still betrothed to Nicholas lerman.
that was when aaliyah st©pped in shock ,didn’t she know she is betrothed.
the Crowd is much make way for her highness plea-se
the Crowd is much
make way for her highness.
minutes later we walked into the companies main gate.
” grandma who am I betrothed to
” ur grandfather betrothed you to Nick
“he’s married now my dear.
she took a de-ep breath we walked all workers bow.
soon a p@rticular worker strolled out with some covered files
” st©p” aaliyah said
he st©pped
” what kind of files are those
” office files madam
” grandma one minute
she strolled out with the boy then I saw her waking into the research dep@rtment meanwhile I
walked into the board meeting.
” where is aaliya, did we hear rumours Again ” mr Edward barder said he is the one in charge of a
aliyahs position my husband trust him so Much finally aaliyah walked in her guards bowed and
spaced all shareholders stood up and she sat down. everyb©dy bowed.
” your highNess, we are glad you are in good health.
” plea-se proceed.” aaliyah said
” actually your highness we are facing hvge losses every month and we just can’t figure out
exactly what is going because our financial statement is inaccurate even after hiring workers.” m.d
” nice
“our financial loss for this year was really much ” .Mr soong ki said.
aaliyah smiled this problem has been on for ages.
aaliyah looked into her Mic.
” mr Edward barder!” aaliyahsaid
“pres£nt your highness.
” 22 November ,2017, by 3:55 you started embezzlement of m.c.e’s funds.
“silence! you knew you would be caught at each audit of the financial statements so u made it a
habit to steal these account files, cover them up in office files and s£nd them away.then at the end of each audit the auditor’s will only complain of missing files and not notice how wealth kept
” what proof do u have of this can’t just place blames.
” I have proof.
she picked the remote and turned on the projector. a boy previewed
” tell me Chris” aaliyah said
” we successfully hacked into his bank account I visited the bank and got access to his safe this is
wah we saw.
he moved and a video previewed all our files and financial statements which went missing.
“get out i shouted at Edward
“get out? he is not leaving until he provides all our money” aaliyah said
“plea-se give me 4 days
“yes , in jail ” aaliyah said…officers walked in, they arrested him.I smiled, what br@in.
” now this is the list of workers who where working with Edward, listen and get out as I list.
before she could start calling all of them knelt down in fear.
” forgive us madan, we where naive
“forguve us
“forgive us.
“plea-se forgive us
“we will change
the meeting is adjourned she said and stood up then walked out.
I smiled at her
” you are really smart
“thanks mum.
we strolled out when an armored car moved in , 3 more moved in.
” what’s going on I asked.
one of the military men c@m£ out
“the president ,national security ,is worried about aaliyahs safety.
aaliyah walked into the car and the armored cars filled with military followed ,we had 40 security
” grandmother why all the security
“that’s because you don’t have a next of kin and your wealth is only transferable to your true blood
” if you die your money dies with you…just like that house built with gold. for 22 years it was
locked down ,even I could not access it and if you didn’t come back it will stay like that and no one
will ever claim will be a waste.same with your wealth and shares.your grandfather transfered
his all to you name and your shares are not movable .. if you die the wealth dies. no one can claim
it if they try they will battle with international organizations all over the world. they might be
s£ntenced to death so u see why your safety is very important until you get a next of kin…you
nee-d to get married as soon as possible so you can have a kid.
“ok…now I un-derstand.
we both looked out the window and 10 military men strolled on each side fully armed.
” grandma can I go home now
“you have a meeting with the president my dear
“ok mum.
we moved.
general board meeting , a.g.h.c.
2days later
Anna pov
it’s time to turn the tables,everyone is here pres£nt . Clara went to grandmother I wonder what
time she would arrive anyway introduction first
” good day everyone , the reason for this meeting will be plain and i want to go straight to my
I am denouncing my marriage to Ryan.
” what
“that’s absurd madam
“it’s not possible you will tear this company ap@rt
“Anna what about the nerger?” m.d asked
“the merger will still stand , my other daughter will marry Ryan ,she has 40 percent more shares
than anna in a.g.h.c ” my dad said
“Daniella is below….
“not Ella ….aaliyah.” my dad said.
” I can see you are in the mood for jokes Grande,Mackenzie Is dead.” Mr gu said.
” no she’s not.
just then Ryan walked in with his mum I guess he had surgery so he was late
he sat.
” mackenzie is alive and she will marry Ryan not me,the merger will be strong only my name as a
wife will be omitted.
“it she’s alive where is she?” Ryan’s mum asked just then security stormed in fully armed guards.
military walked in
officers walked in
guns where pointing.
plea-se make way , her highness shouldn’t miss in a crowd. her safety is national consciousness.
all security bowed their face and Clara walked in pretty. God she looked so expensive. she got
close to her sit 6 SHAREHOLDERS sitting around the side had to relocate giving her full space.
she tucked her hair into her ear and she wore like 4gold rings and 3 ear rings.
grandmother spoilt Clara with money. security Wont even let her breath, well her net worth is too
much am even scared for her.
” it’s amazing ,so Mackenzie never died?” m.d.asked
” we request a blood …….
I pas-sed it to my secretary and she gave it to them.
” without a doubt it is her highness ” president choi said
“I thought Mackenzie is betrothed’ m.d asked
” I was ,but not any more” Clara said and everyb©dy vowed I was so happy i didn’t even know
when I bowed too she smiled
” then the marriage files should be resigned and the names changed.
the file was s£nt round and Ryan signed happily with his family smiling my dad and signed then I
” the meeting is adjourned.” i said and stood up.
everyb©dy left I jumped on clara her security stood up
” her back bones are weak if it dislocates madam Anastasia you are to blame ” we both started
she walked to to Ryan and i left
Ryan’s POV
Clara really deserves it all. she walked to my and all the security pointed their guns at me… I
waved at her and she hvgged me ti-ght.
” can I take your highness home ?”I asked her
“well we have to escape because grandmothers will never agree” she said
“what are we waiting for ?” I asked
I took her hand and we walked out after walking a few miles we ran away.
all her guards turned shouting
“the princess is leaving!!!!
“her highness is running she might fall call the national security!!
“the princess is leaving without guards, go after her !!
we both laughed it was too late to enter our car so we ran Into the streets and ran home laughing
Anna pov
I can’t belive that was over..Tony texted me to come to his house I wonder he back?
I arrived and rushed in, there he was on his chair with a glas-s of wine I jumped on him and k!$$£d
him he held me ti-ght
“Tony we are free to get married ,choose our d@t£.
“he smiled
I nodded and he held me ti-ght
“what are you doing
“tra-pping you ,no work for one weak.
I laughed.
Diana pov
I heard clara left, good I will visit her house it’s time to steal her stuffs.
we 5 me,Tyler,Cindy,Raymond, Kate.
we snuck into her by one from the window just to see Daniella laughing at us
“what are you guys?she asked
we started stammering what is she doing here
“am calling my mum
“no wait
“mum…wait..I found the spoon thiefs” Daniella shouted we all started laughing A her mum rushed
in with h0t water all of us hid begging Daniella.. it was fun
she’s fun
” Diana thank God you are here help us pack
“to where
“our new house.
I jumped up and started packing
omg this house is wow , Daniella bought a house for her parents, not just a house a mansion . i
am so happy.
we all rushed in
Ryan do u take Clara to be your lawfully wedded wife.
” I  do
Liam do you take lia to be your law fully wedded wife
“I do
Tony do u take Anna to be your your lawfully wedded wife
“I do
“ladies do u accept them as your lawfully wedded husbands.
” I do
“I do
“I do.
then i hereby pronounce you all husband and wife.k!ssyour bride.
Enough ….that’s enough !!!!.
everyb©dy stood up
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