Clumsy nurse batch 8

Claras point of view.
I know I ran as fast as I could, but when I finally arrived, sir Ryan had alre-ady signed those papers.
What’s the point crying over spilt milk, i can’t even tell him anymore, What is done is done.
I just looked at him with pain in my eye.
” sir Ryan, you made a mistake, this division is a tra-p “, I said.
” I will try my best to revive them all, no don’t worry “, he said.
you don’t un-derstand sir , it’s more worse than just doing surgery.
” yes sir Ryan, we will revive them together, no one can you make you sad, i am here, I will surely fight for your interest, am really going to be your angel. I said.
Ryan’s p. O. V
I am your angel, she said, now that I think of it its the same voice, hair, b©dy build up and caring spirit.
Miss clumsy could you be fake nuella, I nee-d to call real nuella on phone.
Clara I don’t know why you look bothered, its nothing, it’s just surgery.
Clara p. O. V
Sir Ryan I don’t want you to worry am the Angel here I am the one to worry.
No point telling you about the health records all I have to do is to find it for you, all of them.
“pls schedule surgery tomorrow Clara for that woman with the kid, she might not survive the week, tomorow by 11 am “, he said.
Omg that’s too close.
” yes sir, I will do that.
” we have a long day tomorrow lets go so we can rest”, he said.
” actually I nee-d to meet a friend, go I will meet you at home “, I said.
” you have a d@t£? He asked.
I started laughing.
” yes I do with my new friend I just met today at the hospital. “, i replied.
” really ” he asked
” yes, actually today is…
” it’s ok, have fun, don’t get lost.
” sure sir.
I bowed and he rushed out.
Staying home all day with you that would have been fun but I nee-d to find that health record and I nee-d to follow Louisa out, I will see when I get back.
Ryan’s p. O. V
People should start believing me I always said that that miss clumsy had a care free life style. Annoying.
That book she was re-ading alre-ady proves it.
How can she be going out with someone she just met today.
What if he ends up taking her home and then she doesn’t come back.
I opened my car door and closed it back.
Ryan why are you bothered, arrrgh What ever she can do whatever she wants, even if she sleeps over I won’t Care.
This nurse and I supposed to be in the house, preparing for surgery, so annoying.
I wonder who took her out, she just broke up with Tony, what’s her plan.
Ryan Ryan drive drive drive go home. Forget that she devil.
I concentrated on my driving when daniella called.
” hello “, i said
” Anna is awake and you can’t even call on phone anymore, really.
” it’s not that, I have been busy, I have not even called the Anna yet. “, i said.
” so how are you, are you stressed.
” not yet, real stress starts soon.
” ok, i just wanted to hear your voice “, she said.
” so how’s Anna “, I asked.
” she’s fine, seems to be having fun with Tony recently, carrying her up and down like love birds, she said.
I didn’t even know when I st©pped driving.
” hey, are you okay “, she asked.
” am fine, let’s talk later “, I said.
” oh sure, bye.
She dropped the call.
Anna don’t repeat the mistakes you made, it makes it ha-rd for me to trust you, you get carried away easily, that’s always been your problem.
I hope its just doctor and patient relationsh!p, I placed a call to nuella
” hey h0ttie “.
” Ryan am so caught up right now can’t talk “.
” do you want to hang the call on me?.
” you know I can’t do that, tell me
” that fake nuella, what’s her identity, who is she.
” her name is uhmmmmmmm, I forgot I can’t think right now, my as-sistant will text you her info later, I will call her now.
” oh thanks, that’s better.
I dropped the call, am glad finally I will know who my secret angel is because I nee-d more of her protec-tion now.
I drpped the call.
Louisa p. O. V
I and Clara have searched the sto-re room countless times.
No sign of the records. We Sneaked in and searched almost all the offices one by one but no sign of it
We ran out and she looked in throu-gh a p@rticular window
” who’s office is this?.
” oh doctor Steven, it’s totally different from others as it is on its own in the middle of the filed.
” we nee-d to search it “.
“No Clara, its hopeless, we alre-ady searched it before its empty.
” really?, she asked, her face was now teary.
” come on, let’s check the general sto-re room.
She sat on the floor.
” sir Ryan scheduled surgery “. She said.
” what, didn’t you tell him about the records.
” I didn’t want him to worry and secondly I thought I could I find it, she said.
” come on, let’s go, we might see it in the general sto-re.
I replied and we both ran out..
Mrs Tonias p. O. V
Finally its working well, This share holders meeting is going to be my ticket to wealth.
All the investors I will bring them down and they must suc¢v-mb to my side.
That way I will have enough power to drag everything from. Anastasia .
Truthfully Alexandra is useless to me, you alre-ady gave all your shares to Anna, all your love to Issabella, all your attention to Anna.
Me and my child are just useless to you, you are alre-ady our enemy, you have a lot of share holders who are loyal to you.
That’s why am. Scared, you might spoil my plan, you might ruin my future.
I know you won’t change the will even if I tear you ap@rt so I will just kill you.
Am glad you placed issabella un-der everything that means she has the power to sign over all Anna’s property to me, she has the power to make me the only heir.
Love blinded you, now your act of love Is your downfall because Issabella is now un-der my leg she is my dog.
I picked my phone and placed the call.
” how many investors are complying, I asked
” well, quite the number, and soon they will be re-ady to meet.
Ok I dropped the call.
Oh yes ladies and gentlemen Anastasia Grande the third is a living dead, withdraw your investments In her name and combine your shares with Mrs Tonia Grande the 3rd.
Claras p. O. V
What a hopeless search, what will sir Ryan do, will he blame me for not telling him.
” CLARA lets go, my birthday might sl!paway. She said smiling with dirts all over her b©dy but dirts filled my own b©dy too.
We both smiled at each other as we joined our hands like a couple and walked away.
” where will we go “, I asked
” let’s get drun!kshe shouted
” yes, i really nee-d that.
I checked my time, 5 :30 I wonder what sir Ryan is doing now.
Is he missing me oh right he can never actually miss me.
Soon we arrived at the bar we sat down facing each other.
Louisa ordered fresh meet which we grilled ourselves. I always love this kind of setting.
Achoholic drinks filled the table and we had two small cu-ps.
Ok now it’s obvious louisa wants to get drun!kon her birthday.
I mixed up the meet and started grilling the little smoke made my day.
” so, why arent you happy on your birthday “, i asked her
” well, my b©yfri£ndcheated on me, yesterday, am sad “, she said and drank one cu-p
” well I put sir Ryan in double trouble I watched him schedule surgery without telling him the truth, am dead “, I took my own drink.
Wow h0t.
” he hasn’t called me, seems he doesn’t want me anymore “, she took another drink.
” sorry, let’s just move on. We both hit our glas-ses and drank.
” I alre-ady moved out of his house, soon enough I will forget him “, she said.
I wonder If that works, if I leave Ryan will I st©p loving him.
” does that work, moving out “, i asked
” sure, I tried it before, many times, she said.
I smiled
” so sir Ryan, why don’t you tell him that you have feelings for him. She said.
How did she know.
” no I don’t have feelings..
” no nee-d to hide it, its obvious you like him, I wonder why he hasn’t seen it, ur pretty possessive of him’, she said.
I smiled
” what’s the nee-d, I picked my drink, I took like four cu-ps in a roll. That was when I felt ti-psy.
” sir Ryan has a girlfriend and she is really really pretty and rich, I can’t possibly steal him, can I, can I, can I.
We both laughed out soon we cleared out the whole table, I don’t even know where I am anymore.
But I feel so happy, just like that.
” hey 3 more bottles, Louisa shouted.
We both laughed as we kept singing. And cl@pping.
Ryan’s p. O. V
It’s getting really late, restaurants should close by now.
I walked to the front yard.
Where is miss clumsy, aaarrrrgh what to do.
Just then my cool c@m£ to me
” sir I have an emergency at home, I will be back
” ok, no problem.
She walked out just then my phone ran.
No known number. I picked
” hello.
Hy, two pretty girl’s are drun!kin my bar and am about closing but I can’t leave them like that so I used their phone to call people close to them. My angel, why is your girlfriend drinking out by this time.
” aarrgh that trouble maker is not….. wait she saved my number with my angel.
” yes that’s why I called you.
I smiled a bit
” what’s your bars name Madam and where is it.
” I alre-ady texted you.
Ok keep that angel safe, am coming.
I instantly dressed up and rushed out, soon i arrived at the place.
There she is, miss clumsy. I looked at her and her friend from the window.
Soon a girl lifted her friend up and her friend waved at her. The girl placed her friend in the car and c@m£ to Carry CLARa when I walked in.
” no its ok, I will take her home.
The girl left.
I sat quietly looking at her face she was really drun!kshe couldn’t even open her eye well.
” miss clumsy.
” oh its my angel, my lovely angel, my lovely angel. She started singing with it.
Before I could laugh she moved closer and tried k!ss!ngme with her eyes closed , I can’t beleive this.
I looked at her closed eye and pouted l!pfor a while.
Then I lifted her up from the chair and carried her into my car.
She kept singing and counting her f!ngers, I swear she’s fun when she’s drun!k.
We both arrived home I carried her out and use kept spinning around both hands wi-de smiling. And singing.
Cute. What a funny voice.
Oh no she is moving close to the pool.
” clara st©p, don’t move baaaaaaaaack….
She fell into the water. I rushed after her I can’t believe I dived into the water with my out fit.
I carried her out. The maid is not back yet what to do.
I carried her into her room. And placed her on her be-d.
I scratched my hair in confusion.
” uhm just change and sleep. I said and ran out.
I changed In my room, i looked out for the maid she’s not yet back.
I wonder If clara is better now, I rushed into her room and there she l@yon the floor she was alre-ady catching cold. Her we-t hair fell all over her face.
What to do, I can’t undress a girl just like that And she’s not even mine, but I can’t leave her like this.
I looked out the window no sign of the woman.
I dragged her up from the floor. She smiled
” I feel very cold, very cold, just like a fish, I think am in water.
I picked her white singlet hand night go-wn.
” well fish, u nee-d to wear this right now am going out.
She nodded.
I kept the go-wn on the be-d and walked out before I coukd take two steps she fell and almost hit her head, I ran back and caught her.
It’s hopeless, anyways what’s there. Am a surgeon what have I not seen before, but this Clara girl she might kill me if she finds out I changed her.
I raised her up she stood £r£¢tshaking her hair ,
” hey, dont get me we-t “. I said
” yes sir, my angel.
I smiled.
I re-moved the we-t jacket and dropped it on the floor.
I wra-pped the towel round her long we-t hair and tied it. she smiled
cute when she’s drun!kjust like a we-t toy
I tried removing her t©p. Omg I can’t I looked out the window for the cook. She’s not coming.
Clara looked cold we so I had no choice.
Slowly but steadily I raised her t©p up and re-moved it from her head. She tried falling down but i cought her, The towel on her hair also fell off.
She wore a black br@, Her skin sp©tless, her w@!st well shaped. Her hair fell freely I can’t believe I got carried away.
I smiled and tapped her face, she just smiled and kept counting her f!ngersagain
” my only angel, . She said smiling
“Clara get yourself now plea-se “. she t©uçhed her we-t jeans
” I feel cold here, seems like a fish is here, she tried pu-lling off the Jean but she did it very weakly because she was still ti-psy.
” plea-se help me, a fish is swimming here.
I smiled at her and moved closer then i sli-pped down the blue Jean trou-ser she wore.
I dropped it on the be-d , she wore black p@n-t, her tummy is so behind her, what a figure, she should be a model.
I tried picking her towel but she fell on the be-d and dragged me down with her.
I fell slightly on her and just looked at her face on the pillow.
I am tra-pped, I can’t even stand up . My hands l@yon her w@!st I couldn’t lift it again.
Finally I tried moving up but she dragged me down and k!$$£d me.
Whats more surprising is the fact that I de-epened the k!ss.
I am ma-king a mistske, she’s drun!k. I nee-d to control myself.
I said the right things in my heart bit my hands were alre-ady doing the wrong things. as I alre-ady un-hooked her br@ from behind . I ate her n£¢k pas-sionstely while moving her hair.
It’s not ma-king s-en-se but it seems we want each other so badly.
Ryan’s p. O. V cont.
Looking at her face suddenly jo-lted me out of this craziness.
I instantly left the br@ I wanted to un-hook.
How could I get tra-pped by this miss clumsy. I guess her n-kedNess was my attra-ction. I guess a man will ha-rd ly st©p being a man
I can’t believe this after so many women who tried to s£dûç£me I can’t believe miss clumsy could get my attention like this.
But that’s enough, this can’t happen again. I tried standing up but she dragged me down to herself again.
Okay this is out of being drun!k, could this girl be attra-cted to me for real.
” but why did you st©p, I liked it, she smiled and t©uçhd her hair ” I felt warm ” she said.
” hey, clumsy, the real you will beat you up if you continue this. “, i Said.
She wra-pped her hands round her b©dy.
“. Cold, I feel really cold, why?
I stood up from the be-d and picked my phone Anna was calling. I wanted to walk out with the phone but Clara was still acting cold.
I dropped my phone
She l@yon the be-d and started rolling about untill the be-dsheet wra-pped her over.
I jacked Her up from the be-d a I picked her night go-wn.
I packed her hair up and sli-pped it in it was white Long and prety, the singlet hand made it more attrac-tive.
Okay moment of truth, i cant belive am gonna do this, But wearing a we-t br@ for long can lead to cancer and she won’t really be comfortable.
So I sli-pped my hands un-der the go-wn and un-hooked her br@ from behind. I sli-pped out easily.
She t©uçhed her che-st.
“I fell better now, I thought a fish was there
She laughed and cl@pped her hands together.
And Slowly from un-der the go-wn I re-moved the alre-ady dripping we-t black p@n-tie she wore. I dropped both of them in her shower now she looked more
comfortable she l@yback and folded her arms together.
I covered her well.
That’s over time to face my girlfriend.
I got close to the door when I heard a fall.
I turned and it turns out she rolled out of the be-d. Omg that sound was much. I actually got emotional by this fall. I felt really bad.
I lifted her and her leg was alre-ady bleeding.
” ouch, my head is paining me, why is my head paining me? She said.
I dragged her up and she spre-ad her hands wi-de and just hvgged me. I smiled as I pushed her away and carried her into my room.
Why drink of you can’t handle it Clara. You are really a crazy woman I wonder how old you are.
I dropped her on my white be-d she l@yupward, and wra-pped her hands round her b©dy. She’s alre-ady showing symptoms of cold. Oh God pls she can’t fall sick on me.
I picked the white warmer and covered her She threw it out.
” hey!!! ”
” don’t cover me, am not dead “, She yanked and used her hands to cover her b©dy again.
” clumsy this is not a hospital, your cold, this is a warmer.
” plea-se I don’t want to die. “, She said and wra-pped her hands round her b©dy again.
I covered her and she re-moved it.
I covered her again she still dropped it.
I l@ybeside her and covered her again, she tried removing it so I wra-pped my hands around her and held the be-d cover ti-ght. She turned to back me and st©pped trying to pu-ll it off.
” I wont die if you are with me, my angel. She smiled.
soon she fell asleep I unwra-pped my hands from her it turns out Anna has called like ten times.
Oh no Anna Is easily bothered am sure she won’t sleep.
I sat up and called her back.
” Ryan,.. What happened, i called you for a while…. it’s been. It’s been quite a while, you didn’t pick.. you didn’t…. y didn’t you pick huh… I have been worried, i was so worried that my heart beat st©pped,… you have not done this before, are you okay… did your heart start again, What happened..Huh.. talk alre-ady.
I can’t believe her voice is alre-ady breaking, I feel teary alre-ady, Anna is a very emotional person.
” Anna am sorry, am so sorry infact all I can say right now is that am really sorry . Sorry huh, i dont know, am just sorry. It wont happen again. I said.
” its ok, apology accepted, are you ok, did something Happen.
” no nothing am just tired from work that’s all.
” am really missing you I called to tell you that I love you.
” but aren’t you tried, let’s talk tomorrow.
“No plea-se, don’t hang up alre-ady, even if you don’t talk, I just want to know that you are ok..
I smiled.
Just then this clumsy girl re-moved her cover again. Is she asleep.
I covered her back but she held my hands ti-ght to her che-st. Arrrgh what’s this, if I drag my hand out she might shout so I left it for her.
” so how was today, are you getting better “, I asked
” today was fine, I am getting stronger, everything is fine.
Claras grip weakened so I took my hands back. Just then she started coughing.
I instantly covered her mouth woth my hands.
” Ryan are you okay, are you cold.
” me no, why will you ask that. I said
” are you with someone? She asked
” me, that’s crazy, I was the one.
I started coughing , I was the one coughing.
” I wonder how you are doing, I wanna see you.
” video call? I asked
” yes”.
I instantly ran out of my room to the living room I sat facing the books in the study thank God I was fast. She finally called.
” Ryan you are re-ading by this time.
” well life of a doctor.
” but uhhmmm your nurse where is she.
” which nurse oh the nurse, the nurse, well she is slee-ping.
” can i see her “.
” I can’t just go to her room. She might be slee-ping n-ked just like you do.
” oh nice, let’s go to your room then.
” I don’t have a room, i mean my room is being furnished I sleep in the parlour for now.
” oh is it, that’s nice. You seem tired, I will just let you sleep, good night”, She said and dropped the call.
I know Anna won’t sleep, its obvious I lied, What do do.
Anna’s p. O. V
Ryan is a weak liar, he never lied to me before. Is there a woman in his room.
He knows I trust him, why didn’t he just tell the truth. What’s going on anyway. I feel really bad, I am tra-pped here, I can’t be with him right now. It’s all my fault.
Just then he called me back.
” hey, did you forget something “, i asked.
” yes, i forgot that I promised not to lie to you. He said.
” oh.
” I will show you my room, actually a woman is there.
He walked into his room and there she l@yslee-ping , she’s pretty I wonder who she is but am sure she’s nothing to him if something was going on he won’t tell me the truth.
” she’s my nurse, She got drun!kand kept rolling off her be-d, She got hurt. ”
He showed me her leg.
“So I brou-ght her in here, sorry.
I smiled, I feel much better now.
” what’s her name “, I asked
” oh its Clara, Clara David. He said
Just then I remembered claras words.
My name is Clara and you are my slee-ping beauty, my friend who doesn’t talk.
Dont worry I will always protect you. I won’t let anyb©dy hurt you.
I smiled so wi-dely that tears streamed out my eye, i couldn’t believe it. It’s my Clara, I have been looking for her.
” Anna do you know her “, He asked.
” yes, I wiped my tears. I have been dreaming of meeting her, that Clara.
Pls show me her face more, I really want to see her well I wish I could t©uçh her, she’s really pretty just like she said.
Ryan smiled at me
“Anna you are getting me jealous do you like her more than me. “, he asked.
” you don’t un-derstand but I will do anything for that Angel over there, I really love her so much, take care of her huh , She can’t fall again, don’t let her fall.
” ok I won’t “.
” hey cover her well, she’s looking cold. I said.
” I will Anna, good night, I love you.
” love you too.
He dropped the call. Am suddenly so happy two important persons in my life are together, finally I found clara.
My savior, She made me live again, she’s really my heart beat. What will I do for Clara, how do i pay her back.
Ryan’s p. O. V
Mrs clumsy you are really mysterious. Anna who is suppose to get jealous ended up caring for you.
You are so unpredictable, I wonder if you are the girl un-der Anna’s hospital be-d, no that should be fake nuella. So how did Anna meet you.
Ok you must have been one of her nurses.
Goodnight, pls don’t kill me tomorrow.
I l@yfacing upward and f0rç£d myself to sleep Off.
Next morning
Clara p. O. V .
I feel so sweet and this be-d Is so comfy
My be-d is more awesome today. I opened my eye and a white be-dsheet is wra-pped round my che-st my hair his packed behind me.
When did i start taking good care of my b©dy like this.
I know i always kick off my be-d sheets at night what’s going on
I look around and omg I am in Ryan’s room. Omg what’s going.
I remember getting drun!kyesterday But what happened to my cloth
I opened the be-d cover, What!!! who dressed me up?
I wra-pped my hands round my. I can’t believe am br@ less.
omg what did I do with Ryan, could I have done what I was imagining all this while. Did I k!sshim, hvg him. No no no I wra-pped my hands round my eye.
I finally did it, we finally did it, What did Ryan do to me, even my black p@n-t is missing.
But where is the blood stain. I was suppose to be a vir-gin. If I sle-pt with sir Ryan that’s not bad. I smiled, but where is my blood stain.
stood up and looked round my white go-wn, then I started looking round his be-d.
i lifted the be-dsheet and tried lifting the be-d when ryan walked out of the shower.
He wra-pped a white towel round his w@!st, his b©dy dr!pp£dwe-t, his hair looked more attrac-tive his flat Tommy got me. What am I doing I can’t even speak again. Why is he so handsome. He looked at me with shock.
” what.. are you doing to my be-d, are you trying to lift my be-d, he asked.
“Oh Me.
I instantly left the be-d. I started arranging it well.
I am really sorry sir. I said
” but what are you searching for”, He asked while applying his face cream, facing his mirror.
” uhhmm yesterday, What happened.
” you were drun!kand you fell into the pool, So I changed you and dropped you on your be-d but you kept rolling out so I brou-ght you here “, He said.
I instantly wra-pped my hands around my che-st.
Did he really really change me that means he saw my p@n-t and my br@. Arrrgh did I also confess my love for him.
” oh but sir, did i say anything, anything unusual “, I asked.
He moved from the mirror and walked over to me.
” you said a lot of crazy things and did a lot of crazy things too, ouch I can’t think of them “, He said.
Omg am really crazy, i must have tried s£dûç!ng him, Did I tell him I loved him, how will he look at me now.
I instantly bowed.
sir, I will be going to my room, see you there, no no no not in my room see you at work no that’s not what I meant, see you in the car. “, i ran away. .
Ryan’s p. O. V
I wonder what she was searching for I am sure I re-moved her ear rings.
I dressed up, am alre-ady late.
And the incident of last night i hope she doesn’t remember it.
I took all my files, its time to face today.
Claras p. O. V
I am bathing right now I can’t del@ysir Ryan he is gonna be mad at me for the h. R so I cant add lateness to it.
I saw my undies In the shower it was inside the hand wash with soapy water, I instantly washed them. I ran out and instantly started changing. I feel
somehow, am getting a flash of dirty memories like I was in a de-ep r0m@nç£some here, somehow. i thought I over grew my habit of creating that imagination or was I dreaming.
I walked to my drawers I better look nice today. Dress lady like, I scratched my hair .
Finally I picked my t©p and black jeans then I wore my sweater I picked my purse.
I carefully packed my hair behind and applied a little powder andl-ipstick.
I cleaned my sandals and wore it then I rushed into the living room where I met Ryan who was alre-ady waiting
“You look pretty “, he said.
I smiled.
We got to the car, the truth is I don’t want to remember last night, am getting nervous over it.
But those imaginations, could they be true, did i k!sshim, did he t©uçh my br@, aarrgh!!!!
I looked in his face, He drove quietly. I hope I didn’t throw out all the emotions I have been hiding inside at you.
“sir whatever I said last night or did, I didn’t mean it “, I said.
” that’s nice, . He said.
” But did I say something “I asked
“Something like what? “,he asked.
Something like i love you, something like i think about you everyday and every night, simething like you are driving me crazy, ma-king me imagine crazy things. Something like that.
” oh, don’t worry sir “, I said and bowed my face down.
” ok he replied.
” But anything I did also forgive me sir. I said
He looked at me and chuckled. Soon we arrived at the hospital that’s when I remembered the health record.
Samantha that she devil rushed after Ryan
” sir I shifted your surgery, that woman I don’t think she has up to 3 hours to live, 11 is still far so better start surgery now so we can have enough time to think and work “, She said.
” oh that’s smart “, Ryan replied.
Ryan turned to me
” clara pls get me the health record of that woman, plea-se right now, I nee-d her entire health history, What she’s suffering from and when she had her last surgery, good?.
” oh sure sir, I will, just give me time “, I said.
He walked out with Samantha and I scratched my hair, i instantly fell on the car.
Why can’t I ever tell sir Ryan about this myself, what will I do now.
I have a strong feeling that something is inside that sir Stevens office.
I ran over to his office and pushed
The door open suddenly steve tapped me from behind, I turned and looked at him.
Stevens p. O. V
She looks so fearless who is she, I hid all those records in my office, is that what she is looking for.
” who are you, how dare you.
” I am looking for those health records, I have searched everywhere So let me search this place too. “, She said.
” are you not the girl who c@m£ with Ryan, this place has Been searched nothing is here.
I pushed her and locked the door I sli-pped my key into my pocket while walking out but she dragged me back instantly.
” you, I suspect you and I am going to meet the m. D trust me. He will open this place and search it himself.
She ran off.
I walked further, no they can’t search my office, what do i do. If the find those files am died for life.
I have no other option, thank God my office is separated from the clinic, I better set this office on fire before the m. D arrives.
I ran to my car and placed a call.
” let’s follow your first idea, I said , set the office on fire.
” ok sir, count it as done.
I dropped the call.
Louisa p. O. V
Sir Ryan looks really worried and the patient is running out of estimated time.
” where on earth is Clara, where is the health records. He said
” but sir, those records have been missing for months, no one knows where it is, I thought Clara told you.
He instantly dropped his phone on the floor out of shock and looked at the woman.
He hit his hands on the wall.
” Why didn’t Clara tell me, She watched me schedule surgery, What is this!!! “, He shouted.
” sir, What do we do. I asked
” what’s the nee-d, she’s dying, she’s dying on me, where the fv¢k is Clara.
Claras p. O. V
I ran back and picked the key I made Steven drop when I pushed him back.
I ran into his office, am so sorry sir Ryan am really frustrating you right now. I just didn’t want you to worry, don’t worry, I will surely find it.
Just them I saw a black cu-pboard, I instantly opened it and there it is. Like 50 files. Why is Steven so heartless, it was all his plan.
I nee-d to separate the health records from the files.
I dunno y but I feel h0t in here, I started coughing , I feel smoke.
I sorted the file’s quic-kly and carried them to my l@p. I feel so h0t, I pushed the door open and omg fire, am surrounded by fire. What’s going on. Just then the cu-pboards fell on each0ther and cought fire, the Windows cought fire, where do I run too, where do I keep this file. I am loosing consciousness. Am so scared. Sir Ryan!!!! I shouted. Then I fell on the floor, I felt the burning cu-pboard fall on me.
Ryan’s p. O. V
I felt my heart beat, did someone just call me, is someone in nee-d of me.
Louisa c@m£ to me shouting
” sir Ryan, Sir Stevens office is on fire, the fire is just too much, every one Is outside.
” is anyone in there, i asked.
“No they called him, he said he locked his door well and all his important files are in his house.
” oh thats a relief, call the fire extinguishers , i said
She ran out, and I still looked at the patient.
I wonder what’s keeping Clara, where is she, we have just 2 hours left before this woman dies.