Clumsy nurse batch 6

Clara p. O. V conts
I was just about closing my eye to sleep away my sorrow when a car drove back and St©pped in my front.
The person didn’t step out for a while
I looked well and it was Ryan.
He finally stepped out and walked towards to me.
He looked me in the eye and said
” come on, let’s go “.
I smiled in tears.
He dragged me up from the floor and before i could bend to pick the the be-d cover he picked it up himself.
I just kept looking him in the face.
He placed the be-d cover on my che-st and looked at me
” let’s go “, he said again.
We walked into the car he just concentrated on driving. He didn’t say a single word to me, I just kept watching him like a horror movie.
I wonder why he c@m£ back.
Ryan’s p. O. V
I really wonder why I c@m£ back anyways she might be devilish but I still have a heart.
Now that I think about it she is the same girl who was on a blind d@t£ with Tony and that book she was re-ading
” how to make S-x fun “, she must be a call girl.
Looking at her face makes me wanna laugh she keeps moving herl-ips without saying any actual words.
It’s better she doesn’t talk. her voice annoys me I don’t want to hear them.
She looked out the window and she fell as sleep, just like that.
My stay with this girl is in the hands of the Lord.
I have been trying to call nuella I want to trace the identify of that fake nuella from her but she’s not picking i guess she is busy.
I know the weather is cold but must this girl really come out with such a big be-d cover.
Daniella p. O. V
No I am so bothered, Anna can’t win like this. Mother and father alre-ady went to visit her, I told them I am sick.
If care is not taken then Anna might attend the share holders meeting she will take her rightfull position as c. E. O of
(A. G. H. C ) and all its br@nches.
She alre-ady knows am an enemy no nee-d to pretend anymore.
Unless she didnt hear everything I said in her coma room.
Anna’s health is my nightmare she will take Ryan again but not only that she will find her mother and my mother won’t have A single share in (A. G. H. C)
Her waking up is going to ruin so many things. What do i do right now, security has been ti-ght£ñed to the grip and i have a strong feeling Tony might still love Anna but even if he doesn’t he is not someone that can be bought with money so how will I woo him to my side
Anna just die, thinking about all this is ma-king me stressed.
Anna’s p. O. V
They people sorroundng me now are giving me so much joy
Ap@rt from miss tonia who thinks I don’t know her plans
But i will surely find my mother and my mom will put tonia in her place while I put daniella in her own place.
I made a lot of progress today at least now I can raise my hand my dad was so impressed
Mr dervantes visited earlier my lovely father in law.
” Anna my love, tell me, do you have any idea who was poisoning you. My dad asked
Yea I do dad, but I don’t want to put you in a dilemma I will tell you the truth when I have enough evidence to back it up
” no dad, I have no idea “, i replied and Mrs tonia smiled
” ok darling.
He k!$$£d me and walked out just then Tony moved in with a file
” Tony, I said.
” doc Tony Anna, let’s try focusing on patient and doctor, he said.
Omg Tony has changed
” so you haven’t forgiven me yet, ever since I was here you never visited, why, what did i do that’s so wrong? I asked
Tony p. O. V
I visited you but I just didn’t talk Anna.
I didn’t reply her I just looked at her.
Annas recoververy process is too slow but all in good times anyway.
I checked her heart beat and normalised the drip.
Then I sat facing her
” the patient should anwser these questions “.
” Tony, plea-se, I don’t nee-d a doctor i still nee-d a friend. She said
” Anna, this was one of the reasons why I didn’t want to accept this work I knew you will make it difficult.
I tried walking out but she held my hands She was really weak she couldn’t even drag me back but she held me ti-ghter.
I c@m£ back and sat facing her
” being half dead for two years really thought me a lot of things? I don’t know what my future is but i want to savour my pres£nt.
Let’s try being friends. I know I hurt you and I didn’t have time to say sorry because I had my accident almost immediately after that. but two years is it not enough for you forgive me.
Anna its not about forgiving you, you moved on like a cu-p of tea but I am still in the process of forgetting what we had and I don’t want to create a relationsh!pwhich will bring everything I alre-ady burried back to surface.
So I prefer we maintain the patient and doctor relationsh!p. I am not re-ady to be anything else yet.
” it’s obvious the patient doesn’t have anything to say. so I will be in my office and i will check up on you later “, i said
” even when am dying, you still couldn’t forgive me, sorry I guess I really hurt you more than I thought. She said and let go off my hands as she turned To her side
I stood up and tried walking out when she said
” i am really crazy, i cant believe you were one of the persons I wanted to meet when i wake up.
I looked at her back for a while and walked out on her I have more important issues to worry about.
Anna’s recorvery process is very slow I pray and hope its not what am thinking.
Claras p. O. V
What a long journey my bu-tt feels all flat.
We arrived at a suite, it was pretty with a swimimg pool it looked just like a pri-vate house.
I looked around its so attrac-tive.
I am really scared to talk to my angel right now.
I was free when he was my angel and I was nuella.
But now he is Ryan and I am the girl he hates, the girl who keeps embarras-sing him.
He brou-ght my be-d cover out of the car and placed it on my che-st.
He picked up his phone which seems to be his only property in the car.
He looked at his phone while waking into the suite.
I covered my be-d sheet the same way I covered it before and walked before him.
I saw a pretty fat lady I guess she is the cook.
Ryan just turned to look at me and I fell down out of fear. He pres£nted a frustrated look and turned to me
” really?
” oh, sorry sir.
I dragged myself up, He Walked fas-ter and I walked behind him he pointed to the door before stair.
” that’s your room but don’t ever climb these stairs, plea-se
” but why, do they lead to heaven “, I yanked
He looked around in frustration
” don’t talk until you are asked to, infact don’t talk to me ever.
” what “, I shouted
” good night, remember 5 : 30 in the morning
” oh I Wil….
” shhhhhh don’t talk.
I bowed down
He ran upstairs , arrgh even God is merciful. I feel like beating him up.
I opened my room and rushed in
Wow amazing.
I jumped on the be-d it suddenly bounced me up
Amazing I started jumping up and down just then the land line rang I rushed it and picked.
” hello”.
” if you keep jumping on the be-d like that, this house might fall.
” oh really, sorry, sorry don’t mind..
“Shhhhhhhhhh “.
He dropped the call I covered my mouth with my hands.
And walked into the shower.
Ryan’s p. O. V
That she devil doesn’t look for a word to say. My life will be so much better if she doesn’t ever talk to me.
I re-moved my cloths and l@yon the be-d.
The fans are having issues but I alre-ady called the electrician
I feel. Tired but I am in the mood for a little melody.
I sat down facing my piano table and pla-yed my favourite song as i sang the lyrics out
Clara p. O. V
Omg who is pla-ying my favourites song by John Hart.
Our love, our love will never grow old.
I sang out the lyrics I liked most.
Could it be that John harts is here the rumour says He can disappear .
I better look for him.
I opened my door it turns out the sound c@m£ from upstairs so I ran up the stairs in a haste.
Wait is John Hart in Ryan’s room, seems like that’s were the music is from.
Oh my, oh my I opened my ears well and stood by his door while enjoying the melody and trying to look into the room.
Arrgh the melody is not st© sweet. .
Oh my, the melody just st©pped I tried sneaking out when the door opened
Ryan stood looking at me with both hands on his w@!st.
” you, you again.
Ryan’s p. O. V
What will I do to this girl. I just warned her and she is alre-ady here.
She instantly closed her eye and started giving me signals as tbough she was deaf and dumb. And before I could talk
” sir don’t mind me its not me here, its my spirit, actually I was spirit walking.
“So, good night, goodnight.
She closed her eye and started walking out again while moving her hand like a spirit
Claras p. O. V
I just entered the lions den
I closed my eye And walked out as though I was sleep walking i also waved mu hands like a spirit but before I could take two steps I felt someone drag me by my pajamas.
I turned and it was Ryan dervantes
“there is punishments for breaking the rules ” , he said.
thought of his punishment made me faint flat.
I spre-ad both my legs and hands wi-de.
Clara is dead
Clara p. O. V conts
I l@ythere when he dragged me up by my shi-t and dragged me into his room
He dropped me on the floor and sat in his be-d.
“But sir…
He opened his cu-pboard and handed me two papers one was white and one was red
He gave it to me in a bundle
“What is this , hey!!
“Shhhhhh., If you have an important information to share, very important and it is official write it in the white book.
What is he saying
” If you have very important information to share but it’s not official write it in the red book.
This guy is really silly.
“So miss Clara , don’t ever open your mouth and talk to me always write it down”.
I nodded.
“Now back to your punishment.
He handed me a hand fan
” The fans are out and I am not a fan of h0t weather.
” what, hey Ryan…
“Shhhhh fan me till I fall asleep. He said
” oh ok sir. I replied
I will fan you happily after all I really want you to be comfortable.
He l@yback and covered his b©dy with the be-d cover
He lifted his face up and said
Hes face, so cute!!
Argh I started fanning him.
Ryan’s p. O. V
Ahhh I can’t believe this girl is really good at this fanning job
Even clowns are blessed with talents
Suddenly she st©pped, what is this, I opened my eye And before I could say Jack she fell.
What did she sleep, I instantly rushed up and caught her before she fell on me
I wra-pped my arms from behind her w@!st
“Hey, Hey, she devil!! .
She didn’t talk rather her head fell back and her hair warmer fell off ex-posing her hair.
Mm I must say she has amazing hair, pretty pinkl-ips, long lashes, nicely set nose,….. wait am I checking her out. I can’t believe am checking her out.
So annoying, I instantly dropped her on the be-d in an irritating manner.
She turned and folded her legs together slee-ping
What, this girl is slee-ping comfortably on my be-d.
Aarrgh this is so annoying she even moves her l!pwhen she is slee-ping, I am not surprised she must really be talking in her sleep.
Who is gonna carry this load out of here.
I looked around for a while, omg I have no choice.
I lifted her up and carried her into my arms
She looks so innocent when she’s quiet but when she wakes she turns into a she devil.
I nee-d to get slee-ping drugs she she will sleep until this mission is completed.
I carried her into her room, this girl is as light as feather I even forgot I was carrying a person.
I dropped her on her be-d and looked around the room…
Does she sell toys ? , how many toys are here.
Wait wait is that my name on a toy, this girl wrote my name on a bear toy
That means she sees me as a bear aarrgh, what did i do to meet this kind of person, we are really sworn enemies.
I tried walking out but she wra-pped her hands round her b©dy out of cold.
I c@m£ back and tried covering her b©dy
Wait why am I covering this girl
She named me after a bear
I carried the bear and placed it on her face.
She even embarrased me at the conference
I placed the next toy on her face.
She poured ice cream on me, what!!
I placed all the toys on her b©dy
I chuckled she looks so funny, oh I enjoy troubling her. Het face makes me laugh.
How can she name me after a bear, Bear Ryan, really!! bear Ryan, arrgh crazy.
I carried the be-d cover and covered both her and her toys together including her face
Haha I can’t st©p laughing. She likes a looking for my trouble
She devil.
I ran out of the room,
this she devil just made me laugh, when was the last time I laughed like this.
Ok it was when fake nuella k!$$£d my cheek.
becaUse of some people my life is no longer dark and lonely as it used to be . I suddenly few a little bit of happiness.
Maybe Anna waking up is the source, but before Anna someone else alre-ady opened that door.
I fell to my sleep smiling, serves that she devil right.
I better sleep we are visiting the hospital tomorow.
Just then my phone rang it was the manager of the district
“Good day”. sir
” Ryan something urgent happened am traveling tomorow I alre-ady called your dad
” oh really.
“I would have traveled today bit its very important I meet you so pls you nee-d to come early Tommorrow as early as 6 o clock ”
“Ok its un-der control”
“Pls don’t be late “.
“Thank you..
He dropped the call.
I sle-pt off.
Claras p. O. V
My sleep is getting worse why do I feel I like the whole word is on t©p of me.
I opened my eye And omg all my toys are on my head when did i do this
When did i even come in here
Could it be Ryan, no no he is too serious for that
I instantly pushed all of them down to the floor and continued my sleep.
Next morning
Mr Grande p. O. V
I sat looking at my wife’s picture.
My jewel our daughter is getting up now but you are still missing, where are you.
Anna is missing you and I am missing you too.
Pls come back to us once and for all.
I kept her pics on my be-d.
maid room of Mr Grande mansion.
Kylies p. O. V
I am the head maid actually Annas mother employed me and she has been treating me well.
I sat with my fellow maids In the room but thoughts filled my head, it is right time Anna found out the truth about her mother.
I really suspect Mrs tonia, I really suspect her
I wonder why Mr Grande won’t tell Anna the truth about her mother
I guess he is waiting for her to wake up
In Anna’s mind her mother just left.
She just woke up one morning and left her only child whom she loves so much.
It’s true that Mrs Issabella left
But what about the back story, did she leave in sane mind, what about her health condition, why is she not coming back?
I wish there was a way I could meet Anastasia Grande and tell her the truth. Once and for all maybe that way she will start searching for her mother and st©p waiting for her to come home because she might never come.
Ryans p. O. V
Am glad I woke up early enough the distance we are going to right now is a very long one. It’s not funny and the roads are annoying.
Secondly that grumpy man can’t call my dad on phone
I hastened my dressing since I alre-ady took my bath I called the room of that trouble maker but she didn’t pick I guess she is too busy getting re-ady.
I was done with my dresing I gr@bb£d my bag and rushed out I knocked on her door but no awnser.
Oh heavens help me could this girl still be bathing
I opened the door and there she is still slee-ping
I checked my time omg we are out of time
She l@yon the floor with her legs in the be-d what kind of slee-ping style is this.
am out of time what kind of thing is this
I walked into the shower and c@m£ out with water which i dropped on her face.
She finally opened her stupid eye.
” hey, what’s the time “, i shouted out of frustration
She scratched her hair out of confusion .
She wanted to talk then she held herl-ips with her hand. she picked the paper on the floor the red one.
she wrote boldly
” i am sorry “.
Arrrgh what is this, this girl doesn’t know my dad.
She wanted to talk again but she covered her mouth with her hand and sli-pped out another paper
She tried writting again
Claras p. O. V
I am even confused I don’t know what to write how can i not be talking.
He looks really frustrated
I scratched my hair and before I could write another word he dragged me up
” plea-se let’s go, my dad can’t call me.
Just then he’s phone rang it was his dad.
He sighed and picked the call then stormed out.
Oh no, he’s dad must be strict.
I have not even bathed, we will be late
I packed my hair up I didn’t even comb it.
I can’t make him late he looks really scared of his dad.
I wore my jeans with a t©p then I wore my school bag In front and wore my shi-t.
Am really in a haste.
I wore my sli-ppers hastily and rushed out
He stood by the car with his phone in his hands, he’s eye were now dark and red.
Is it still me.
He walked into the car and I sat in too.
He just kept sighing as he kept Deleting multi-ple calls and rejecting multi-ple messages
He must really be late this is all my fault. I looked down to my leg and omg I wore that stupid slee-ping sli-ppers out.
how could i forget I looked in his car mirror and jeez I look like a crazy person.
I looked him in the face I really want to talk you even its just to ask you how do you do but you alre-ady hate me so much, what to do.
This journey is long.
Ryans p. O. V
I can’t believe my dad spoke to me like that.
I try my bezt to make him happy And proud of me, and what
Must I beg for love
I lifted my face up s£nding back my tears.
its all because of her.
I looked at her but she is alre-ady slee-ping she kept scratching her b©dy.
Didn’t she bath , she always looks crazy, why wear a school bag to the front.
Mrs tonias p.o. v
I drove out of the house.
I am going to a place where I love being.
Looking at her in pain makes me glad.
Soon I arrived in the house.
dark unkempt like it should be.
I rushed in and there she sat facing a plate of food the same plate i saw last week.
She finally c@m£ out, she is looking weight I love the sight of her suffering.
“Anna, my anna “, she c@m£ closer to me.
Crazy bit-ch you dont even know your own kid again, this drugs worked perfectly well.
I pushed her to the floor and bent down.
“Yes I am your Anna, in will keep coming to you always, stay here always, don’t go away.
“My Anna, my pretty Anna”. that’s all she kept saying.
I looked around I love what I am seeing, yes Issabella suffer.
Taste it because I tasted it. I will still surely take everything away from you, all your shares will be mine
And when you are done signing all those do¢v-ments
I will kill you.
I brou-ght out bre-ad from my purse and littered it on the floor she picked them there and ate.
Oh the smell of victory.
Claras p. O. V
We arrived, this hospital is as big as an estate.
Mr dervantes has really made an investment.
ryan walked fas-ter with so much style, I think he forget that I am with him or he chose to ignore me.
All the nurses kept waving at him as though he was king some even tried tou-ching him
But me they looked at me like a mad woman.
Ryan caught up with a man who was about leaving and they both entered an office.
I was left there in their middle of the hospital.
I got really embarras-sed I started arranging my hair.
They nursez started Ponting at me and i heard their voices
Is she a mad woman
I dont think Ryan c@m£ with her
I mean my Ryan can’t possibly t©uçh such a dirty mad person
What is she wearing, did she even bath. Look at her leg
I got so embarras-sed and before I could move they all started laughing.
Even the male nurses laughed at me as they pas-sed by.
I tried sitting down but no b©dy could shift.
I stood in the middle like that when Ryan walked out with his hands on his phone he stood by the door signing a file
A girl walked to me, the same girl who was talking just now.
She looks pretty.
Hey are you lost, I mean the psychiatric section is at the other side”. She said
Tears ran down my eye
” actually I c@m£ with ryan.
” liar, you must be kidding, my Ryan can never possibly move with someone like you “she said.
All the nurses stared laughing, ryan doesn’t even care he is not looking.
Why are the nurses so mean to me I couldnt control my tears again.
I ran away in tears . I got Half way when my phone rang it was Ryan.
I turned and wiped my tears as I picked the call and turned to him.
“Will you leave me here “, he asked me.
All the nurses turned in shock
I dropped my phone and he dropped his too.
He waved at me
“We c@m£ together right, are you leaving me “. He said
I looked around, is he really taking to me.
The nurse walked to him, the same girl that insulted me.
” sir, are you referring to me, who are you referring to am sure it’s that mad woman.
Just then Ryan pointed at me
” am refering to That cutie, not you, I don’t talk to ugly girls.
“What!! “, the girl replied him.
All the nurse watched as he walked towards me, I almost fell out of shock.
He got close enough then he sli-pped his hands into my hand and dragged me out.
” let’s go “, He said.
I just kept looking at his face, my angel.
I pray this lasts forever.
Or maybe is he drun!k?
Samanthas p. O. V
Yes my name is Samantha, I don’t know who that girl is but how dare Ryan talk to Me like that because of her.
I alre-ady looked her up “Clara David, clumsiest nurse in
A. G. H. C.
Does this mean Ryan doesn’t realky know me, I mean I am pretty.
This is the second health mission where I am meeting him, and he always, always just ignores me.
I like Ryan dervantes infact i want him for myself.
Am the daughter of the manager and am not suppose to be here, I should be in the state’s for my training. But no, when I heard Ryan was coming I decided to do my intern here .
What does it take for a man to notice you anyways. He didn’t even give me the little respect I deserve because of my clas-s. And its all because of that mad looking girl.
The General meeting will start Soon I pray it ends in my favour.
Maybe if I am close to Ryan maybe he will see me.
I can’t believe these girls are ma-king fun of me, I hurriedly ran away.
Claras p. O. V. Conts
we got to his car and he drove off.
He didn’t say a word to me, Omg I even thought our love had began.
Just then he looked at me
” you shouldn’t cry for your fellow woman, you are just as good as she thinks she is., he said
Wait did he just talk to me, I mean did he just say something nice to me.
Just then his phone rang, I really wonder whom it is , he connected the call to the car since he was driving.
” mine”, he said.
Oh it must be my slee-ping beauty, is there a way to block my ears, I want to hear her voice but my heart is alre-ady beating fast, my breath is seizing, I feel jealousy, why do I feel jealousy.
” actually, I sat up today “, she said to him.
He smiled
” oh really, that means you will walk very Soon “, he asked.
” yes sure, and when I do, I will visit you first, you will be the first person to see me “. She said
” don’t forget your promise, it’s written in my heart. He said
” oh I won’t, so where are you, did the meeting alre-ady start..
” by twelve, I still have time “, he said
” ahh, it’s ok, bye, I really love you”, she said
” i love you more “, he said
“I love you morer “, she said.
He chuckled
“You won, he said.
” yes no one can beat me to loving you”, she said.
” drop the call, st©p stressing your pretty voice, I will call you., he said.
” good bye “, she said and dropped out of the call.
I regret hearing this call, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I better call Diana or mom.
I looked at his face but when he turned, I looked away. Pls don’t see the pain in my eye, I too don’t know what’s behind it.
“You, do you go shoping at night”. He asked me
” what!!! ..
I instantly covered myl-ips with my hands
I opened the bag and brou-ght out the book where I wrote.
” No sir, actually, I don’t have style.
He looked at it and faced forward.
” before coming out, did you bath? “, He asked as he turned the car steer.
I scratched my hair.
” well…
” you didn’t, he Said with as-surance.
He looked back and and continued his driving.
” use your sit belt, the car seems to be having minor issues “. He said.
Oh but am not good at doing that, I still collected it and tried fixing it but no avail.
” if you won’t do it right, u might as well get hurt, you are always looking for my trouble “, he said.
His face when he said this just made me smile.
Finally he st©pped the car. Wait, wait,. is this a h0tel.
Omg Ryan i trusted you, how could you bring me to a h0tel room. I know I like you but, let’s take it slow.
I still followed him from Behind
I just followed Him quietly and he made reservations.
We walked upstairs, he opened the door and sat on the be-d. wow the room is pretty.
I don’t know what to do, I can’t sit in the be-d with Ryan he might kill me.
I slowly used my bu-tt to push the door close then I fli-pped my hair back and stood there with both hands on my l@p.
Ryan dropped his phone on the be-d. Why?
He re-moved His jacket. Why?
He walked towards to me in a haste, why??.
I opened my eyes wi-de He c@m£ close enough, first I noticed the height difference, omg mom why am I short.
Next I noticed his S-xy che-st which I stole from the first 3 open bu-ttons of his shi-t.
A silver n£¢klace rested there. I rolled my eye up to his face and hisl-ips suddenly got into my sight.
Did I just imagine k!ss!nghim, what’s wrong with me.
what am I thinking, what’s happening to Clara. I closed my eye ti-ght, , argh my first night.
I instantly wra-pped both hands round my che-st
I can feel his breath, he’s fragrance, omg am not re-ady yet.
Why is he so close anyways, I opened my eye and turns out He was fixing the door lock above my head after which he locked the door.
Then he walked back to the be-d where he sat down
What to do, I slowly re-moved my hands from my che-st and bowed to him.
“Don’t stand there, i brou-ght you here so you can take off your cloths and
i instantly wra-pped my hands round my che-st again.
” what!! I shouted.
**Omg lia was right, What is he going to say, He wants to say take off your cloths and lie with me. **
” Hey, dont say the bad word ” I Shouted.
” what bad word, take off your cloths and bath so we can go for the meeting, but what were you thinking.
” arhg its nothing “, I replied
i ran into the bathroom.
Ryan’s p. O. V
And she didn’t even take a towel but this h0tel setting is wrong the towel should be in there.
What ever, I checked my time. ok we still have a little time before the meeting starts and after that I nee-d to service my car.
How long will this girl spend in there anyways. Argh why am i being kind to this she devil, my kind nature is really getting to me.
i still dont like her.
Clara p. O. V
Oh I feel refreshed, I re-moved the shower cap.
Wait, Wait . wait… what!!!, there is no towel in here.
What to do, am I to wear this cloth, What is this.
how do I tell this guy to give me the towel I am not suppose to talk him.
I knocked on the door then I brou-ght out my hand.
Hey, sir, uhmmmm master, can u plea-se, plea-se, pas-s me that red paper, I have something to say.
Next thing I felt the towel in my hand.
“Oh, thanks.
I used the towel, Just then i realized the towel is short, Argh its too short, can I even bend or better, jump.
Aarrgh I better go, am delaying him.
I walked out
I stood quietly with both hands to my front, slightly btw my th!gh.
He looked at me in a very different manner, I got shy so I just moved my hair.
Am sure I felt his eye steal my pretty legs as well as my n£¢k and che-st.
Until he controlled his eye. What is this, a man never looked at Me like that. Omg Clara someone looked at you with de-sire , what an achievement.
He picked up his phone
” wash your hair”, he said
” what!!.
go back, wash your hair. He Said again.
I bowed and rushed back in , I carefully washed my hair and rushed out.
In my haste I sli-pped and fell to the floor. Ouch what’s wrong with me.
I got a big cut, it bled out, What to do.
Now how do i stand up, if i move my towel will sli-p. Ouch what’s this.
He looked at me for a while , he fli-pped his back word then he stood up and walked out.
I rushed up and tied my towel well then I sat on the be-d and picked the hair drier on the table plugged it and dried my hair.
Soon it was dried, what’s keeping Ryan, I instantly wiped my blood from my legs.
Just then he walked in with a bag on one hand and a first aid kit in the other
He bent down and opened the kit he brou-ght out some treatments and applied it on my leg.
I placed both hands on the be-d, soon he was Done.
he looked up to my face.
His eye went up my n£¢k again I instantly covered the area with both hands.
He chuckled. First time he ever smiled at me.
He stood up and handed me the bag I opened it and what!!!, a white go-wn, white br@ and white p@n-t.
I smiled, I tried talking but I held myl-ips. I picked the book and wrote.
“Thank you and sorry, sir. ”
He picked his kit and dropped it on the be-d
” change, we are almost late “, he said.
I rushed into the dressing room with that bag.
I dressed up, how can he know my size so well.
I kept forcing the go-wn to Zi-p up but no way, i have been trying to this for hours and we are almost late.
I used my long hair to cover my back, I don’t want him to see my br@, when I get home i will Zi-p it.
Yes, fighting!!.
I walked out then I bowed to him, i was fast to run to the door so he won’t notice anything.
He picked his phone and walked behind me. I got to the door, what!! This lock is really ti-ght. I couldnt open it.
Just then he lifted his hands up and opened the door.
I tried rushing out bit he dragged me back, i st©pped. he moved my hair to one p@rt of my shoulders then he Zi-pped the go-wn.
He still returned the hair, then he walked past me. I almost melted, now I feel 1000 bu-tterflies In my tummy, what does this mean.
Arrgh mom, I don’t want to stay here anymore.
I rushed after him and there he stood kicking his car and ma-king some calls.
I tried talking to him but I held myl-ips.
Seems like the car spoilt and we are runing out of time.
Just then the mechanic arrived and started work. Ryan checked his time and scattered his hair as he walked up and down.
Hes face is so troubled, this is all my fault.
Samantha p. O. V
This is 11:40, my dad is alre-ady here he hates being late.
All the dep@rtmental heads and all important people for this meeting are seated.
But where Is ryan and he’s stupid hand nurse.
I can’t believe he wants to be late, they will soon call his dad.
What’s the way forward
Ryan’s p. O. V
Omg I can’t believe it, this mechanic is taking time.
Just then this Clara girl dragged my hand, How dare she t©uçh me
” sir, there’s the free bus”, she said.
“You, how dare you expect me…
I didn’t finish my statement she ran away dragging my hands with her.
I only turned to look at her face. What is she doing.
I st©pped runing. She shouted at me
‘Hey!!! !!, you are going to miss it.
“She devil, listen…
She cut in
‘ shhhhhhhhhhh”.
What!! Did she just tell me to shut up.
” hey!!, I shouted
She dragged my hands and ran away again.
I checked my time 11:50.
Where is this girl taking Me too my legs are paining.
Claras p. O. V
Am dead, I told him to shut up. And now i am dragging his hand.
He can kill me later but he can’t miss this meeting.
I don’t want his dad to call him again.
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