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Clumsy nurse batch 31

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Clumsy Nurse

Episode 85

i wish you know how much I love you

i rushed out with my guard’s and more guards where outside, fully armed.what happened ? who


just then Anna’s dad walked out.

omg , he can walk now? i wiped my tears, he is so healthy, he is back. Anna don’t worry I will get

your mom soon. he came closer to me and hugged me

” dad

” Anna , congrats.

” thanks dad, but why the toppled security?

” you hit malcom too hard my dear, he is going to do his worst. when you Push your enemy

hardest you don’t relax or relent rather you stay prepared for war.

” Yes dad

” now we are going home

“what…. what about Ryan?

” you can visit him later , I want us to talk.

” Ok Dad

” no need going to work…I am sure everything was under control.” he said

I smiled and he dragged my hand and I felt this kind of unknown familiarity in his arms…. like he

was family…we both entered the car.

Mr David’s POV

claras mother won’t stop being restless ever since ClDanme eft,she is missing her so much. I walked

into her room

” honey

” hasn’t Anna waked up yet? this game is taking longer than I can Handle

“it’s ok, Clara is safe. what exactly is your fear?

” I don’t want to loose my daughter.

” she’s safe,she’s with

Ryan remember.

I hugged her tightly.

Ryan’s pov.

I called Clara on phone

” Angel

” sweetheart, I can’t come home today

” what……. why

” well, am with my parents.

“really? you want to live me home alone?

” why not come

” no , are you the only one who has parents?

she chuckled and I dropped the call.

Clara’s pov

is this Anna’s life, dad and no mum. am glad Tonia went to Miami for vacation,returning

tommorow or next.

I pray she doesn’t return. it’s my dream to complete this family. Tonia better come back becauze

your chapter has been opened.

I ate happily looking Anna’s dad in the face as he ate while making calls.

” dad what did you want to talk about?

“nothing, just missed you.thank you for fighting for my health.

I smiled and he placed a chicken Lap on my plate.just then Daniella walked in.Jesus , I hope this one doesn’t find me out .

she was with a brief case,so she traveled

she kissed Anna’s dad.he smiled

” how was your trip


she sat down and took a plate

” didn’t you see your elder sister?

she looked at me and sighed.I didn’t talk.gosh Anna is a very troublesome person.I better be calm,

mature Anna in the making.

” Daniella welcome ” i said

“wow …. Anna matured ” she

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their dad lifted his phone

” Ella did your Mom call you

” Yes..she’s on a beauty trip

“Ok….. eat well.I will take a call.

” Ok.

I faced my food and Mr Grande ran out. I left Ella on the dinner and walked into Anna’s room. I

can’t be very close to her, this is

someone that grew up with Anna right from a little age.

I entered the room and locked the door, I told Ryan to come, I know he can’t.

just then Anna’s dad’s voice echoe , who Is he playing around with?

I peeped through my door and Ryan walked in.he was laughing I guess owing to the joke he was

cracking with Anna’s dad.he looked so seductive. then he held his white phone and wore an

expensive slipper. his amazing physique and height made me wonder if he was a model. he held a

bottle water on the hand he wore a silver watch.

I was drooling for my boyfriend.

he didn’t even know Daniella was home.

I watched him very closely and read the shock on his face when he saws her. Daniella turned

quietly and faced him.I decided to keep quiet though I can’t hear them.

after a while Ryan tried walking past she gently puller him back that was when I got annoyed.

why can’t Ella just let Ryan go, anytime she sees him her desires topple.

I tried closing my door when she kissed Ryan with her hand brushing into his chest. wait what!!!!!! .

ryan pulled her away with his hands on her waist. I ran back inside before he saw me.

what was that , I don’t really hate Daniella , I see her as a kid but Ryan is going me hate her.

Ryan knocked and walked in he waved at me

” hy

I smiled

” you finally came

” Yes, I guess your wish is always my command

I smiled

” ella is back , did u know?

” how was work did you secure the hospital?” he asked changing the topic and opening Anna’s


” Yes, I did.


” but you just ignored my question.

” Yes she’s back, I just saw her now.

” ahhh ok. did you guys ta…


” talk

” Yes , had you bathed

” I want to .

he smiled and kissed my lips he tried moving I held him tight

” ryan don’t let her do that hurts

” what did you see?

I smiled and beat his chest


” i saw you both kissing

” no, you saw wrong, she was the kisser I was just the kissee and I didn’t reciprocate I just pulled


I smiled

he’s in the mood to make jokes

we kissed again and Anna’s dad opened the door.


” not in my house , fast fast…” he dragged Ryan out of my room Ryan was laughing… he took

Ryan to the guest room opposite ellas room what?

ryan smiled and closed the door I rushed into my shower.ahhh Anna’s dad just ruined my


I took my bath and fell on the bed someone opened the door I hastily covered my thigh

” Ryan?

he smiled

” Anna’s dad will kill you Ryan

“my dad will kill him” Ryan replied.

I dragged him down I don’t know why I enjoy his weight falling on me. we both laughed and

resumed our kissing session…

lia’s POV

Liam is really staying out late nowadays. I sat innocently and wrapped my hand around my legs.

this is 7:30 my dad comes home by 6 but my husband returns really late.

just then Liam walked in smilng with 1 of his friends .. he saw me and hastily turned to the cute

guy making him back me.. this guy doesn’t know that my eye is wider than he thinks, he

transfered the cigarette pack he was holding . I guess he didn’t expect me to be on the varenda.

his friend is hot…I think I have seen him before isn’t that Danny. Danny held the cigarette in

between his fingers like it was his own

I stood up from the pavement I carefully bowed to them .

” hy lia” Danny said smiling

I was already drooling as he waved his diamond bracelet filled hand at me. he wore two earrings.

he wore white from up to down then simple slipper which was stonned with diamond’s. he packed

his hair what a cute face he looks like an Indian girl

I smiled at him…I think I like him already

” hy” i said and I bowed again. he threw away the cigarette and tried hugging me Liam carefully

hugged me tight Danny laughed and rushed in I smiled at my sweetheart.

” where you waiting for me?

I nodded


he hugged me and before I could say Jack he carried me up like a baby gosh Liam is so

romantic… we walked in and Danny sat facing the screen with a cup of wine..

” Lia meet Danny …my friend?” Liam said

“Liam is this when I arrived …any way Lia my sweet I Wont judge you based on the sins of liam so

nice meeting you.” he took my hand and helped me sit bedside him I smiled I am sitting beside

Danny Hoffman I used both hands to cover my face be chuckled

” cute” he said

I smiled as his perfume and warmth made my about a woman magnet he is one.

I looked up and my jealous boyfriend was leaning on the couch and looking at us quietly Danny


my boyfriend is so cute sometimes I forget that he is mine and now am in the middle of double

cuteness just murder me.

” Lia you need to listen to this ” Danny said removing his diamond stonned earphone.I smiled and

he tried putting it in my ear Liam took it and listened to it first before putting it in my ear Danny laughed like something else was going on….I enjoyed the music.

” Liam get the file am almost late”Danny said

” get it yourself” Liam said

Danny smiled and took my hand

“am spending time with Lia”Danny said

Liam glared at him and he laughed

“lia tell the maid to get my case”Liam said .. I tried standing up Danny held me tight Liam almost


“Liam go get it” Danny said

Liam hit his hand on the couch and walked out.

Danny lifted my face into his hands and I smiled happily

” lia you are pretty,very pretty” he said

I smiled


“don’t be scared of anything when it comes to liam , Liam is safe for you..very safe ,he won’t hurt

you because he loves you very much I swear… so please be free around him so you won’t hurt

him too ,we clear ?” he said tucking my hair into my ear…I smiled and nodded.

before I could talk Liam already ran out like flash Danny started laughing

“lia what DiD danny tell you

” well…..

” listen don’t believe anything danny says its a lie.

Danny laughed again.


“am serious anything Danny says is a lie.

Danny took my hand

“lia remember the bible says ……” before Danny could talk Liam used his hand to cover Danny’s


Danny laughed


“shhhhhh he is preaching anti Christ”Liam said and I nodded.

Liam gave Danny the file and dragged him up

” Danny come and team is calling you


“Yes cute sir

“don’t forget what I said

I Wont,i completely understand ” i said mentally. as I waved at him.

Liam returned and carried me up from the couch

” sir

” Lia

“I love you.

he smiled and balanced me in his room bed..

I have been sleeping in this room for long now so I Better just move my stuffs here totally

I fell freely on the bed I hadn’t even bathed.. Liam rushed out of the shoower topless and fell on

me I smiled he wore only a yellow short.

” Lia did you eat?


“did you bath


“will you bath


he stood up and I stood up he used the yellow towel to cover my face i smiled.

“should I go to my room

“never…do it here

“ok sir.

I hastily took a quick shower and walked out he was using his phone i moved my hair and sat on

the bed he turned, I tied the yellow towel very tight.

“sir I think I got hurt on my leg here

he smiled and touched my leg.

” it was your nail ,let me see ” he took my finger from me then used his teeth to cut my only long

nail I smiled

“sir my pretty nail

“you will keep hurting yourself

I nodded

“what do i wear I said trying to stand up the look in his eye was more like “wait” but he said no

words so I hastily sat back.

” won’t you change?”he asked

“no…am resting…do you want to say something?.

“no .. what ?.

I nodded and fell on his pillow then I took his phone he left it for me

“sir whats the password I want to see your pictures




I tried it and it opened I smiled .

he moved closer and kissed my lips i dropped the phone that was what he wanted to say.

Liam turned off the light and came into Me .. he held both my hands tight up and kissed my lips

deeply I smiled and collected my hand so I can brush it behind his sweet soft back. as he kissed

my I gently ran my fingers from his waist to his back up go his neck then his hair sweet.

he folded my leg placing my feet on the feet on the bed then he brushed his finger into my thigh

deeping into my towel. he kissed me softly nibbling and feeding on my lower lips.. it was the

sweetest kiss.. and finally I have strong desires for a man Right now I never felt it so strong. but do

I want to do it now?

that’s the question for tommorow as I felt his fingers already rubbing on my crotch , i gasped

sweetly and he brought out his hand our kiss deepened and our tongues met. Liam kissed me so

sweetly and gently like he could go all night..then he gently untied my towel.

my upper body was bare but I wore a white pant. liam suddenly covered me up…he turned on the


” Liam why did you stop?

” uhmmm i was wondering, why did you give in?

“well it’s childish denying you what you deserve,Danny said you won’t break my heart and its

obvious you really want us to do this so lets do it…here we can use those condoms am not scared

of pregnancy “I said smiling.

Liam smiled and kissed me for a while then brushed his fingers to my breast and opened the towel

at the same time …he suddenly closed it again. I looked in his face

” but why didn’t want to do it at first?

“well i really just want to taste only one man ,i don’t want to be used and dumped them picked and

used again… I want to give my self to someone who would marry me even its not the wedding

night at least that assurance that the person won’t leave me for another is enough” I said smiling.

Liam picked his phone and checked the time.

” lia escort me somewhere

“but I feel wet and needy..why?

“uhmmm sorry

he picked my gown and forced it into ny head.

“sir my bra

“we have a car…no one will see you


he wore a top and carried me up into his arms then placed me in the car and sat in

” sir where to

“just close.

minutes later Liam entered my street ..what!!

then my compound ,what!!!

he opened the door and dragged me out

“sir my father is a military man ..I shouldn’t have a boyfriend

Liam smiled soon we knocked and Clara mum opened the door

” lia? sir Liam?

“good day madam can I come in ?” Liam asked

“of course.

we both walked in ,my dad was watching the news .. my mom was there



I hugged my mom

“dad good evening

“welcome,who is your friend?

“good day sir , my name is Liam

“Yes Liam king… how are you?

” fine sir

“sit down my son..someone get him water.

liam smiled and sat down

” why are you here my son

” sir , madam,aunt…I came to ask , what will it take to marry Lia?

everyone looked around

” are u……

” I want to marry Lia sir , as soon as possible. I don’t want to engage for longer than 4 weeks ..I

just need her as a wife…I really need her.

my mom touched my hair and I smiled..I agreed to give him sex but he still did this….he just

proved that he loves me and he is not after my body…now am relaxed.

” Liam you spoke well ..but Lia is still a kid , she is still going a long way how can you carry such …

“it’s not a burden sir…I will train lia to any level she wants to get too…am ready, if she has any

sisters I will train them too…just oblige me I promise never to hurt lia

” ok.. you are free to marry my daughter. her uncles and aunties will return soon so we will discuss

and get you immediate feedback.

” thank you very family will be ready when you are ready


I and my mom walked into the kitchen

” Lia do you live with him as a girlfriend? why did you lie to me ?

” mom I didn’t lie , i am his maid..I didn’t go to his house to live with him as a girlfriend I swear.

” ok… So happy my dear,he loves you so much

“I love him too mum

I hugged my mom

and we walked out Liam already stood up and I rushed to him

” Lia do you live with him as a couple?

“no dad ..I live in the maids house..I work there


“bye dad …bye mum … I couldn’t find claras mum..she looked weak she is always off balance

each time clara is far from her.

I and Liam walked out and leaned on his car

” what now…was that enough assurance that i want to die with you

I smiled and kissed him my mom came out, I hid and she laughed.

soon we arrived home and fell on our bed.

” Liam I love you” I said

” I love you too” I love you too

” let’s do it now” i said pushing into his arms

“sure?” he asked me





he hastily pulled out my gown from my head and I pulled out his shirt.

I let him do what we both wanted and it was painful but memorable. i felt him with me and he felt

me with him.

I let him see and touch every part of me.

I allowed my blood to flow for him..

I love you and i can’t wait to be your wife.

Liam hugged me tight after our least next time won’t be so painful.

I smiled happily

malcoms p.o.v // morning.

Anna pushed me to the wall,she must be relaxing like a winner but I still have one card left and

this last card will get me everything I lost. its time to use my last card and my last card is


blinded by love Anna Signed every single hospital branch under her mother’s name. all 200 of

a.g.h.c hospital’s are under issabella’s name .

apart from the main branch which she was supposed to sign over before her accident and after

her accident her mum was kidnapped by Tonia who wswonin or me, why won’t tonia work for

Me..Daniella is not her child so this means Tonia is not a true Grande but only I know this

secret…the secret behind Daniella..her real name is not Daniella her real name is “Mackenzie”

“Mackenzie ” …… you are Tonia’s biggest secret .you are much more than you even think you are

but you will only get your shares when your real parents find you… you are as rich as Anastasia

even more richer because you are royalty. ” Mackenzie”.

Daniella (mackenzie) you are my biggest hold on Tonia Alexandra Grande as well as her biggest

downfall and weakness.

right now issabella should have come back to her senses unless she is pretending to be mad.

issabella its time to sign off everything you have to me …after that i will shoot you and its game


just then arora walked in.

” sir issabella is sane, her brain is back

” good is she signing the files

“she said she forgot her signature,we all know she is lying… she needs some torture.

” and I will give her that ,let’s go..Tonia is on her way

” ok.

Clara pov

I defeated malcom and I feel like resting or going on a vacation with Ryan in Miami but I can’t.I feel

so bad.

I feel like malcom is going to hit me so hard.I feel like malcom has another card and this card must

be a strong card.i feel it so strong that it is getting me scared…. I just need assurance from Mr

kang and I have been waiting for him.. finally he walked in.

” Mr Kang

” Anna I told you to relax , Malcom has no plan , he used all his cards..I am sure because I even

eaves dropped in his office count less times , what exactly can malcom do with an Empty bank


” are u sure?

” Yes…you need to rest madam we won and we defeated still have your last card and

that alone will be his doom

” ok

” meanwhile ..Tonia Alexandra Grande is back

” when

” now

” ok.

he left.

well i guess I have to force myself to relax… lia said she wants to meet so I am going to meet her

and I will not worry because nothing is happening.

I entered my car and soon I arrived the hotel.lia walked in holding a car key.wait is this lia? She

looked so expensive not only did she wear a diamond stonned canvass. she wore white shirt short

gown which was very short and a diamond ankelet on her leg at least she is looking good and

dressing hot as herself. lia is better than me because without this mask i am nobody… i wont even

afford this hair band. lia hugged me deeply and I held her tight after which she lay down and

hugged me again

” Clara are you happy?

I smiled

” Ryan is the only thing that is keeping me happy lia..he makes me forget reality.

I hugged her again and noticed the ring in her finger

” Liam engaged you

“Yes …this morning…he already saw dad.

I hugged her and we both fell on the bed laughing

” I can’t belive you are going to be a mother lia

” no wife first

we both smiled

” so dnt I deserve the detail

she smiled shyly and whispered in my ear

” I did it, finally” I smiled and hugged her tight.

” when is your wedding

” hahaha well both families are still planning..he’s mum is coming today as well as his kid sister..I

pray they like me

” lia they must like you …. you are wonderful

she smiled and I hugged her deeply.

” Liam is a good guy lia am glad I didn’t sleep with him then I would be feeling bad now

” Yes …all thanks to Ryan..but do you think he doesn’t like women anymore

” Yes .. I am sure he would change for you. we both smiled and hugged each other again

” Clara do you know what I wish

” what

” both the grandes and the dervantes will accept you happily and Help you attain your goal in life.

you will be rich , reknown , happy and loved.

we both hugged each other deeply..

” am happy for you lia

” me too.

” how Is mum

” sick , weak from missing you.

” I miss her we too

we hugged tightly again

” so how was it

she fell on me smiling shyly

” painful , i look forward to next time

we both laughed as I dragged her weight to fall on me she laughed and i held her tight. Ryan

thought me this bad habit.

soon I entered my car and headed home Ryan didn’t have surgery today he must be waiting. I had

already arrived when Mr kang called me I walked out of my car and picked the call while looking at

our door.

” Anna there is fire on the mountain

” what

” I was wrong , malcom has a last card.

” what do you mean

” I don’t know , this plan is so discrete I dnt know all I know is that Malcolm will hit you hardest and

you will loose all your branches but not new York branch.

” how

” I don’t know, he left with arora ..I don’t know what this plan is but if malcom succeeds its over!

I dropped the call and called Ryan he picked I saw him from the glass door he was setting the

table for two but I need to be at anna’s suite right now and I don’t want him to feel bad.

” Clara where are you

” ryan I can’t come home tonight

” why

” well am kinda busy

” just come for few minutes

” sorry…I love you

” ok.

I watched him pull down the plate from the table and drop his phone

I hastily entered the car and headed to Anna’s suite.

Arora’s pov

malcom walked in , we had been watching issabella here for a while and she doesn’t want to sign

anything.if malcom tortures her she might die.

” sir issabella won’t sign anything.

Malcom faced her

” issabella why are you pushing me

” malcom over my dead body will i sign off Annastasia and Mackenzie’s birthright to you.

” issabella you are indeed mad , Mackenzie is dead so it’s only Anastasia’s birthright you should


she started crying.

” issabella sign those files to avoid torture

“I won’t

“you will ,In just few minutes.

Malcom stood up and Rushed out I followed him

” sir who is Mackenzie?

” Mr grande’s second child , aaliyah.

” the dead one

” yes the dead girl.

“Ok but sir have you figured out a plan on how to make issabella sign those papers

” If I didn’t do you think I will be so relaxed

” what’s our plan?

“kidnap Anna ,torture Anna in her presence…she must surely sign..this is my last hit I can’t miss it.

” but where is Anna?

“her house where else … no one should harm Mr dervantes child ..dabrelle is still struggling to

come out of coma, don’t hurt Ryan to avoid another attack from dervantes

” ok, am sending in our men now we have to kidnapp Anna

” as soon as possible.

“ok sir .

claras pov

I arrived Anna’s suite ,i can’t believe I am here alone well i have so many questions which only the

file here can answer.but If I knew I would have called Jake or Chris or Rachel..Ryan is not option

when I am with him all i think about is love. I removed my cloths but I don’t understand why I don’t

feel safe. I feel , i feel so scared…

Clara forget fear and focus on why you came . I removed my jacket and ran into her study. I

uncovered all the files there .. and looked at them one by one.

what kind of plan can ever make me loose all my hospitals to malcom , what kind of plan can

malcom possibly have..

I had to call Chris on phone.


” Clara

” what

” I know it’s you just tell me what it is

” but how

” I found you out

I smiled..thank God he knows because the question I want to ask him is something Anna should

know I was still thinking of how to twist it

” Chris what is the possibility of malcom getting a.h.g.c for himself

” that’s impossible

” how

” he can’t just wake up and grab a.g.h.c unless a true blood signs it over to him there are only 4

people who have that power.1) Mr Grande and Mr Grande is not stupid to do that even If he was

he can only sign the ones in his name.

” oh

” yes Anna is in London so you can’t tell me she is busy signing files with malcom

” that’s right

” Miss Grande the second is dead

” wait is there another girl

” yes aaliyah , aaliyah Alexandra grande the second but her royal name is Mackenzie.

” ma what

” Mackenzie, she died few weeks after birth…but she was born on the same day as Anna’s

grandmother who is royalty so she was given the name Mackenzie by Anna’s Grand parents

before her death.

” I never heard about her.

” are you sure you are current..have you ever head of M.A.G.E.

” Yes its the name of one if the biggest estates in New York

” that estate with Millions of security which is built with gold is where mackenzie is burried.

” what

” her wealth is different from that of Anna , you know the grandes are not in good terms with their

grandparents . Mr Grande is at war with his their wealth is very different.

have you heard of g.g.c.s. Grande Grande constructions.

” no

” well it belongs to Anna’s grandparents. then m.m.c , Mackenzie mining company.

” that’s the biggest mining company in the world.

“it belongs to the grandparents but signed under Mackenzie’s name then a.g.h.c was signed

under Anna. Mackenzie was the key to uniting the family because she was Born the same day as

her grandma (kenzie). which is the date most of Their ancestors where born so it was more like a

sacred date.they grandparents loved her so much and almost everything they own , all their wealth

which is different from that of the Alexandra’s was and is still in Mackenzie’s name…even in her

death she is living in paradise.

” wow …… if someone like malcom or Tonia kidnaps someone like this

“they would have her sign everything to them ,everything… she is too expensive her net worth is

more than the presidents 1000 year income.

” what

“maybe her death was the best way to secure her.

“she should have lived, Anna needs a real sister.

“there was this secret rumour that Daniella is Mackenzie and Tonia stole her in other to use her in the future.

” Tonia can do that for sure

” it’s possible , as i was saying, since malcom doesn’t have Mackenzie which is impossible

because she is already dead and he doesn’t have issabella because she is missing then it is

impossible for malcom to wake up one morning and claim anything that belongs to a.g.h.c.

I took a deep breath


he dropped the call.

wait, If malcom doesn’t have issabella, what if malcom has issabella. where is that letter Anna’s

mum left her.

I hastily opened my purse and saw the later, so this was what she meant by ” ” ” if anything

happens to me hold tonia or malcom.” so malcom kidnapped issabella

i need to…………………………………. …………………………………………………………… just then I felt my

first door opening. i forgot, if malcom has issabella he would need to kidnap Anna in other to

make issabella do what he wants. if he kidnaps me then then he would find out that I am

Clara…what do i do… who are these men?

I watched 15 masked men rush into Anna’s suite ..I don’t have time what do i do?

one of them pushed the door open


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