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June 15, 2021


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Clumsy nurse Batch 3

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Tonys p. O. V

I sat waiting for Clara for a while

Diana told me she was writting an exam and she would come out with Clara when she’s done

Wow i can’t believe am waiting for a girl

I wore my cap well to avoid easy recognition

Ryan walked in

I and Ryan are not close friends

Actually we are in competition

We have been in competition for a while ever since we completed our internship

Before It was just mere simple competitions as best doctors

But after Ryan took Anna from me he proved that he was gonna beat me every where

That was when our real competition started

I went to Paris to hide my face from the pain of leaving your woman because she was bethroted

when I came back Anastasia was already behind me, i moved on

we were friends before

We were even best friends

But now we both know that we are not friends we are compettitors

Even though we pretend to be close..


💖Ryan’s p. O. V💖


Ethan already called me that he was at unique

I am jut walking into the restaurant

I saw Tony

I wonder what he is doing here because the Tony I know is not the woman type

He is the best doctor at

( A. G. H. C)

after I traveled and the two hospitals were merged my father transfered him to r. D hospitals for one


In order for our doctors to learn from him

Right now he is the second best In r. D hospitals

Although he doesn’t dress or behave like a doctor

He spends his spare time at karaoke clubs singing

When it comes to our relationship

We both know we are not friends it’s in our heart That we are compettitors

It all started when I took Anna

But if I knew he was with Anna

I wouldn’t have agreed in the first place.

I looked at him and he smiled and waved at me

That deceitful full smile

That’s he’s weapon

He laughs alot, he’s good at covering

Well am not bad at it either

Let’s keep pretending to be frineds

I waved at him and walked down to him

“Hey Tony ”

“Ryan its been long ”

We shaked hands

“So why are you here, don’t tell me its about the equipment stuff”, he asked

“Yea Am here to meet the lab technician “, i replied what about you..


“Well am on a date, why don’t you sit I mean we can wait for Ethan together “, he said

I sat down beside him and dropped my phone on the table

I wonder who the girl is he wants to meet ***

“Wow I look forward to meeting this girl you came for “, i said

“Yea me too, it’s actually a blind date. He said.

“Mm nice but you should know girls who go on blind dates are cheap Piece if advice from ryan., i said.

He smiled cunningly and picked his drink

“Well I can manage all type of girls “, he said.

Just then Ethan walked


“Sir Ryan I didn’t mean to keep you waiting, he said

“No problem we cool “, i repliee

Before I could stand up so that I and Ethan could go to another chair Ethan already found his way into the chair by my right.

He turned to Tony

“Clara is not here yet ” he asked

“No I think she wants to skip ” tony said

“No she will come. “, ethan said

“Ethan let me see the report”, I Said

“Oh sorry sir “, he replied

He handed me the file and I looked through it.

***I must say the problem in the lab is much.

“So Ethan how much is the budget”, I asked


Back to present__


💙Dianas p.o. v💙


I am late I need to get back to the hospital

But Clara is being too unserious

So I grabbed her hand, she looked at me.

“Come on Clara lets go stop this unseruousness Tony is a human being he doesn’t bite, when will this your fear for men stop

“Just see him as a friend and be free with him, just as you are free with tyler.

But Diana

“Whats wrong with you Clara, do you know anything about Tony he is just the Same class with Ryan

“He is as successful and as handsome as Ryan if not more

“He is not our class Clara the only reason y this date is happening is because Ethan knows him

“So my love be mature and just meet this guy.

“Its not a big deal Clara you are not 18 anymore you are 21, Clara level up

I shouted at her, and for the first time Clara became calm

Wow that’s a first, Clara is never calm

I have to start shouting at her from now on.

Okay okay fine you won. She said

I received Mrs Delvaliares text massage, I instantly texted Tony

“Clara am going Mrs delvaliares just texted me and I already texted Tony he’s coming out “, i said

I ran forward and almost ran into Tyler who was coming my way with his girlfriend Cinderella

Tyler is Claras neighbour and one of the only guys she ever speaks to he’s girlfriend name is Cindy but Clara calls her cinderella

Diana, where to? he asked

Am going to work, hy Cindy

I ran out..


❤️Claras p. O. V❤️


what’s wrong with me

Why am I overly shy

Oh There is Tyler

He came forward with Cindy

“Hey ty I asked you to call honey for me today why didn’t you “, I asked him while trying to punch him.

“Wait Clara David is this you “, he said looking surprised

“The boyfriend snatcher is looking pretty, hes gf said

“Hey Cinderella you keep forgetting that I was the one that told Tyler to date you, I can also tell him to break up with you ” i said

Cindy ran towards me and folded her arms around mine

“I know I know, lets go”, she dragged me .

“No no wait, I just changed my mind I am going home

I tried walking out when Tyler held my sweater

“Hey what are doing”, i asked him.

He dragged me close to him, as slim as I am I didn’t have strength

Cinderella then grabbed my hand and said

“Since we met you we should eat out together”, she said

Tyler smiled

“Come on Clara I want to treat you today “, he said

No no I don’t want to go in there today

Before I could talk both Tyler and Cinderella held both my hands and we tried walking into the restaurant when a guy walked out.

Omg kill me

He is so cute

dress sense awesome

Hes almost like my imaginary Ryan

He has golden hair

With pretty pink lips

Long lashes

Spotless skin

Cindy pinched me, signalling did i see what she was seeing

He looked at me from hair to toe I also looked at him because he was cute, too cute.

Then he said

‘Hey you must be Clara, I mean I saw your picture

“Uhhm yes am Clara”, I Said

“Clara david, Cindy added smiling

“Oh nice meeting you I am Tony, doctor Tony, from r. D “, he said strecthching his hands

I and cinderealla Bowed dragging Tyler who was looking else where

We there bowed to together.

“Oh ” he said withdrawing his hands and also bowing to us

💙Claras p. O. V💙




We three bowed together

And stood quietly looking at him

I think he got shy, he flipped his hair backward and smiled

“Well uhhm, Clara ” he said

“Well we were just leaving “, I sharply waved at him

“Hey, we just came here “, Cindy shouted.

I covered her mouth and dragged her shirt as well as that of Tyler

I bowed again and we turned to leave

**I don’t deserve this kind of date this guy is to high up for me, after all I don’t know anything about dates ***

***Am so shy I feel like I should be burried ***

Before we took a step I heard his voice again.

“Clara am the one who came to meet you “, he said

I turned

“What!!, I asked

He smiled

“Maybe you didn’t come to see me

“Maybe you don’t want see me

“Maybe I am below your expectation

“But since you are here, why don’t you give me a chance because I really want to talk to you.

***Wow what a speech ***

He waited for my reply for a while it got awkward he scratched his hair and licked his lips

“Soooo “, he said

” oh well

I coughed twice and before I could talk, Tyler already gave him my hand

“You can have her for free”

I kicked his leg

Tony smiled

He held my hands

Oh this feels awkward, I slowly withdrew my hands from his

and walked into the restaurant with both hands on my purse

“We should sit two rolls after Clara ”

Cinderella said to Tyler

I smiled

Soon we got close

Omg why is Ethan sitting with the cute guy I insulted

what is this guy doing here

I hid my face thinking we would pass by when Tony Turned to me and said

“That’s where am sitting, come I will introduce my friend,

“you know Ethan already right”?, he asked me

I smiled cunningly as I thought of what to do this guy can’t see me, he will find out from Ethan that I work in A. G. H. C and fire me.

We got to the table

EThan shouted

“Hey Clara”, he said

The cute guy I Insulted turned to look at me

Omg this is the moment I truth

I instantly turned my back in a haste so he wouldn’t see my face

He chuckled

“Is she shy, he asked Tony

Meanwhile I looked at Tyler and gave him sharp signals which grabbed instantly

Cinderella laughed

I covered my face with both hands then I turned to them and bowed down with both hands on my face

Tyler walked forward

“Don’t mind clara, she is a shy type, she can’t possibly sit with 3 guys. , Tyler said this and I gave him a thumb up in my mind

The cute guy I insulted stood up

“Well am already done here, he looked at me for a while and then turned to Tony

“Have fun. He said

I watched him walk out and when he got to the door his guards who acted as normal customers stood up an followed him

**Wow that was scary***

Tyler and Cinderella walked to their sit.

I turned to Tony, he still looked at me smiling

Just then I realized my hands were still on my face so I removed them and bowed to him again, this time out of embarrassment

Omg he is gonna think am crazy

I was busy thinking I didn’t know I had stayed like that bowing for a while without raising my head up.

Just then he touched my hair which covered my face and opened my face that was when I realized I was still bowing down

“Are…. you okay he asked

I instantly stood straight with high speed and my hair flew behind

“Yes am fine, sorry sir, I said bowing again

He smiled with his hands covering his lips that was cute.

“May We “, he asked directing me to the chair.

We sat down beside Ethan who just stood up.

“Clara you look beautiful “, he said

“I smiled”

He stood up and touched Tony

“Okay Man, have fun “, he winked at me and walked out.

Ouch am so hungry I grabbed my tummy, just then I realized he could see my action from under the table I instantly removed my hand

And bowed again

He smiled..


❤️Ryan’s p. O. V💖


Just looking at this girl is making my day.

I swear she is indeed beautiful but clumsy too.

I think she’s hungry, is she shy to talk.

I took the menu and gave her one

I opened mine but my attention was on her cute pink attractive lips

Which she moved without saying any actual words, she just kept, scratching her hair and opened her mouth wide and covering it with her hand towel

I wonder what’s wrong

I looked down at the menu and the Lowest price for any food there was 150, 000

I smiled is that why she’s acting up.

I tried talking but finally she spoke up

“But, she scratched her hair, are these foods imported, how can people extort money from innocent citizens, 150, 000 what!!!!

“Well don’t mind them that’s just the price “, I Said

She moved her cute lips again without saying any words, why does she mumble words to her lips.

My heart just told me she is going to shout but before I could talk

She already looked around the restaurant and then turned to me

“But, Who is incharge of this place any way,

Just then the manager noticed her and walked down I guess she felt clara wasnt relaxed

Clara turned to her

“Hey, are you the owner of this bank !!, she shouted

“Uhhm how can we help, the manager asked

“As a good citizen I can’t ignore this, my mother cooks at home and……

I instantly covered claras sharp mouth with my hands

“I am sorry she meant to say that her mother cooks at home but no food tastes like yours “, I replied the manager

The manager smiled Clara tried shouting but I still held her mouth she tried biting my hands.

till the manager left I removed my hands

“Arrrgh she has luck”, Clara replied as she folded her legs to the chair

And started moving her lips again

What kind if gurl is this I asked myself..


💙Clara p. O. V💙


I am actually taking to myself but Diana already complained that my lips move when I do that so I am learning to control it

I raised my face up and looked at him he placed the menu on the table.

“Clara I am the one paying he said calmly , dont you like anything.

“Well”, am allergic to expensive food, I replied.

“I heard you like chicken “, he asked

He collected my menu from me and ticked it with the pen.

He wanted to give it to the waiter when I took it from him and what!!!

160. 000 for fried chicken and salad.

I placed my hands on my heart

“Clara are you okay “, he asked

“No, ever since I entered here chicken is not my best food anymore “, pls let’s just go, i said

“But we just got here and you are obviously starving ” he said

How did he know am starving, well i better eat this

How can you use my salary for 7 months to eat one food , I asked him and he chucked while handing the menu to the waiter..


💖Annastasias p. O. V💖


Every part of my body is still too heavy to lift

But my eyes are better now

I don’t know when my eyes will shut but before they do I want to see 5 people

Ryan : my boyfriend/fiance

Crisella : my girlfriend

Clara : my bestie

Tony : my immediate ex

And my parents : Mr and Mrs Grande

Can this wish ever be granted

I don’t know why but I feel like doc Tim shouldn’t find out that am awake

Oh no its just my imagination, I trust doc Tim.

He is my main doctor after Ryan left me

He has been treating me and awaiting my wake up

He reports directly to my dad

All reports on me goes to him first

He walks closely with Mrs Annabel delveliares

My personal nurse

She loves me so much

She treats me like her child

Even when she dresses me up

She does it with so much care and love

She also sings lullabys for me

Maybe she doesn’t know

But I hear , and I hear her very well and very clearly.

I tried moving my leg it was a bit difficult I shifted it a bit and closed my eye

If only I can see my Ryan when I open them again..



💙Tony p.O. v💙


She carefully ate Every thing in the plate and before I could take my 5 th spoon she was done.

I also got filled up so I dropped my spoon, so I won’t be The only one eating.

I just enjoy observing this gurl quietly

The waiter removed the plates on the table

“Arrrgh I over ate” she said smiling.

“You were really hungry right “, I asked

“Yes I had not eaten since morning “, she said with a gossipful face.

“Really ” i asked with my hands under my jaw

“Yes , you wont believe my mom asked me to sweep the yard and I sneaked out so I won’t sweep it that’s why I didn’t eat I., she said smiling

“Oh you must be very lazy “, i added

She smiled

“So tell me Clara how old are you, if you don’t mind “, i asked

“Am 30 ”

She said laughing

“serious “,

She suddenly hit me laughing

Ouch that hurt

“Just kidding am 21. “, she said.

This gesture made me smile

” nice meeting you Clara “, I said

Oh thanks, she replied

“So eehhm can I call you, that’s if you don’t mind. I asked.

“Oh I don’t mind , but where did i write my number.

She carried her bag up and started searching through it..

First she dropped two small toys on the table this made me smile

“Oh this is Tom ” she said

She shifted one of the toys to my face

“Really “, i asked.

“Yes and this is pretty “, she added.

I smiled

This is



And the others are at home she said smiling with satisfaction while clapping her hands together.

“Oh that’s nice “, i replied her

She brought out her diary and flipped it back and front then she scratched her hair and formed a very attractive cute face

“I dunno where I wrote my number , this is is embarrassing. “, she said almost crying.

“its ok i can give you my card “, i replied

“No my cousin said only prostitu……” She covered her mouth with her hands and started coughing

**Lols she the thinks only prostitutes take cards from men **

“What where you saying “, i asked her

She removed her hands from her mouth and took the card from my habds

“I smiled while looking at her cute self

She put the card in her purse .

“So where is your phone, I asked her

“Oh its in the kids section, a kid was playing games with it when I left., She said smiling happily

“But what if you miss an important call”, i asked

“No, no, that’s not possible only 7 people call me







And Methron

She Said this while counting her fingers

“Oh that’s nice, I replied

Just then the guy at the counter signaled me for my credit card since I didn’t have cash i already told him i would pay with my card, so I tried standing up.

Clara looked at me with a confused face

“But where are you going to?, Clara asked me.


❤️claras p.O. v💙


Oh that’s y he hadn’t paid since he wants to use his cars

He tried standing up and I stood up to

“No am not going far just there “, he said

“No I want to go”, I replied, don’t stress yourself ”

“Oh ok “, he said

he sat back and gave me the card

“Uuhm code is Anna. “, he said

***Wow same name with my sleeping beauty ***

“ok sir “, i replied as I bowed and rushed out carrying my bag.

I got to the counter just then I saw Abigail waving at me through the door

I ran to her

“Hey clara u look good”, She Said

“Thank you “, i said

Abigail is my nurse friend in the same rank

“what are you doing here”, i asked her.

“I am waiting for the free bus ” She said

“is the free bus coming this way “, i asked,

“Yes its coming”, She said.

**omg I don’t have t. P fare.***

Before I could turn the bus came out


Abigail dragged my hand

“Come on Clara “, she said

I ran out with her till we got a seat In the bus. I forgot I was with Tonys card.


💙Tony p. O. V💙


Oh no we’re did she go to

She entered the free bus in such a haste didn’t she know I had plans of taking her home

What a girl

Just then the waiter came to me

“Sir the machine is ok now “, he said

***Omg Clara is with my card ***

I took my phone and sent him the money through transfer.

Thank you “, he said

I walked to the door and my guards joined me

I entered my white car and my driver drove off

called my assistant

“Hey Kiki “, I said

“Yes sir “, she said

“Get me a new card I think I lost the other”, I said.

“should i block the other one sir “, she asked

” no its ok, leave it “, I said.

“Ok sir as long as they don’t know your password your money is safe “, She said

“Yes just get me another today “, i said

“Ok sir no problem sir “, She replied.

I dropped the call

If Clara stole the card then it must be really important to her

Also if she forgot then she might return it.

I told my driver to drive off this was my best date ever..


❤️Ryan’s p. O. V💖


What a funny date Tony had but I must confess the girl is pretty

Though I didn’t see her face

her skin and figure is already perfect.

Am glad this equipment issue has been resolved.

I feel like visiting Anna but my maids just started arranging my stuffs for the trip

And I don’t want to forget anything so I better monitor them..

I wonder who passed the exam, I look forward to meeting the girl who can be so smart.

They organised my cloths well and I watched them and also directed them..


❤️Claras p. O. V,❤️


Oh am home

No place like home

I forgot to call Diana

I hope she passed the exam

I tried taking my phone them I remembered

that child in the children’s section is with my phone

I opened my purse and saw a credit card

Omg I left with his card

How could I leave with his card

Arrrgh am so crazy

he is going to think am a thief

How will he buy things

What do I do

I am so confused

I dropped my purse on the bed and scratched my head in confusion

What do I do?

next day


💙Diana’s p. O. V💙


The results are out, omg am so nervous

I rushed into the hospital , all the nurses where already rushing up to the 10 floor

I ran up too and I looked for Clara with my eye

Where is she

Abigail tapped me

“Diana you passed the exam go to the notice board “, she said

Really, I shouted

I ran up fast till I got to the board

I saw the results, it was only me, I was the only one who passed

I jumped up and hugged Abigail.

Just then Methron linda as well as 2 other Methrons tapped me

I turned

“Good day Madame “, i said

“Come with us Diana, to the conference room. “, Methron Linda said.

” ok “, I replied and followed them.

I hope am safe..


❤️Claras p. O. V❤️


Am in the kids section

I have been here all morning

Where is the kid I gave my phone

This is so embarrassing

I need to call Tony and tell him am not a thief

What is this

Arrrgh so bad

I scratched my hair as I searched all the kids around

I even forgot the particular kid with my phone..


💙Nurse delvaliares p. O. V❤️


I walked into Anna’s room this morning

I touched her hair and she opened her eye smiling.

I just got shocked

Anna can you see me

She smiled

She tried talking but I think her mouth was to heavy

She just smiled

Omg am so happy finally Anna can go and look for her mother

I instantly placed a call to Anna’s doctor

Doctor Tim..


❤️Doctor Tim’s p. O. V💙


I was organising some stuffs in my office when nurse delveliares called me

Tell me, I said

I think Anna is waking up “, She said

What do you mean “, I asked

She opened her eye, She opened her eye right now”, She said

Am coming over “, I replied.

I dropped the call

How can Anna wake up

Did someone change her drip

The only person who knows that I am killing Anna’s system with (hyemaclux ) is Daniela

I need to call her

I placed a call to Daniella

Anastasia Grande just woke up “, i said

“What do you mean Anna is awake “, she asked

“Did you change her drip Daniela?, i asked

“No no I didn’t “, she said

“Well this means someone else is unto us, I hope its not Ryan “, I said and dropped the call.

I ran out of my office with my kit I ran into Anna’s room.

The nurse already left

Anna “, I called her

She opened her eye

I got shocked

“Am glad you are waking up, it means your drugs are working, I said

She smiled.

I touched her drip, hmmm someone very smart changed this drip and mixed exactly the perfect solution that kills hyemaclux

Who is that person.

I instantly brought out the hyemaclux in my kit

I injected it into her drip and instantly hid it in my kit

I looked around then I used my hands to close her eye.

I walked out of the room I called Daniella on phone.

I have sent her back to coma “, I said

That’s nice “, She said

We need to find out the person who changed that drip as Soon as possible “, I said

Don’t worry I will find out who it is, She Said

We need to implant a c. C t. V camera and once we find out who it is we have to kill her or him “, I said

“Of course, I already asked mother and she doesn’t have a hand in it “, she replied

“Ok its all good no problem ” i replied.

I dropped the call..


💖Annastasia p. O. V💖


I can’t open my eye again

What’s wrong

I told my nurse to call Ryan for me, shes not back

Am so sad

I won’t see him when he comes

I think doctor Tim has a hand in this

What did i ever do wrong

One minute I was happy

Now am in tears

Why are the doing this to me

If they want the shares they can take it

I just want to wake up and look for my Mother

Dad has not visited

I need to wake up and know how my dad is doing

Pls someone just wake me up

Ryan pls wake up

Tears streamed down both my closed eyes..



Dianas p. O. V


I arrived in the conference hall with the 3 Methrons

I dunno what’s wrong

Uhhmm did i do anything wrong “, i asked

“Ryan dervantes wants to talk to the person who passed his questions Diana”, she said

*** Omg what ***

*** i didn’t anwser it***

*** how can I defend it ***

I bowed and looked at the projector until Ryan appeared

He looked so good in the video

Uhhm Diana right “, he asked me

Yes sir ” I replied

“They third question you answered you Changed it, which means something was wrong with the question right “, he asked

“Well yes, I replied.

“Ok can you please enlighten me more”, he asked “why did you change my question.

He relaxed on his chair

“Actually sir”, i said

“Tell me? “, he said

” well truthfully I didn’t anwser those questions myself “, i replied.

“Ok so do you mind telling me who it was? “, He asked

“It was my best friend, Clara David. I am sorry for lying, She anwsered it and I copied from her. I replied him.

I said this boldly after all am really not good at lying.

He looked at me for a while he wanted to talk when someone walked in behind him..


❤️Ryan’s p. O. V💖


So she wasn’t the one who anwsered my question

Well the person I want is the person who anwsered the question

Clara David.

“So tell me Diana, this Clara is she a senior nurse “, i asked

“No sir “, she replied

Just then the Methron spoke up

“She is a junior nurse sir, but a very intelligent one. Well she has just one little problem. “, she added

****What does she mean by one little problem *****

I wanted to speak when Mrs delvailers walked in behind me I turned and she gave me signals that Anna wanted to see me

Omg Anna is awake ***

I was so happy I smiled widely

I turned to the screen

“I would have loved to interview this Clara David but I don’t have time, Just tell her to get ready, Shes traveling with me., i replied.

I logged out before they even replied.

I tuned to nurse delvaliers

Come on lets go

I grabbed my jacket


💙Claras p. O. V💙


Am lying on the floor right now

My cloth is all stained

My hair is so scattered

Am just tired from searching all the kids I find

What is this

Why is life crazy

Just then a kid walked to me i turned

“Unni, she called me

Mm I think she’s Korean

“How are you “, i asked her

“Am fine but I came to give you your phone “, she said

I smiled happily when she brought the phone out of her little bag

I kissed her and hugged her

“You just saved unni’s life, (kumapta),

I told her and she chuckled.

“Its not( kumapta ) you should say (kumapsimida or kangsanmida).

I smiled

“Kangsanmida “, Aka thank you. I said smiling.

She ran away.

I stood up

I need to check on Anna

I wonder if my treatment worked.

I slipped my phone into my pocket and ran up the stairs I was in the second floor when Methron Linda called me

I wonder what’s wrong

I ran down

“Clara you have been chosen to escort Ryan on his second health mission “, she said

**What is she saying

I looked around

Me!!? “, I asked her.

” yes but you need to meet Daniella fist for approval.

“Oh ok, i added.

“go to her house, She is waiting for you, This is her card, The house address is in it. She added

“Ok madam. “, i replied.

I ran down

I looked at myself from hair to toe

Omg what to do

I look so dirty

AnyWay I don’t Care

I ran out and almost ran into Clara

She hugged me and carried me up

“You are going with Ryan”, She shouted happily

I smiled

“It’s unbilevable “, i added.

“You are so lucky Clara “, she said

She hugged me again

***I felt really happy meeting Ryan has been my dream right from when I was 16 ***

“I heard Daniella wants to see you? ” she asked.

“Yes she wants to “, i said

SHe instantly wiped off my red lipstick and Smeared my pretty make up

‘What are you doing I look ugly now “i yanked

“Go, you will thank me later “, She said.

I ran away..


❤️Ryan’s p. O. V💖


I arrived at a. G. H. C

I walked so fast that my guard couldn’t even catch up to me

I ran up the stairs

I got to the third floor

I went to where Anna lay

All I saw was the tears on both her eye

Anna are you okay

I asked her

She didn’t talk

Whats going on “, I asked the nurse. “he’s not opening her eye “, I added.

“But she opened her eye just now. “, the nurse said

I hugged her tightly

“Anna DONT you want to see me “, I asked Her

What did i do to you “, I added.

I kissed her lips with tears in my eye..


❤️Anna’s p. O. V💙


Ryan I want to see you

You didn’t do anything wrong

But I can’t

I dunno what they did

I want to tell you about Daniella

But I can’t

I don’t know how to talk to you Ryan

Just then Ryan removed his hands from me

“Mrs delvaliers, do you perceive That smell ” he asked her?.

“Smell, is it a bad smell?, she asked.

And before Ryan could talk she already speread her perfume everywhere


❤️Ryan’s p. O. V💖


That smell I think it was hyemaclux

Or Maybe not

This perfume just distracted my concentration

I looked at Anna again

She still lay there with her eyes closed

I just hugged her and held her tight


💙Mr grandes p. O. V❤️


Oh I felt so much stronger last week

So I decided to start taking my morning cofee again, day before yesterday

And I suddenly feel week again today

But my doctor said its not the coffee

I wonder what it is

My maid walked in

“Sir, should i brew your cofee”, She asked

“Of course, I love to start my day with cup. “, I added

She walked out

I called doc tim earlier and he told me there is no difference in Anna’s health

I just pray heaven’s will realese my child to me

Meanwhile Daniella just walked down

She had been in her office upstairs all morning

She pecked me

“Dad I told you to reduce your coffee intake because of your health “she replied

“Oh my child, my doctor said its totally safe.”, I added

“Ok dad I will be upstairs, I have a lot of work to attend to. She said

“Ok dear. “, i replied


❤️Danielas p. O. V💙


I dunno what that doctor is doing

I miss my lovely dad

Why is he not getting stronger

What’s going on

Anyways I am expecting Ryan’s nurse today

If she is pretty I will send her back and choose someone else

No one should get Ryan’s attention but me

I ran into my mother it turns out she was peeping at me dad

“Mom what’s wrong”, I asked

“Oh I just want to know if he is drinking his Morning coffee” she added

“The maids are still making it “, i said

“Ok darling, she smiled.

“But mom, why do you always care about dad taking his coffee. I mean I don’t even like that coffee ” i asked.

“It’s good for his health dear “, she replied

She walked past me.

I wanted to walk up when I looked into the compound from the window and saw a very ugly dirty looking girl coming up

Her hair was as though a rat lived in it

Oh I pray she is the gurl am expecting,

Clara David.

I walked into my study..


💙Clara P. O. V💙💙


Wow the compound is not bad

I can’t believe I have Come to meet that grumpy Daniella

I walked further when a maid came to me

“Ma’am Daniela is waiting for you “, she said.

“Ok I replied, as I walked upstairs from the Door she led me to

I think Mr Grande was in the living room but I didn’t see him clearly because of the road I followed

Minutes later she showed me the stairs and I walked upstairs

I met Daniela sitting facing a table filled with a lot of books

Her straight long hair falling freely

She is really pretty

She looked at me in an irritating manner

“So you must be Clara David “, she said

I nodded

She stood up and touched my hair and smiled

“Exactly what I wanted “, she said

I don’t understand ” I asked her

“Clara you are the best nurse for Ryan “, she said

I bowed

“So tell me; what do you think of my Ryan Clara ? “, she asked me

“Do you find him handsome, attractive etc

What is she saying **

**This girl is really crazy **

**What is she driving at ***

“Well I have never seen Ryan madam so I don’t know anything about him “, I replied.

“So do you have a boyfriend, a serious date “, she asked

I ignored her

She smiled

“Dont mind me clara “, she added

she walked about me.

“You realize, chances are, you are going to live with my boyfriend in the same house right? “, she said


**when did he start dating Daniella*

**Anyways, they look good together*

“Yes madam, I realize that ” i replied

‘So I will just ask you a trick question”, She said

Ok madam “, I added

“If Ryan asks you to keep him warm at night, a long cold night, Will you agree? “, She asked

I laughed

” but am a human being am not a pot of hot water.

“But If he wants to be warm, I can boil hot water for him. “, i replied

She smiled

“What I meant by keeping him warm Clara is, If Ryan wants a night with you, Although judging from your looks that’s impossible, But if it happens. What will be your response? She asked.

“I Won’t agree “, am not stupid. I said angrily.

“Nice meeting you Clara, you can leave now. get ready for your trip with Ryan “, She said

I smiled and bowed.

she walked out and I walked behind her.

This time I walked into the living room and I saw Mr Grande

Hes taking tea.


That tea

This tea smells just like….

G. Healths green tea ,

i hope its not it

This tea is not good,

why is Mr Grande taking it

It turns the effect of drug medications around

If you take this tea and under go treatment

It will kill the effect of your treatment

And worsen your case

I once visited their production center

That was where I did my research.

And confirmed that the tea is bad.

What do I do

Should I tell Mr Grande to stop this tea

What if he fires me

Hes wife is looking At me as though she wants to bite me

What to do

Maybe I should just ignore him




💙Claras P O V💙


I looked at Mr Grande for a while then I turned to him

“But sir “, i said

He turned to me

“Yes my dear “, he replied

“That tea…. it’s not safe ” i added

What is this dirty girl saying “, Mrs Tonia yanked

” Mother let her talk, I also don’t like that tea, who know maybe that’s why dad is never getting better “, daniella added.

” but really that tea is not good sir ” I said again

Mr Grande turned interest

“What’s your name dear “, he asked me

“Oh its Clara, Clara David “, I said

“Ok tell me more then”, he said

I walked to him

“This tea was produced on 3rd of January 1998

“The production stopped at the year 2000 with the excuse that they wanted to reveiw an issue.

“Early 2002 they continued production again but I didn’t see any visible changes in the tea, I wondered how a problem that caused production to stop could just be resolved easily. So i decided to research the tea. “.

” ok dear , Tell me more “, He said

“Before I looked into it my father already bought the tea and had been using it without my knowledge , so after my research I stopped him from taking the tea.”, I added.

“Ok Clara

” to prove to you that i know what i am saying i will tell you the symptoms of this tea

“You heart beat breaks, at regular intervals

“That’s right “, he added

“You go to the bathroom regularly and you experience poor digestion “, i asked

“That’s right “, he said

“Any drug you take even for mere headache doesn’t work right? “, I asked

“Yes dear thats correct, he said nodding

I smiled

“that is because the tea was made from a local drug resistant wild leaf found in a remote area.

the leaf which has a very refreshing taste is the reason behind the crowd rushing the tea.

“But what we don’t know is that

This leaf doesn’t allow any medication to work on a persons health, but rater it turns the medication around worsening the persons state.

“The first time they stopped production, the wanted to change the tea but the realized that youths and older people loved the tea because it burns fat, tastes nice and maintains body fitness..

They compared their gains to their losses so they decided to continue production.

Ignoring the fact. That people who are under serious medication also use this tea.

After my dad stopped This tea he felt much better, so I advice you sir stop this tea and watch yourself for two weeks

If you don’t see any change then you can continue with it. ”

I bowed

And before anyone could say one word I ran away in a heavy heat until I arrived at the street juction, I entered a bike and headed back to the hospital.

I arrived at the hospital, I saw Diana running into the operating room with a bag of blood

” Diana what’s wrong ? I asked

” doctor Tony scheduled sugery and we don’t know where he is

***Just then I remembered the credit card ***

*Omg I have not returned this card *

” but Clara i thought Tony works in r.d”, I asked

” he was transfered when Ryan travelled, He will soon complete his traning there, but Alison has always been his patient and right now we are facing complications we no longer have time ” she said

” Alison, the presidents daughter, I asked

“Yes and if she dies there will be a very big problem, we already called doctor tim he said he can’t operate without information ”

I placed my hands on my heart.

“This is bad “, i said

” we also called Ryan i hope he comes, I need to keep this blood Clara ” she said and tried rushing out

I noticed the I. D on her neck

” wait nurse delvaliers gave you her I.D “, I asked

“Yes she did, she went to eat, do you need it ” she asked

Before I could talk she hanged the I. D on my neck and ran away.

Oh I pray nothing happens to Alison.. she is just 16…

But where is Tony, how can he schedule sugery and disappear…

I looked around for a while then I ran upstairs to the 3rd floor….


❤️Mr grandes p. O. V💙


I just finished a call with my research Tim

This Clara girl is too brilliant

Does she work in( A. G. H. C)

She deserves some accolades

She deserves some promotion

She is just too good

Now I know why I am not getting better

Even my private doctor too must be really stupid.

I called the maids to remove the coffee then I walked back into my room

To bad I didn’t ask her which coffee is good for me..


💙Tonys p. O. V❤️


Am in my house…

Am in my room…

I know I scheduled sugery…

But I won’t do it…

Not that I can’t do…

But that’s Ryan’s specialty…

I don’t want any complications…

Alison is not a common citizen…

In the next 01 : 30 minutes that sugery won’t happen again…

Alison will die…

They no longer have time…

I am sure they have called doctor Tim..

And he replied that he doesn’t work without info…

Their next choice is Ryan…

Am sure he will show up..

He has a kind heart..

But that’s If he picks his call first..

I would have loved to call Ryan..

And hand over this case to him myself..

But no…

It Wil make him feel more proud

He will think he is really better than me….

I picked a stick of cigarette from my drawer and lighted it as I looked at my clock…

Alison you are running out of time….

Sitting quietly like this takes me aback, bringing back memories I wish to delete…

The first day I met Anna

Back in medical school

In switzer land….

She always smiled widely

Always looked good and simple….

I remember it was the day of her final exam

I was already higher than her in grade

Infact i was one of the invigilators for the exam

we met in the school compound

She didn’t know who I was

Neither did i know her

I watched her from a distance as she scratched her hair in confusion

Just like that clumsy nurse

I walked to her.

“Hello, Uhhm did you loose something ” i asked

” yes I lost my jotter and I have my final exam today and everything is in the jotter, everything i know, i cant fail this exam my dad will be annoyed “, she said sadly

” Oh am really sorry but what’s your name “, I asked

” Anna, Anastasia Grande “, she added

“Anastasia Grande the first ” i completed her name “, signaling I new her.

“She smiled ” yes Anastasia Grande the first “, she said proudly while placing her hands on her attractive slim waists


“Nice meeting you miss Grande, I am Tony, Tony malavera “, I said

She smiled

” nuella is my friend ” she said smiling ” nuella malavera ” she added.

I smiled

These memories are really difficult to loose…

I stood up and walked to my bar where a picked a bottle of wine and I sat back

I remember the exam scene clearly

Anna was really confused

She scratched her hair in the exam hall….

I collected an empty script where I wrote her name and her number which I copied from her book…

I anwsered all her questions successfully and summited her work…

After the exam I made sure she submitted to me….

I walked out and threw it on the streets not knowing she saw me…

She came to me and picked it up…

“Hey why didn’t you submit my work “, she asked me with tears in her eyes

“Well I…

“Talk to me, what did i do wrong, you knew how much I wanted to pass this exam “, she added.

I walked out on her and she dragged me back just them her results came into her phone

She smiled widely

She got an (A)

She looked at me

“You wrote for me, did you write for me? “, she asked

Before I could talk she hugged me

After that day our love story started

Our romance began

I remember our first night together

I didn’t believe she was still a virgin

I loved Anna with my all.

We traveled back to new York as a couple

Then one morning..

One dark morning..

Anna came to me and said “,

R. D has been merged with( A. G. H. C)

” what do you mean, “I asked her.

” I am bethroted to ryan dervantes and we are getting engaged “, She said

These words ringed like a bell in my ear

“Anna what about us”, I asked

“Tony my dad has decided, and you know I can’t defile him. so our romance has to end “, She said.

She left me…..

After 3 days….

she came back

She made love to me like never before

She told me she couldn’t love Ryan

She said she still loved me

She promised to break off the engagement

Our affair started again.



After few days of her moving into Ryan’s house like their parent’s instructed.

Anna she became distant

She was with me but I missed her



Until one day

She finally opened up…

“Tony I made a mistake.

” I fell in love with Ryan.

“let’s end this for real “, She said.

These words are my forevermore

They never left me.

Anna left me

She just left

She left me empty

Our affair ended

I ran away to Paris to move on

And when I came back I met another tragedy

Anna, my Anna was in coma.

At first i visited her almost every day

I didn’t talk so she won’t know it was me

But as time went on

I forced myself to let go

I forced myself to believeThat Anna was not mine

she was for Ryan

She was now his forevermore.

I hate thinking about there stuffs

I looked at my clock

Alison has only 1 hour before she dies.

I hope Ryan arrived..


💙Diana’s p. O. V❤️


We no longer have time…

What is going on with this doctor’s..

Where is Tony..

I looked at the clock..

We have only one hour left..

Before the presidents only child dies..

What’s going on…

Calling Ryan is even hopeless..

He doesn’t know anything about this girl..

He doesn’t know any single thing..

And doctor Tim is so stupid..

And I can’t believe Tony is so crazy..

I wish I could do surgery..

I just pity this high school girl…

I turned to the nurses..

“Have you called ryan ? ” I asked.

“No, he is not pickiing up so I texted him “, she said.

Ryan pls come

If Alison dies

There will be war

Mr president won’t ignore the fact that he’s only child died while waiting for surgery…

Someone please come..

I looked at the time again

Just 58 minutes before this surgery becomes impossible..


💙Claras p. O. V💙


I ran into the room.

Anna was on the bed, thank God nurse delvaliers Is not here.

I walked to the bed

It’s obvious there is no change

Anna still lay the same way

” hey sleeping beauty, you did you wake, are you awake? “, I asked her.

No response

She didn’t even open her eye

She didn’t even move a finger.

If she didn’t wake up that means she was not given any hyemaclux

It was just my imagination.

It’s not hyemaclux, it may be that her sickess is normal, and her time for waking is not now.

Seeing Anna like this just spoilt my mood

I better leave

Before is start crying

I need to meet Tony too.

I tried walking out when my eye met the drip

It’s clear

It’s pure drip I guess

I tried walking out when my mind told me to use the microscope

I used it and looked at her drip.

I collected another drip from the storage

I compared them both

No, this one has a different colour.


What did they inject into it

Could it be….

More hyemaclux

I instantly removed the drip and threw it out the window.

I took the pure drip

I got it set for hanging

I tried hanging it

But the door just shaked

someone is just unlocking the door

What do I do

I tried sneaking under the bed

It was loaded up

Who packed all this stuffs here

What to do

Am so confused

Am so scared.

What do I do!!!


💙Daniela p. O. V❤️

(4 mins past )

I walked into the hospital

All the nurses are Rushing helter skelter

I think there is a surgery going on

I was about running to the third floor when I met doctor Tim

“How is Anna? “, i asked him

” well the drip changer has not been caught “, he said

” i am so scared that someone is unto us, I can’t wait to catch and kill the person. “, I said

” yes we cant be rest assured until we find out who the person is, as for Anna lets meet her together “, he said and rushed up to the 3rd floor.

I walked behind him…

We arrived at the door I entered the pass code and instantly the door opened.

Clara say your last prayers..



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