Clumsy nurse batch 28

Clumsy Nurse
Episode 79
I walked in carrying my box of drugs the head nurse opened the door to m.h.c’s sto-re room we
bowed to the m.h.c agents there. I dropped my box of drugs in the sto-re room and looked around.
i love this mask am wearing,face of nuellas head nurse.I dropped my box and walked outside I
carefully carried the next drug box then I walked in carrying it. I nee-d to locate malcoms office. I
strolled into the pas-sage where I kept the box of drugs on the floor.I looked left and right.
” Chris where am I?
” you are very close to malcoms office
” ok am going straight but i nee-d you too tell Ethan to s£nd the boys now , this is the only way to
make malcom leave his office.
“Ok madam.
I walks further and barged into someone ,my heart beat sank. I looked well and it was Mr Kang
security was coming he dragged me to the wall and covered my mouth.
” that’s malcoms room ” he pointed at a door , it was guarded with like 6 guards. I got shocked.
” but ic at happens in there
“I don’t know , I have never been in there before,no one has.that’s his liar.
” but that’s where I nee-d to get into
” how will you make malcom leave that room
i leaned on the wall
“I don’t know
” well think ,am heading to the research dep@rtment . Lucinda is going on an errand I am her next
” Ok.
he walked out. malcom you nee-d to leave this office.
“Chris can you hear me
“yes we s£nt the boys and also s£nt Lucinda out of the research dep@rtment.
“when the alarm will raise malcom might have to go to the research himself because Lucinda his
most trusted is not on sit.
” what if he doesn’t
” I will use my plan b
” what’s that
” we will s£nd officers to m.h.c -i. with fake search warrant which I will s£nd now to our team In
India.they will troop in and create great chaos
” chaos big enough to make malcom move
” yes Anna.
I saw someone coming I hid and the person walked out. I hastily ran back to the first pas-sage and
carried my drug .
” Chris do both of them together
“Ok , give me 30 minutes
” Ok
I rushed back to m.h.c drug room and packed the drug
” what kept you ” a colleague asked
” well….
” go and get the other ones
I walked out while checking my time. Chris 30 minutes is much. I carried the second box of drugs
and walked in while bowing to doctors at the same time. I walked back to the sto-re room and
started recording the drugs when Chris spoke to me
” Anna go now… so u can find your way throu-gh.
I st©pped recording
” unnie ,I will bring the next box
I rushed out , I ran into the pas-sage.almost instantly a boy and a girl walked out .I hid. they walked very fast and also spoke to themselves.. both of them got to malcoms door he opened up and the
walked in. oh gosh I hid back balancing on the wall.
” don’t worry ,malcom will come out.” chris said
malcoms pov
what !!!!, what are they saying
” arora what are you telling me
” sir our hospital in India is being roundsacked by cia agents ,they have a search warrant.they said
they Wont live until you come talk.
” c.I.a agent’s from which unit ,how did they get a search warrant
” sir they are breaking a lot of things and some patients are getting hurt.if this info gets to the press
it will spoil our image
” let’s go…I want to see the leader of the team.let’s go.
I stood up and we strolled out. all of them backed me as I entered the pas-s code to lock my room.
soon I was Done. yes no one can ever ever enter this room, it is heavily doesn’t even
nee-d security
I walked out with them and my guards walked out with me.I stormed into the research dep@rtment.
clara pov
I wasn’t even looking at the door until Chris spoke
” Clara go in
” what
” malcom left.
I looked at the door no guard.I rushed to the door , omg its do I open this door I no
longer have time.
” Chris its locked.
” yes , it has a pas-s code
” but i
” don’t worry I used that c@m£ra backing you to record his pas-sword.
I smiled
” are you re-ady , I am going to be very fast
” 0032567421658
” done
I took a de-ep breath
I pressed the enter key and the door opened.
” Clara be fast malcom has a meeting with his friend ,he will return soon.
” Ok.
I walked in.
I looked around and Locked the door.hmmm nothing special is here why all the security..
I care fully brou-ght out the recorder and placed it un-der the table. malcom your mouth will betray
malcom pov.
I tried calling the prosecution but all of a sudden the officers cleared out one by one.
wait was this a prank.who pla-yed such an expensive joke and why.
” sir you nee-d to see this , we caught the boys who c@m£ to implant the drugs
I c@m£ closer
” what’s going on?” i asked
” sir these are school boys” arora said
” what?
” they are not Anna’s men” Nathan said
” how?” I asked
” They didn’t come to implant any drugs the substance they are holding is not drugs but rather
white powder.” arora said .
I smiled
” did I forget who Anna was , so she knows Tristan is a mole and she used him to feed me fake
information. this is not Anna’s real plan.the question is , what is Anna’s real plan?
I rushed out and ran into my office. i opened the door and looked around then I sat down. what is Anna’s real plan , I asked myself.
claras pov
I stood by the wall , I changed my earbuds and connected them to the recorder in malcoms office.
malcom say something. just then his phone rang ,he put it on speaker.
Tristan are you sure Anna is still in a.g.h.c
yes sir , annastasia is sick , a little birdie told me.
he dropped the call and laughed out
hahahahahahahahahaha now I un-derstand why officers c@m£ and I un-derstand why she
changed her mind about pushing Drugs.Anna is dying and she knows its hopeless to fight. I better
keep my phone on , just incase she calls to beg me.hahaha wonder shall never seize.
I cant believe this man can be so devilish. I watched a man walk into his office.good maybe he is
going to talk about the Drugs.they started talking about something else.I angrily re-moved the ear
bud.maybe I was wrong.maybe malcom doesn’t do drugs.i just wasted my one day. I fixed Chris’ s
earbud into my ear
” anna anything new
“Chris he is not talling about drugs. he’s not saying anything you think he knows?
” you re-moved the earbud half way on the conversation.what if you missed the info you nee-d.
” what?
” Anna go into that office and listen to that recording first.malcoms friend just walked out.
“but how do i get malcom to leave his office?
“I don’t know but it seems he Wont go out again.
” he has to…. s£nd the text to Mr dervantes
I l@yon the wall.
malcoms pov
I nee-d to concentrate on these files ,
I have a very important issue at hand I can’t get distracted I won’t leave this place today.just then
my phone rang
” tell me
“Lucinda was sh0t
” what
“yes ,just now.
” by who , how …bring her to m.h.c
what is happening, who sh0t Lucinda.
clara pov
what a wicked man , he is still in the office.jeez. I heard sounds of files he opened just then his
phone rang again.he picked it and dropped the phone on the table
” hello
” tell me
” your daughter had been sh0t
“I know
“your last child dabrelle
” what
” she was sh0t in front of her school.he dropped the call and minutes later I saw him rush out of
his office. I walked in. I carefully typed the pas-s code as I easily memorized it. I rushed in and
closed the dopr, I sat down and brou-ght out the recorder un-der his table . I pla-yed it .
we successfully moved the drugs sir
yes he payed well but we lost some transporters
take care of that secretly , the world cannot know that m.h.c main br@nch deals illegal drugs
sir malcom dont worry we are as discreet as possible.
” when will the next set be moved.
” very soon sir,our workers in India are still getting it re-ady for transportation
” Ok ..nice..when will Nelson’s men move the rest?
“tonight sir
“I will call Nelson
” Ok.
recording dropped I smiled and took a de-ep breath. jeez this is enough ,this more than enough..
malcom if I use this evidence to convict you two things are involved, you might get arrested and
loose all your hospitals or you might use your connections to get out of prison.but the bo-ttomline
is that I will still loose a.g.h.c cos I am out of time.
but If I use this evidence to secure a.h.g.c ,I Wont be able to use it to bring you down
will go Scott free.
what do I decide.revenge or a.g.h.c.
Anna I don’t know what you may decide at a time like this. malcom has too much hands in
government.what if i decide to hit him back with this evidence and he doesn’t still get punished by
the law. I will loose everything especially a.g.h.c and malcom will win. I have to sacrifice this
evidence for a.g.h.c . I want to secure a.g.h.c so I can finally sign it over to your mum as you
dreamed. I don’t want to pu-ll down Malcom at the cost of loosing every thing u worked for .I think I
made the right choice.I will use this evidence to secure a.g.h.c. I can hit Malcom another day.
malcoms pov.
I wondered why all this happened at once and i realised.someone wants to distract Me but they
just failed. i rushed back to my office and I opened the door . there Annastasia sat on my chair
with her legs on my table.she wore a nurse uniform i was shocked.
I locked the door completely. she didn’t even look scared what if I kill her in here
” Anna
” malcom hi
she stood up pressing both chair handles down
” what are you doing here,u know I can easily kill you
” malcom you have one hour to clear a.g.h.c’s name ,the same way you framed us.
” or what.
” I will tell the world that you use this br@nch to move drugs.
” what.
” I have proof that you do drugs and i .can easily report you.
” how am I sure u have evidence.
Anna pla-yed the record
no one should know that m.h.c is using this br@nch to move drugs
Ok malcom
malcom smiled
” malcom, even your hands in the prosecution won’t save you this time.
” what if i just killed you and still collected the record
” u can’t kill me cos a lot of people know am here ,secondly if you are still stubborn I can always do
Anna placed a call to prosecutor Emma.
” this is the prosecution,prosecutor Emmanuelle j£rkerns……
“this is annastasia Alexandra Grande and right now I am in the office of malcom Manche-ster.
” Anna do u know that this call is being heard by the whole prosecution
“yes…I want the world to know that I am with 5:30 pm. Tuesday incase anything
happens to me
“Ok noted
” I have a recording you all nee-d to hear
” plea-se pla-y, team A, plea-se record evidence being pres£nted.” Emma said
i signaled her to st©p the recording she dropped the call.
” you are indeed smart Anna. you won.
I will clear out a.g.h.c From this mess in few minutes. in return you will be thor0ûghly searched and
the recording must be terminated. every evidence you collected I will seize.. you will sacrifice the
evidence and save a.g.h.c . or if you want you can still hit me with the evidence and still loose
” a.g.h.c is what matters to me ” she said.
I nodded..
” keep your eye on the news.I said.she nodded and i walked out.
clara pov.
after 2 hours a report c@m£ live and i watched As a.g.h c in los Angeles was being opened again.
.I smiled.
I smiled happily and malcom walked in again
“I believe the issue has been resolved,u gained everything you lost,I did my p@rt.” he said.
he’s boys c@m£ out I stood up and they searched me. malcom destroyed the recording and they
collected every trace of evidence I had.I smiled at least a.g.h.c is safe.soon he was done.
” Anna you won again , i must say ,you are smarter than i heard.
” it was nice doing business with you malcom. i might have gotten the hospital you locked down
back but it doesnt mean we are even , it doesnt mean i forgive you. expect the biggest loss of your life.
” how exactly are you going to hit me Anna, I alre-ady collected the evidence from you.
” that’s the difference between two of us malcom ,you can’t hit Me without using the
law,prosecution or government. but you see I can hit you 10 times without the law cos you are a
dummy malcom and I am not. my punishment for you will be bigger than the law , even the law
can not save you , m.h.c will be signed un-der a.g.h.c,you will loose everything you own
Malcom,everything. I will hit you ha-rder than you ever dreamed and the law is just gonna be my
helper. buy a pen and write theze words down
.”I am a looser”.
” am waiting ,I look forward to what you can do Anna.May the best pla-yer win.
” just like I won tonight.” I walked out and malcom pu-ll-ed down his table and sl@pped his boys.
” how did Anna pene-tratem.h.c! ,” he shouted
I smiled and rushed outside of the hospital.
my car alre-ady arrived with my guards.
i Returned to the secret meeting place every b©dy was cl@pping for me ,smiling happily.
” thanks guys ,Chris ,Ethan,everyone.we did it ” I said.they all cl@pped
” kindly return to work everyone
“ok madam
“you did it.
they all left.I changed and fell back on the chair. Anna I did it,I got a.g.h.c back.but I miss you ,I
miss real life,I feel alone. now I un-derstand why you are so pained and heartless .your world is
really’s really painful. I nee-d a hvg so badly. I wra-pped me hair and rushed down
into my car.soon I arrived a.g.h.c. I walked in.
” Anna the investors are awaiting
I rushed into the hall,all the investors stood up cl@pping . I sat down.
” congrats Anna ,you did it in one day
” I don’t regret sticking with you and I will never threaten to leave.
” congrats Annastasia,you did it.
“this success should be celebr@ted.
“congratulations Anna.
” congrats Annastasia
“a.g.h.c Is back with no loses
” congrats Annastasia
” you are indeed a true blood.
“congrats Annastasia.
” you did it always win.
every b©dy cl@pped I smiled happily.”congrats clara” I said to myself.congrats Clara,one day you
will be celebr@ted as yourself.
they all continued cl@pping and i walked out of the hall.rachel c@m£ to me
” congrats Clara, you thought malcom to think twice before he acts.
I smiled.
I walked out with my guards and everyb©dy bowed
whats next ?
I love you Ryan.
i took a de-ep breath as i walked out of a.g.h.c’s complex . i headed to r.d hospitals.
I’s really late.I walked past the guards and ran into Ryan’s room.he was still unconscious.
he is not awake yet. what should I do? I l@ymy face on his che-st and sle-pt off.
someone tapped me.I opened my eye it was Ryan’s mom.
” mom
” let’s go home
I nodded and picked my bag.we entered the car and headed off to Mr dervantes isn’t this the prettiest thing. I didn’t even know when I smiled.
we walked out and she hvgged me de-eply.just what I nee-ded.
” congrats Anna
” thanks.
I held her ti-ghtly as she made me miss my mom.I want to see my mom so badly.finally I let her go
and she took my hand we walked inside. mr dervantes was taking a glas-s of wine.he stood up and
hvgged me ti-ghtly
” sugar pie
I smiled and he k!$$£d both sides of my cheek. his wife took my right hand and the husband took
my left hand.
” honey home nt to take her into her room
“No we nee-d to talk business ,let her be
“but she’s tired
” are we going to fight over Anna
” let her be
“honey let her be.
I smiled,Anna this family really loves you, I wonder if they would love me too,
I wonder if they would love me as Clara.
finally Mrs dervantes won ,she dragged me into a room
” that’s Ryan’s room
I smiled
” relax ,don’t come out again.
“yes mum
she rushed out ,I saw Ryan’s picture and i dream husband. I t©uçhed the be-d and i
opened his fridge. I miss you Ryan,I miss you so much. I fell on his be-d. it’s really late…I have an
emergency board meeting tommorow,I wonder what its about.
liams pov
I checked my time, 9:50. where is this troublesome girl ? where is lia ? i can’t even concentrate.
what if she went missing ?. just then she called me with my other line
” sir ” she shouted
” madam tell me.
” well ,I can’t come home to you today
” what…..why ?
“well, you see there is too much traffic and i don’t see well at night when there are too many car
” ok, are you close to home?
” no my house is far but i can trek to my friends place
” which friend , Raymond again ?
” ahhh no never, bad idea.
” I said no, you can’t go, infact you won’t go…don’t go …. am serious.
“but should I stay on the road
” am coming , stay there and text me the location
” ok quic-kly am hungry.
“better dont go anywhere
“no am here.
I entered my car and took off.ahhh why did I get annoyed when she mentioned Raymond. what’s
going on with me?.but seriously I hate hearing that Raymond all the time.who is she to him
soon I arrived the address,there she sat on the raod block with both hands on her pretty face.
” hey boy girl
she lifted her face and smiled so beautifully her pretty set of teeths where visible. I told her not to
move and she stayed right there. when was the last time I told a woman that and she obeyed. I
walked out and she tapped the pavement for me to sit
” hey ,do you know who I am , how can you tell me….
she looked into my eye and tapped the pavement again I sat down I guess I was intoxicated by
her sight.
” oppa I want to tell you something
” what? tell me
” I like you” she said , shooting that ocean blue eye into mine.
I smiled to myself for a while and looked in her face.I like this kind of girl,very free.
” uhh really
” yes, very much . you are a kind person and as-suming i knew how to d@t£ i would have asked you
to be my first b©yfri£nd.” she used her cap to cover her face shyly.
I smiled again
” first b©yfri£nd?
” yes .
“but what about Ray…
“oh he is my childhood friend and he has a girlfriend…. lalisa,not me.
I got happy ,why did I get happy ?
” oh that’s good” I said
” so oppa do you accept my likeness for you
I smiled again
” I will think about it” I said
she smiled
” quic-kly give a reply soon.
I smiled, just what I nee-ded to change you lia.
” let’s go?
she nodded and stood up we entered my car.soon we arrived home.she walked blindly into the
maids room i dragged her into my room Jeez she is so weightless just like clara.
” oppa did I do something wrong?
” well I bought these for you
she smiled and lifted the cloths then she frowned
” I really hate dressing like this
” why?
” well men will keep bringing out their ton-gue when they see me , and they Wont let me rest. men
scare me
I smiled
” if you want me to accept your likeness you should not do what I hate
“U hate me?
“no your dress s-en-se.
she dragged her jean up to her tummy with her hand there
” ahhhh , but what if I change? will u accept my likeness then?
” yes , for sure.
“Ok,I will change.
she packed the cloths and ran away with it.lia I dnt hate anything about you but i just want to make
you better..
I dropped on my be-d and sle-pt off.finally someone is ma-king me smile every minutes..
early the next Morning I walked out and saw a girl facing the pool.she wore a pretty go-wn.hmmm
is that Lia.
she turned ,holy $h!t! she wore a simple girly sli-pper and a blue go-wn. the breeze moved her go-wn and her hair simultaneously.” Liam st©p drooling”where the words I said to myxelf as I almost fell
from the stair.
“oppa watch your step
“I wasn’t falling lia i was just trying to……..strike a pose
she smiled
” thank u” I said
” for what
” for looking pretty
she smiled
” will you accept my likeness now
“so u can rush out and change
she smiled.
I looked at the text my secretary s£nt ,omg I almost forgot about the p@rty
” Lia will you walk me to a p@rty
“yes you
” why me
“I have no other choice
she smiled
“but am not mature or cultured or packaged.I will embarras-s you.
“no problem.I love embarras-sments
she smiled
“so will you go
” Ok.
we walked out
Rachel’s pov
Clara walked into the general meeting looking good as always.she took a sit and opened the file
across her table………
” plea-se proceed.” Clara said,looking up at the crowd of shareholders.
“it’s about our lock out from Chicago” m.d said.
” we have been locked down for too long ,we can’t get the hospital back again” Mr Choi said
“what’s more, we are facing hvge amount of losses . our doctors and nurses who where f0rç£fully
s£nt home are pleading for remuneration which we can’t give.” Mr gu said
” yes Anna how can we pay them when they are not working ,the hospital was locked out for crying out loud.” Mr Kang said
” but most of them had registered the case with the Labour union, if it gets to government then we
might be f0rç£d to pay them.” Mr Han said
” and if we pay all of them like this we will incure more losses.” accountant said
” what is the way forward my lady.” Mr Choi asked
” yes , what shall we do.” director asked
” the problem will be solved. for now the meeting is adjourned.’ Clara stood up and walked out.
I rushed after her.
” madam where are you heading to..
just then Mr dervantes walked out
“Anna get re-ady,you are going on a trip with me
” what ,trip to …..
“trip to Chicago,if you want to solve this problem then u nee-d to take a good look at it.I have a
business issue to discuss in Chicago ,thank God i won’t travel alone. pack my dear.
“ok dad.
claras pov
I headed home and Rachel helped me pack. i smiled , Ryan breaking news,your dad is so cute
and as it stands now it seems I don’t love you anymore. it’s your dad I want.hahaha crazy Clara.
trip to Chicago, I have never been there before. ryan wake up so I can tell you how it was.
soon I arrived Mr dervantes house and met Mr dervantes.he was alre-ady re-ady..
we used Mr dervantes pri-vate jet and off we went to Chicago.
lias pov
its night ,its time for the [email protected] opened my door just to see a crowd of women
” uhmmm who are you,
” thank you for saving us the stress of knocking
” we are here to help you get re-ady for the p@rty.
” oh ok.
I let them come in I sat on the be-d and they made Me up.minutes later they dressed me up.I
looked gorgeous and exoensive. I walked out to liam he looked sweet.he smiled at me “you look pretty ,are you re-ady
” yes
” Ok.
he took my hand and we both entered the car.
“sir who is p@rtying
“the presidents daughter
” what’s that her name again……Kendal?
“no that’s her cousin
” uhmmmmm Gabriella
“yes perfect
“I smiled
soon we arrived . liam took my hand and I walked out. I smiled moving my hair sweetly.
people greeted Liam with hvgs and k!sses and just t©uçhed people t©uçhed me too.I Important. omg isnt that kendal Thompson. she is here ,she always took pictures with the
presidents child. she smiled and walked towards us.her dad is a rich.
soon she got closer she hvgged Liam and gently k!$$£d his cheek.
” my love
liam smiled
“meet lia
” what
“l..I..a .
” uhmmm who is her dad?
wow my dad is a nob©dy no nee-d. she is so proud ,she looked at me with so much disgust.
” Kendal is that a question?
“sorry ,hy lia .. whatever, am Kendal
daughter of Zach Thompson
I nodded.
“nice meeting you miss
” all yours
what! all mine?
” Liam can we talk
” now
“just a few minutes plea-se
“uhmmmmm lia?” Liam said
” it’s ok ,am fine
” ok…one minute.” he added
I nodded.
she smiled
he walked out with her , she must be his wonder he wont accept my likeness. I took a
de-ep breath. just then someone tickled my w@!st from behind I turned and omg it was Dylan. our
poor friend who didn’t know his mom was rich until she took him away and he never visited ,not
even the field.
” Dylan!!” I shouted
he smiled and hvgged me
” pumpkin ,don’t tell me your real mum is rich too
“no ,I c@m£ with my boss
” U look like a girl lia, finally!
I knocked his head and he carried Me up.
I smiled
” Dylan you look so expensive wow.” I t©uçhed his suit , almost removing it.” he smiled
” lia you nee-d to see my car
“really do you have a car now?
” yes
” quic-kly lets see it
he took my hand and we both ran out of the hall laughing
liams pov
ahhh I can’t belive she was hvgging a man like that , he even carried her up, nons-en-se.
” liam
” ahhh shut…… yes
“Liam are you mad because you saw her with a man ?
” why will I be mad?
” I thought you said she is just a friend who was bored so you took her out.
“yes ,that’s it.
“No, you like her.
“no I Dont
“good, cos I don’t like the way you look at her.
just then both of them walked out again smiling. lia wore his suite jacket on t©p of her go-wn this
sight is so annoying.
if she is going to stay here with a man we better not stay at all.nons-en-se, we better go home where I am the only man she is going to see.
“Kendal bye
“am leaving
lia’s pov
he’s car Is pretty.
” Dylan what does your real mum do
“businesses,rich ones
” wow” I cl@pped my hands together smiling
“if you see our house…it’s so big just like that field man’s house
” wow amazing.
” you should come visiting soon.
I smiled and nodded. just then Liam
t©uçhed my hand I turned.
” oh sir , Dylan , this is the person I Told you about .
” hy am Dylan ” my friend said .Liam didn’t by talk.
“ahhh whatever ,lia lets go” Liam replied.
” sir, but we just….
” lia am not feeling fine, I feel… ouch!” he screamed I got scared
“what! are you okay sir ?
“let’s go alre-ady,I will be fine if we go.
” ok , sorry,let’s go quic-kly” I said removing Dylan’s jacket from my b©dy and gave it to him.
” lia see you later,give me your number” Dylan said
” no she has no phone” Liam replied sharply
” hahaha , sir I have a….
” ahhh my sickness wors£ned, lia keeps delaying
” sorry, sorry , sir lets go , Dylan next time” I dragged liams hand and we walked out. Dylan
” lia where do you live?!!!!
” well i live downtown , that estate across……
liam used his hand to cover my mouth.
” oppa
” st©p giving personal information,the world is not safe. lets go quic-kly!
” whaaaaaaaat!!!!!!
he dragged my hand and we ran into the car.isn’t this weird? what a short p@rty, hmm